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The halo breed episode 17


It had been a most stressful day for King Gus Kukah of the Halos.
He had a long meeting with the Halo Council earlier in the day. He then had to settle three cases that demanded his attention because the Decision Courts could not reach a consensus.
Gus had also joined the warriors to build a bridge for one of the communities. No one had expected him to join, but Gus Kukah was a man who was never idle, and so he had joined the workers.
The citizens had been overjoyed to have their king with them, and it turned into one of the best community projects ever carried out. It had been hard, but it had also been fun and fulfilling.
He was therefore very tired when he got to the palace with his guards. After a refreshing cold bath, he ate, and retired to the Royal Garden to relax a bit before going inside to lie beside his lovely Queen Derbie Gyeshie.
As he stood staring at the beautiful lake, he heard footsteps behind him and turned to see his wife approaching him.
She was in a long, flowing white gown that accentuated the lovely darkness">darkness of her skin and features, and did nothing to hide the lovely bulge of her belly.
Her lovely face, however, was flushed with fury and stress as she came towards him.
“Ah, my beautiful empress,” Gus said lovingly as he stretched his arms to hug her, but she stopped out of his reach and glared at him bitterly. “My queen appears to be unhappy. What ails you, my love?”
She pointed at her round, bulging belly.
“This, my Lord, is the cause of my distress!” she said in a frustrated voice. “This evening, my sister Tess has given birth to a lovely girl for her husband, Ossom Annor!”
Gus raised his eyebrows.
“That, indeed, is news that gladdens the heart,” he said gently. “So, why are you distressed?”
“Don’t you act the silly emotions on me, Gussy!” she said with a toss of her head. “It was confirmed that I became pregnant forty winks before Tessy! Halo women spend two hundred winks and give birth. This thing – whatever it is – has spent two hundred and forty winks in my belly without coming out! Perhaps, it wants me to go mad?”
“Oh, my love!” Gus said gently and took her in his arms. “Don’t stress yourself this way, darling. You’re from Halo, but I’m not. I’m from Earth. This child we have made is a breed, my love, and it will carry its own destiny.”
“Gussy!” she said, and now her beautiful face was worried. “I don’t want different destinies! They’re all looking at me and whispering! Everyone is whispering, my love. I don’t want to be different. If it is female, her husband will be the next king. If he is male, then he will be the king. I’m tired of this!”
He kissed her gently as he gently massaged her belly, and then cupped one of her [email protected] She sighed deeply and kissed him back, and then her hand dropped lower and fell on his hard girth.
“Are, my dear stick is ready,” she whispered tenderly. “I have indeed missed it so.”
“Because you have been worried about your pregnancy, my dear,” he said gently. “You have to relax. Everything that is happening was forecast by the oracles, or at least that is what Simpson the Sage said.”
“But it must come out soon,” she said unhappily. “I’m tired of the vomiting and weakness it makes me feel. Women of the Halos don’t vomit, and they don’t fall sick! They carry their babies without pain! But this, this breed of yours…it gives me the vomits and the nausea and the head pains.”
“Don’t worry, darling,” Gus said soothingly. “Women in my land carry their babies for close to two hundred and eighty winks before they give birth.”
“May the spirits forbid!” Queen Derbie cried with horror. “If that is true, Gussy, my Lord, we are not going to have many of them!”
He laughed softly and put his hand on hers as she still fondled him.
“You continue like that and I would be forced to have some delights with you, my darling,” he whispered as his desire soared.
“Oh, how I wish it so, my Lord,” she said. “But, alas, this child of yours distend my belly so, and I cannot breathe if you lie on it.”
He stared at her with sudden shock.
“Lie on it?” he asked softly. “Oh, no, I don’t have to lie on it when you’re pregnant.”
“Yes, I know,” she said with a lovely smile. “And that is why we don’t do the lovemaking when we’re with children.”
“Oh, my beautiful queen, that is not so with my type,” he said with a little laugh. “We can make love in other positions without hurting your belly.”
“Oh, but that is not possible, my love, my Lord!” she said with a troubled look. “We’ve been taught, you know. Without our men lying on us, they can’t get their roundygats into our jilanies.”
He laughed gently.
“But I’m not a Halo male, my love,” he said with mounting desire. “And I don’t have a roundygat. Here, let me show you something. Grab this railing for a second.”
She looked at him with round, confused eyes, but he could see she was getting excited.
“Gussy, what are you doing?” she asked huskily.
“Just showing you something nice, my sweet queen,” he said thickly. “Now, lean forward a bit.”
She leaned over slightly, and he pressed into her three buttocks from behind, his desire a probing pole that nestled across her nether lips.
“Oh!” she said suddenly with great shock. “Oh, my Lord! Indeed, it can be possible like that! Come, darling, come inside! Come and show me so stick-love!”
That was how Queen Derbie Gyeshie of the Halos discovered that with men of the earth, she could enjoy her lovemaking till her baby dropped. It made it easy for her to bear the extended stress of her pregnancy that got the whole kingdom talking.
Everybody was saying her baby was getting ‘overcooked’ and would come out either dead, or a fool.
The kingdom waited with bated breath.
The Sage, Simpson, was beginning to get worried.
And then, on two hundred and eighty winks, they were asleep in the Royal Chamber when Queen Derbie began to m0an, and Gus woke up with concern on his face.
“My love, what is it?” he asked, instantly alert.
“My belly!” she whispered with pain. “My water broke! I believe your breed has finally decided to appear, the little brat!”
Gus laughed happily as she was marched off to the grand house of the Delivery Maidens.
Gus Kukah waited anxiously for news that his dear wife had been able to give birth safely.
After some screaming and cursing, the queen gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
There was great joy in the house of the Delivery Maids.
Princess Theresa Gyeshie, who had gone in as soon as she heard her sister was about to deliver, now had the boy and put him gently into a cot. He had been cleaned, but they left the baby [email protected] instead of swathing him with linen as was the custom.
They all stood around the cot looking at the new-born with wide eyes.
The baby boy did not cry. He just lay in the cot staring at them with almost an angry face.
That he was handsome was an understatement.
These Halowan people were used to ugly babies that grew up and became beautiful and handsome. But this baby was naturally handsome…and different!
Qeen Derbie saw them grouped around her baby with confusion, and her heart kicked with fear.
“What’s wrong with my baby?” she whispered fearfully.
The women did not appear to hear him, but Princess Tess turned and looked at her sister with confusion.
“He does not have roundygats!” she said with alarm. “He has only…a stick, like a finger of sorts, in front of him! What is that?”
Queen Derbie Gyeshie grinned suddenly, and her face was filled with happiness.
“Oh, the spirits listened to my prayers!” she cried. “My son got his father’s penis and not our roundygats!”
“What on earth is a penis?” Tess asked, shocked.
“Come, ladies, and listen to something rather special!” Queen Derbie said weakly, but she was smiling.
As was written in the Oracles provided later by Sage Simpson, he was named Senanu Kukah.
Everybody called him Sena.
He was the Halo Breed.

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