The Fierce Chase

The fierce chase episode 4 – 5


The Fierce Chase (episode 4 & 5)

We unknowingly give room to the devil to come in and destroy our relationship when we leave loopholes. Remember the devil is always in a haste to destroy a good thing and also roaming to and fro looking for good relationships to devour; never give him that chance. The mistake Paris made from the onset was to hide her friendship with Kelvin from Jason. She knew for a fact that Kelvin had a thing for her despite the fact that he knew she was Taken. Keeping such a friendship going without telling her partner of one year ‘Jason’ was totally wrong. It’s just a matter of time before she begins to read more meaning into Kelvin’s words and sadly fall for him. You can’t keep a goat and yam together and expect to come back and met a full yam untouched; knowing fully well that goats love raw yams. Common sense isn’t actually common at all because if it was, then Paris would have known better to keep her distance from Kelvin or better still, inform Jason about him. Too bad her little harmless secret was no longer hidden!

When Jason was done reading the strange text message sent by Kelvin to Paris, he was utterly dumbfounded. The only thought in his mind at that moment was how on earth his girlfriend was allegedly going on a date with another man, to the extent of the person referring himself as her ‘future boyfriend’. He wondered what could have given the person such audacity expect ofcourse, Paris was hiding something.

Just as Jason sat on the couch looking shocked and confused, Paris walked into the living room with two plates of rice. “Hey babe, I made jellof rice for us, here is yours” she said and handed a plate of rice to him. She saw him holding her phone but wasn’t in anyway bothered because they always went through each other’s phone and she also had nothing to hide.

As Paris began to eat, she noticed Jason’s sad countenance. At first, she felt it was nothing to worry about but became bothered when he barely touched his food; knowing fully well that he was very hungry less than an hour ago. It was at this point that she realized that something was really up.

“Hey babe, what’s the problem? You have barely touched your food” Paris curiously inquired. Without saying a word, Jason lifted up her phone and gave to her. She looked at the screen and immediately saw the text message sent by Kelvin. It was then that it dawned on her what the problem was. “Babe I can explain, please it isn’t what you think” she said in a shaky tone, “Go ahead and explain, I am listening” Jason responded. Without hesitating, Paris began to narrate everything without leaving any stone unturned. She began from how she met Kelvin at the office, down to how he asked her to be his date to the party hosted in his honor.


Paris spoke, Jason was mute. He didn’t say a word to her and also didn’t interrupt her. His silence killed her slowly because it was hard to tell what was on his mind. It was when she was done talking that he finally spoke up. “Why didn’t you tell me about this guy all these while?” He asked, “I honestly don’t know, it’s not like there was any reason to keep him hidden from you. It could be because I didn’t feel he was that relevant to be in our conversations, hence the reason I never spoke about him” she replied in haste.


looked into Paris eyes to find any trace of lies but saw none but that didn’t rule out his disappointment in her. “Now you see how a matter you felt was irrelevant can cause a lot of harm to our relationship. A person you felt was irrelevant to talk about is still the same person sending you a message, requesting to send a stylist to bring clothes to you for a party he has mentally convinced himself you will be his date to. No one can tell what this thing you call irrelevant would lead to tomorrow. You can’t do a thing like this and think it is ok. How would you feel if a lady asked me to be her date to a party and I still keep such person close to me? Don’t you know that no one is too strong to overcome temptations? You don’t keep this sort of person close to you and expect not to cheat someday. I can’t tell you not to have male friends but there’s something called boundaries and I’m not sure you know about it because if you did, then this dude won’t even have your personal number talk more of being this close to you. Do you know how many ladies I meet on a daily basis that hit on me? Many! But the difference between the both of us is that I understand boundaries and set them. I don’t have any other thing to say to you. Live your life the way you want to but just know that I would never condone an unfaithful partner because I know I genuinely give this relationship my all so I deserve same honesty, sincerity and faithfulness” he said and stormed out of the livingroom. He angrily entered the bedroom and closed the door.


over ten minutes, Paris was dumbfounded, perplexed and disappointed in herself. She sat alone in the livingroom thinking of what next to do to calm her boo down. It was apprent that their trip the next day might be canceled if they didn’t sort out their issues and make peace. Without hesitating, she walked to the bedroom, knocked on the door and entered.

