The Girl With The Mark

The girl with mark episode 11 – 12

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By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 11&12: TRUTH OR DARE.


She woke up to see Andrew sitting on her b£d, by her side. She touched her head, rubbing it h-rdly.

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” Hey, you’re awake.” He says, helping her to sit on the b£d. ” Had a good night sleep this time?” He asked.

Hanley nodded her head. ” I think so. ” She looks at Andrew, ” What happened to me last night?”

” You fainted on our way back home. Had a little fever, but all thanks to mom, she did save your life. ” He said.

She remembered.

” I’m sorry about yesterday. I should have told you about this sooner. I didn’t mean to lie to any of you. ” She apologized.

” Is it about the mark? ” He asked.

For a while she was quiet, but then nodded her head again. ” Yes.”

” Mom saw it, she told me it was a mark from the wolves. She thinks that is why you had left home at the first place. ” He said.

She looks down at her f-ngers. ” I don’t love him. All these is because of our stupid tradition. ” She said, sounding a bit angry. ” And all my parents fault too.

Sometimes I try to regret leaving without saying a good bye, but now I know, I did the best thing. And I don’t regret my actions either. I don’t wanna go back to Masarkkav anymore. That isn’t home. ” She finalized.

” Look, no one is blaming you for what you did. Every one would have done the same if they were you. ” He encouraged.

” No one here blames me, but they do. My family does. The people all do. They think I am a wicked soul because some how, he was going to come looking for me. ”

” Mom also said it’s because he seeks for you that is why you feel those pains. ” He told her.

” How does she know about that? ” She stared at him, eagerly.

” I don’t know. Guess she knows a lot about them. ” He replied with a shrug.

” Guess I’ll have to talk to her. If what she said is true, then it means I must make haste to leave this place too or else he finds me on time. ” She said.

” How long will you stay…. for the meantime? ” He asked. He was beginning to miss her already. Yeah he knows. He knows he will no longer stay with her.

” I don’t know. I’m beginning to miss here already.” She chuckled, hiding how sad she was. ” Well, it’s a new day and it’s the weekend too. No work, no leaving. ” She tapped his shoulder, leaving to the bathroom.


The sun was so bright, and it would pierce into the skull if one wasn’t careful enough.

Almost every one were in their homes, and the few that walk on the road, held their umbrellas.

Hanley sat in the living room with Mrs Tina who was busy reading a newspaper. Andrew was busy in his room.

The two kids were playing who-knows-what game. Hanley has been watching them for quite a long time now, Hansel notice how serious and attentive she was, so she called her to join them play.

” I can’t play the game.” She said.

” No, not this game. I’m even bored of it already. ”

” So which game are we going to play then? ” She asked.

” Uhm… What about the Truth or Dare game, I love it so much. Come on, you’re gonna love it too. ” She convinced her.

Hanley accepted, she sat on the floor beside her. ” Okay, let’s play this truth or dare game. ”

Hansel explained to her the way the game is to be played. Hanley understood it, then she decided to do the asking.




” I brought you your food.” Lunara said, dropping the tray of food on his table.

” I’m not hungry, mother. ” He said, eyes focused outside the window.

” No, no, no. Don’t tell me that now. You eat up or I feed you myself.” The part where she said about feeding him got his attention.

Lunara was ready to do that without minding how manly he had become.

” You’re not doing that, are you?” He gave her a questioning look.

” I’ll only do that only if you don’t eat. ” She sat on his b£d. ” Now eat up, will you. ”

He started eating, slowly. He would have loved to throw it outside his window, but his mother was with him. Watching.

Since his return from the search of his mate, he barely eats. So, him eating was only if she was with him. He eats.

” How is it going tracking her?” She asked, referring to his mate.

” It isn’t easy. But I can feel her.” He said, dropping another full spoon of the rice and salad into his mouth.

” So…?”

” I think I’m forgetting something.” He said, gulping the food down.

” What is it? ” She asked, anxiously.

” There’s a place left for me to search, I have this feeling that she is there. Though, I am not too sure yet, but she is alive out there is all that matters. ” He said.

” I’m happy, you are really learning something new. But you have to hurry up, or else other alpha’s find her and reclaim her as theirs. You don’t want to wait another extra years for a new mate, do you? ” She asked.

