The Farmer's Daughter

The farmer’s daughter episode 1 & 2

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*Chapter one *
Ch£lsea’s pov
“What?? “My mom asked
“I wanna go see th£ farm now… “, I said boldly
“Ch£lsea are you nuts… You j√$t got [email protected]¢k from London and you haven’t even eat!ng And you want to go see th£ farm? “Mom yelled
I rolled my eyes
“OKAY mom, I’ll go fre$h£n up but m!nd you am go!ng once am done “I said
Mom nodded
“Better… call Ur dad for me “mom said
I nodded and began climb!ng th£ stairs with my luggage
I walked pa$$ dad’s office, it was open
I walked |ns!de leav!ng my luggage ©vtside
I saw papers kept roughly on th£ desk “dad? “I called
Coast is clear
I read th£ papers… Th¡s is a letter from th£ state mayor
Oh no! I [email protected]
We are loos!ng alot of money !n th¡s farm and we might have to put th£ farm ©vt for mortgage…
I have to do someth!ng, I ch£rish th¡s farm alot
Its been a family !nh£ritance for so long..
I went to my room to have a cold bath
Am [email protected]¢k now, [email protected]¢k for good
👤Am Ch£lsea Shawn.. 23 years old. I studied at Harvard university !n London. I graduated long ago and got a good job but am [email protected]¢k to spend sometime with my family – dad, mom and my younger broth£r James
Com!ng to attitude, am h°t h£aded and very stubborn but thanks to th£ bra!ns I !nh£rited from mom I was able to get an admission !nto Harvard
I changed !nto my strawberry crop top and jean trouser before h£ad!ng d©wΠstairs
I really can’t wait to see how far th£ farm had gone
Th£ flowers I planted th£ last time I visited and th£ th£ apple trees ..
I j√$t can’t wait
I got to th£ liv!ng room to see two men seated on our [email protected]
Th£y looked so cute !n th£ir tux 👔
I admired th£ one that looked younger… But what th£ fv¢k are th£y do!ng h£re??
I looked over to mom and dad’s direction
Th£y wore a nervous frown look
I stood before th£m with my [email protected] folded
“Dad, mom, who are th¡s people and why are th£y h£re? “I asked roll!ng my eyes
Mom and dad exchanged glances
Mom stammered
“Ch£lsea dear, pls excuse us, th¡s conversation has noth!ng to do with you “mom said politely
I furrowed my brows
“Am not go!ng anywh£re and you know it ” I said glar!ng at th£ two men
Mom sigh£d
“Very well miss… S!nce you’re will!ng to know why we are h£re and who we are… “Th£ guy pa$$ed me a do¢vment 📄
I glanced through it
I knew it!! Th£y want to take advantage of th£ fact that we are go!ng broke and f!nancially unstable…
I tore th£ paper !nto to two
“Am sorry but th¡s farmland is not for sale ” I said angrily
Th£ guy chuckled
“Don’t let me use violent measures on you and Ur family “h£ said
I clench£d my fist
“How dare you threaten me! “I yelled
I grabb£d th£ cup of water on th£ table and emptied it on h¡m
Everyone [email protected]
“Go to h£ll “I said and threw th£ papers at h¡m
h£ smiled dangerously
“Google me “h£ said before leav!ng with h¡s broth£r or whatever
Chapter two
*Mason’s pov*
Eric and I arrived home and I didn’t wait to rem©v£ my shirt
“That bitch… Who does $h£ th!nk $h£ is? “Eric roared angrily
I was now completely shirtless
I sat on a couch and ₱0ured myself a gla$$ of red w!ne
“You were th£ victim, why are you so relaxed? “Eric asked
I smirked
“$h£’s not worth it… “I said and dropped th£ gla$$
“We j√$t have three weeks to beg!n cultivat!ng or dad’s gonna take everyth!ng from us, both th£ company, our houses and accounts ” Eric stressed
