The Farmer's Daughter

The Farmer’s daughter episode 4 & 5

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{Partnership 👏}
Chapter four
*Mason’s pov*
See!ng Tara stand th£re look!ng all exposed… I felt really angry
Tara’s gonna be an awesome girl friend cause $h£’s all s€×y and quite captivat!ng but… I hate it wh£n ladies do th¡s… Dress!ng like sluts
Th£re’s high rate of ch£at!ng
I took Th£ girls [email protected] I was with and we left
I knew Tara was h£artbroken but… Who ¢ar£s
I took h£r to my personal office to see if I could conv!nce h£r to partner with us
“Great offer but… On one condition… You don’t have any say concern!ng th£ changes !n th£ land AND we get th£ fvll amount you j√$t mentioned “$h£ said rubb!ng h£r f!ng£r tips
I smiled
“Smart lady and very accurate “I said really impressed
$h£ smiled
“Your parents didn’t waste a dime on you.. Your husband is gonna be exclusively lucky 🍀 “I said
$h£ blu$h£d
“F!ne, we’ve got a deal “I said and we both shaked [email protected]
I signed th£ do¢vments and $h£ did too
“Now, can you please drive me home? “$h£ asked
“Sure “I said
I leaned forward to grab my jacket but $h£ also stood as our faces engage !n a long star!ng competition
I advanced to klzz h£r and I did
God, why does th¡s feel right?
I didn’t know $h£ wasn’t stand!ng well so we fell d©wΠ with me land!ng on h£r
“Jerk… You j√$t deflowered my l¡ps “$h£ said look!ng away shyly
“Serious? “I asked look!ng !nto h£r face
“Ouch! You’re h£avy Mason Oliver “$h£ wh!ned like a kid
I shook ny h£ad as I returned [email protected]¢k to reality
I got up and ₱v||ed h£r up
“Don’t feel like you’re th£ most prettiest girl !n th£ world j√$t cause you stole a klzz from my cute tasty l¡ps “I said smirk!ng 😏
“!n ur dreams Mason Oliver “$h£ said laugh!ng
Th£ way $h£ calls me Mason Oliver… So sweet !n my ears
We cat walked d©wΠstairs steal!ng glances each oth£r
“Stop look!ng at me “$h£ said look!ng serious
“How did u know I was look!ng at u with©vt u look!ng at me? “I asked
$h£ shook h£r h£ad
“F!ne, keep drool!ng over me “$h£ said
What!! 😂
We got to th£ liv!ng room
“Mason! “Tara called
$h£ catwalked to wh£re I stood with Ch£lsea
“I wanna talk to you “$h£ said
“Talk to me “I said coldly
$h£ glanced at Ch£lsea th£n [email protected]¢k at me
“Today’s my birthday… “$h£ said
Oh, I forgot…
“I’ll mail you your pres£nt tonight “I said
“Happy birthday “Ch£lsea said
$h£ ignored h£r
“I really wanted to spend th¡s special day with you Mason… “$h£ said
“I’ll make up for today some oth£r time.. Like I told you, am busy “I said
$h£ looked at Ch£lsea aga!n
“Who’s $h£? “$h£ asked
“Not ur bus!ness “I said
I ₱v||ed Ch£lsea’s arm and we left for my car
*Tara’s pov *
I watch£d th£m leave
Oh, why is Mason be!ng so difficult??
Today’s my birthday and I really wanted to give h¡m someth!ng I promised to ch£rish till I get married… -my v!rg!nity
I’ve concluded Mason’s th£ right guy for me but I don’t th!nk h£ sees me as th£ right woman…
By th£ way … Who’s that strange girl??
I never imag!ned I’ll be hav!ng a competition with Mason
Whoever $h£ is, $h£’s got to go
Chapter five
*Ch£lsea’s pov *
I [email protected] loudly as Mason and I made ©vt !n th£ car
Ch£lsea, is th¡s you??
Lett!ng some random guy you met not too long ago ga!n access to my b©dy
I squealed and closed my legs as I felt h¡m mak!ng advance
h£ stopped and I sat well
” am sor…
“Please take me home “I pleaded
h£ sigh£d and started th£ car
All th¡s !n one day? Ch£lsea, you’re better than th¡s
*Mason’s pov *
After driv!ng Ch£lsea home, I returned [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion
And aga!n Tara was !n my room wait!ng
“Why are you h£re? “I asked
“Mason, am jealous… “$h£ said com!ng close
$h£ h£ld me by my [email protected]¡$t
“Jealous of Ch£lsea? “I asked
“Ch£lsea… Yes I don’t like th£ way you h£ld h£r “, Tara said
“If I remember correctly, I did tell you to stop dress!ng like that ”
$h£ sigh£d
“Am j√$t try!ng to dress s€×y for you.. ”
“I never asked you to, now leave “I said
“Am not go!ng anywh£re “$h£ retorted
“If u wish “I said walk!ng to my room
*Ch£lsea’s pov*
Its been a week s!nce Mason and I began work!ng togeth£r and damn does Eris hate me so much
“You’re so !nsecure! “Eris sh©vted at me
“What now d*ckh£ad? “I asked angrily
Mason wasn’t @r0vnd at th£ moment, hope h£ isn’t tak!ng advantage
“You did th£ calculations all wrong, are you th¡s dumb?! ”
Okay, did h£ j√$t !nsult me..
I got on my feet and grabb£d h¡s right arm sqv££s!ng th£ h£ll ©vt ©vt of it
“Let me go right now… “h£ commanded
“Am not yet done, am gonna Make sure I leave a mark of ur stupidity on ur arm 💪 so you’ll learn from it and people will know you’ve met me, Ch£lsea ” I said sqv££s!ng it m©r£
[email protected] !n pa!n
j√$t th£n th£ door opened and I let go of h¡m
h£ couldn’t even stand right
Oh, it was Alexio
“Th£ harvest is ©vt, come ch£ck it ©vt “h£ said look!ng away
“Okay “com’on, “I said ₱v||!ng Eris by h¡s arm
We arrived at th£ place…
“Wow.. Th¡s crops look very ripe, f!nd a load!ng van, we’re mov!ng th£m to th£ company “Eris said
•••A month later •••••
Mason and I have been dat!ng for two weeks now and s€× was !nvolved
h¡s dad is com!ng [email protected]¢k today… We’re to meet h¡m today
I got dressed !n a red dress expos!ng ny [email protected]¢k
Mason came over and picked me up
Th£ ride to h¡s mansion was fvll of compliments
“I love you… “Mason said
“I love you too.. “I replied
We entered th£ mansion
h¡s dad looked as strict as fv¢k.. I hope I can w!n h¡s h£art
“Dad, “mason started
“Meet my girlfriend, Ch£lsea “h£ said
Dad stared at me for along time with©vt say!ng anyth!ng
h£ turned to mason
“A girl friend is not a wife, and You already have a wife… ” h¡s dad said emotionlessly
“Who..? “Mason asked quite marveled
“Tara ”
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Am really try!ng to ₱v|| it togeth£r and end it soon… 😉❤
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