The Godfather episode 28

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( Bounded By Honour. . . )


By; Holland Cisca.

★ ★ ★ ★

“You sent for me.” Anastasia said, from the door.

Mr Vito looked at her, nodding his head. “Yes, I did. Come in.” He ushered her in.

Anastasia mentally wondered why he had called her. Has she done some thing wrong this time? She thought to herself.

She stood while Mr Vito sat on his single couch. He drops the cigar in his hand into a small glass plate, crossing his fingers together.

“Mind for a drink?” He asked.

Anastasia shook her head. “Thanks, but I don’t drink.” She refused.

“If you say so. Well, I called you in here because I have some thing personal to discuss with you. Some thing no other ear must hear of until it is done.”

“Okay, I’m listening.”

“For the past few days I’ve witnessed things that shouldn’t have happened, things that pains me each time I see it happen.” He was beating around the bush, leaving Anastasia confused. “I know you do love my son, Pablo, don’t you?”

Anastasia gave a nod to his question.

“I heard what happened yesterday, and it pained me that my three sons had to fight each other all because of a girl. A girl whose presence in my home is to pay the debt of her father. I thought I was maintaining the legacy of my family but now I know I was wrong. Your stay here has brought nothing but chaos and hatred.

Some times we have to break the rules in order to achieve what we want. Therefore, your stay in my home, Anastasia r-manoff, has been terminated. You have your freedom now. I have prepared your flight to Chicago, you’re leaving first thing tomorrow morning so, get yourself prepared.

And like I said earlier, this should be just between the both of us. No other ear must hear of this, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

She should be happy, right? She should be glad that she would be leaving the Escobar household for good but no, she wasn’t. It pained her that she would be leaving at such a time, especially when she had fallen in love with Pablo.

This was a choice she has always wanted before but not any more. But some how, a part of her chose to leave. Her stay did bring hatred between the Escobar brothers, and for so many reasons Pablo keeps getting hurt because of her.

All she wanted was peace, and some how – hopefully – her absence would restore it back.

“I will do as you have said.” She said to him, sadly.

Anastasia left to the basement to think. She didn’t want to meet with Clarabelle or any one else to avoid them noticing what she and Mr Vito had discussed about.

She picked up her biro and two sheets of paper. The first letter she wrote was for Clarabelle and the second was for Pablo. It was a goodbye letter.


Very early the next morning, Anastasia rushed to take her bath. She did every thing quickly to avoid being seen by any one, especially by the maids and guards who were awake at that time of the morning.

She didn’t have any clothes to wear, so she went to the laundry room to steal one of the maid’s dresses. She came to Mr Vito’s room and saw he was awake. “I’m ready, Sir.” She said, indeed, looking ready.

“Here,” he stretches a check to her, “it contains half a thousand dollars. You have it for your possessions, and you’re free to start up a new business if you want to.”

She takes the check from him, staring at what was written on it. “Your flight will be ready soon, you have thirty minutes before the plane is off. The driver is waiting for you outside.” He added.

Anastasia had nothing with her as she left the mansion to the car which waited for her. She looked back at the mansion for the last time, and the only thing that came to her mind was Pablo. She had dropped his letter by the door and Clarabelle’s under by pillow.

“Good bye, Pablo, I hope to see you again.” She enters the car, shutting the door closed.

The driver started the car, zooming off.

They got to the airport. Those who had booked their flight for that hour had started walking to their plane. Anastasia, on the other hand, went to confirm her name and flight time.

She sat by the window side of the plane, leaning her head against the window. Every memory she shared with him began to display in her head. Those times they had k×ssed, when she pushed him out of her life. They were all in her mind, leaving a tear to roll out of her eyes.

“I love you, Pablo. I always do. Please, don’t come for me. Please.” She said inwardly to herself.

Her seatmate noticed the tears, he asked. “Is every thing alright, Miss?”

Anastasia nodded her head as she wiped off the tears on her cheek, “Yes, it is.”


