The Girl With The Mark

The girl with mark episode 38 – 39

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By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 38&39: MR JEFFERSON.


After Donald had gone to drop Hanley to school, Ace was so worried that he wasn’t concentrating on the royal reports placed on his desk.

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Lunara on the other hand was just returning from a friend’s house, when she asked for Ace when she didn’t see him.

” He is in his study room.” Replied the maid she had asked.

Lunara left to his study room. She knocked on his door, ” Ace, it’s me.”

He hesitated to let her in. ” Ace?” She called from the outside. ” Are you in there?”

” Come in.” He said from the inside.

Lunara noticed the sadness in his voice. Shutting the door after her, she asked. ” Are you alright?”

He stands up from his seat. ” I need you and Edward in my room.” He picks his phone from his pocket, dialing Edward’s number.

” Yes.” He answered.

” Come over to my room. It’s urgent.” He said, cutting the call.

” Ace, what’s wrong?” Lunara asked, from behind.

” Someone is tampering with my mark.” He angrily said, still walking ahead.

Lunara reasoned with what he had just said as she made her way behind him.

” But how is that possible?” She asked, shutting the door after him. ” You own the mark, how is it that someone would tamper with it.”

” That’s why I need you help and… ” The door opened, Edward walked in. ” his. ” He completed.

” Did some thing bad happen?” Edward asked.

” He thinks someone is tampering with his mark. Hanley must have felt the pains yesterday. ”

Edward gave him a questioning look. ” Is that true? ” He asked.

” She thinks it was I who was doing it. I haven’t tampered with it since the day I found her. How possible will she have felt the pains without my cons£nt? ” He wondered.

” Did you ask her when she felt the pain? Who she was with and how it started? ” Asked Edward.

” No. Is that necessary?” He asked back.

” You have to.” He said.

” Do you know anything about this? ” Lunara faced Edward.

” I don’t. But there’s only one answer to that, there’s a werewolf in the school. Not just a werewolf, but an alpha wolf.”

” How certain are you? ” She asked.

” Because it is only an alpha who can trigger the effect of a mark. ” He said certainly.

” But not the mark of a different alpha. ” She defended.

” You just don’t know how much I know about wolves. The moment Ace marked her, they both automatically share the same scent. Definitely, it’s enough for another wolf to detect her.

So, if what I say is right, then it’s possible that this wolf is up to some thing in that school. But the question is, what? ”

Lunara moved her gaze to Ace who has been silent. He looked down and helpless.

” Ace, you have to do some thing fast about this or some one else takes her in your place especially now you haven’t claimed her yet. ” She told him.

” She’s just a kid, mother, and naive to the wolf life. I don’t wanna push things too further, she needs time to learn. And besides, not every councils accept for the early claiming. ”

” So what are we going to do? ” She asked, staring at the two male.

” First, we enquire who she was with when the pains started. It might be from a student or possibly one of the lecturers, no one can tell. ” Edward suggested.

” That’s a good idea. ” Lunara confirmed. ” Don’t worry Ace, we’ll get to the root of this. ”

” If someone else is able to trigger my mark, then it means whoever it is isn’t just an alpha wolf like I am. There’s more to this creature than we all know. ”


He leaned on the door, his hands crossed against his chest.” You look like you’re here to strangle me to death. Did something happen?” She asked, noticing his countenance.

” Is it about the mark? Don’t worry, I’m fine now.” She gave him an assuring smile.

” Did you felt it today?” He asked.

” Yeah, just for a short while though. ” She answered.

” Hanley, I have to tell you something, we think there’s someone more than I am in your school. I know this is gonna sound crazy but, I think it’s the only way to help. When you felt the pains yesterday, were you with anyone? ” He asked.

Hanley tried to recall the previous day. She didn’t remember meeting with anyone except Harmonie and… Yes, Mr Jefferson.

She was in Mr Jefferson’s office when she felt the pain. ” Yes.” She replied.

” Who was that?” He asked again.

” Mr Jefferson. He just wanted to check on me due to the incident of my hair.” She answered.

” Have you ever noticed anything strange about him? ”

” Apart from the fact that every students and the management loves him, ” shook her head, ” no, he’s just cool. ”

” What about today?”

” I was in my classroom and then, it started itching me. ”

” Just like that? He wasn’t in the class when it started? ”

” You think Mr Jefferson is a werewolf too? ” She asked back.

