The Girl He Never Noticed

The girl he never noticed episode 4 – 5

The girl he never noticed ❣️
Love triangle ❣️
Episode 4
“School came to and end”,the idiolt boy, didn’t show up again, well good for him because I have no time arguing with fools .

I walked out of the school compound, I knew the rumour of me shouting at their oppa was still ringing in the school.

“I quickly took a cab and went home”, mom told me to come home early, and I didn’t want to disappoint her.

“I got to our house and paid the taxi man, he looked at me in surprise.

Wow seems like miss Nana is beginning to change.

“Would you get out of here,” before those rotten teeth of yours I snapped back at him.

He quickly drove his cab off.

Am trying to be good today he won’t mind his business.

I walked inside the house only to be welcome by its quietness, or had mom And Jeremy gone out with mr Edward.

I walked in, the wh0le place was scattered , let it not be what am thinking.

Mom and Jeremy always say and waited for me in the parlour until I was back, where are they now.

Mom I called as I entered the kitchen and was greeted with silence .

I wanted to ask the niegbours if they had seen my mom and bro, but because I was not in talking yes with anyone I couldn’t.

Jeremy please if this a plank stop it and come out, this is not funny anymore, yet no response.

I was beginning to get scared, this was the first time I have been scared in all my life , I can’t lose my mom and bro now, they are the only ones I have left, I don’t think I would be able to bear it.

Mom please you guys should stop this hid and seek game, I can’t take it anymore, I promise to change, I promise to behave like a girl, no more fighting and trouble please am begging you yet no response.

I felt a presence behind ne, before I could turn, the person put an handkerchief and that was it, I slept off.

Boss I have done what you asked me to do Simeon said .

Ok you can go now, I said to him and left.

I watched as the girl or should I say boy slept peacefully, I almost laughed out when she was promising her mom to change, since it was weakling point am gonna use it against her.

Don’t be surprised about how I knew their house, I had spies everywhere, so it was easy I had kidnapped both her mom and brother, I wanted to kill them, but on a second thought I decided to live them, am not that wicked she’s going to pay by herself.

She was sleeping peacefully In my toture room inside my mansion, I carried water and poured it on her, she jumped up immediately.

What am I doing here,who brought me here , where is my mom ,my brother she asked crazily.

Am right here I said and smirked at her, her face turned to total horror if she had a gun, she would have shot me dead instantly.

How dare you she scre-med angrily at me, as she tried to free herself from the rope that held her.

Not so fast sweetheart, because there is no way you are leaving her, and if you don’t want your mom and bro to fue, better comply.

You would pay for this she scre-med at me.

I brought out my phone and showed her where I tied both her mom and bro, inside their own house,my guards where watching them.

Please don’t harm them am begging you.

Oh so cute miss arrogant can beg.

I would do whatever you want me to do, as far you don’t hurt them.

That exactly what I have been waiting to hear.

So what’s the bargain she asked proving strongness.

We you gonna leave with me in my house as my slave, you are going to do whatever I want you to do.

What are you crazy, you don’t expect me to be your maid.

Then you leave me with no choice.

Ok fine I would do as you say, and it’s just five months I can’t believe I would be leaving with a jerk .

Yeah we are gonna be two jerks in one house ,and my guards are talking you home, you just have this night with your family until five months , and don’t do anything stupid am watching you, my guards are everywhere.

Fine come free my hands she said rolling her eyes.

I walked towards her a d freed her hands .

I hate you she said to me .

And I love you sweetheart I smirked at her , she looked at me in disgust well my plan just worked out, this is just the beginning .

The girl he never noticed ❣️
Love triangle ❣️
Episode 5
By Anita
Immidiately his guards dropped me, I rushed inside our house.

Alexa where have you been my mom asked immidiately she saw me.

I walked towards her and hugged her ,mom am sorry I put you and Jeremy through all this, I didn’t know my stubbornness would lead me this way .

Alexa please tell him not to come back my brother said crying.

I was devastated, I had never seen my mom and bro Cry for a long time, the last time they cried was when my dad died.

Mom am really sorry but I have to go and live in his house and work as his slave if not his coming back.

What Alexa do you know what you are saying, you want to live with that ruthless billionaire.

I have no choice mom, he said if I don’t do it, he would come back and kill you and Jeremy, and I knew he meant it, am really scared mom.

Do you see what I have been telling you,but you would never listen now tell me where it has landed you.

Mom don’t worry about me, I would be fine I can take care of myself, you and Jeremy should go and rest am leaving tomorrow.

I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen she said and left for her room, Jeremy also left with her.

I walked up to my room and took a good look at, I had never been away from this house since I was a kid this is the first time am leaving and it’s gonna be months

I took my bath and lie down.

**********. *************. ********

Wake up Nana, they are here.i heard a voice saying in my dream.

Immidiately my eyes opened, who are here I asked confused.

The billionaire guard they said you should be out in thirty minutes.

What I scre-med as I quickly got off the bed, I took my bath, wore my cothes and took a few of my things.

The guard where even talking nicely to my mom and brother and they where laughing.

Mom Jeremy am gone.

Ok dear take care

I would miss you sis my brother said and hugged me.

Bye Jeremy I said as I pulled away from him, I was getting emotional, I hate been emotional I didn’t bother looking at my mom because she would woresn the case.

As I got out, they opened the door for me , and I entered.

We got to his house, I swear this was the biggest mansion I have ever seen since I was a kid.

I got down and took a good look there was a swimming pool at my left, everywhere was decorated with flowers this is really gonna be fun.

The guard already left, they said they where not allowed to enter the house.

I opened the door and I saw the so called rode coming out crying, immidiately she saw me she stopped.

What are you doing here she asked and stood on my way.

What do you mean what am doing here, it’s not your house and I don’t remember having you living here I said and pushed her out of the way.

You better stay away from my boyfriend or else she said and ran away.

Boyfriend I scoffed, who cares anyway .

You care my inner mind said to me.

Well I don’t.

As I entered the house, it was empty, no soul nobody in the house.

I saw a room at the ending of the corridor,vwell an really tired since it is weekend I would sleep .

I walked inside the room and locked the door but as I turned the demon was beside me smiling, he wasn’t putting on his clothes seems like yesterday just take his bath, this guy is just so cute .

“Oh what a pleasant surprise”, I have here he said smiling.

Well am really sorry I entered your room it wasn’t my fault, I thought it was mine since nobody showed me I would be leaving now.

You are going no where he said .

I got annoyed, then try to stop me.

It seems like someone is forgetting who the boss is here.

I turned and face him, but the next thing he said shocked ne, strip he said.

What are you okay I should strip unclad in front of you, are you sure you are not suffering from high fever.

He turned and walked towards his drawer, I used that opportunity to tiptoed to the door.

One more move and you are dead.

As I turned, he was pointing a gun at me I stood frozen at my spot I couldn’t believe he had a gun, he walked majestically to his king size bed and sat down .

Now strip unclad in he said he a low dangerous voice

I didn’t know when I started pulling off my clothes I can’t die now

Nana doesn’t know what she had gotten herself into.

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