The Fierce Chase

The fierce chase episode 7 – 8


The Fierce Chase (episode 7 & 8)

Little drops of water would eventually make up an ocean. What initially felt like a harmless feeling for Kelvin had eaten deep into Paris emotions to the extent that she couldn’t help but fall deeper for him. It first started like a mere friendship between two parties but now it had gotten to the point where they couldn’t deny the fact that they were attracted to each other. That kiss was the finally straw that broke the camel’s back and the fact that Paris reciprocated the kiss meant her defense to resist Kelvin had weaken and sadly crushed; which indirectly meant that her relationship with Jason was now at stake. At this point, it’s safe to say that Paris had successfully cheated on Jason but I guess she wasn’t ready for that reality just yet.

Immediately after Kelvin revealed to Paris that he was madly in love with her, he planted another kiss on her lips because the atmosphere was highly charged up with diverse emotions from both parties. At that moment, Paris was numb and carried away by her emotions. Her heart couldn’t stop racing as she gently reciprocated Kelvin’s kisses. Everything about that moment felt magical and she wished it never ended. She was drained of every logic and will-power to fight the emotions that Kelvin had awakened in her.

After the second round of kissing, they finally parted their lips. Kelvin figured it was time to let her go because it was getting quite late. He gave her one last peck on her cheek and whispered “I will call you when you get home” in her ears. Being a gentleman, he opened the car open for her to enter. She got into the car without uttering a word to him and drove off. Without wasting any time, he got into his own car and drove home too.

All through the ride home, Paris was silent and lost in thoughts. It felt as though her mind was in another world. She hadn’t driven a long distance from the office when Jason’s call came in. Still lost in thoughts, she ignored the call and continued driving. He called 3 more times before the phone ceased ringing. Without carrying anything in mind, he felt she was back from work and fast asleep so he sent her a sweet text message to wake up to. If only Jason knew that his beloved girlfriend whom he felt was fast asleep just left the arms of another man, he would have dropped dead that moment. So sad!

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While Paris was still trying to come in terms with what she had done, Kelvin was glad to know that her heart was gradually opening towards him. However, deep down, he knew her emotions weren’t stable that night so it was kinda hard to tell if she meant her actions. It could be that she gave into the kiss because she was having a mental breakdown that evening; however, time would tell.

When Paris arrived home that evening, she sat in her car for almost 30 minutes before going inside her apartment. It took a while for the reality of what she had done to dawn on her. “I didn’t just kiss another man or did I?” She asked herself continuously with no answer. By this time, guilt had began to set in but it was too early for her to go down that path. After taking a shower, she crawled into her bed and finally burst into tears.


Why Paris? How could you do a thing like this? How on earth did I find myself in such a position as this? How did I get here Oh Lord! Jason would never forgive me if I ever told him that I cheated. How can I treat a good man such as Jason this way? He doesn’t deserve this at all but now I am even more confused because I can’t deny the truth of my feelings for Kelvin. I am attracted to him and at this point, I honestly don’t know what to do anymore; I am so confused. God please help me” Paris soberly said as she w€t her pillow with tears. Words wouldn’t be enough to properly describe how she was feeling at that moment. The betrayal on Jason ate deep into her to the extent that she felt too ashamed to even look herself in the mirror. Too bad!

After tossing to and fro on the bed all night, Paris finally tried to catch some rest because she had a long day ahead the next day. That night was probably one of the saddest days of her life. The guilt she felt just that day was more than every guilt she had ever felt in her lifetime. A great part of her wished she could turn back the hands of time and refuse that kiss from Kelvin, while a small part of her actually loved it. This was what made her more confused than ever.


reasonable doubt, it’s safe to say that Paris was attracted to Kelvin but loved Jason. It would only take the unimaginable for Paris to leave her relationship with Jason because of a mere attraction for Kelvin. Regardless of how messed up her emotions were, she knew where her heart truly belonged and it was with Jason. However, that didn’t rule out the fact that she had cheated on him and it was totally unacceptable. If Jason ever found out about their secret affair, he would be extremely heart broken.