When Paris entered into the bedroom, she found Jason seated on the bed with his head bent downwards. She moved closer and sat on the bed too. She touched his shoulder and could feel the pain in his heart. “Baby I am so sorry, please forgive me. I never for once thought things would get this bad otherwise I wouldn’t have let it come this far. I don’t ever want any other man but you. I love so so much and can’t think of anyone else taking your place in my heart. Kelvin is just a jolly fellow and plays a lot so I don’t really take the things he does or says to heart. However, this will be the last day you will ever hear of him because I would cut him off this very moment. Please don’t let anything ruin our anniversary celebration, I am sorry babe” she sadly said with tears already clouding her eyes.

At that moment, Jason’s heart melted and he wasn’t angry anymore. He lifted up his head and looked into Paris teary eyes. “I am sorry too for coming at you in such a harsh manner. It’s just that I felt for a moment that I would lose you” he said. She muttered “Never” and dropped a few tears while at it. Without hesitating, Jason moved closer and planted a soft kiss on her lips. He could feel the genuineness of her apology in every kiss she reciprocated. She seemed vulnerable, scared and ashamed.

On seeing that Paris was kinda at her lowest point, Jason wanted to reassure her that he loves her and wasn’t going anywhere too. He held her very tight and kissed her forehead countless times. After kissing passionately for over ten minutes, they laid back on the bed and began to caress each other. Jason took the tshirt she was wearing off and planted numerous kisses on her neck and collarbones. “I want all of you” she gently whispered into his ears. Those words were like fuel to his strength. They had the best time that night romancing and cuddling each other. All of a sudden, the former tension in the atmosphere died down.

The next day was their anniversary and they jetted off to Sydney for a wonderful one week vacation. They had so much fun during their trip and made sure to enjoy every moment. For all the time Paris was away in Sydney, Kelvin never stopped trying her line but it never connected. Paris was on call roaming so his call would have gone through to her even though she was in another country; except ofcourse he had been ‘Blocked’. It was when he tried calling her with another line and it surprisingly went through that he figured she had blocked his line. What a heartbreaking moment indeed for him!

For the one week Paris was away enjoying herself with Jason, all Kelvin did was think about her. He pondered day and night on her thoughts and never stopped checking her office for her whenever he visited the TV station. That one week was probably one of the most depressing moments of Kelvin’s life. It was during this period that he finally realized that he was in love with Paris. It was a hard pill for the almighty ‘Alpha Male’ to swallow but he did.

After a week’s trip celebrating one year of being together, the lovebirds finally came back from Sydney and resumed work. Kelvin wasn’t aware that Paris was back till he spotted her one fateful evening at a restaurant in town.

That evening, Paris was on her way home and wanted to stop by at a restaurant in town to eat before heading home. She knew she won’t have the strength to cook when she gets home so she thought it was ideal to eat out that evening. Kelvin was seated at one corner of the restaurant eating when she walked in. When he saw her, he was happy and tensed at the same time. She sat at another section of the restaurant and placed her order. Shortly, food was served and she began to eat.

While Paris ate, Kelvin sat on his sit and just stared at her. He didn’t want to approach her too soon because he knew for a fact that she didn’t want him in her life anymore, reason she blocked his line from calling her. That was why he was a bit hesitant to walk up to her.

After about 20 minutes later, Paris was almost done eating. On seeing that she was about to pay her bills, Kelvin beckoned on the waiter to come. When the waiter arrived, he asked how much Paris bill was and it was communicate to him. He cleared her bill immediately and sat back watching her.

When Paris was finally done eating, she called the waiter to pay her bill and was told that it had already been paid for. “By who?” She shockingly asked and the waiter pointed towards the direction Kelvin was seated and said “By Him”.

Immediately Paris turned to see the good samaritan that paid for her meal, her eyes jammed with that of Kelvin and she was utterly shocked to see the very man she had been running away from, looking drop-dead handsome seated a few seats away. Her heart began to race and her palms instantly became sweaty.

As the waiter walked away, Kelvin stood up from his seat and began to walk towards Paris direction. She wanted to get up and leave the restaurant so bad but for some strange reasons, it felt as though she was trapped on her chair. With each step he took to get closer to her, her heart dropped. She wasn’t scared of him but was just scared of the outcome of having him in her mental space again after a deliberate effort for two weeks to shut him out. Sadly, she was helpless and couldn’t do anything but watch him walk closer to her.

Immediately Kelvin got to Paris table, he looked into her shiny eyes, smiled and said; “Do you miss me?”.

End of episode 4 & 5 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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