The girl with mark episode 45 – 46

{ His Runaway Mate }🔥🔥

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 45&46: REMARK.


Lunara has decided to spend the day with her children. She first went to Ace’s room, he was laying on his bed, his front view facing the ceiling.

One hand leaned behind his head, he looked thoughtfully.

Even as she walked in, he didn’t make a move. Lunara walked to sit beside him, ” Everything is gonna be alright.” She assured him.

” I know. I’ve thought about this, I have to remark her. ” He said.

” I was even about to talk to you concerning that Your remarking should be for her protection.”

” That’s what I’ll do. ”

” When will that be? ”

” Tonight. The ritual ceremony will be held at ten. I’m getting fade up all this shits. ”

” Same as Hanley. ” She sighed. ” How is she? ” She asked.

” The last time I checked on her, she was still asleep. ”


Lunara then went to meet Hanley. From the door, she could hear Hanley sniff tearfully.

She was staring out of the window, she laid in a way that she was backing Lunara.

She had refused to go to school. The shame to go with her white hair, she wasn’t really ready for the students mockery.

” Han…” She paused, walking close to her bed. ” I know how it feels.”

Hanley responded with a sniff.

” Oh sweetie, I do understand how you feel. ” She sighed. ” We all do. And it troubles our heart that it has to be you.

I don’t know what this biology teacher wants from you but I promise, whatever it is that he is up to, he will never succeed. ”

” Mother, what am I? ” She repeated Jefferson’s question.

Lunara was shocked, she wasn’t prepared for a question like this and definitely has no reply to it.

” Am I a human, or is there something else about me that makes Mr Jefferson want me so desperately? Something no one else knows? ”

” You are a human, Hanley. Why would you think like that? ”

” Because for no reason my hair turned grey. Some kinda unknown creature comes after my life claiming to be what exactly again?

Look at my hair mother, I look like I’m in my sixties. You know, almost like those snow white whites at night. I can’t even leave my room. ”

” You don’t have to blame anyone or yourself. ”

” I’m not, mother. ”

” When you read the weir-wolf book of the ancient history, what happens when the girl meets her mates? Did she underwent the same fate as you? ”

” No, her’s was free. It was just like having two suitors coming your way. And not like mine who wants to have me dead. ” She replied angrily like she was staring right at him.

” That’s only if we are mated. But that’s by the way, what should I do to my hair? ” She asked.

” Just as usual, we cut it and then we dye it back to it’s original colour. ”

” What if something happens when I cut my hair? ”

” Nothing happened to you when you first dyed it, nothing will definitely happen if you do now. ”

There was a short silence, then Lunara said. ” There will be a ritual tonight.”

Hanley looked at her. ” What ritual?” She asked.

” A remarking ritual. This time Ace will be marking you for protection. It’s the best way to avoid any other alpha wolfs from touching you. ” She answered.

” Why hadn’t he done this earlier? ”

” It’s not so easy, Han. This marking is a lot painful than the first and can probably bring some effects to you. ” She informed.

” I don’t care, as far as it is for the better good, I am ready.” She said confidentially. “When will the ritual start? ”

” This night, at 10.”



(10 pm…)


Hanley was clothed in sack, which covered her chest and her lower parts. Just like it was on the night of the first ritual held at Masarkkav.

But there was a bit difference this time. She was laying on a wooden table, her both hands and legs were tied.

And the table was surrounded by flaming fire. She could feel the heat of the fire on her skin.

When it was ten minutes past ten, Ace appeared. Everyone knelt with one feet, their heads bowed to the ground.

Lunara was standing but she bowed her head the moment Ace showed up.

They were like that until he got to the fire, they all stood to their feet again.

The fire divided for him to walk in. Hanley moved her head to the right, to see Ace.

His facial expression was unexplainable. He looked angry and sad. As if every thing that was happening was directly at him.

He got to the table where Hanley laid, she takes off her gaze from him staring up to the sky.

He bit the tip of his thumb, rubbing his blood on her from her forehead, down to her abdomen.

After this he had done, again, everyone knelt on their feet, heads facing to the ground.

He covered her eyes with his hand, so she won’t see what next happens.

His shut his eyes close, then he opened it again. His red eyes glowed. His canine teeth pierced out, furs grew out of his side-jars.

He growled.

Rowling, his claws grew long. The once silent wind blew, trees began to tremble greatly at the sound of his rowl.

