The Girl With The Mark

The girl with mark episode 34 – 35

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By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 34&35: A MOMENT WITH ACE.


Ace was jealous of her relationship with Andrew?
Hanley couldn’t stop smiling at him for that.

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She had always thought the great and mighty Alpha Ace doesn’t give a damn about feelings or love.

Maybe he was just fulfilling all righteousness of fate and who cares to know?

” I never expected you’d get this jealous of Andrew. I did love him doesn’t mean we were dating. We only hanged out all the time because we worked at the same bar joint. ” She explained.

” Which you had to make as a topic almost all the days since I brought you here? ” For the first time since minutes he was silent, Ace finally talked.

” I did that because you kept on pissing me off with your annoying attitudes. I knew the only way to pay you back was to keep talking about him. ”

” Yeah, and it pretty much worked out for you. ”

” Of course, it did. And besides, you just confessed you really were jealous. ”

” It’s not like I had a choice. You were much more interested in the human boy than to me. You always have him in your head every single night you sleep. ” He didn’t know when that part sl-ipped off his l-ips.

” You always sneak into my room at night? ” She frowned.

” I don’t… ” He paused. He wasn’t ready to lie that indeed he always comes to check on her. ” I don’t sneak in, I only come to check on you.

Moreover, I am a wolf, we do feel from a distance. And your heart is too fragile, so it’s very much easier for me to read your thoughts. ”

” So tell me, what is it I am thinking of now? ” She asked.

” You don’t expect me to answer that, do you? ” She shrug.

” You’re the superman here. So yes, I do. ”

” You’re thinking about your father. ” He told her.

” What about now? ”

” Mrs Tina. ” He said. ” Who is she? ” He asked.

” It doesn’t matter. ” He rose an eyebrow. ” Andrew’s mother. What about now?” She asked again, trying not to create an impression of Andrew.

After a short while, he asked. ” Who is Jefferson?”

” That’s the new biology teacher Mr Anderson employed. ” She answered. ” He’s cool, tall, handsome… ” His countenance at the moment was unpredictable.

” Not really handsome, though. But he teaches more better than the previous teacher. Everyone loves him like… a lot. And it’s kinda surprising everyone passes his test. ”

” That makes him a good teacher then. ” He said.

” Yeah, maybe. Just maybe. Or, who knows if he purposely gives students marks just to win the heart of the authorities. ” She slapped her face gently. ” I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

” What happened if you do?” He asked.

” It feels like you’re attending the same college with me. ”

” No, I think I am much more interested in this Jefferson of a guy. ”

” I’m not interested in talking about him anymore. ” She refused to continue.

” Why not? ”

” You’re gonna get jealous if I have to continue talking about him. So I’ve changed my mind. ”

” It’s not like it’s an attitude to me, I just seem interested to know more about him. And besides, he isn’t Andrew. ”

” What does Andrew have to do with this? ” she frowned.

” I don’t know. You’re making this sound like I live my entire life in jealousy. I only felt that because you put Andrew first before anything you do. So yes, I have to be jealous. ”

” And I said I don’t want you to. Nevermind I ever made mention about Mr Jefferson. Now I can see you don’t deserve to know more about anything. ”

” Do you honestly want to get this into a quarrel? ” He frowned. Annoyance sounded in his voice.

” I think I’m trying to prevent it from happening. ”

” I think we both need to get some sleep then. ” He stands up to go, and she quickly steps out of the b£d.

” Wait.” He stopped but didn’t turn. ” I’m sorry. Can you please stay a little longer? I’ll tell you about him. I promise. ”

” I don’t think that’s necessary anymore. ”

” It is. Please… stay with me for a while. ” She said in a seducing but calm voice.

He turns to look at her. Those appetizing br-asts of hers which were as much captivating as her beauty was the first thing that caught his attention.

And if he were to look deep into her night gown, he wouldn’t doubt the fact that she wasn’t putting on anything inside.

He doesn’t know why he was feeling this way towards her all of a sudden.

It was as if a barrier has been broken, letting the feelings he has for her flow freely.

