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The Girl Who Is A Boy episode 3 – 4

The Girl Who Is A Boy episode 3 – 4



By Nikki Bella Henry 💝💝

Episode 3


I walked with mom to the mall, she selected girls clothes and shoes for me I wasn’t comfortable with all the stuffs she bought but I kept quiet if this is the only way I will live to take revenge so be it, i

will endure till the very end.

I was just watching her while she selected the clothes I couldn’t help her because I don’t know anything about girls.

Mummy said she will hire someone to teach me everything I need to know about girls, their dressing, lifestyle and behavior.

I will give my all to make them proud of me and also make my deceased family happy.

After buying what we wanted at the mall, we went back home I was dressed as a girl and we left to see the lawyer, they want to adopt me officially all papers were signed and cleared my name was changed to Eunice Jackson

“Bruce dr, your name is now Eunice and not Bruce for now “dad said and hugged me
“Thanks dad and thanks mom”I said hugging them both
“You are welcome our dear princess Eunice “they said at once and smiled.

“Honey our daughter is coming back from boarding school today, make sure you prepare a delicious meal because it will be a welcome feast “Mr Jack said to his wife

“I can’t wait to see Eunice, I missed her so much each single day that passes without seeing her give me a heartache, i have grown so fun of her I don’t want to lose her I can’t bear to lose her, i wish all this will be over soon so our son will return to us and I wonder how she is coping in the hostel with all the girls watching her she must have gone through a lot “Mrs Rebekah said in tears hugging her husband to her self
“It’s OK dr, remember Eunice is a smart type she can take care of her self always believe in her “Mr Jack said to his wife
“Yes I know “Mrs Rebekah replied

“Alright, now clean the tears and hurry to the kitchen make sure that everything is ready, make her favorite dishes especially don’t give the maid to prepare them you know how much she hates maid preparing her food am off to the airport, I need to pick her up”Mr Jack said and scurried out.

At the airport
“Where could dad be, he knows how I hate being kept waiting”Eunice said pacing up and down the airport
“Miss please calm down your dad will soon be here “said one of her guards

“Shut up, who gave you the right to talk to me when I am

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angry? “She asked the guard
“Am sorry miss, it won’t happen again “he said apologizing
“It’s ok and I am sorry for yelling at you it won’t also happen again ” Eunice said to her guard

“It’s OK miss, it’s not your fault I understand where you are coming from “said the guard
“Eunice “someone yelled, I turned to see my dad running towards me

“Dad”I called and ran to him
“My princess I missed you so much, look at you, you are grown up and beautiful just like the lady you are “Mr Jack said

“Dad, enough of the flattering words am

just my self, am not that chubby or fat and I’m not that beautiful am just my self, dad it’s feels like ages since I last saw you and mom I missed you all “Eunice said hugging her dad again

“We missed you too especially your mom, she has been crying her self to sleep since you traveled abroad for all these years your mom has been crying “Mr Jack said sadly

“Mom I can’t wait any longer I need to see mom right away, I really missed her”Eunice said already entering the car.

Episode 4

Eunice POV continues

“But why do you always get to class late? “My dad asked
“Dad for me not to exposed my self, I have to wait for everyone to finish bathing before taking my own bath, I wear clothes when others are not around, I don’t have friends because I am afraid of people they might exposed me or betray my trust, I tried dressing up like a girl it was such a tough time for me with no one directing or guiding me, I sometimes cried my self to sleep anytime I get tired of the life I live, why do i have to hide my identity? Why do I have to live like a girl and why am I not enjoying life like other students dad and mom it pains alot “I said crying

“It’s ok dr, all this will be over someday and you will get to have friends and have a family you will dress like a boy that you are “my parents said consoling me.

“Mom, most of the students calls me weirdo because I don’t talk, I don’t associate with anyone and I am always hiding, I don’t make body contact with anyone so they won’t get to feel or touch any of

my body parts, what keeps me going is the fact that I am smart and brilliant so most of the teachers likes me”I cried bitterly

“We are so sorry dr for putting you through this, when you left I regretted ever letting you go there alone, I should have come with you at least to help you with some things “my mom said crying

“Mom, please don’t shed that tears it breaks my heart, I am here now am never leaving you to any where I promise you all “I said smiling

Mrs. Rebekah

when Eunice left to study abroad i was not happy about it, I know it’s was a good idea we wanted him to start a new life in a new area but the guilt couldn’t let me live I cried my self to sleep every nights.

I can’t bear seeing her this sad, she passed through a lot at her age I wish everyday that his enemy should die a disgraceful death.

But she said something about not leaving us again, is she not going to school again?
“Eunice my dear, don’t tell me that you want to stop your education just to stay here with us? “I asked her although I am happy that she said that but I am sad at the same time she must finish her education and become a successful person
“Mom I am not going back there again and I am not dropping out of school, I will still further my education but it will be here with all of you “she said happily

“Oh my dear, you are such a blessings to this family come here “I said to her and she hugged me

“Eunice it’s a good thing that you don’t want to go there again, your mom and I will arrange a better school for you here “my husband told her
“Thanks dad, thanks mom you two are the best “she said and smiled at us.


These past months mom and dad did their best in finding me a good school, I don’t have time to make friends, all my attention is on my books since we are preparing for WAEC.

I was reading my book during lunch period when a beautiful girl walk up to me smiling
“Why is she smiling like that? “I asked myself
“Hi “she said still smiling
“Hi “I said, I pack my books and left the class, since you don’t want me to read in peace I better go out of the class I murmured angrily and walked away.

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