She waved a warm smile at him, convincing him that every thing was alright even though it wasn’t.

The plane was set to go. It ran along the plane line, then it took off in the air.


Clarabelle woke up to see a book half hidden under her pillow, she had never seen such a thing before. She opened the sheet of paper, reading through the writings. While she read, hot tears began to fall down her cheek which later became an uncontrollable one.

She held the letter to her chest, crying like a girl who just lost her parents. It was so surprising she found herself getting used to Anastasia, and now, it has become a pain to hear her leave.

“Why, Ana, why would you leave without telling me? Why would you go from me, from him?” She fell on her knees. “No. No, this shouldn’t have happened. This shouldn’t be happening.”

Meanwhile, Pablo was just leaving his room to his office when he stepped on some thing on the floor. He looks down to see a paper folded in a letter form under his feet.

He takes his leg off the paper, bending to pick it up. He unfolded the letter, reading through the writings. He saw that it was a letter, so he enter his room.

It read;

«If you are reading this letter, then it means I am gone. I know this hurts so much to talk to the man I love with a letter and not from my l-ips. Honestly, I wish this never happened, I wished none of this ever happened to either of us. But I don’t blame you, I don’t blame any one for all these, I blame my father. You might be wondering why I had written this letter to you, I wrote it to inform you that I have finally been given the freedom to live my life. I will find a new home and hopefully, start a new business for myself. Finally, I won’t have to be a burden to you or your family, the long gone peace will be back once again, and you can live your own life without getting hurt for my sake.

If you read this letter, then I want you to promise me that you will not come for me. Where I am, let me be there alone. Live your life and forget I ever existed, like we never met in the first place. Maybe this is our fate, we don’t deserve each other, I don’t deserve you, Pablo. We’re both different from each other, you’re a soldier and a mafia lord-to-be and me, I’m just a normal woman, a slave.

Don’t think it was any one who forced me to leave, I made the request and it was granted. I had to do it for you, Pablo, just for you. I hope this never happens, but I hope to see you one day, some day soon. And don’t ever forget that I love you.»

From Ana to you..

Pablo stormed out of his room, heading to his father’s room. He knew there would be no one else who must have come up with the idea if not of his father.

He pushed the door hærd, storming in. “What did you do?” He growled, angrily. “Why did you do that?”

“Why did I do what?” Mr Vito asked.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about!” He snarled. “Why the fu*k did you send her away?!”

“I had to. Her stay was causing problems for the household, so I had to send her away. What is going on between you and your brothers is some thing I couldn’t bear any more.”

“And you sent her away?”

“Yes. I ain’t dead yet, who knows what will happen when I am dead? The Escobar household will be divided and nothing will be left of the gang? No way, I won’t let that happen.”

“We made a deal, remember?” He reminded him. “That I will lead the empire if only you let me have her as my wife and you agreed to it. Why would you send her away just for what happened yesterday? How is that her fu*king business? The fight was between my brothers and I and not her!”

“But she was the source of the dispute.”

“She isn’t!” He tries to calm down, breathing heavily. “I’m gonna find her, and I’m gonna bring her home. And when I do, not you, not any one and not even Micheal will take her away from me.” He turns to leave.

“What if you don’t find her?” Mr Vito asked, stopping him halfway.

“Then I won’t come back. So, you still have a chance to find the perfect figure to lead the empire.” He exits the room.

“Pablo, don’t do this. Don’t let the girl ruin the future we’ve both planned.” Pablo ignored him and left the room.

He goes to his room to pack some of his stuffs. He wasn’t gonna let her go like that, not without him. Not now he needed her the most.

His father was waiting in the sitting room for him to show up. “Pablo, please, just listen to me.” He persuaded.

“Shut the fu*k up, okay! Just shut the fu*k up!” He yelled angrily, pointing at him. He realized himself, calming down. “I’m sorry.”

He didn’t want to talk back at him, he walked past him, leaving the building.


To Be Continued..