As Paris laid on her bed sobbing, a call came through to her phone and it was Kelvin calling. At first, she didn’t want to pick up but later did just to hear what he had to say. “Hey, how are you doing?” Kelvin calmly asked when Paris picked up. She was mute for a while before finally speaking; “I am fine” she coldly replied. Without being told, he knew she had been battling with her conscience so he felt the best way to make her feel better was to reassure her of his love for her. “Don’t be too hard on yourself Paris, I know you have someone else whom you probably love but I want to tell you this moment that what I feel for you is worth giving me a shot for. I know I might not look like someone gunning for a serious relationship with you but if you could just take a peek into my heart to see what I feel for you, then you won’t turn your back to see what you could be missing after holding my hands. I genuinely love you and want a chance to proof to you that I can be anything you want me to be for you. I would be hanging up the call now, make sure to have a goodnight rest” he said and ended the call. That phone call only made her even more confused than ever. It was now official; a Love Triangle was now in play.

The following morning, Paris didn’t want to get out of bed but sadly had to go to work. With the nature of her job, it wasn’t possible to call in sick without informing her boss earlier. Being the anchorwoman for a daily news show, she needed to show up at all cost.

Up until then, Paris still haven’t called Jason back after she knowingly ignored his calls the night before. She wasn’t ready to face him just yet, hence the reason she was outrightly avoiding him. It didn’t take too long before Jason could tell that something was up. He could feel the weird energy from afar and needed no seer to tell him that Paris was purposely avoiding him for reasons yet unknown. Curious to find out what was going on, he decided to pay an unexpected visit to Star TV later that day to see her.

All through that morning, neither Jason, Paris nor Kelvin could concentrate properly on what they were doing at work. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts that morning. While at work, Paris couldn’t concentrate in her news casting as she made lots of mistakes and blunders. She wasn’t agile at all and it was visible for everyone to see no matter how professional she tried to act.

That morning, Jason tuned into the news just to see Paris. He watched her intensely as she read the news and without an ounce of doubt, he knew something was wrong with his babe. It was at that moment that he began to panic. Without hesitating, he wrapped up with everything he had to do at the hospital that morning and headed straight to the TV station. By the time he arrived, she was done with the show and was seated in her office. He walked straight to her office and knocked on the door.

Immediately Paris heard the knock on the door, her heart dropped. “Come in” she said while praying it wasn’t Kelvin. She got the shocker of her life when Jason walked into her office looking Peng and overly handsome. It was then that the reality of losing such a wonderful man dawned on her; except she hides the truth from him.

“Hey babe, Goodmorning” Jason greeted as he walked into the office. Without hesitating, Paris got up from where she sat and ran to hug him. Immediately she wrapped her arms around him, she burst into tears. “Baby I am so sorry” she said as she cried. At that moment, Jason was confused as to why she was sorry. He held her tightly and gently patted her back. “What’s going on?” He calmly asked but all she did was cry bitterly. He figured she was too emotional to answer any questions so he stopped asking. He continued patting her back and buried his face into her hair.

Without reasonable doubt, it was clear that Paris was truly sorry for what she had done but in most cases, sorry isn’t just enough. You don’t hurt someone you claim to love but rather, you protect their feelings for you. In what way can Paris actions be justified? How would she tell her beloved partner that she passionately kissed another man not once but twice. The first kiss could have been a mistake but certainly not the second one.

There and then, Paris truly wanted to come clean and tell Jason the truth of what she had done but couldn’t because she didn’t want to lose him nor Kelvin. Whether she tries to deny it or not, she had also fallen for Kelvin and now had feelings for him too. What a Love Triangle!

