The Girl With The Mark

The girl with mark episode 14 – 15

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By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 14&15: HANLEY IS TAKEN HOME.


” Hanley, you have some guest waiting for you at the sitting room. ” Mrs Tina informed.

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” What guest? ” She asked.

” I don’t know. They said they are real good friend of you from the bar. ” She replied.

” Okay. Give me a sec, I need to put on some thing good. ” She went in to get changed, appearing almost immediately.

They trialed down to the living room where the three gentlemen sat, patiently waiting for them.

Before they made it to the living room, Hanley stopped, holding the side of her [email protected]¡$t.

” What is wrong?” Mrs Tina asked, stopping too.

” It’s the mark, it has started again.” She replied, mo-ning softly.

This gave Mrs Tina a full evidence that the very man with the coat was the very person, who owns the mark.

But she decided not to say a word, or she ends up doing something regretful.

” She is here.” Mrs Tina informed.

The first person Hanley stared at was Donald. She did remembered him from the bar the previous night.

” I do remember you, from the bar.” She said with a smile.

” Exactly.” Donald returned the smile.

” So, what do I owe this sudden visit?” She asked.

She was interrupted by Ace, the moment his stood up, taking off his hat.

For a long while, the two exchanged looks. Then the night of the ritual reflected into her memory.

That face, it looks so familiar.

The pain of two days ago and that which she had felt few minutes ago.

” Hello, Miss Preston.”

Then Mrs Tina’s word reflected again, ” The more you feel the pains, it means the one who seeks for you is close.”

She turned, running back to her room. ” Hanley! ” Mrs Tina called.

The loud sound of her door could be heard. ” I’ll talk to her.” She said but Ace stopped her.

” It’s not necessary, ma’am. He will do the talking. ” He said, referring to Donald.

He gave him a sign, and Donald left to her room. First, he offered a knock but when he got no reply, he banged it open with his feet.

Hanley $h¡veryed in fear. She had almost made it out of the window, when Donald grabb£d her within a blink of an eye.

He jerked her up into his shoulder. Not minding how h-rd she was hitting him, her took her to the car.

” Thanks for keeping her safe.” Ace thanked. Edward stretched out a box contained with money. ” Here is a token for the damage. Please take it as an apology.”

Mrs Tina didn’t see any damage they had caused in her home. But she took the money from them. ” Thank you.” She said.

” Have a nice day, ma’am.” He put in his hat, taking his leave.

Hanley on the other hand, has been yelling her voice. ” Someone get me out of here! They want to kidnap me!! ”

But when he got into the car, she was instantly quiet until they got to the pack territory.

Everyone stepped out, but she stubbornly sat back, hands folded around her chest.

Donald opened the door for her, but she kept a straight face like she didn’t notice him standing.

Ace was already pissed off with the attitude, so he walked up to her direction. And again, she tried running from the other side but he got hold of her left leg, dragging her to himself.

He jerked her on his shoulder. Even as she scre-med and hit him h-rd, he didn’t give a damn about it.

” Let me go! Fu*king let me go! Let. Me. Goo!”

He took her to one of the rooms, dropping her on the b£d. ” You stay here and you shut the fu*k up!” He yelled angrily.

She made it to the door, she yelled back. ” I hate you!”

He wasn’t affected by the word, he ignored her, exiting the room. He locked the door with the key, fusing it into his side pocket.

She got down from the b£d as soon as she heard the jingling sound of the keys.

She started banging on the door, yelling on top of her lungs. ” Someone get me out of here! Someone please… get me out of here!

Someone! Anyone! Please… open this fu*king door! Open it! Andrew! Andrew please save me! Andrew please, don’t let them take me. Don’t… let him take me. ” She fell to the ground, leaning against the door.

Lunara could hear the voice of Hanley from her room, and she suspected Ace’s return with his mate wasn’t a good one.

Luckily she met him on his way to his room. ” Ace!” She called.

” Mother, not now.” He kept on walking.

” Ace!” She called again, angrily. ” You don’t walk out on me when I am talking to you! ”

He stopped walking.

” Is that how you treat your mate? Someone you just brought in newly into your home?”

” I think she needs to calm down. ”

” And you think locking her in her room is the best way to calm her down? ”

” I don’t think I care about that. ” He said, nonchalantly.

” No, you have to because she is your mate. ”

” I haven’t forgotten about that. ”

” I have to speak to her. ” She said.

