The Girl Who Is A Boy

THE GIRL WHO IS A BOY episode 12 – 13



By Nikki Bella Henry 💝💝

Episode 12

^Celine ^
I really want to tell him everything, I don’t want to lose this moment but why is she avoiding me? I am forcing her to listen to me.

During lunch break, I rushed up packing my books I must hurry out of the class before Celine catches up with me, I don’t want her to feel hurt
I hurriedly pack everything and run out of the class but unfortunately for me I bumped into someone on the way
“Sorry “I said and started running again without waiting for the person’s reply
“Hey you newbie wait! “The girl shouted and I was forced to turned but was forced to see Mia standing akimbo hands on her waist

“Mia you called? “I asked
“Yes I called because I am curious of something, I want you to clear the air”she said walking close to me
“W… h.. at… “I stammered
“Could you explain what you were using bre@st pad for? She asked and smirked
“It’s non of your fvcking business “I said
“Ofcourse dear it is “she answered looking at me
“Well…. I… Was… Using… It… For…. “I stammered again not knowing what to say exactly
“I gave it to her “someone said out of no way
“And who the hell are you to answer my question? “Mia yelled turning but to her out most surprise it was Celine
“Mia, I gave it to her any problem with that? Celine said facing me
“why did you give her bre@st pad? “She asked
“Non of your damn business you slut “she said and turned again to me

“Girlfriend, you are full of surprises, I gave you my bre@st pad to help keep for me but you showed it to her why? “She asked me feigning anger
“It wasn’t intentional please I am sorry “I answered still confused and greatful for her help

“Eunice am talking to you, are you already friends with her? Have you abandoned me already? “She asked yelling
“No, it’s not what you think, you are misunderstanding the whole issue please let me explain “I said sadly

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/> “Not here, if you want to explain anything to me you know where to find me “she said and ran away.

^Mrs. Abba^
I can’t tell Celine about my past, she won’t forgive me
I have hid the truth form her for all this years, I have deprive her of her

father’s love but I hope I will be forgiven because I wanted the best for her.
One day I will tell her everything once the time is right.

Why did Celine give bre@st pad to Eunice, I hope it’s not what I am thinking
“Could they be attracted to each other? “I asked my self
“No, definitely not because Celine I know isn’t a le$bian or bisxual “my mind said assuring me.

After the drama that took place a moment ago, I decide to give Celine a listening ears, I ran to the garden that’s where we spend our lunch

“Celine ^I called
“Eunice? “She called running to me, she hugged me tightly to herself

“Celine, please I can’t breath? “I manage to say
“Thank God you came “she said and released me from her hug
“What’s the hug for? Why did you defend me? “I asked her
“We are friends and that’s what friends do for each other remember you have been saving me lately “she said still smiling

“Won’t you ask me about it? “I asked surprised
“About what? “She asked back
“About the hmmm, about the… Bre.. ast.. Pad”I said stammering and 😊 shy
“I knew that something is always odd about you I am attracted to you Eunice, I don’t know why? ”
“How do you mean? “I asked feigning innocent
“Eunice promise me that you won’t hide anything from me as from this minute”she asked sadly

“Why do you want me to promise you this Celine? “I asked back
“Because I like you Eunice, can’t you see it? I think I am going in sane please put me straight in this, I have something to tell you Eunice that is if you are ready to tell me your secret “she said to me.

Hey guys Eunice school is mixed school, I know some people has been asking about it.

Episode 13

Did she just say she likes me? Oh God am done for, I am busted, should I tell her the truth about my self? But do I trust her?
I have to act smart
“Celine I will tell you all what you want to know, but I am confused myself, you say you like me how? “I asked pretending not to know
“Eunice I don’t know why I am attracted to you but I think am falling in love with you that’s why and I think

Mia also feels the same way that’s why she hates me that way”she said all of a sudden
“What? Did she tell you that? “I asked
“No she didn’t but I know it that’s why you should stay away from me from now on please I don’t want to die young “she said already crying
“Celine, do you trust me? “I asked her

“Ofcourse, I do you are always saving my life and I owe you my life but Mia is too dangerous you can’t stand against her wicked and brutal father, no body does and no one will “she said still crying

“Celine I am so sorry if I hurt you in any way but tell me about Mia, I want to know about her”I said pleadingly

“Ok, since I was born I never knew my real daddy, I only grew up to meet a step dad I don’t know why or how my mom stops talking about him and I also stopped asking about him because he abandoned me and my mother to suffer.

My step dad was so good and nice but was killed by Mia’s father all for reasons I know nothing about.

“Am so sorry Celine, and who is her dad? “I asked her
“I heard his name is Jones, he is so wicked the most powerful drug lord, Mia took over his rude ness that’s why you should stay away from me because we are not safe”Celine said looking straight into my eyes
“Jones? Jones, Jones “I shouted
“Eunice are you okay? Is there anything wrong with you? Do you know him? “Celine asked trying to calm me down
“That monster killed my family”I yelled grabbing Celine’s hands

“Owchh… Eunice you are hurting me please let me go please… “She pleading crying, I was brought back to reality when I saw tears flowing out from her eyes

“Celine, I am so sorry please I didn’t mean to hurt you am blinded by the rage and anger “I said to her releasing my grip on her

“It’s ok Eunice, I understand you, we will talk tomorrow I need to go “she said and ran away

“G©sh! What have I done to Celine? Will she ever forgive me? Jones that monster I promise that even with my last breath I must get my revenge “I said and carried my school bag I need to tell my parents about this.

^Celine ^
I ran out on Eunice not because I hate her but because I felt something so strong when she held my hands, her strength was too strong for a girl of our age to posses.

This only means one thing, Eunice is a boy……
But why is he dressing like a girl, why is he disguising his self, I must find out about it.
I was still walking faster when I bumped into someone I didn’t even wait to look at the person
“I ‘m sorry “I said and continue walking

“Hey you cheap $lut, who gave you the right to touch me, can you afford any of my things? Can your poor and wretched family afford my face towel? “She screamed and I stopped on my track immediately that voice belongs to only one person which is

“Mia “I said in a whisper
“You wh©re, I am talking to you “she yelled dragging me by my colar
“Please let me go mia, I beg of you “I pleaded hoping she will listen to me

“Let You go? And who are you to talk back at me, have you forgotten that my father is the only man ruling this country? Have you also forgotten who he is? “She asked and slapped me
“Ouwwh… That hurts “I screamed

“Oh yes I slapped you because I wanted it to hurt you, you should be greatful that I am only slapping you if not I would have killed you a long time ago but I don’t want to be tagged a murderer not now but that time will surely come “she said and smirked

“What do you mean? “I asked still holding my cheek

“What I mean is that, once my father get to lay his hands on a safe worth your life, I will be free to kill you, but now I can’t because of a useless boy “she yelled and pushed me to the ground

“That serves you right you dirty pig, just wait till that day comes okay? “She said and laughed evilly walking past me.

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