” We all do. Since the last time we talked about him, I don’t really trust him a bit.”

” Thought you were only jealous of him. ”

” I wasn’t, since he has nothing to do with you. But now I see he is crossing his boundaries, and I won’t tolerate someone… anyone touching my property even. And I won’t mind having you changed to a different school. ”

Hanley wondered why this was happening. If he has to change her to a different school, then she’ll have to lose Harmonie.

Though she has weird thoughts about Mr Jefferson, it never got to the extent of thinking he was responsible for the pains to talk of being a werewolf.

If so, then he’s a pretty good pretender. He looks so gentle and kind like he was God’s bosom angel s£nt from heaven.

And for the fact that he was extremely handsome, then he’s definitely one of those fallen angels.


” Mary,” she called, ” have you seen Ace?” She asked, after searching both his room and study room for him.

” Alpha Ace left. ” Mary replied.

” Left?” She asked. ” To where? ”

” I don’t know. ”

Immediately, Hanley ran to Lunara’s room, she pushed the door open. ” Hanley?” Lunara stared at her, surprised.

” Mother, he’s gone.” She said.

” Who is gone?” She asked, confused.

” Ace. He is not in his room, he is nowhere. ” She cried.

” Hanley, Ace will be back soon. He only went out to think for a while, after that he will return home.” She tried calming her down.

” But why would he go without telling anyone? ”

” I believe he has his reasons for doing so. ”

Lunara pulled her that she laid her head in her shoulder. ” Why mother, why do I feel so different? Why do I feel new inside of me? Why do I feel like my heart had been twisted? This feelings, it keeps growing every single day.

I thought I would hate him forever. I never thought of either of this to happen to me. But why, why do I feel like he’s troubled? ”

” Because… because you’ve understood what fate has for you. You feel new because you’ve embraced your destiny. And yes, Ace do feel troubled because he’s scared someone else will take you from him.”

” But why? I don’t hate him anymore and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt him or you or anyone. Why would he be scared I’d go after someone else?” She questioned bitterly.

” It’s not what you think, Han. The one who has triggered your mark is the same who wishes to have you.

Ace needs to think on how to overcome this strategies. Why? Because the one after you isn’t just a human, and definitely not a mere werewolf as we speak.”

” But Ace is the one who owns the mark, why then will it respond to someone else?” She asked, worried.

She sighed, hoping she too can find an answer to that. ” I don’t know, I have never experienced this before.”

” How long will he stay away from home?”

” Long enough. Sometimes it takes him a day and half or even two days to get over with his problems. Let’s just hope he finds a solution to this on time or things will turn out the wrong way.”


Hanley waited for hours for Ace to return. When she saw there was no sign of him, she forced herself to sleep despite how troubled she was.

Not about thirty minutes she had slept off, he returned. The first place he headed to was her room.

Quietly he opened the door, peeping in from the door. When he saw she didn’t move, but could only hear her gentle breath, he smiled, shutting the door after him.

He returned back to the sitting room where Lunara and Edward sat, waiting for him.

” Have you come up with an idea?” Lunara asked, hastenly.

” Yes, and it’s a good one.” He answered, making himself comfortable on one of the sofa.

” Which is?” Edward asked.

” I want you to apply for a job in BridgeGate.” He said factly, referring to Edward.

” What?” Lunara questioned. ” Why would you think like that?”

” That’s the only way we can find out who this Jefferson of a guy is and what he really wants in the school. If I haven’t gone to her school before, I would have done that myself. ” He said.

” So what job do you want me to apply for? ” Edward asked.

” It’s up to you. If you can serve as a cleaner… ” He held himself from smiling.

Edward shook his head. ” You’re not being serious are you?”

He shrugged. ” That’s the perfect disguise I know. Well, it’s up to you. Besides, you’ve been perfect in geography since high school, why don’t you go for that? ” He suggested.

” That’s actually what I was thinking. So when do I start the job?” He asked, anxiously.

” Tomorrow. ”

” But what if this Jefferson finds out about you? ” Lunara asked, worried. ” He might expose you, who knows?”

” That’s what we want.” Ace added. ” As soon as he find out that there is another werewolf in his new territory, it will delay whatever action he wants to make. Especially on Hanley. ”

Lunara nodded in agreement, that was indeed a good idea.


To Be Continued…

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