The girl with mark episode 47 – 48

{ His Runaway Mate }🔥🔥

By; Holland Cisca




Lunara brought a dye along with a scissors to cut her hair and change the grey colour back to it’s original brown colour.

But Hanley refused. ” No, mother, I changed my mind. One day my hair will have to change back to this colour, and I don’t want it to look so surprising to anyone.

I wanna be proud of it. I wanna be proud of what I am. I don’t know what it is but… I am ready to embrace it. We can only trim it, but please, don’t dye it. ” She begged.

Lunara nodded, then she ordered Mary to only cut the hair to the normal length of her hair.

Ace was surprised to see her on the grey hair leaving to school. When he asked why, Hanley said she loved it that way.

Every one in the school stared at her as if they had never seen her before.

At first, she felt shy but then, picked the courage not minding what they would say.

Harmonie was the only one who expressed how sad she was about Hanley’s new look.

Though she preferred Hanley with the brown hair, but that’s her choice to keep the grey hair. After all, she is still the beautiful Hanley everyone knows.

There is the Queen Lady, coming from the opposite direction. She was putting on the same smile from miles away until she was close to Hanley and Harmonie.

” Now look what we have here.” She teased. ” Hanley Preston, Mr Anderson’s favourite pet.” She said and the rest of them laughed.

” Hold on, was that scream actually from her? Oh, no wonder why she didn’t come to school yesterday, because she was scared. Huh?

Come on, don’t be such a kid. I told ya, Mr Anderson won’t be everywhere for you. Very soon, I’ll have my revenge back at you.” She laughed.

Hanley laughed too. ” I’m very grateful for the time you’re letting me live freely with my life. But…” She walks close to her, ” have I ever told you you don’t scare me?

You’re words are just a trash bag to me because if you really know who I am, you wouldn’t even dare to say a ‘Hi’ to me.

You’re free to do whatever it is you want to do to me. But let me warn you,” she helps her adjust her shifted collar, the queen Lady could do nothing but stare at how she dress her collar for her.

” do whatever you wanna do, but don’t do it when my mood changes because…” She rolls her first finger in her hair, ” I’ll help you kiss your grave.”

” Are you threatening me?”

She takes off her finger from her hair. ” I don’t remember making a threat word. I’m only warning you.” She grinned, walking pass her.

Harmonie scoffed at them, following Hanley behind. Though Harmonie was happy at how Hanley talked to them, on the other hand, she was scared.

She has never seen her sound rude in such manner. And the way she spoke to her, she spoke as if something or someone had gingered her.

With the way the other girls stood, it was obviously written on their faces how scared they have become.

” You were different back there.” Harmonie said, breaking the silence.

” That was the only way to scare them out of my life. If I have to play scared, they will never learn how to mind their business.

Come on, what makes you think I have the strength to throw a punch to talk of getting her kiss her grave? It was all a prank. And don’t you see their faces? It means… I’m done with you.” She laughed.

” You know, I almost thought you have changed.”

” Because of the incident of two days ago?” She asked.

Harmonie shrugged.

” Don’t worry, I’m still the same Hanley you always know.” She assured her with a tap on her shoulder. ” Come on, let’s go do some english.”

Edward just walked out of the headmaster’s office when he turned to see Jefferson standing at one corner of the hallway, giving him those hard but horrific glares.

” What do you want?” He mentally asked Edward.

Though Edward wasn’t a werewolf, yet, he was able to mind-link with any werewolf.

” I should be asking you that question. Why are you here?” Edward asked back.

” My purpose has nothing to do with you. You have my property, hand it over to me.”

” Property?” He outwardly scoffed. ” You’re kidding me, right? Hanley doesn’t belong to you, and she isn’t your property. She’s been marked by someone else. So do yourself the favour by finding your own mate?”

” She doesn’t belong to him, she belongs to me. We are meant to be together and not with him.”

” Speak to yourself. But I’m sorry to say this, you’re late.”

” No, I don’t think so.” Shook his head. ” I think I just came at the very right time. Do you think remarking her will stop me from having her?” He smiled, ” No. If only you know what I am, you wouldn’t have walked into this school.”

” Do I look like I care to know? Huh?” He smiled back. ” And if only you know who you are messing with, you wouldn’t have thought of tampering with his mark.”

