The Fierce Chase

The Fierce chase episode 9


The Fierce Chase (episode 9)

Do you know how painful it is to give someone your all but yet it still isn’t enough for them to choose only You? It’s really sad when you have to constantly do something to validate and secure your place in someone’s life. What happened to them choosing and being contented with you?. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel as though you aren’t enough because ‘You’ clearly are; the problem is never ‘You’ but ‘Them’. Paris had everything she ever wanted from a partner in Jason but still went ahead to give room for Kelvin in her heart. If you ask her to genuinely tell you why she cheated on Jason with Kelvin, I promise you there won’t be any reasonable answer to justify her actions. It’s apparent she genuinely loved Jason but was infatuated by Kelvin.

Infatuations are temporary because they are usually triggered by things that are conditional. It could be that Paris loved the way Kelvin dressed, his accent, financial status, handsomeness or the way he carried himself as an almighty ‘Alpha Male’. The idea of Kelvin felt cute but for some strange reasons, she had never pictured him in her life as a lifetime partner. On the other hand, Jason was equally successful as a medical doctor and handsome too. Everything about Jason felt consistent and peaceful; he was definitely the kinda guy Paris saw herself marrying and having kids with. However, she was at the verge of losing Jason because her little secret affair with Kelvin was no longer hidden, but was now brought to light.

Immediately Jason drove out of the restaurant, he almost went into depression as he headed to his house. That day was probably one of the saddest day of his life as no word would be able to properly describe how he felt at that moment. He was drained of every energy and emotions to think about what his eyes had just seen. All he wanted to go was go home, take a shower and sleep because any attempt to overthink things might drive him crazy. As hurtful as everything was, he tried to keep his cool.

With Jason gone, Paris was at the verge of crying. She stood at the parking lot thinking of what to do next as tears clouded her eyes. Lost in thoughts, she went back inside the restaurant, grabbed her bag and walked out almost immediately. Without being told, Kelvin knew she was devastated and about to leave so he went after her. “Hey Paris, I know you are probably upset and scared now but you need to calm down. This might be a sign from God to make you officially mine. Don’t tell me you want to go after him when you have me here to yourself. For crying out loud I am not invisible and insignificant, I have feelings too and deserve a chance with you. I know you want us to be together as much as I do too so why fight it? Please give me a chance Paris” he said when he caught up with her at the parking lot.

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At that moment, everything finally made sense. Every confusion Paris was having prior to that moment as regards who she truly Loved amongst Jason and Kelvin suddenly became clear. For the first time ever since the Love Triangle became existant, she knew whom she wanted to spend ‘Forever’ with and it was Jason. Without hesitating, she felt it was time to put an end to the ‘Love Triangle’ once and for all.

Immediately Kelvin was done pouring his heart out to Paris, she looked into her eyes and dropped a few tears. “Kelvin, you are a good man who deserves to be with someone that would love you the same way you love her, but that person isn’t Me. My heart will always belong with Jason. Don’t try to change my stand by sending flowers to my office tomorrow or ever again because I won’t change my mind. Today is the last day I want to speak to you or see you. Please stay away from me for real this time. I pray you find that special person that would Love you the way you wanted me to and I genuinely wish you all the best in life going forward. This is the last day we would ever be this close to each other and I beg you to respect my decision, space and privacy. Take care Kelvin, have a nice life” she said and drove off.

It was a tough parting for Kelvin but he had to let her go for real this time. He knew she was now done with him so any attempt to get close to her again might land him in serious trouble. It was at that moment that he sadly took a bow and left her for good.


Paris left the restaurant, she began to cry bitterly in her car. The major reason she was crying was because she was scared of losing Jason after he caught her red handed with another man. There and then, she began to contemplate on whether to drive straight to his house or not. She was kinda scared to confront him too soon because she knew for sure that he would be very hurt and possibly angry. However, she had no choice than to go there straight because she didn’t want him to totally condemn her without first hearing her own side of the story. It was a long shot but she was ready to face whatever the outcome of visiting his house would be.