When the tension in the atmosphere had died down a bit, the two lovebirds got into a conversation about what was going on. “Babe, why are you crying? I called yesterday night but you didn’t pick up so I sent a message but still haven’t gotten a reply, are you sick or something? Talk to me” Jason curiously asked. There was silence in the atmosphere for a while as Paris battled within herself on whether to tell him the truth or not. She knew deep down that he would be really hurt if she ever told him she cheated so because of that, the truth was hard to leave her mouth. After being silent for a while, she finally spoke up.

“There’s nothing wrong with me babe, it’s just that I miss you so much and this new schedule of yours is taking a toll on my emotions. I barely see you these days except on weekends and we barely spend quality time together. For the pass weeks, I have been feeling extremely lonely and can’t seem to ever get a hold of you. I miss you so much and it hurts” Paris said as tears fell off her eyes. As she teared up, Jason should see the pain in her eyes.

He instantly became sad because he knew for a fact that his relationship had been starved of affection and attention. For all these while, he thought she was understanding of his new schedule but it’s clear that wasn’t the case at all.

Immediately Paris was done talking, Jason beckoned on her to come sit on his laps and she hurriedly did. He wrapped his arms around her body and gave her a kiss. As they kissed, Paris couldn’t help but shed tears due to the intense guilt she was still feeling for cheating. There was just something about Jason’s kiss that was soothing to her soul. His kiss could calm every storm and bring peace to every conflict in her heart. The tears from her eyes got caught up in their passionate kiss but no one cared.

At that moment, Jason dearly wanted to make love to Paris and there was nothing she wanted more than that too. As the kiss got intense, he carried her up and first locked the door before laying her on the desk. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra while they kissed passionately. With Paris bra and shirt out of the way, Jason began to suck and fondle her [email protected] She m0aned gently and caressed his head while being taken to a wonderland of intense pleasure.

After a while of kissing and caressing one another, Jason gently slide his hands into Paris skirt and removed the underwear she had on. He then went on to bury his head in her thighs and that took her to another level of ecstacy. Jason was more concerned in making Paris happy than being satisfied. He knew she had been starved for a long time and that made him sad. Everything he did that moment was more of her and less of himself. They romanced for a long time before they finally made love.

That moment was magical and every thrust look both parties to cloud nine. They were transported into a wonderland of ecstacy and were so carried away that they forgot they were in an office. Paris was done with news casting for the day, so she wasn’t expecting anyone to knock on her office door. It gave her time to enjoy such intimate moment with her man.

For over 30 minutes, they made love and could hardly breathe. Paris tried her best not to m0an too loud so that a third party wouldn’t know what was going on in her office. They had the best time ever and couldn’t stop panting as they cuddled each other after a good time well spent. Without hesitating, Paris brought out wipes from her cupboard and they cleaned themselves up before putting back their clothes on. Jason brought lunch for her while coming and they ate it together because they were drained of energy and strength. After eating, he kissed her forehead and took his leave.

With Jason gone, Paris laid back on their chair and was lost in another round of thoughts. Her confusion worsened because she knew for a fact that she was never leaving Jason for Kelvin or any other man, but a small part of her really liked Kelvin. She was messed up emotionally and it made her shed tears every now and then. She knew she had to tell Jason the truth of her affair with Kelvin otherwise it won’t stop haunting her conscience, but at the same time, she was scared of losing him and was also scared of losing Kelvin too. At this point, it safe to say that Pairs was treading on a dangerous path and it was just a matter of time before things gets really messy.

After that day, Jason began to make deliberate efforts to bring balance between being a sought-after medical doctor, undergoing a new course and his relationship with Paris. He tried to see her twice during weekdays and send flowers to her once a week. She usually spends the night over at his place during weekends and they had the best time always.

Slowly, Paris began to shun Kelvin and everything that concerned him. She stopped picking up his calls and tried everything she could to avoid him. This wasn’t going well with Kelvin because it felt as though Paris was shutting him out. After that kiss incident, Kelvin have met Paris occasionally at her office but nothing intimate happened. She was careful not to get intimately involved with him again no matter how hard it was for her to keep that decision.