Ace stared at her for a long while like his mind wasn’t with him. She called his name three times before he was back to reality.

” You were lost, is there a problem?” She asked, looking concerned.

” I have to go now, she is planning on leaving there.” He said, standing to his feet.

” Hey, you only ate five spoons and that isn’t half of the plate. You really wanna wander around the woods in empty stomach? ”

” Mother, I have to go now. You said it yourself, I wouldn’t want to watch some one else take my mate. I think it’s time I have to bring her home. And the food, I’ll eat it when I come back. ” He went to k-ss her on her forehead. ” I promise. ” He left the room.

On his way to his study room, his phone rang. He picks it up, answering the caller. ” Edward?” His intonation sounded like a surprise.

” Hey, Ace. It’s really been a long time.” Said Edward, from the other side.

” Where have you been all this while? You didn’t tell anyone you were leaving. ” Ace said, a bit disappointed.

” You didn’t see my note?” He asked.

” I did, but you should have told me yourself.”

” I did wanted to tell you, but then you were busy with the ritual stuffs at Masarkkav. I didn’t want to bother you then. I’m sorry I should have told you no matter what. ” He said sincerely.

” What makes you think I am angry? Where are you now?” He asked.

” On my way home. But first, wouldn’t you want to have a drink with me? ”

” I would love to but… ”

He cuts him. ” It’s just a drink, not a party. I heard of a bar joint, it’s not too far from home. We can make it on time you hurry up. ”

” Okay, I’ll be there in a minute. ” He hung the call, entering into his study room. He took with him what he had wanted before leaving the room.

Together with his driver, and two other guards, they zoomed out of the compound.




Gretel spun the empty bottle round, and it stop at him. ” What’s your favorite colour?” She asked.

” Blue and red.” He said happily as if he had won an interview question.

” Wow, I love blue too. That’s my favourite colour too. ” She said, while Hansel spun the bottle round.

It pointed at her, Gretel licked his lower l-ips, smiling. ” Where do you always hide my toys?”

Hanley bursted out laughing. ” What?!” Hansel denied doing so. ” I have never hide your toys.” She looked at Mrs Tina who was focused at the newspaper she was reading. ” I don’t take your stuffs, okay.” She said, eyes furrowed in anger.

” Hey, it’s just a game. None of my toys are missing, okay? ” He giggled.

” You are no longer going to ask me a question. ” She spun the bottle again, and it went to him.

” Who’s asking? ” Hanley asked.

” I’m not. ” Hansel said with a scoff.

” Okay, Gretel, it’s gonna be a simple question though.” What’s your favorite movie player?”

” I don’t love movies, I watch cartoons.” He said.

” Oh, okay. So what’s your favourite cartoon player?” She asked again.

” Spongebob!!” He yelled the answer raising his hands up. ” Spongebob squarep-nts!”

Hanley giggled. ” That’s cool. Why don’t you do the turning? ” She said to Gretel, who did so willingly.

This time, it stopped at Hanley. With excitement, Hansel scre-med. ” I’m asking! I’m asking!!”

” Okay, and I am waiting.” Hanley, didn’t think too much for little Hansel to have a matured question for her. It’d probably be those childish ones, who knows.

” Do you love Andrew?” This question was a standstill to Hanley.

It was as if this particular question got Mrs Tina’s attention that she pulled the newspaper down to take a look at the kids.

Andrew who was just returning from his room paused on hearing the question. All eyes were fixed at her.

But Hanley always know how to cross a question like this. ” Of course, I do. Andrew is my best friend and like a brother to me. Who wouldn’t love a best friend like him? ” She said with a smile.

Mrs Tina continued her reading. Hanley silently took a deep breath.

Hansel wasn’t satisfied. That wasn’t the reply she wanted to hear.

Just like she had prayed, it stopped at Hanley again. ” I’m asking.” Gretel said quickly, not giving Hansel the chance to speak.

” Fine. ” She eyed him.

” What’s your deepest secret, Hanley?” Hanley knew joining the game at the first place was a mistake.

She would have replied with a lie just the normal way, but she’s got no secret with her.

Hold on, of course she does. Everyone does have a secret. But Hanley’s was a different one.

And it’s definitely not something she wanna talk about… Especially with the kids.


To Be Continued…

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