He recalled those past days she hated him so much. She never thought of having a word or two with him to talk of letting him walk into her room.

But now, she pleads for him to stay a little while with her. It felt like someone had p-oured a full drum of ice water on his chest.

If it were to be possible, he’d just grab her right at that instant onto the b£d and whatever happens next would be a story to tell for some other time.

” Stay with me.” She repeated, in a more calmed voice.

Her wish were his command. He had already vowed within himself long ago to do whatever it takes to make her happy.

If doing them can take that part of Andrew away from her thoughts and mind.

” I don’t feel so certain about him.” She sat back on her b£d. ” How possible it is for everyone to get so Add-cted to him in just two days. ”

” People differs. There’s got to be something special about him they all see in him. Some thing you can’t see. ”

” Is it about the fact that he is handsome or what? ”

” It’s possible. And not everyone are like me. ” She was quiet, staring at his face.

” Mr Jefferson is indeed handsome, but not as handsome as you are. I think that’s one thing about you I can vow for.

And… you don’t need to have the entire world drooling after you just to explain how gorgeous you are,” she looks down at her f-ngers.

” I just prefer you the way you are. You didn’t really mean to call yourself ugly, do you? Cos you’re making me sound so emotional and I don’t like it. ” She faked a mean face.

He smiled. ” You look more beautiful when you frown.”

Her cheeks reddened. She held herself from smiling, but ended up doing so.

She watched as he walked close to her. Her mind had already travelled from reality that she was thinking of the unexpected happening.

He held her both hands, standing her to her feet. Then his took hold of the ropes of her night dress, unloss£ned it so that it falls to the ground.

She quickly covered her br-asts with her both hands, but he brought them down.

He ran his eyes on her several times, and Hanley could feel the u comfortability he was creating on her.

He pulled her more closer, covering the gap between them. He leaned close for a k-ss on her l-ips.

Hanley felt the $h¡verys run down her spine. And in-between her th-ighs ached for his touch.

This was a feeling she had doubted she would ever feel in her entire life for him.

But right now, it was some thing she desperately wanted the most.

He jerked her up into his arms, laying her flat on the b£d. Gently, he widens her both legs, taking a long full glance of her V spot.

Her body was vibrating, hungering for him and him alone. ” You just don’t know how long I have waited for this day to come. And how happy I am to have such a moment today.”

” k-ss me…” She begged. ” Please, k-ss me.”


” Hanley.” He called, ” Hanley?” He called again.

She blinked back to reality. She looked at herself to see that she was still putting on her night gown and Ace was likewise still on the same seat he sat.

” You were lost.” He said.

Was she actually thinking about those things happening??

She felt embarrassed he must have read her mind already. She can’t believe she was actually dreaming of some thing so evil like that.

” What have you done to me?” She asked, holding the robes of her gown. ” Why did you do that to me? ”

Ace was so confused. He couldn’t explain what was wrong with her. What she was even talking about.

” Hanley, are you alright?” He asked.

” You… you were… on me… on the… ” She forced herself to stop talking. ” You didn’t do that on me, did you? ”

” Do what on you? ” He asked, more confused than he was.

” You did rape me?”

” No, I didn’t. I haven’t even touched you yet. What did you see? ” He asked.

” You… on me, trying to get me raped. ” She said, not minding how it sounded. ” You got me n-ked and… and… and we were on my b£d…” She frowned. ” What the fu*k are you doing to me?”

” Nothing.”

” I shouldn’t be telling you this. No,” shook her head. ” something is not right.”

” Hanley, I think you have to calm down.”

” Something is making me say what I don’t wanna say. And I shouldn’t have told you about us having s*x on my b£d. Fu*k!! ” She cursed, realizing she had already said it all to him.

Ace was so surprised and likewise a bit excited to hear that. But what made her to say it out was something he can’t explain.

Was that supposed to bother him?

Or should he rejoice over the fact that she was actually thinking of the two of them on her b£d, doing the unspeakable??


To Be Continued…

Oya, shebi the story dey sweet una well? Cos some people will be leaving for good tonight. I no too dey like beggi beggi, do justice to my requirements 👇👇

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