The Governor's Daughter

The Governor’s Daughter episode 11 – 12

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{Written by authoress clara writes}

“What are you doing here”Dave asked her.

“Who is your girlfriend Dave, Peggy or Clara”Elisabeth asked me.
“Peggy”I answered her.

“Isn’t it obvious”Peggy asked Elisabeth.

“I don’t know’Elisabeth said.

“What do you mean? Peggy asked her.

“Because I think Clara is even more jealous than you think, she likes your Dave…

Clara blushed” what a f-cking bitch”Clara said to Elisabeth.
“Its true”Elisabeth said.

“When did I show something like that, tell me Elisabeth, I like Dave as a friend not a lover, so how could you say a thing like that to me? Clara said angrily.

“I don’t like this, I don’t want to see any bitch flirting with my besty boyfriend.

Elisabeth looked at Clara, she was with a serious face, but all of a suddenly she laughed.

“So this is what you have to tell me”Peggy was saying but the door opened.

“What’s going on here”the teacher asked them.
“I just wanted a table but they started to scold me, I don’t know why they don’t like me.

“She’s lying”Peggy said.

“Elisabeth go take a desk while Clara, Peggy and dave you can enter but you’re really late.

“Sorry”we said to him.
Elisabeth took a desk and left smiling at us so Clara gro-ned, “I’ll kill this bitch”she said to herself.

“Let’s study math”the teacher said to the class.

“I hate math”Clara said to us.

“I also have trouble with math but I like it”Clara said to us smiling.
“of course you’re good with math, that’s why you like it”Clara said to Peggy.

“I wonder what they will be doing at school now”Pamela said to get boyfriend.

Pamela was lying on the bed and he was sitting next to her.
“they must be doing something crazy right now”Pablo said and they laughed.

“I think so and you’re getting well Pamela, are you still having a flu? her boyfriend asked her while he put his forehead on her forehead.

“Stop” she said to him, “you will get a flu too’

Peggy, Dave and Clara were in recess.

“The math exercise was hærd, I thought we would never finish”Dave said to Peggy and Clara.

“I’m glad we finished it, what about Elisabeth…did you see what she said to us…she’s crazy”Clara said to Peggy and Dave.

Dave laughed, she don’t even know what she’s saying.

“She wants us fighting with each other but I trust my friend and I know if its happens you will tell me”Peggy said to Clara while she laughed.

So Clara looked at Dave, he was lying on the floor and he was also looking at her so she titled her eyes to another side.

“I don’t love Dave, I only think he’s handsome and nothing more than that.”Clara thought to herself.
“I don’t like her”Peggy said to Clara.

“Did you hear what she said to the teacher”Peggy said

“That girl hate us, I don’t know why she accuse you of stealing her boyfriend and they have already broke up before when you and Leo started to date.”Clara said.

“yes that’s true, they weren’t together anymore and she knows
that I like him so she’s a cheater in this story”Peggy said.
“you’re right”Clara said to Peggy.


Its almost time for school to finish and I want the attack to happen

“I want you to kidnap her, she always walk around beside the guy is not a problem, he’s the son of Jake the particular security of the governor…..if he does something….kill him.

“okay boss…there were about four men in the dark car riding next to the school.

“hello Dr governor, I have something to tell you, there is a
suspicious car around your daughter school, I’m watching to see if something is happening.

I’m going to tell my son for him to be aware about this current danger.”
While I was walking, my phone rang.

“Who is that”Peggy asked me.

“its my father”I said to her.

So I answered it…….’son are you hearing me”my father asked me.
“yes daddy,am hearing you”

“there is a suspicious car in front of the school, don’t let Peggy leave the school gate.

“What’s going on”I whispered to him.

“I can’t tell you now son..because I don’t even know what’s going on…just do what I said to you OK?

“OK dad”I answered him.

“don’t tell her everything I said to you’dad said
“okay dad”I answered.

“what did he say Dave, you’re kind of pale”Peggy said to me.
“she’s right”Clara said.

I couldn’t hide it from my face but I can’t tell her what’s happening.
“he just asked me how I was doing in school”I said to them.

Peggy looked at me with a suspicious face and asked me…”Are you sure about that”

“of course, let’s go to class”.

“Let’s go”she said.

“Am tired if studying”Clara said to us while she walked ad if she’s a zombie.

What’s happening our there..I wondered to myself, I looked at Peggy ….she was smiling and talking to Peggy….I just hope nothing bad happen to her cause she does not deserve any bad thing.

I wonder how she would act if she know she’s in a possible danger….so we finally arrived at the class and I sat on the seat thoughtful.

“What is going on with Dave, he got so worried after talking to his father and he doesn’t want to tell me, what do you think his father told him?”

“ah…Peggy….why are you looking at Dave like that?

“calm down girl, you’ve the wh0le day to flirt with him….Clara said to Peggy laughing.

