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The girl with mark episode 16 – 17

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By; Holland Cisca




( Thirty Minutes Later…)

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She sat on her b£d, she really couldn’t believe she had just discussed with the previous Luna.

Lunara was just too kind for her liking. Exhibiting almost the same attitude as her mother.

She was beautiful, kind and caring. Even though it was her first time being here, Lunara’s attitude towards her was so welcoming and comforting.

After all, she wasn’t those kind of mother’s who hated their in-laws. Or are ready to do anything it takes to p-our gasoline on a burning fire.

On the other hand, she really did miss Mrs Tina and her family. They were more than a stranger to her.

Hansel and Gretel, those smart kids with a matured thinking. She smiled.

What about Andrew.

It’s really h-rd to say that she misses him the most. He was more like a brother and a friend to her.

He taught her a lot about things she didn’t know. And all those while as they worked and did things together, who would have thought some thing else would come in between them.

Now she is with the wolves, she knows it will definitely be impossible to meet her both families ever again.

And she will likewise miss the carnival in the next three months.

Who knows how Andrew feels now? He’ll probably be suffering from a high fever, who knows?

She didn’t get to say good bye to her real family, and she wasn’t able to say good bye to the ones who took her in.

Why would life be such a d**k?! She cursed. It always does the wrong thing at the wrong time.

There was a knock on the door, interrupting Hanley’s thought. She stared at the door, she asked. ” Who is that?”

” It is I, Mary. Her majesty, Lunara s£nt me here.” Said the feminine voice from the outside.

” Come in. ” Hanley didn’t take off her eyes from the door until the lady walked in.

She examined her from head to toe. The lady was slim, her fairness is like that of the Asians.

She has a good height, a shoulder length brown hair which almost had the same hairstyle with Hanley.

She was bursty too, but not too bursty tho. Behind those fabrics, a slight curve of her curvy hips could be seen.

” You are the maid the Luna said she will s£nd to me, right?” She asked.

” Yes, Miss.” Mary answered. ” You are free to tell me whatever it is that you want, I will always be at your service.”

Hanley smiled. ” Thank you, Mary. I would love you to help me pick one of the best dress for my dinner with the Luna while I prepare my shower.” Hanley said.

” No, Miss, let me get your shower ready.” Mary insisted.

” Don’t worry, I have hands and legs. And besides, I ain’t lazy.” She waved Mary a smile, not ready to argue duties with her maid, she left to the bathroom.

Hanley sat in the water filled bathtub, and she continued to reflect on her thoughts before she was interrupted.

She noticed how concerned she was for Andrew’s state. How is he right now? What will Mrs Tina tell him?

She wish there is somehow, anyway she can escape the building without anyone noticing.

She can’t believe she was actually thinking about leaving even after meeting with such a gentle hearted woman like Lunara.

She deepened herself into the tub, seizing her breath to avoid the water from entering into her nostrils.

She opened her eyes, there was a shadow above the water. It had the same hair style with Ace, she quickly got out of the water, but there was no one in the bathroom with her.

Mary was alerted by the loud splashes of water on the ground. ” Miss, are you alright?” She asked.

” Yes. Yes, I am.” Hanley said, shoving her w€t hair back.

She stepped out of the bathroom after drying her skin. Her eyes darted to the lemon green gown on the b£d Mary had picked for her.

” I hate lemon and I hate green colours. Can I get something else to wear, like a blue or white gown or anything aside from green?”

” Sure.” Mary searched for a different dress, pointing it at her. ” What about this one?” She asked.

” No.” She shook her head at the pink gown. ” It’s just a dinner, I don’t think I need something too formal.”

Mary searched for another dress, this time she brought out a white silky gown with a black embroidery design at the lower part.

” I’ll go for this one. ” She said, admiring the beauty of the gown as Mary dropped it on the b£d.

” We need to get you maked up.” Mary said, opening the make up drawer. She brought out few make up kit needed for the design.

” What is that?” She asked.

” It’s a make up kit. ” Replied Mary.

” What is a make up kit?” She asked again.

” It’s used for beautification in order to enhance the facial beauty of a person.” She explained.

” Hmmm.”

” So, shall we proceed with the… make up?” Mary asked.

” Sure.” She went to sit before the mirror. Mary loos£ned the strands of her hair, brushing it gently with the hair brush.

After that, she rubb£d Hanley’s hair with an olive oil cream, brushing the hair again.

She packed it in a ponytail style for the meantime while she focused on her face.

She started with a powder, Hanley’s eyes has been closed through out as Mary was busy on her face. She was enjoying the sweet scent of the white powder.

Mary picked a pink l-ipstick, rubbing it in her upper and lower l-ips. She took a red one, slightly applying it on her lower l-ip, with her first f-nger, she rubb£d it perfectly around her l-ips.

She shaped Hanley’s eyebrow with a razor, rubbing it with a dark eye pencil. And when she was done with the makeup decorations, she ordered Hanley to open her eyes.

