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THE GIRL WHO IS A BOY episode 7 – 9

THE GIRL WHO IS A BOY episode 7 – 9



By Nikki Bella Henry 💝💝
Episode 7


I saw Celine talking to that weirdo, I hope it’s not what I am thinking because if that girl is really talking to her I will be mocked, I need to gain her friendship first.


I was still thinking about what happened earlier when

mia walked up to me with her gang, she was walking around as if files hovering around some dirt’s or something
“Mia what it is this time? “I asked her
“You bch, you think you are smart right? “She asked me glaring at me
“What did I do to you? “I asked her back

“Girls tell her what she did “she said turning to her gang
“You bitch, you want to be faster than your shadow right? “The first person yelled
“You went ahead be friending that weirdo, who do you think you are? “The second girl said
“Our school most beautiful girl is here without making friends with her and without giving anyone the permission to make friends with her but you went ahead and defile the order “the third one yelled and slapped me
“Why did you slap me you whore “I yelled and held my cheek
“What will you do you slut “mia asking walking up to me

“Girls let’s teach her a lesson “Mia said and the girls dragged my hair on the floor
“Who gave you the right to bully your fellow student? “The newbie said

“And who are you to question us? “One of Mia’s gang member asked

“I am her friend “the newbie answered
“Friend? “They all asked with wide eyes
The new girl walked up to me and helped me up from the floor
“Don’t You ever lay your hands on her again “she said defending me
“Let’s leave this place “she said and dragged me with her.


I was walking round the school, I wanted getting familiar to my new environment, I passed a deserted class room but some arguments made me pause on my track.

“Seems like someone is being bullied, I wonder why “I said and continue walking away but I heard someone mentioned something about weirdo, students call me that but why are they discussing about me, maybe it won’t hurt if I check
I tiptoed to the door and push it slowly and it gave a little way, I decided to use the little space and figure out what is happening but I was shocked when I saw the girl that needed my friendship lying on the floor and they rest were beating her, I became angry i needed to something to punch so my anger will reduce, I waited for some minutes for the anger to subside and it did after some

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I rushed inside to meet that annoying rude and bossy girl about hitting her

“Why are you bullying your fellow student? “I asked them, they were very shocked maybe because of my voice no doubt i haven’t talked to anyone in the school about from now.


This girl saved me, she is so nice but she acted as if she is cold but her true self is cool
“Thank You “I said to her since we were just walking silently without saying anything
“What were they beating you? “He asked without answering me
“Because I talked to you “I answered sadly

You talked to me? “She asked back
“Yes, besides my name is Celine and what is yours? “I asked him
“Eunice “she answered

“Well Eunice your name is nice just like you, you are so nice and cool but why is your voice different from your looks? “I asked her.

Episode 8


I was so shocked when she asked about my voice
“How is my voice? “I asked back
“Well your voice is so small and sweet, it’s like you are an angel “she said smiling
“Really? “I asked
“Yes, I am serious “she said
“Alright so where do you live? “I asked her
“Dose it mean that we are already friends? “She asked happily
“I don’t know for now, maybe and maybe not”I answered and walked away

“Wait, where are you heading? Are you mad at me? Did I offend you? “She asked running to meet up with me


That bch is so lucky today, she should be great full that Eunice saved her but the won’t be a next time
I promise her that.
Eunice must be my friend no matter what and I won’t share her with that bch.

Why is she walking with that low life bch, she should not be looking at her but me
“Mia, why are you so interested in that weirdo? “One of my friend asked
“I don’t know but I am attracted to her, I don’t know why”
“Mia, when did you start having something for your fellow girls? “Another girl asked
“When did you become a lesblan? “another girl chirped in
“I am not one and I don’t intend being one but there is something that is attracting me to her and I will find out very soon “I said and smirked
“Mia what could possibly attract you to a fellow girl if not your

feelings “Janet my best friend said

“And what do you think is that thing? “Milly asked
“I won’t know if I don’t find out “I answered and walked away.

After school I decided to confront Eunice who knows he might agree to be my friend
“Hello Eunice “I greeted
“Hi “she answered
“My name is mia and you? “I asked
“Mia, I don’t talk to strangers so have a nice day “she said and walked away

“What nonsense, she has the guts and the effrontery to embarrassed me, who is she? And who does she think she is? “I said yelling

“Not to worry Eunice , its all about timing it won’t be long you will beg me to be your friend and when that time comes I will repay you back with today’s humiliation “I thought to myself smiling


I have to tell mom about that rude mia of a girl, she is so arrogant and annoying
something is strange about her but I can’t seem to placed my hands on it.

