The Girl With The Mark

The girl with mark episode 36 – 37

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By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 36&37: JEALOUSY.


Since Hanley stepped into the school building, almost half of the girls in BridgeGate have been wanting to talk to her.

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Some would greet her while some would wave at her. For the first time since she started schooling, no one ever noticed her like today.

She was surprised, but all she did was to smile back at them and wave her hand to those who waved at her.

On the other hand, she was loving the sudden popularity they were creating, and she didn’t mind their reasons for showing her such love.

Is it because of what Mr Anderson had told them the previous day?

Have they come to realize that she doesn’t deserve their mockery or insult?

But at the end, none of those were the reason for their sudden love for her.

But the question is… What could be their reasons??

Harmonie noticed it too. Before she could rush to Hanley’s class to ask what was happening, three girls had surround her desk.

She came to stand beside Hanley’s desk to hear what they were actually talking about.

” Can I ask you a question, if you don’t mind?” Caro, the middle girl asked.

” Sure.” Hanley was already feeling too pompous that one of the most famous girls in the college was actually talking to her.

” It’s about the guy who picked you up after school yesterday.”

” Oh,” Now she understood why they had come to talk to her.

” Who is he to you?” Caro asked again.

” Well, he is my brother. Elder cousin brother.” She lied. ” So, what about him?”

” Uhm… You really do have a nice cousin brother so, I was thinking if you can connect me to him. ” She requested.

” Why not? Of course, I will definitely talk to him about you. Do expect a feedback from me by this time tomorrow. Okay? ” She said without hesitation.

Caro nodded, her face plastered with a wide smile. ” Thank you.”

Harmonie sat on her table as soon as they left, giving Hanley a questioning look.

” Seriously?”

” As you can see, I just talked to the famous Caro. And, I suddenly became popular over day. Isn’t that a great achievement to rejoice? ” She said with pride.

” Well, the point here is, you are offering out your cousin brother who is way too older than Mr Jefferson to someone who is barely twenty three. ”

” Come on, love doesn’t give a damn about age. It’s all about the heart and her heart has chos£n my brother, we have to give them a try. ”

” Hmm. ” Harmonie hummed. ” Just because he is handsome doesn’t mean he is so open to every girl.”

” You talk like you know him more than I do. ”

” I don’t know him. But you’re already selling him out into a proposal without his cons£nt. Well, that’s your choice not mine.

I came because everyone were talking about yesterday. Your rich handsome brother and the new brand car he used to pick you up.

I can see the sudden drifting of love from Mr Jefferson to the Mr handsome who ends up to be your brother. ”

Hanley sighed. ” It makes me happy when people complement on my brother. And it gets me way too jealous too. ” She said, speaking of the part that everyone wanted Ace.

” Hey, Han. You’re early today.” Said a girl by name, Sonia.

” I don’t remember ever coming to school late.” She defended.

” I didn’t mean you were a late comer. I meant, today is obviously clear that you’re pretty much earlier than other times. ”

Hanley shrugged. ” People change. ”

” Yeah, you’re right. Uhm… Who was the guy yesterday? Was that your brother or… boyfriend? ” She whispered the last word.

” Brother. ” She smiled.

” I know other girls must have come to ask of him. But, I really need you to get me closer to him. I can give you a hundred dollar for it and I wouldn’t mind. ”

” A hundred dollars? ” She repeated with a smirk. ” Consider it done. ”

Sonia grinned. ” I’ll be expecting something new by tomorrow. Thanks in advance by the way. ”

Hanley grinned at her.

Harmonie looked at her and she forced herself to smile. ” I can see you’re gonna get rich over night.”

While lectures went on, Hanley wasn’t concentrating. All her mind and thoughts were about how the girls were ready to bribe her in order to get Ace all to themselves.

At first, it meant nothing to her. But since Sonia decided to pay her a hundred dollar, she knew none was a joke.

How is it possible that she will willingly give off her mate to some kinda garbages?

Or does Sonia actually think a hundred dollar was something so difficult for her to afford?

Just a word and she’s got something way bigger than a hundred dollar so, such promise made no s£nse to her.

Guess the only way to end this is to convince Ace to stop driving her to school and likewise stop picking her up after school.


During the recreation period, Mr Jefferson s£nt a student to call Hanley.

Hanley was wondering if she had done some thing wrong.

Was her quiz the poorest of all?

Or could it be because of Ace coming to pick her up yesterday?

She offered a knock on the door, ” Please, come in.” He permitted her in.

” Mr Jefferson, you called me.” She said, shutting the door close. ” Is there a problem? ” She asked.

” No. Not at all.”

” Okay.” Walks to his table.

” It’s concerning the incident about your hair. I do wanna know what happened that day and how sudden your hair turned white. ” He requested.

” I don’t know. One of the boys jokingly said that he liked my hair and… that’s it. ”

” Did you think someone must have done it on you?” He asked.

” I doubt. If someone did do it purposely, I could have noticed early either by the touch or scent of the spray. ”

The mark burnt on her skin and she could feel the tormenting pain of it around her [email protected]¡$t.

