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The game of wits episode 9



Stiles immediately rushed him and dived him to the bed, and folded a punch which he drew at him.

He punched the bed and they both burst into laughter.

After a while, Stile turned to Richard and said.

“But on a serious note, please avoid my sister.”

Stile said.

“I will try my best.”

Richard said smiling, while they both walked out of his room.

Two people could be seen one was sitting, while the other was standing in a respectful way.

“Boss it’s all set, what’s the next step?”

The one standing asked.

“Dust the slate as the boss ordered and make sure it’s a clean stuff.”

“Sure I will boss.”

The man bowed and left.

“I feel a bit threatened this time around, I feel the time is drawing near. Smiles.”

The person sitting said.

It was already evening time and the colors of the sky was turning grey, everyone was set to go home, traders were closing their shops, and workers on their way home.

It was just like in movies, just a like a volcano, it rocked the whole place, when a large burst up in flames, blowing down the building to the ground, it was like a firework that rocked the whole city.

Everyone took to their heels, some leaving their place of work open and unsecured.

Someone sat in his balcony, seeing all that happened, smiled and voiced out.


“Another sat in his office that the glass were transparent and could see Most of the part of the city.
He watched as the detonated bomb, wrecked down the factory and sighed.
“Another dusted slate.”
He muttered obviously sad.

Stiles who was in his car answering a call screeched to a halt, with his mouth wide open while staring at the disaster.

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He picked up his phone and dialed Richards number.

Richard picked up immediately and before he could say anything Richard beat him to it.

“Another bombing.” Richard said in a carefree manner.

“This is really becoming something else.”
Stiles muttered.
*more of the reason we should get to work tonight.”

Richard said.

It was midnight, three people could be seen in a sienna car, the three were all dressed in a clubbing outfit.

Flora dressed to slay, while Richard and Stiles were dressed in an all black outfit with, a hair warmer on their head, looking like bad guys, and a chewing gum.

“Guys stick to plan, we just create attention this night and warm our way to get information that we need.”

“Roger that.”
Flora and Stiles voiced out.

They screeched to a halt in front of the club, while Stiles first jumped down from the car, according to plan.

“Take care of my sister for the moment.”

Stiles said sternly, while he eyed Flora and walked into the blaring club.

He was intercepted, by the bouncers.

“Your identity.”

One of the bouncers, who looked like someone who was born, bred and formed from the gym requested.

Stiles, brought out a ward of notes and forced it into his hands, while the bouncer codedly placed his hands into his pocket and dipped the money into his pockets, and allowed him in.

“I’m already in.”

He muttered gently, while walking into the crowd where the blaring of music and drinking spree was like a wildfire.

Immediately he entered, one of the ladies approached him rubbing his chest.

“Hi handsome.”

She muttered, and as if that was all that was required, many of the whores approached him.
He smiled and walked pass them.

Flora and Richard were in the car, while silence reigned paramount amongst them.

“Why do you avoid me?”

She suddenly asked him, breaking the silence.

“Ehhhhh!! I don’t understand you.”

Richard replied her.

“Is it because of my brother? You were silent throughout our ride here, and always avoid any of my questions directed at you.”

She asked.

“Noo! My mood wasn’t that good. That was why.”

He said protectively.

“OK tell me what’s wrong with you.”

She queried.

“Nawaooo! Which kind problem be this na?”

Richard said in his mind and at the same time, forging up something to tell her.

Just then Stiles voice came in, telling them he was in the club.
Saving Richard the stress of explaining and lying at same time.

“Can we go now?”
Richard asked her.

“Yeah sure, but don’t forget you haven’t answered my question, but I would let it slide for the time being.”

She said and hit him lightly on the chest.
While they both exited the car, appearing like a guy and his girlfriend.


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