They tried to keep things casual while figuring out what exactly they wanted from each other. However, this was a very dangerous situation because if Jason ever found out that Paris was still this close to Kelvin, a confrontation was inevitable.

You know what they say about secrets? It’s just a matter of time before it gets revealed either intentional or unintentional. Paris and Kelvin’s secret closure has been going on since after that kiss. She knew for sure that Jason would lose it if he ever found out about their secret affair and closeness but it’s apparent she had no will-power to cut tiles with Kelvin once and for all. Everything remained hidden till one fateful day.

It happened that Jason was scheduled to travel for an important surgery in a different hospital outside town. Paris was aware of his short trip and said her ‘goodbye’ to him earlier that morning.

While Jason was gone, Kelvin coincidentally asked Paris on a dinner date that same day which she accepted because she knew her boyfriend was out of town. As the time for the date drew closer, he bought a nice dress and sent it over to her to put on for the date. “That’s so thoughtful of you, thanks” Paris said when she received the dress that afternoon from a delivery company. She planned on going to the date venue straight from work so it meant she would dressed up at the TV station. That day, she made up her mind to tell Kelvin once and for all that she couldn’t continue seeing him. She wanted to end their little closeness and put a stop to whatever they had going on.

While Paris got ready for her secret date with Kelvin, she wasn’t aware that Jason was done with the surgery earlier than expected and took the next flight back home. At around 6:30pm, he was back to town and coincidentally went to chill at the same restaurant Paris and Kelvin were scheduled to meet up for their date. It’s apparent there was fire on the mountain but I guess no one was aware yet.

Shortly after Jason settled into the restaurant and was having his dinner, Kelvin first walked in and sat at one corner of the restaurant. Jason haven’t met Kelvin before so he felt like every other random person walking in and out of the restaurant. It was after about 10 minutes later that Paris walked into the restaurant looking gorgeous. Jason was quick to recognize his babe and wanted to call her attention to where he was seated as he thought she was there to have dinner, likewise himself. As he stood up to call her attention to his direction, he got the shocker of his life when she walked straight to the table where the strange guy that walked in earlier was seated. They pecked each other after hugging tightly for a long time. It was then that Jason knew she wasn’t alone.

Shocked and dumbfounded, Jason sat back on his chair and watched them closely. The only word that left his mouth was “wow”. The manner at which Paris and Kelvin conversed gave off the signal that they were something more than mere colleagues or friends. Jason knew for sure that the strange guy had something deeper going on with Paris. The way he caressed her hands and looked into her eyes as they spoke was enough to tell Jason that something fishy was going down. There and then, he tried to call her line to see if she would pick up and to his greatest surprise, she silenced the call countlessly and finally switched off her phone. Jason saw everything play out right in front of his eyes so there was no way she could deny it if he ever asked her. Unable to bear the pain anymore, he beckoned on the waiter, paid for his bills and wanted to leave the restaurant unnoticed but a call came into his phone almost immediately and it unfortunately rang out.

That ringtone was very familiar to Paris so it got her attention. Immediately she turned to see where the sound was coming from, her eyes jammed with that of Jason’s and instantly, her heartbeat ceased. “Oh No!!” Paris said in great panic and immediately removed her eyes in hopes he didn’t see her but she had no idea that he saw her right from when she walked in. Since everything was now in the light, Jason walked out without saying a word to either of them. Kelvin was quick to recognize Jason because he had stalked him on social media during one of the days he staked Paris and saw a photo of both of them on her wall. “Isn’t that your boyfriend?” Kelvin curiously asked and she replied “Yes” in between breaths.

There and then, Paris knew for sure that Jason had seen her so there was no need hiding. Without hesitating, she got up and ran after him. “Babe, please hold on I can explain” she said as she chased after him. He beeped his car open, entered and drove off without saying a single word to her.

Immediately Jason drove off, Paris stood at the parking lot, placed her hands above her head and muttered “Oh Lord, what have I done?”

End of episode 7 & 8 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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