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The Fierce chase episode 2


The Fierce Chase (episode 2)

There’s levels to attraction and a person who is aware of his or her individual awesomeness has the tendency to top the list. Have you met someone that takes pride in flaunting their beauty, smartness or other amazing attributes of theirs unapologetically? Those set of people are easy to notice wherever they are found because they usually stand out from the crowd due to their high self-esteem. This was the perfect way to describe ‘Kelvin’. He was hot, handsome, forward in his approach towards life, smart, bodily built and was a successful real estate mogul. These attributes of his always made him highly irresistible by women. He had lots of ladies at his beck and call but wasn’t still satisfied because he hadn’t quite found the woman of his dreams. It’s safe to say that Kelvin was a player but it seemed as though everything was about to change for the young man.

All through the remaining hours of that fateful day, Paris still had Kelvin in her thoughts. For some strange reasons, she couldn’t quite place why his thoughts popped up in her mind every now and then but one thing was certain, and it was the fact that she wasn’t in anyway giving up Jason’s place in her heart and mind and that was a fact. “It’s just my emotions getting the best of me, I’ll be over it soon” she said to herself as she went through the newspaper while seated in her office. After a successful day at work, she retired for the day.

While driving home, Jason’s call came in and Paris was happy to pick up after missing her boo all day. Also, she wanted to totally rid Kelvin off her thoughts and what better way to do that than talk to her man about her day. “Hi Babe, Goodevening” Pairs greeted in excitement, “Hey hun, how was work today?” Jason asked, “It was great, I killed the news today as usual” she happily said.

They got talking about the activities that happened that day in each other’s lives but Paris excluded her encounter with Kelvin because she didn’t want to get Jason worked up for no reason. She also told him about the TV station expansion and they laughed at each other’s joke afterwards. After a call that lasted for about ten minutes, they both said “Goodnight” to each other and hung up the call.

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While Paris had clearly moved on from the thoughts that occupied her mind earlier that day, it’s apparent that Kelvin hadn’t. Since after he left the TV station that very day, he hadn’t stopped thinking of the beautiful damsel ‘Paris Nelson’. He was smitten by every single thing that concerned her and wasn’t hesitant to do more research on her. It’s clear that he was falling but we aren’t sure whether his feelings were for real or he just wanted another lady in the chain of women in his life.


be honest, this was actually the first time Kelvin was deeply into a woman and it called for concern on his part. “Why has this lady occupied my thoughts? What’s so special about her that I can’t get my mind off her? I have to admit, she’s driving me crazy” Kelvin said to himself as he sat on a couch in his living room that night. The feelings he had for Paris was foreign to him and got him more confused, yet determined than ever to get her. At this junction, it’s safe to say that the race to win Paris heart had just began and Kelvin wasn’t about to back down. Never!!


been over a week since Kelvin had the briefing with the Managing Director of Star TV and they were still going back and forth on calls. He hasn’t visited the TV station again after the first day he came and that meant he hadn’t seen Paris since then. The real estate firm gave Kelvin the deal to close and that meant he had to ensure that Star TV makes up their mind to choose their company for the job. It was a huge deal and other real estate firms had eyes on it too. However, Kelvin’s firm was far ahead in getting the deal than every other firm. The fact that he now had eyes for their anchorwoman motivated him the more to do whatever it took to close the deal.

While Kelvin was seriously working behind the scene to be one step closer to Paris, she was busy planning for her one year anniversary celebration with Jason. Unlike Kelvin’s personality, Jason was a cool, calm and collected kinda guy. He was soft spoken and gentle with his approach towards life. His gentle nature made Paris head-over-heels in love with him. She admired everything about him and also loved how much peace and stability he brought to their relationship. It would take the unfathomable to make Paris leave Jason for another guy. That was nearly impossible because her whole heart belonged with him.


cozy evening as the lovebirds snuggled together on the couch while seeing a movie, they began to talk about their upcoming anniversary celebration. “Babe what should we do for our anniversary celebration?” Paris asked while laying her head on his laps. Jason was mute for few seconds thinking of what better way they could celebrate such special occasion. “I have been thinking about it and would love us to go on a trip to Sydney. There’s this beautiful place a colleague of mine went to with his wife for their honeymoon, so I can make inquiries and book a one week vacay for us to spend some quality time with each other there” he gently said.

At the mention of a vacation trip, Paris smiled and wrapped her arms tightly around Jason’s laps. It’s clear she was happy with the idea of a gateaway trip with her boo for their anniversary celebration. “Thank you so much babe for even thinking this far about making our day special, I love you so so much” she said as she blushed. Jason ran his fingers through her hairs and replied “you are welcome”. They spoke about other things and eventually spent the remaining hours of that day together.

As the anniversary day approached, Paris and Jason informed their bosses about the one week leave of absence. It was granted and they were nothing but happy. Meanwhile, the deal for Star TV expansion was officially given to Kelvin’s firm; so it meant he was now going to be in Paris face more often. After closing the deal, Kelvin was celebrated by his bosses and a little party was scheduled to be thrown in his honor. “Make sure to bring a date while coming for the party” his colleagues teased him as they celebrated that day. It was such a happy day for Kelvin but the truth was that he had no lady to bring to the party as his plus one.

Not to get it twisted, Kelvin had so many ladies flocking around him left right center, but he just didn’t picture any of them as his date to such special party that would be attended by his bosses and colleagues. He finally resorted to bringing nobody to the party as his ‘plus one’ but that decision was about to change.

It happened that Paris was busy in her office one day when she heard a knock on the door. “Come in” she reluctantly said, thinking it was one of her colleagues at the office. It was when the door opened that her heart dropped at the sight of who walked in. “Hi Beautiful, long time no see” Kelvin said with a warm smile on his face. It took a while before Paris could finally digest the fact that a man that once tormented her thoughts was standing right in front of her, looking even more handsome than the first day she met him. “Hi, it’s you again, you are welcome” she said and sat up. Kelvin asked if he could sit down and she said “sure, have a seat”.

The first few minutes was nothing but awkward for Paris mostly but Kelvin seemed more confident than her and it made him look more intimidating. In order to ease the awkwardness in the atmosphere, he struck a conversation. “I was in the building to do some inspection so I thought it would be nice to stop by at your office to say my greetings” he calmly said.

It was then that it dawned on Paris that she would be seeing that face for a very long time. “Did your firm finally get the deal?” She asked and Kelvin replied “Yes we did”. Without hesitating, she congratulated him for closing the deal. “Congratulations on your new project, I wish you the very best in building for us new studios and offices” she happily said. He was quick to notice the genuineness in her words and it made him more drawn to her.

After talking for a little while, Kelvin figured it was time to take his leave. “I will be leaving now, do take care till I see you again soon” he said and Paris smiled faintly. They exchanged contacts and he stood up to leave. Paris was trying to be the nicest she could be while still keeping boundaries. She waved ‘Goodbye’ to him as his walked towards the door. When he left, she laid back on her chair and was lost in thoughts for a moment. As she regained consciousness and was about to get back to what she was doing before the unexpected visit, she saw a sticky note on her desk that wasn’t there before. Confused and clueless, she leaned forward and picked up the note to see its content and it read; “I would love you to be my date to an upcoming party hosted in my honor by my bosses. Do think about it… From your soon to-be boyfriend Kelvin”.

Immediately Paris was done reading the content of the note, her heart sunk.

End of episode 2 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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