It felt almost the same when Ace hunted after her. She would have thought of Ace purposely hurting her because she was having a discussion with Mr Jefferson.

She codedly held herself from gro-ning, so Mr Jefferson won’t have to question her what the problem was.

After Mr Jefferson had dismissed her, she went to the rest room. Standing before the mirror, she shifted her shirt high, staring at the mark on her [email protected]¡$t.

It’s sides were red like someone who had just received a h-rd bl-w.

” Fu*k you, Ace. When will you learn to stop hurting me.” She growled.


Unfortunately, it was Lunara who came to pick her up. But before school dismissed, those girls who had requested for Hanley to connect them with Ace reminded her of her promise.

She promised them that she’d do exactly as said.

Only if they can read the writings on her face, they would know that she wasn’t gonna do anything.

” You look sour, what happened today?” Lunara asked.

” Nothing.” She looked away.

” I don’t think so.”

” I said I am fine!” She said in a harsh tone.

” Sorry. ” They kept quiet for the rest of the ride back home.

Hanley stormed to her room, bolting the door. She gro-ned at the pains, ” For damn sake, Ace, stop hurting me!!” She yelled angrily.

She soaked her towel into the bucket of water, placing it on the mark.

” Fu*k you. Fu*king fu*k you!!” For some minutes she held it firmly on her skin until she could feel the pain subside.

Later at night, during dinner, Hanley was the last to show up at the dinning room.

For the first time since she walked into the mansion, Edward was dinning with them.

It’s obviously clear that one can tell her expression. Lunara was quiet, she didn’t wanna trigger her anger the more like she did earlier.

” What’s wrong, Han?” Ace decided to ask, not minding her reaction.

She ignored him.

” Ace, I think we should let her…” He didn’t let Lunara finish her statement, he asked again.

” Did the students mocked you again?” He was ready to get pissed off if her answer was yes.

” No. ” She replied. ” I don’t wanna talk about it.”

He let her be, not asking any further questions. He knows how to get his answer without reading through her mind.

After having five spoons or more of her porridge, she dropped the spoon back on the table, leaving to her room.

Lunara and Edward stared at themselves then at Ace whose face was buried on his food.

He drops his spoon, following after her.

As soon as she shut the door, Ace opened it. ” Hanley.”

” Get out!” She points at the door.

Ace was surprised at the change of attitude. ” Get out now!” She yelled.

” What’s wrong with you?”

” Everything is wrong with me. Aren’t you tired already for hurting me? Do I have to die before you understand how much you keep hurting me? ” She was already in tears.

She looked away, sniffing. ” I don’t wanna look at your face anymore. Just leave me alone, okay? Just go! ”

” Give me one reason why I should walk out of that door. ”

” I don’t want you in my school anymore. ” She gave her reasons.

” Why? ” He asked.

” Why? ” She asked back, ” Am I supposed to answer that?” She turns to him. ” Do you think I love the way they keep asking the hell about you?

Yes, they want you. They want your number and… and… just leave me alone. ”

” I’m not leaving you alone. ”

” Fu*k you, Ace. Do you think trying to act romantic will help? ”

” I’m not acting romantic and I wasn’t trying to either. You’re making things a lot difficult for me. Today you seem happy, the next, you’re back to your old self.

How can I know when you’re okay or not? Your attitude bothers me and I can’t help but think about it. You’re hurting me, Han. ”

” No, I don’t think I am. If there is anyone hurting the other then it’s you. ” She points at him. ” You almost killed me back then at Acacia, as if that wasn’t enough, yet you wanna have me dead today. ”

” What’s that supposed to mean? ” His face turned to a frown.

” The fu*king mark you gave to me!” She rose her voice. ” This.” She rose her rose her shirt high, pointing at the mark. It was red.

” I didn’t do that. ” He defended.

” Really? Because I almost thought it was the goddess work. And when I realized that the so-called goddess doesn’t exit, then it means you’re the only one who can do this. ”

” I said, I didn’t do it. ” He growled. “What the fu*k does the mark has to do with me? ”

” Did you ask yourself that question before you marked me? Huh?” The tears rolled out of her eyes again. ” You brought me into this condition and yet, you’re acting like it means nothing to you?

Do you know how it feels to feel so popular in a place where no one gives a fu*k about what you are? Only to find out that the reason for your popularity is because of your mate?

I’m just getting to know you more and yet, someone wants to bribe me just to get to you first. Do you think I’m supposed to smile at that? No!”

” Is that why you’re angry with me? ” He asked.

She sniffed, and again.

He walks to her, pulling her in his arm. “What makes you think I’d give myself so willingly to them when I have someone so special in my life? Do you think spending a wh0l£ month to search for you was just an act?

Even though I knew you would never love me, I never stopped believing in my destiny with you. You mean a lot to me, Han, especially now we’re getting used to each other.

And talking about the mark, I would never do that to you. ”


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To Be Continued…

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