The Girl Who Is A Boy

THE GIRL WHO IS A BOY episode 5 – 6


By Nikki Bella Henry 💝💝
Episode 5


This girl is always acting weird 😕, she has no friend and she communicates with no one, i find my self attracted to her I don’t know why

“May because she is brilliant, I want to be like her if I eventually taps her knowledge then my parents will be happy with me “I said to myself and I will do just that, I must make her my friend no matter what


Who was that girl? and why is she smiling at me like that, I don’t even know her before and I have never met him before but she acts so nice and jovial.
But I kinda feel bad for ignoring her that way maybe she is sad
“I think i should go and apologize to her “I thought to myself.

Mr. Jones

What are you telling me, are you saying that you have been searching for a tiny creature for more than 8years?
“Sir, remember we are talking about human being not only human but a smart one at that, remember how he escaped from us years back even when he was a little boy “one of my boys said to me

“Then you are a big fool, if you are proud to tell me how a little boy escaped from your hands then you all are useless to me now get the F-ck out of my sight “I yelled
“We are all sorry boss, we promise never to let you down again “the leader said

“It won’t happen again because you all are dismissed from this search org-nize a new set of people now”I shouted back at them

“Mrs. Rebekah

Eunice just told me about his new friend he met in school, i have a feeling that the girl might be a good one but at the same time she is not free to make friends especially in his present state, no one knows the good and the bad peoples they can betray her at any time.

I need to advice him on something important
“Eunice dear “I called her
“Yes mom… I’m coming “she yelled back from the room
Minutes later she came out sitting beside me
“Eunice “I called her softly
“Yes mom”he answered
“You told me about your new friend, do you trust her?”i asked him

“Mom I don’t really know her that much, I don’t trust her but at the same time I felt sorry for her when I ignored her “she answered
“Eunice, you are free to make friends but trust no one and don’t reveal your self to any one, you are too smart to fall for any one’s trick so always be wise, go on, give her a chance to prove her friendship to you “I said to her smiling
“Really mom? Thanks mom and I promise never to fall for anyone’s trick “she answered hugging me to herself.


I hate that son of a bitch, is because of him my dad has been sad, angry and cold for many years how I wish I will get to see him I swear to his ancestors that I will straggle life out of him.

I was thinking about the wh0le incident when I heard my dad yelling at someone, I rushed out to see for my self
“Dad, what is the problem? Why are you yelling? “I asked already getting angry

“My sunshine, those fools came back empty handed telling me they haven’t found the boy, I have missed a lot of money, we would have been out of the country now had it mean we caught that brat “he said hitting his gun on the chair.
“Calm down dad, I promise to help you in the search I will never let you down dad, remember I don’t like seeing you sad and angry, I have to run along because I’m late for school, I love you dad”I said and pecked him lightly on the cheek

“I love you too princess, take care of yourself “my dad said waving at me

Episode 6


After what mom told me yesterday about making friends I have made up my mind to make friends but with someone I trust.

I woke up very early and prepare myself for school, I went down stairs to see the maids busy with the breakfast
“Good morning young miss, are you ready for school? “The first maid ask
“Yes I am, any problem? “I asked back

“Miss please you can’t leave the house without eating, madam will fire us or punish us”the second maid said kneeling
“Don’t worry no body will fire you, I will talk to mom and dad “I said to them

“Miss please wait, I can prepare a food park for you “the maid said running inside the kitchen

She later came out with my food park and handed over to me
“Thanks, I appreciate “I said truthfully to them, I smiled and wave at them before leaving the house.


I entered the school and every where was quite as a grave yard, i didn’t say anyone out side

“Where did they go? “I asked my self just then I got a glimpse of the new brilliant, smart but weird beautiful girl, she is the newbie but she acts strange I thought of making friends with her but I’m feeling somehow.


I was so happy this morning maybe because I am going to see that girl called Eunice, just at the mentioning of her name my heart skip

“Is this love or like? I’m i a l-sbian? “I asked myself
“No I am not because I am always attracted to guys and not my fellow lady but this is strange to me, I don’t know what is happening to me “I said to myself.

I walked inside the class, i instantly search the class room with my eyes I don’t really know why I was searching or what I was looking for but I am certain that I am looking for someone or something
My eyes landed on the newbie, I walked up to her

“Hello “I said to her smiling
“You again? What do you want? “she asked me

“I tried gaining your attention yesterday but you ignored me “i said sadly

“I’m so sorry, I don’t make friends with strangers and I don’t Intend having any”he answered me

“I am not a stranger, I am just a friend, I want to be your friend because I like you I want to be close to you and I want to know you “i said to her
“I’m sorry I don’t want to know you excuse me “he said and left the class.


“She said that she likes me and she wants to be like me, this is the first time someone likes me and doesn’t hate me
She isn’t after my life, I am So happy because she is nice and she wants my friendship” I said to my self smiling


I talked to her but she isn’t free with me, looks like she is afraid and sad but why?
She really needs a friend someone that will help her back to being happy

And I promise that I will be that friend no matter what I like her for God sake, can’t she just get it and give me a chance? “I scre-m all of a sudden.

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