Hanley couldn’t believe her new look. She never believed a time like this would come that she will be so much beautiful as today.

If to say she doesn’t know how she looks like, she would have doubted this was actually her face.

” Is this how this thing works?” She asked, pointing at the kits.

” Yes. But I only did a slight make up on you because it’s just a dinner. If it were to be an occasion, I would have done more than this.”

” You really are talented, I’d say. ” Mary styled her hair in the best style Hanley has ever done on her hair.

Maybe, it wasn’t bad coming here after all. She seems to be learning more about stuffs. A lot of stuffs.

” So, how does it feels to dine with a Luna?” She asked Mary who was still busy on her hair.

” I really can’t tell, I haven’t had such an opportunity. But from the few I have heard, it’s the greatest chance one can ever have.” Mary replied.

” You’re right. Right now, I feel so excited. It’s like I’m sitting right with the world president.” She said, excitedly.

” It’s natural. ”

” Yeah. It definitely is.”


Lunara was dressing when Ace knocked. She permitted him in. ” Come in.”

He was surprised to see how well dressed she was. He thought she was going out for the usual Luna meeting, but when she told him it was a dinner with Hanley.

” I can’t believe she accepted to my proposal. I was thinking she’d say a no to me because of what you did.” She said, fixing her legs into her heels.

” You aren’t the one she hates, it’s me.” He said, and Lunara stopped wearing her shoes.

She sighed. ” It’s gonna take so much efforts to make her understand you.”

” I know. How is she?” He asked.

” She looks good and healthy too. I’d say, you really do have a beautiful mate.” She complimented.

Ace smiled.

” She only did accepted my proposal on one condition.” She looked at him, hoping he’ll get the answer before she’d say it.

” I know, you don’t have to say it. You better get going, she’ll probably be waiting for you.”

Lunara felt the anger in Hanley’s words when she had said those words. And she knew it will take difficult times to get Hanley to understand her fate with Ace.


” The Luna awaits you.” Mary informed.

” Please, lead the way.” Hanley held her gown high as she followed Mary behind. She gasped as she glared at how beautiful the hallway was designed.

When they got to the dinning room, it looked hundred times larger than her dinning room back at Masarkkav.

It was able to accommodate there to four rooms, and on the walls were hung pictures of an ancient portrait of a centurion.

” Welcome, Miss Preston. ” She walked to her, k-ssing her both cheeks. ” Thank you for accepting my proposal. Please, let’s have a sit.” She gestured her to a seat.

” Wow, this is so beautiful.” She said, mouth opened as she gasped. ” Though I haven’t seen every part of the building but I’d say, this place looks much like the ancient royal homes. You know what I mean, don’t you?”

” Those kinds where the families and descendants live all together, from generation to generation? Of course, I understand what you mean.” They sat down comfortably on their seats.

” What do we have here?” Hanley asked, eyeing the well garnished foods on that table.

” We have the Princess cake, Raspberry Charlotte, Bearnaise sauce, Crab louie, Coronation chicken salad and the pizza margherita. I’m pretty sure one of these is your favourite.”

” What if I tell you all are my favourite?”

” I’d say, feel free to eat as much as you want.” They exchanged a warm smile.

Hanley started with the Bearnaise sauce, she added the chicken salad with it, grinding slowly on her food.

” So, ” Lunara began, interrupting the silence. ” mind telling me about yourself?”

” Well, my name is Hanley Preston, I am nineteen years old and I come from a middle class home. We aren’t rich and we aren’t poor either, at least we can be able to provide whatever we want.

I have a little brother, he can be so annoying sometimes and a pain in the ass but, he’s the best kid brother I have ever had.

I left home because I was scared of living with the wolves and, I think that’s because I thought I was doing the right thing. Or maybe, I was.” She shrug.

” Honestly, you do have an interesting home.”

” Thank you.” She blushed.

” Did you ever attended a school?” Lunara asked.

She nodded. ” Yeah, I did. But, it was the local kind of learning.” She picked up a part of the fried chicken, chewing on the meat.

” If you were given the opportunity to study further, would you mind grabbing it?”

Hanley stopped chewing, thinking on Lunara’s question. ” I wouldn’t mind, everyone do want to go to a good school. But hold on, are you planning on taking me to the kindergartens?”

Lunara laughed at Hanley’s childish thought. ” No. I was planning on putting you in college. I learned people of your age are always at the first grade of college. So, what do you say about it?” She asked.

” Sweet. I’d love to enroll into one of the city schools, it has always been my dream to attend one of them. ” She said, excited. ” Thank you so much, your majesty, I really do appreciate your concern towards me.”

” It’s nothing, my dear. Every mother-in-law has to do their best for their daughter-in-law. It’s really a pleasure meeting you, Miss Preston.”

” You too, your majesty.”

” Uhm… Since you are my son’s mate-to-be, I would prefer you to call me mother.”

” Thank you, mother.” Lunara was more than happy. Having Hanley into her life made her feel what it was like to have a daughter she never had.


To Be Continued…

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