The Fierce Chase

The Fierce Chase Episode 10


The Fierce Chase (episode 10)

Ever heard of the popular saying which goes “you never know what you have till you lose it”? Well, that’s the sad reality of most people walking the surface of this earth. Why wait for something to go bad before you begin to appreciate it’s usefulness in your life? Why wait for your relationship to go down the drain before you put in effort to fix things? Why wait till your partner walks away from your life before you begin to miss and appreciate his or her presence? What happened to living everyday like it’s your last by valuing and appreciating those that positively impact your life one way or the other. It’s sad that Paris had lost the only man she ever loved due to something that could have been avoided from the very beginning. Why entertain the presence of another man when you already have someone in your life as a partner? Why create room for problems that can simply be avoided? Why did she act carelessly with something so valuable as her relationship with Jason?. The handwriting was on the wall a long time ago but Paris was too adamant to admit that her little fling with Kelvin could cost her relationship with the only man she truly loved and wanted to spend ‘Forever’ with; which was Jason. Too bad she let things get to the point of no return.

When you know the worth of what you bring to the table, you would never beg anyone to stay or eat with you. I believe this was the ‘school of thought’ Jason belonged to. He was very much aware that he gave his best to Paris and sacrificed a lot for their relationship, hence the reason he was quick to take a bow and call things off the very moment he found out she cheated on him. As painful as it was for his heart to bear, he believed he had to break up with her because the last thing he wanted was feel cheated in a relationship he gave his 100% to.

Immediately Jason confirmed Paris fears about their new relationship status, she almost died. Her heart has never beaten as fast as it was beating at that moment all her life. That last statement “It’s over between us” Jason said kept replaying in her mind as she held her heart with both hands. Never in a thousand years did Paris ever imagine that her relationship with Jason would be called off by him over infidelity on her path. Without hesitating, she burst into tears and held his legs.


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please I beg you, don’t do this to us. I am so sorry, please forgive me. I can’t live another day without you, I would be as good as dead. My heart can’t handle losing you, I am so sorry, I am so sorry babe. Please don’t leave me, I promise to never do it again. Kelvin was a huge distraction to me at my place of work. No matter how I tried to avoid him, I couldn’t because the real estate company he works for is in charge of our expansion. Babe I tried my best to cut him off, but my best wasn’t enough. This evening you caught us at the restaurant was the day I was more determined than ever to call things off with him. Whatever you saw was just me being nice before dropping the sad news on him. I refused picking your call because I didn’t want to lie to you if you asked me where I was. Babe please don’t leave me, I am sorry. We can work things out as I’m willing to see a therapist or do whatever you want me to do to change your mind. Jason I am sorry, please don’t break up with me. I love you so much, I might not be able to survive this” Paris soberly said while holding Jason’s leg. At that moment, his heart melted but it was made up to end the relationship. For all he knew, she might be lying or pulling stunts just to get him to change his mind which wasn’t in the cards for him.

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As Paris sat on the floor crying while holding Jason’s legs, he just stood there looking at her. His heart shattered the more to see her in such manner but there was nothing he could do about it. After being speechless for a while, he finally spoke up. “I don’t trust you anymore so tell me what you want me to do? I can’t be with someone I don’t trust because there’s no love without trust. I can’t believe anything that comes out from your mouth anymore and that isn’t a good thing. I still love you but that doesn’t mean I want this relationship to continue. Please if you don’t mind, kindly leave my house; it’s getting very late” he said and tried to remove her hands from his leg which she refused to let go. “Please leave me and my house, I can’t do this with you anymore” he added and pointed at the door.


and drained of every strength, Paris got up from the floor, carried her bag and headed for the door sobbing. Just as she touched the door knob, Jason stopped her. “My keys? Give me my spare keys in your possession” he said. Immediately Paris heard that, it finally dawned on her that Jason was truly done with their relationship. At that moment, her heart shattered over again. She handed the keys over to him and walked away in pain and shame. He shut the door behind her as she walked to her car crying.

When Paris got inside her car, she screamed and cried on top of her voice. Her heart was bleeding and her whole world seemed as though it was coming to an end. She cried bitterly like never before while driving home that night. It was just by the grace of God that Paris didn’t get involved in an accident that night because she drove recklessly. She was emotionally, physically and mentally unstable at that moment. The reality of losing Jason was too much of a shock for her fragile heart to bear. She was devastated!

With Paris gone, Jason fell into depression as he laid on his bed after taking his shower. Tears never stopped dropping from his eyes that night because the break-up was taking a toll on his emotions too. He almost picked up the phone to call Paris that night but didn’t because his mind was made up about their relationship. He still loved her but didn’t want to fix things between them because he felt really betrayed by her.

That night was one of the worst days of their lives. Paris cried all night and fell sick the next day. Her head ached to the extent that she couldn’t raise it up or get out from the bed. Her phones were switched off the next morning because she wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone. At that moment, she was willing to lose her job for missing work because nothing again mattered to her. She lost the will-power and drive to be alive because the only man she loved had left her.

Before then, Paris had experienced break ups in the past by her exes but this one was just different because Jason was the first and only man she had ever loved that way. She thought he was her final bus-stop because he was the only person she pictured spending ‘Forever’ with. As gorgeous, talented, successful and classy Paris was, she didn’t want to even think about the countless men that would die to have her; all she wanted was to get her boo back at all cost. No other man mattered!

Back at the TV Station, the managing director and other colleagues tried all they could to reach Paris but all to no avail. They had to get another newscaster to carry the show for that day in Paris absence. Few delegates were sent to her house later in the day to check up on her and that was when they found out she was really sick. Without hesitating, they rushed her to the hospital for treatment because she wasn’t looking good at all.