After a 30 minutes drive, Paris arrived at Jason’s house and by then it was around passed 7pm. She had a spare key to his house so she came in through the back door after knocking countlessly on the front door with no one responding. Without a single doubt, she knew he was at home because she saw his car parked in front of his house. It was an estate so it was easy for her to get pass security since everyone in the security post knew she was Jason’s girlfriend.

Paris was able to get into the house through the back door with her spare key. Immediately she stepped her foot into the house, she found Jason sitting in the living room couch still with the same clothes she saw on him earlier on at the restaurant. It was apprent that he hadn’t left the living room since he got back home.

The manner at which Paris saw Jason showed that he was emotionally drained and in deep thoughts. At that moment, she was kinda scared to go close to him because she knew he didn’t want her there. After swallowing too many saliva, she summoned up the courage to approach him.

“Hey Babe, it’s me” Paris said as she drew closer to Jason who was seated on the couch with head bent downwards. He was mute and didn’t say a single word to her. Due to the overflow of guilt Paris was feeling at that moment, she began to sob and it was then that Jason spoke for the first time. “Why are you here?” He asked with his head still bent downwards, “Babe, I came to explain everything to you. What you think isn’t the truth, please hear my own side of the story before you judge or condemn me” she soberly said.

Still unmoved by Paris tears, Jason spoke further; “I have just one question for you; the guy I saw you with at the restaurant is Kelvin right?” He asked and immediately raised up his head to look into her eyes in anticipation of the reply he sought. After a brief silence, Paris sadly said “Yes, it’s Kelvin”. Immediately she confirmed Jason’s doubts and fears, his heart shattered into tiny pieces. It was then that the real pain hit him for the first time since he caught her with Kelvin at the restuarant. The fact that the person in question was the same guy Jason found his text on Paris phone months ago and she denied having anything to do with him, only to catch both of them together in a restaurant months later hugging and caressing each other’s hands was a big blow to his face. At that point, there was nothing Paris could say to convince Jason that she hadn’t cheated on him with Kelvin; not after the guy has been in her life all these while after she made him believe she cut tiles with Kelvin.

As the atmosphere began to get heated, heartbroken ‘Jason’ stood up from his seat and walked towards Paris. His eyes were teary and she could see the undiluted pain in them. “Have you slept with him?” He asked out of nowhere, “No, Never!! Babe no man has touched me expect you since we started dating” she replied almost immediately with tears falling off her eyes. Without hesitating, Jason probed further; “Have you kissed him?” He asked and there was silence this time around. That sudden silence was enough to give him the answer he sought for. He shook his head in disbelief and dropped a few tears. “You have cheated right?” He asked in pain and she burst out in tears. “Babe I am so sorry. It was a one time kiss and it wasn’t intentional. Please can I explain?” She said but it was already too late because he wasn’t interested in any other thing that would come out from her mouth.

As Jason stood in front of Paris trying to digest the painful revelation that she cheated on him, he began to tear up despite trying so hard to hold back the tears in his eyes. “Why Paris? Why did you do this to us? I thought I gave you everything I had to give and more but I guess my best wasn’t enough. I was going to propose to you on your birthday next month but I guess I just dodged a bullet. Paris, I gave you my all. I wanted you to be the mother of my children, I lived to make you the happiest woman on earth but I guess life had other plans. I might not be sure of anything in this life but I was definitely sure of my love for you. Why spoil something so beautiful and promising? I don’t deserve this after everything I have done for you and our relationship. Well, it isn’t my fight anymore because I quit” he soberly said.

When Paris heard those words “I quit” she wasn’t sure what Jason meant. Her heart raced as her worst fears seemed as though it was coming to pass. When Jason was done talking, he walked out on her but she was quick to call his attention to that last sentence cause she needed more clarity. “What do you mean by I Quit?” She asked with tears falling uncontrollably from her eyes.

Without an iota of regret, Jason turned backwards, looked into Paris eyes and said “It’s Over Between Us!”.

End of episode 9 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see the fate of Paris and Jason’s relationship.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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