He bite her, on the same spot he had first marked her. And a loud cry erupted out of her mouth. The pain stung like those of a carpathian vampire.

He broke free, his teeth stained with her blood. His appearance returned back to normal, and he was human again.

Lunara came to untie her, helping her stand to her feet.
Hanley was breathing faintly. With Lunara’s help, they left the ritual ground to her room.

Hanley could feel death embracing her. Her eyes was becoming dizzy at every single second.

Lunara laid her on her bed, massaging her hair. ” It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.”

She was weeping like a child, Lunara cuddled her like the child she is to her.

” I hope you understand why we are doing this to you. We only want your safety, sweetheart.

Likewise, we don’t want to see you get hurt. Sooner or later, all this will be over.” She assured her.

She dozed off in her arms, and she laid her gently back on the bed.

She shook her head slowly, shutting the door close after her.


The next day, Hanley woke up by the chipping sound of the early morning birds.

She turned but was prevented by the hot pain on her waist.

She shifted her duvet aside, staring at the teeth mark on her waist.

She sighed.

She tried to stand to her feet but couldn’t. It was as if the mark would shift if she tries to.

She had to hold the edge of the lamp stand, just to get herself standing.

She finally stood up, but when she left the lamp stand, she almost fell but was fast enough to hold the lamp stand again.

She took a deep breath, exhaling heavily. ” You can do this, Han. You aren’t cripple.” She encouraged herself.

One step. Two steps. Three steps.

The door opened. She turned to look at who it was. ” Ace?”

” Why didn’t you call in your maid to help you?” He asked.

” Don’t worry, I have legs to walk.” She hated pampering.

She wanted to make the fourth step when she mistakenly slipped her legs. Before she could make it to the ground, Ace dashed, holding her from landing on the ground.

Hanley shivered at the touch of his hands on her body and the electric spark which followed by, sending cold feeling in her inside.

She rose her gaze to him, and they were staring deep into each other’s eyes.

She realized her hands were hung around his neck, their faces an inch close to each other.

” Thank you.” She was still looking at him, he jerks her up into his arms in a bridal style. She didn’t notice when they got into the bathroom.

He gently drops her to her feet. ” I’ll be waiting in your room.”

Hanley wanted to say a no. She wanted him with her in the bathtub, but she couldn’t express the feeling to.

She felt doing so now they weren’t joined together was an abomination.

Just like in Masarkkav, no matter how much you were into the one you love, they were refused to have any intercourse until they were married.

Maybe, that was the same tradition the wolves shared.

Due to the pains, she couldn’t bath herself. She had to spend almost an hour doing so.

When she was done bathing, she tied the towel around her chest. Holding things to support herself out of the bathroom.

She walked out to see her clothes laying on the bed. Ace had brought out a blue jean trouser and a casual black shirt for her to wear with a black canvas beside her bed.

She smiled.

She searched her eyes around the room for him, he was gone, then a small frown played on her face.

Why would he just leave? But he said he was gonna wait in her room.

She pulled herself into the cloth, then her legs into her canvas, tying the laces.

The door opened again, ” Mary…” She paused as soon as she perceived Ace’s scent. ” You left.”

” Just for a while. I’m here now.”

” Thanks for the clothes by the way.”

” It’s nothing. How do you feel now?” He asked.

” It still hurts like hell, but I’ll be fine.” She sat on the bed. ” Last night, during the ritual, why did you cover my eyes?” She recalled.

His lips played a small smile. ” I doubt it’s part of the tradition.”

” You wouldn’t want to see me when I turn.” He said.

Hanley laughed. ” Is it because of how fearful you look?” He shrugs. ” I do wanna see your other side.” She requested.

” I… ”

” You will show me your other side during the full moon. Promise me.”

Ace couldn’t. He has promised himself never to expose the other part of him to her.

He wouldn’t want her to be scared of him. He only wants her to enjoy the human side of him.

Her request was therefore a difficult one.

” Promise me.”

Ace animal rowled in excitement, ” Finally, she did ask for me.” Said his animal.

” Don’t get too excited, it’s only for a second.” He mentally said to his wolf.

” She is waiting for your reply, Ace.” He reminded. ” Don’t keep her waiting.”

” I will. I promise.” He promised.

” That’s it.” Said his wolf, happily. ” Can’t wait for that day to come.”


To Be Continued…

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