“By th£ way, th¡s is all ur fault, if only you didn’t bet on that h*g£ sum of money, we wouldnt have lost everyth!ng… You figure ©vt what we’re gonna do now ” I said pissed off
Eric slumped on th£ [email protected] rubb!ng h¡s jaw
👥 Am Mason, 24 and h£ir to my fath£r’s wealth
Th¡s knuckle h£ad h£re, (Eric) is my bestfriend s!nce childhood… We grew up togeth£r
h£’s been th£ one advis!ng me !n everyth!ng I do and did
h£ gambled 🎰 with th£ company’s money given to me by my dad and we lost everyth!ng
Dad’s gonna be home !n a month time and we need to recover all lost before h£ returns
And we’ve seen th£ perfect land to start work!ng on cause th£y’re go!ng ©vt of bus!ness
That girl… $h£ can’t stand !n our way
“What do we do ab©vt th£ girl? “Eric asked
“What? Are u really ask!ng me that.. Eric you’re th£ master planner … You know exactly what to do “I said
h£ smirked
“All we’ve got to do is to kidnap th£ fairy gander and teach h£r lesson … “Eric said, I smiled
*Ch£lsea’s pov*
“I thought you’ve changed for th£ better Ch£lsea but no, you’re still crazy !n th£ h£ad “mom preach£d
Dad lowered h¡s h£ad
“Mom, I couldn’t j√$t let th£m !ntimidate us.. I believe I’ve got a say !n th¡s mom “I said
Mom sniffed and soon began cry!ng
“Ch£lsea, you know we are gonna loose th¡s farm soon… “$h£ said still cry!ng
“Th£ offer is enough for us to afford three meals a day… “Mom cried
I consoled h£r
“Mom, as long as am still ur daughter, we’ll get through th¡s but sell!ng th£ farm is ©vt of th£ question “I said before leav!ng
If those two men have th£ guts, let th£m step 👣 !nto th¡s house aga!n
I’ll disform th£ir pretty face with h°t coffee 😒
*Mason’s pov*
After bath!ng and brush!ng my teeth !n th£ bathroom, I walked !nto my luxurious b£droom with my pj on
My eyes met Tara’s… $h£ wore a short night dress which was extremely visible and h£r sweet cologne filled th£ room
$h£ wore a seductive look
I rolled my eyes
“Th¡s is gonna be th£ last time you’ll be !nvad!ng my privacy with©vt knock!ng.. And dressed !n that “I said coldly
“But babe, th£ door was open “$h£ said
“I don’t ¢ar£ Tara… Now go away, I want to sleep “I said still stand!ng far from h£r
$h£ began sobb!ng
“Mason, why do you hate me so much? I’ve told you countless times of how I love you but you still don’t make an effort to love me [email protected]¢k “$h£ said as tears streamed d©wΠ from h£r eyes
“And I’ve also told you that am busy Tara, too busy for love… AM th£ h£ir and I have alot of my dad’s bus!ness to take ¢ar£ off ” I said
$h£ sniffed
“At least, can I sleep beside you… j√$t for th£ night? “$h£ asked
My h£art melted a bit
I nodded
“F!ne… ”
$h£ smiled and adj√$ted h£r extremely short nightie
“One advice Tara, never were that aga!n !n my pres£nce… It… It irritates me “I said
$h£ nodded shyly
Urgh… Th¡s is gonna be a long night
*Ch£lsea’s pov*
Dur!ng d!nner with my family… I couldn’t h£lp but wonder who that guy was
Mom might know
“Mom.. Who’s that guy… Th£ guy I ₱0ured water on, who’s h£? “I asked
“h£’s Mason Oliver… ”
I didn’t let h£r f!nish
“Son of Oliver Ryan?! Th£ owner of OR soap, OR shampoo, OR toothpaste, OR Make up kits?!! “I yelled to th£ top of my voice
Mom nodded slightly
Oh my goodness
Am a fan of OR products
I use th£m at London… So, that’s h¡s son?
So rude and arrogant… But cute ☺
Will kidnapp!ng Ch£lsea work ©vt??

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