“That’s not it Clara,…I’m almost sure he’s hiding something from me and I need to know what it is.

“is he hiding something’Clara asked her.

“I’m almost sure about that”Peggy said to Clara who looked at Dave, he was studying normally.

“are you sure Peggy”

“Of course, don’t you see he’s strange and quite”

Clara looked at Dave again”you’re right he seems to be a little nervous”Clara said to Peggy.

“And he is but why”Peggy asked Clara.

Come on girl take your medicine, your father said I should take care of you while he’s out…Pablo said

“okay, okay”Pamela said and thought she have a boring girlfriend.
“I want to see my beloved girlfriend well, I will do anything until you’re well….

“Why”Pamela asked him.

“Because I love you” he said while he k-ss her.

Now am sure that something is going on.

“Dr governor that car stopped in front of the school gate.

“keep watching them, are you alone Jake?

“No I have four more guys with me”Jake said to the governor.

‘I was right to send you to see if everything was okay, I was having a strange feeling about this since few days ago”the governor said.
“And you’re right …st governor wait.

A guy came out of the car, he’s wearing a black overcoat and he’s talking to someone on the phone and I can’t hear him from where I am so I will try to get closer to see if I can hear anything.

🔥she’s hot🔥🔥🔥

💥She’s s€×y💥

💥She’s s€×y crazy💥💥

💥She’s the Governor daughter🎆

🔥She’s hot on me🔥🔥🔥



“No,no, thats dangerous, Stay here and I will send more effort, I will show them never to think of kidnapping my daughter, the Governor daughter”the governor said.
“Yes sir”Jake said.

“Did you say what’s happening to your son?”the governor asked him.

“Yes I did”Jake said to the Governor.

“I will see if your son is trustworthy as you are not”the Governor said.

“I’m sure he will do well”Jake said to him.

“I will call you back, I want to call the police so they could arrest them and I want them dead so I will send some guys to you”the Governor said to Jake.

“I will solve this problem on my own very way”the Governor said again to Jake.

“I see so we will kill them”Jake asked the governor.
“yes”the governor answered.

“I didnt know why but I was having a strange feeling today”Dave’s mother said to herself when she got home, she felt strong goosebumps.


What the heck ? what is going on? why didn’t my dad tell me what’s happening but whatever it is, I’ll protect Peggy no matter what its takes to do”Dave said to himself while he looked at her.

But they were still looking at him, he titled his eyes…so all of a sudden the school bell rang.

It was time to go home but why now?.

His heart throbbed fastly, he saw Peggy and Clara getting up and putting their stuff into their back pack.

So after Peggy finished,she went to where Dave was and said”let’s go?.

“No we need to wait..I just have to say this.

“Why”Peggy asked Dave.

“You’re acting strange the wh0le day but if you don’t tell me what’s going on, I won’t know….tell me why can’t we leave and if you don’t I will leave you and go home”Peggy said already upset…

Dave was speechless.

“So you won’t tell me, am leaving”Peggy said and turned to leave.
“No”Dave said while he held her arms.

‘What’s going on Dave”Peggy asked him

“I don’t know how to say it but am having a strange feeling that something bad is happening”Dave said.

“Is that why you don’t want to leave? is that feeling about me”Peggy asked Dave.

“yes”Dave said to her


Jake phone rang and he answered it, it was from the governor telling him that the men were already ready to go and fight and they want to keep all the wh0le students n the school, that was a tense environment, they need to be careful not to put any life in danger.

“The student are leaving, we are ready to kidnap her, one man said on the phone.

‘Okay I will show to that bastard governor that he can’t mess with me, bring her to me and I will send her pieces to him, he will know who is the boss and monster”the man in the line said to the kidnapper.

“Okay boss”the man said.

But there was another car coming after the kidnapper and they were with six men who were heavily armed.

Someone got up from the car and shot in the air.

“What do I do?” Jake asked the governor cause he was the one that shot the gun and he was on phone with the.governor.

“Kill them, no mercy”the governor said.


Peggy laughed!!! what could have happened?

the school alarm rang and the director said to everyone to stay back in their classes because there was armed men outside and war going on.

“What’s going on”Peggy asked herself.

So she heard a loud shout and she yelled out while she covered her head with her hands, Clara did the same while she knelt down
They wee shaking like never before and Clara was crying like baby wishing she didnt come to school that day
“What’s happening outside”Dave asked himself while he tried to calm Clara and Peggy down.

Everyone in the class was very scared, students were all crying most especially the girls who could have hurt themselves if not for the bold guys who were calming them down.

They heard another one again and Clara almost died with shock, seems like she has never experience incident like this.

Peggy was holding Clara hand and they were both shaking.

“I will have to protect Peggy cause they want to kidnap her.


Am scared, will they kidnap Peggy ?

Or will Peggy die?

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