While Paris was rushed to the hospital, Jason was on duty that day but couldn’t concentrate on anything. His best friend figured out that something personal was up with him and had to cover up all his shifts at the hospital because Jason wasn’t looking as one fit to administer treatment to a patient. He sobbed when alone in his office because the reality of not having Paris in his life was more painful than he thought it would be. That morning, he tuned into the news and was shocked to see another newscaster on seat. Before then, Paris had never missed being the anchorwoman of the daily news show so it was strange not to see her on seat. Without trying to care too much, he waived the thought that something serious might have happened to her.

For all these while, Jason wasn’t aware that Paris had been rushed to the same hospital he worked in. Few of her colleagues knew about their relationship and felt it was only right to bring her to her boyfriend’s hospital. They had no idea that the couple were no longer together but who knows, maybe fate had something in store for the once lovebirds.

That day, Jason closed from work and headed home without knowing that Paris was in one for the wards of the hospital. The next day, he showed up to work still going through a lot and was covered up by his bestfriend who was a doctor there too. No one at the hospital knew about Jason and Paris relationship expect his best friend ‘Harrison’. Harrison had gone on many outings with the couple so he knew Paris really well. It was during one of those cover up times for Jason that he bumped into Paris in one of the wards.

On seeing Paris, Harrison was really shocked to see her in such condition. She looked really sick and he just got to know that she had been admitted for two days now; the exact timing since Jason started acted up and being depressed. Without a word from either parties, Harrison was able to code that something was up. He took over Paris treatment and got to realize that her blood pressure was very high. Advance treatments began almost immediately because her health was headed towards a deadly path. Paris mum, friends and colleagues came visiting one after the other. She was loved by many so her room usually had new flowers every day.

It’s been 4 days since Paris got admitted in the hospital and 2 days since Harrison found out. Up until then, she hasn’t been able to talk that much due to the shock she was still in. For some strange reasons, Harrison didn’t want to tell Jason just yet that Paris was admitted in the hospital just to see if he knew she was sick but after the second day, it dawned on him that something was up with the lovebirds. Without hesitating, he finally had a talk with Jason on the 3rd day.

“Bro, what’s going on? Since this week you have been all moody; what’s going on?” Harrison asked. Jason was a private guy that hardly talks about his personal life to anyone but had to let his best friend ‘Harrison’ in on what was going on. After narrating the sad events and present reality of his relationship with Paris to his best friend, there was brief silence in the atmosphere. After being mute for a while, Harrison finally spoke up. “Can I ask you a question?” He asked, “Yes sure” Jason replied almost immediately, “How many times have you wronged God today or since this week?” Harrison asked and Jason was mute because he already knew where his friend was driving at.

On seeing Jason’s changed countenance, Harrison spoke further. “Bro I know you are hurt by what Paris has done and you don’t deserve this either, but have you for once put yourself in her shoes to try to understand why she might have messed up? Do you think it’s easy to see your temptation every day and not fall eventually? This Kelvin of a guy was in her space almost every day and believe me, if there was a way Paris could have stopped going to work and not get fired, don’t you think she would have stopped going to work just to be away from her tempter?. This lady tried her best but I guess her best wasn’t enough because she still fell. I know the kissing thing is hurtful no doubt but do you know how many women in her situation would have done more than the kissing?. You are so caught up in her mistakes that you fail to realize how much effort she put in to avoid those mistakes. I believe she is sorry and truly deserve one last chance. If you truly loved her, then I don’t believe it would be this easy to let her go without even trying to fix things. Just so you know, Paris has been admitted in this hospital for the past 4 days now. I just found out 2 days ago and was waiting to see if you knew but later realized that you don’t, hence the reason I suspected something was wrong. She has a very high BP and it isn’t looking good at all. If she wasn’t truly sorry, do you think she would be this sick right after you broke up with her? Do you know how many men would died for this woman but yet she chose you. I know you are a spec too but I believe you get what I mean. Don’t lose her without giving her another chance at least. Please go and see her, she is at ward 3 room 4. Fix this bro” Harrison said. He tapped Jason’s shoulder and walked away afterwards.

When Harrison left, Jason fell into another round of thoughts. He felt bad to just find out that Paris had been admitted in that same hospital for over 4 days. The fact that she was critically ill broke his heart the more and made him want to just hug her. He wanted to go right away to her room but needed enough time to process everything.

At around 7pm that same day, Jason took a stroll down to Paris hospital room to check up on her and see her for the first time since they broke up. Immediately he opened the door and saw her lying helplessly on the bed, it broke his heart. Sad and touched, he walked pass all the fresh flowers in the room and sat on top of her bed. Paris mum had just stepped out with her driver to the nearest mall to get few necessities so Paris was all alone when Jason walked in. As he sat there looking at her, tears began to drop from his eyes. He proceeded to hold her cold hands and caressed it gently.

Before Jason could say anything, Paris already knew he was there even without opening her eyes. Tears began to fall off her eyes while they were still closed. Jason could see the tears and it broke his heart. He laid his head on her chest and she placed one of her hands on his head. Paris temperature was really high and it hurt Jason to know that his haste decision put her in his state. He was equally sorry and just wanted her to be ok.

As the lovebirds laid on the hospital bed sobbing, Paris soberly said “Babe I am sorry” in a shaky tone and without hesitating, Jason replied “I forgive you babe, I miss you so much and want you back”.

End of episode 9 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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