” No one is seeing her until I say so. ” He finalized.

” Ace, what has gone over you this morning? ” She sked, noticing his rude contenance.

” Nothing, mother. She is my mate, and I have every right to punish her the way I want. And that, that is just a minor punishment for her. I think she should be grateful. ”

” Grateful? ‘ she scoffed. ” There is nothing to be grateful for that. What you did is unfair, and you think you are giving her a chance to understand you? ”

” That will be my problem some other time. Right now, I don’t mind if she hates me or not. I need some rest. ” He walked away, not minding how annoyed his mother had become.

Two days passed, Hanley refused to eat nor drink anything.

Ace was having a meeting with his councils, including his mother. A maid had come to report to Donald about Hanley’s case.

Donald then went to report it to Ace. On hearing this, he looked at his mother who had evesdropped on the conversation using her wolf ability.

She eyed him, staring at the councils, pretending like what they had just said never bothered her.

She went to her room, annoyed. Even when they were together, in the same room or having dinner, she would say no word to him.

When they were in a serious meeting, and the Luna’s opinion is needed, Lunara will refuse to say a word.

It was dawn to every one of them that the Luna wasn’t in good terms with her son.

On the third day, Ace decided to open the door. As soon as Lunara heard of this, she went to his study room.

” I thought you wouldn’t open the door for her.” She said.

” I remember saying I was punishing her and not locking her forever. ” He said, not sparing her a glance.

” So can I see her now?”

He rose his gaze at her. ” You are free to.”

Without hesitating, she left to Hanley’s room.

At the first two knocks, Hanley didn’t give a reply so Lunara decided to walk in.

” Hey,” she said, making her way in. ” Can I come in?” She asked.

” You’re already in, what’s the point asking.” Hanley said, her eyes staring out of the window.

” Mind if I sit? ” Hanley ignored her.

Lunara kept standing. ” My name is Lunara, I am Ace’s mother.” Hanley turned her gaze to the young woman, who looked like she was in her early forties.

One may even mistake her to be his elder sister. She was so beautiful, and Hanley admired her at first sight.

” Ace told me a lot about you.” She said, trying to get her attention. ” He said s…”

” I wanna go home.” She cuts her in.

” I know, and I really understand how it feels to be taken away from the people you love. And I sincerely apologise for his rude behavior towards you. I’ll try talking to him. ”

” You don’t have to. ” She says. ” He won’t listen to you. It will never change the fact that he is so heartless and wicked and… everything. I just hate him! ” She said, raising her voice high and not minding if he was hearing her.

Lunara sighed, not knowing what to say. ” I am so sorry for this.”

” Can we not talk about him, please. I don’t think whatever you say about him will ever convince me. ” She sternly said.

” Okay. I will tell you about myself. Mind if I sit down now?”

Hanley finally nodded. ” I was just like you when I was so little.” She started. ” I had the same fate as you. I was marked when I was just fifteen. ”

” Really? ” Hanley was surprised.

” Yes. Ace’s father came two days later to take me, I could have fled away like you did because I was so little to understand what love was.

My mates were still under their parents care while I was about to be taken away. It was as if my father ready mind, he confined me in my room and it was so much impossible to escape from my destiny.

I knew that no matter what, I was gonna embrace it one day. Now, why am I saying this to you? No matter how far we run from our destiny, it always have a way to find us.

I know you don’t like anything about us, but I hope that one day, you will.”

” I hate your son doesn’t make me hate you or anyone. I will try my best to accept this new life but I am sorry to say this, I don’t think I will ever forgive your son for what he did to me. ”

Lunara nodded. ” I do understand. And no one is gonna force you to. So, ” changing the topic. ” Would you mind having dinner with me tonight? ” She requested.

” I wouldn’t. ” She replied.

” Great. But first, I need you to take a good shower, get those clothes changed to a new one. I’ll s£nd in your maid to help you get dressed. ”

” I have a request too. ” She requested.

” Go ahead, then. ” She permitted.

” I don’t wanna dine with your son. ” She said.

Lunara smiled. ” You have my word. ”

” By the way, thanks for checking on me. ” She said gratefully.

” It’s nothing, dear. I’ll be expecting you at the dinning room. See you at eight.” She waved a smile at her before leaving the room.


Dramas are yet to unfold, don’t dare to miss out 😏😏

To Be Continued…

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