” Ace… isn’t it? Hmm.” He hummed. ” We’ll see what the future holds for us. But don’t get too surprised when I have her all to myself.”

” We’ll see about that.” He smirked, following the other direction.

Edward disconnected from him as he left back to his next class.


There came a loud scream, like that of the roman catholic bell.

Those in the same class with Hanley turned to look at her to check if she has somehow left the classroom without anyone noticing.

But when they saw she was with them, their thinking stopped. Hanley rose her eyebrows at them. ” What?”

Despite the warning of the teachers, no single student decided to listen this time. They were going to see who it was that screamed and why she had screamed.

” What the fu*k is going on?” Harmonie asked as they made their way to where the sound came from.

” That’s what we are about to see.”

” Oh my God!!” Another student cried. ” Oh no!”

Two bodies were seen dead in the girls private room. And on the wall was boldly written in blood, ‘BLOODY ENTRY.’

” Who did this?” Mr Anderson asked the girl who screamed. ” Did you see how it happened?”

The girl tearfully shook her head. ” I walked in to get changed then I saw them this way.” She said.

Edward looked around the crowd for Jefferson but couldn’t find him. Then he walked out of the crowd, Jefferson was afar where they all gathered.

” This is just the beginning.” He mentally said. ” More lives will be taken if I don’t have the girl.”

” Those lives you ended, doesn’t know a shit about you or what our kinds are like. Why do you suffer their lives for nothing? All because you seek after someone who doesn’t belong to you?”

Jefferson played a wide smile on his lips. In a twinkle of an eye, he was gone.

If truly he was going to keep killing more innocent lives all in the name of having Hanley, then the only way to end this is to take her out of the school.

Not sooner than later, after the bodies had been taking care of, and information were passed to the parents of the deceased, Mr Anderson ordered for an immediate dismissal.

Everyone left the school in fear. Now the question that keeps ringing in their minds was… Who Is Next?

It was only Hanley and Edward who seem to know who it was that did it.

Due to the dismissal was so soon, Harmonie’s parents were still at work so it would be impossible for them to come take her home.

Rather, she followed Hanley in Edward’s car as they exited the school premises.

Harmonie thought that because of the incident that happened two days ago, was the reason for Edward and Hanley’s friendship.

Unknown to her, there was something behind their closeness.

They got to her house, stopping her before the large black gate. ” You never told me your parents were this rich.” Hanley said.

” You never asked.”

Hanley smiled. ” Take care of yourself.”

” You too.” She stepped out of the car, shutting it close. They waved at each other until they were out of sight.

” Who is she?” Edward asked after a brief silence.

” She is my BFFAE.”

” What does that mean?” He asked, not understanding the abbreviations.

” She’s my Best Friend Forever And Ever.” She said it fully.

” Does she know about you? I mean the other you?”

” No. She doesn’t have to know, at least not yet. If Jefferson finds out she does know, he’s gonna use through her to get to me. Why did you ask by the way?”

He looked at her then back at the steering wheel. ” I always believe friends to be loyal to each other. I never thought you still have a secret. But, that’s a good idea not telling her what exactly you are. We better have it sealed.”

” I think the killing is Jefferson’s doing. He is the only wicked soul who is capable of doing some thing so terrible like that.”

” He is. He told me he was going to continue if he doesn’t have you.”

” Did you two have a boy-to-boy conversation?”

” No, we mind-linked to each other.”

” I thought… I thought it is only wolves who can mind-link to each other.”

” On the day of our graduation out of college, I was poisoned and the only way to escape it was by the bite of an alpha wolf. Thank God I had Ace with me, so he bit me.

It wasn’t so deep to transform me, but due to his saliva which entered my blood from his bite, I have some little wolfie powers in me.

I can perceive the scent of a different wolf, and I can equally communicate with my mind. Those have been helpful to me though.”

” You’re lucky.”

” I know, I always tell myself that.”

” Something tells me that Mr Jefferson isn’t just a werewolf as we think. There must be something behind his wolfie powers.”

” Same as I thought. Ace has to do something quick about this.”

” The only way to end all this is to end his life. As far as he is alive, more lives will be lost and he will not stop until he has me.” She looks outside to the street.

” It’s all because of me those girls were killed. I never thought something like this would happen. I don’t know why, but I can feel there is something strange about me. Something I must find out before it gets too late.”


To Be Continued…

Do the needful, I don’t have to remind you of what to do.


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