I hope I am safe, I don’t want my family to get involved in this again not again, i won’t take it.

Episode 9


After the days activities in school, I went home i was so happy going home because I will get to see my parents most especially my mom.

I walked to Celine’s desk hoping to see her but she wasn’t there

“Where could she be? “I asked mysel. I decided waiting for some minutes if she will eventually show up but she didn’t.

I was already running late i should be home by now but here I am still here in school.

I waited for more than 30 minutes, the whole class room was empty I guess everyone has gone home except me

I stood up and packed my books couple with hers, I strolled down to the school garden the whole place was quite and deserted

“Celine “I called yelling but no response, i continued calling her name and walking all over the place.

I entered a particular area in the garden it was dark and lonely I peeped through it and was shocked

“Celine “I screamed running to where she was, her lifeless body was full of bruises
“Celine, please wake up and tell me who did this to you “I said screaming and tears were dropping from my eyes. I carried her out of the garden to the school clinic, she was attended to and long minutes later she wakes up.

“Celine, thank God you are awake “I said holding her hands
“I will always wake up because my girlfriend is my life saver “she said smiling

“You still smile Even when you are hurt? “I asked her smiling
“Yes, and all thanks to you, you saved my life friend I won’t forget this in a hurry”she said to me
“It’s nothing, what’s our friends for if not to help each other, anyways what happened to you and how come you were full with bruises? “I asked her sadly

“Mia’s gang beat me up and dragged me there “she answered sadly

“Mia again? “I asked anger visible in my voice
“But all thanks to you my life saver “she said thankfully
“It’s OK, let’s go home, am already late my parents will be worried “I told her packing my things and hers


I wonder what would have happened to me if Eunice wasn’t my friend and what if I wasnt found, what would have been my fate maybe I would have been dead by now.

I reached my house and told Eunice to stop at the gate since she is late already she should start heading home
“Eunice thanks so much for saving my life, am grateful “I said trying to hug her but she diverted her self from me and hugged me slightly

“It’s ok, since you are home save and sound I should be on my way “she said and zoom off with her car.

“I keep wondering why she refuse hugging me, but when she hugged me slightly I felt something strange I wonder what it is “I said to myself walking inside the house but was stopped on my track when my mom ran to me shouting
“Celine dr, what happened to you? Who did this to you? “She asked crying

“Mom am fine, it’s OK you don’t have to cry, it’s a good thing someone saved me “I told her, i don’t like seeing my mom in tears but now she is hurt all because of that Mia Like father like daughter.


Today is my happiest day, I finally get to teach that bitch a lesson, I wonder if she is dead by now or if she is already eaten by wild animal.
I ran to my dad’s room smiling
“Good day daddy “I greeted hugging him

“Welcome dr, happiness shows on your face tell me all about it”he said

“Dad, there is this newbie in our class she seems so quite and weird, I was making plans of making her my friend but unfortunately for me each time

I tried talking to her, I get embarrassed and ignored but she likes talking to one lowlife brat from the slums”I told my dad smiling

“Ok, so why are you happy, is she now your friend? Because there is more to this your story”He asked expecting an answer from me

“No dad but I dealt with the lowlife today, that’s why I am happy she might probably be dead or paralyzed by now “I told him

“Nice one dearie, you are the real daughter of your father “my dad said to me smiling and hugging me

“Dad i need to change up see you later “I said and untangle from the hug.


I reached the house, my mom and dad were outside pacing up and down all the maids, securities and our driver were kneeling down, because of my returning from the state my parents hired securities, maids and driver for my safety, I think they are worried that’s why they are blaming the poor workers.
“Mom, dad, why are you all out here? “I asked them

“Eunice dear, thank God you are back safe and sound, we thought we have losed You “my mom said hugging me
“Am fine mom”I answered
“”What happened dr? “My dad asked me

“It’s a long story dad, lets get in side first “I replied walking inside the house.
“All of you should get lost, am not done with you guys yet, I will still address this matter later”my mom yelled at the workers

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