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The fierce chase episode 3


The Fierce Chase (episode 3)

It’s strange how those that are in a relationship suddenly become more desirable to some people. How do you feel it’s ok to go after a person that is already taken and in a committed relationship with another? This is a more reason why boundaries have to be set once you are in a committed relationship so as not to fall victim to those that want you regardless of your relationship status. To be honest, Paris did wrong by giving her contact details to Kelvin, knowing fully well that she was somehow attracted to his personality. The fact that he once tormented her thoughts after their first encounter should have given her hints that he wasn’t the type to be kept too close else she stood a high chance of falling. Sadly, it was too late to take back her actions!

After reading the strange note Kelvin left on the desk, Paris was shocked and lost in thoughts for few minutes. She was more shocked at his audacity because that was the first time a man had done such a thing to her. It was while Paris went deeper in thoughts that it dawned on her that she hadn’t informed Kelvin she was ‘Taken’ and not available. It was probably due to the absence of that important detail that he felt it was ok to ask her to be his date to a party.

Just as Paris was about to come out from the abyss of thoughts she was into, her phone rang and it was an unknown number calling. She quickly checked the card Kelvin gave to her and the number corresponded with the one calling her. Convinced that he was the one calling, she picked up.

“Hi, did you see my note?” Kelvin asked immediately Paris picked up. “Yes I did, however, I think you should find a replacement because I can’t be your date” she bluntly said, “why so?” He asked immediately and without hesitating, she put him straight. “Listen Kelvin, in as much as you are a cool guy, I don’t think we can be friends because your intentions towards me might be something other than a casual friendship. Just so you know, I am taken and not available to any other man. I am in a committed relationship with someone else and can’t be anything other than a friend to you. I am sending out a friendship handshake but if you see us beyond that, then kindly decline the handshake. Thanks for your thoughtful invitation but I would be in Sydney with my partner celebrating our one year anniversary by then. Kindly look else where because I am certainly not the girl for you. I have to go now; do have a nice day” she said and ended the call.

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When the call ended, there was silence on both Paris and Kelvin’s end. They took a while to process all that was said and heard. Deep down, Kelvin knew that there was no way a gorgeous and successful lady like Paris would be single so it wasn’t much of a shocker to him. She was a spec so he knew that men would flock around her. However, that didn’t stop him for going after her heart. He was determined to get her and wasn’t about to slow down or stop just because she informed him about her relationship status. The battle line had been drawn and a ‘Love Triangle’ formed but no one was aware just yet except Kelvin.


Kelvin sought for ways to convince Paris to be his date for the upcoming party, she was busy planning her anniversary trip with Jason. They had booked a nice room at a resort and were ready to hop into the plane and head to their vacation destination. For every day Paris comes in for work, she would receive a bouquet of flowers from Kelvin with a note which read; “I won’t stop till you be my date”. Most days, she smiled after reading the note but other times, she instructed her secretary to put the flower into the dustbin or take them away. In less than a week, everyone in the office got used to receiving flowers every morning for Paris.

In all that was happening, Paris still hadn’t told Jason about Kelvin. For some strange reasons, she was keeping such important happenings in her life away from him and that wasn’t a good move on her path. Despite the fact that she was totally faithful to Jason, the shady events she was keeping away from him wasn’t advisable.

Most days, Kelvin calls came in during and after working hours. Paris had nothing in mind so she was free spirited and always received his calls in good faith. Whenever they were done talking, he would remind her of the date request and she would decline wholeheartedly over again. After a while, it began to sound like a national anthem in her ears and due to that, she usually laughed it off.


fateful evening, Kelvin came for a last minute inspection at the TV station and bumped into Paris on the hallway. He smiled faintly and looked straight into her eyes as he walked closer to her. “You are suddenly everywhere these day, I can’t successfully run away from you anymore” Paris said with a friendly smile in her face. Kelvin chuckled and blocked her from passing by standing directly in front of her. “How about we first address the countless times you show up in my dreams? I think I should query you for that too” he said with a cute smile on his face.

Those words from Kelvin sounded cute to Paris ears and without knowing, she began to laugh. They both laughed the silly jokes on each another off. “I have to go now, I came to meet the MD. However, see you at my party as my date next week” Kelvin bluntly said and was about walking off when Paris held him back. “Snap off your fantasy, I can’t be your date to any party. I am in a relationship and don’t see myself choosing any other man above my partner. I am a happy woman with the man already in my life and don’t plan on leaving him for anyone. It is highly disrespectful to my partner to be your date to a party. It isn’t ok and I don’t plan on even doing that so please come off your fantasy dear friend” she said.

When Paris was done talking, Kelvin didn’t fidge at all. He looked at her for few seconds with a deceptive smile on his face that was hard to read. After being mute for a while, he held her soft hands and pecked the back. “Chill, I am not asking you to be my girlfriend just yet, I only need you to be my ‘plus one’ to a party hosted by my bosses in my honor. I aren’t asking you to leave your boyfriend for me because that will be too cheap and low of me. Despite the fact that I need you in my life because I like you a lot, I would rather let you come to me at the appointed time. Trust me, I won’t get tired till you are mine” he said and finally walked away.

As Kelvin took each step further away from Paris, she stood there dumbfounded and numb. Her emotions where messed up and she couldn’t quite place why she was allowing herself to be in such position where her feeling are beginning to get aroused for another man. It seemed harmless for now but it won’t be for too long before the seed begins to germinate.

Days had passed after that awkward encounter with Kelvin and Paris was preparing for her trip with Jason. Their flight was scheduled to leave that weekend and she was too happy living in the moment to care about Kelvin’s past advances. Everything was going perfectly fine till something happened one fateful day that changed everything.

It happened that Paris came to spend the night at Jason’s house a day before their flight to Sydney. After settling down, she went straight to the kitchen in search of something to eat because she was hungry. As she made dinner, Jason was in the living room working on some work related task on his laptop. While he was engrossed in the task, Paris phone beeped and the screen light came on. At first, he didn’t want to snoop but it was after the phone beeped again that he decided to see what the beep was for.

Immediately Jason picked up the phone and looked at the notification bar on the homescreen, the first message he saw almost gave him a heart attack. It read; “Hi gorgeous, should I get a designer tomorrow to bring you few dress options for our upcoming party date? If yes, then let me know tonight so I can make arrangements… From your future boyfriend Kelvin”.

That text message instantly scattered Jason’s heart and brain. He was utterly dumbfounded & numb. All he could find himself saying was “What!”.

End of episode 3 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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