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The halo breed episode 18


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Sarai gave birth on a cold, rainy morning!
Her baby was born a month before Gus Kukah’s breed was born.
She was helped by seven midwives in a painful four-hour struggle that sapped her strength and almost cost her life.
Sarai had to endure a crunching hour of having her breech baby turned in her womb so that her head rather faced the birth canal instead of her legs. After that horrendous pain, she had to strain and push and grind to get the baby out.
It was as if the gods of the lands were using it as a punishment for her evil treatment of the only man she had ever loved. It was only when she heard the frantic cries of her new baby, that she passed out, completely overcome by her labour.
After the women had cleaned and swathed the baby in warm clothes after Sarai was revived, she was made to look at her child for the first time.
That moment brought sheer terror to Sarai for a horrible moment. Her fear was so chronic that she almost saw a replica of the bearded face of Gus Kukah on the body of the baby.
Giving birth to a child that looked exactly like Gus Kukah had been her greatest fear.
She lived in mortal terror of her husband now. After her marriage, the late king was buried. Daniel’s coronation as the new king lasted a whole month of feasting and merry making.
And that was when Daniel’s dark nature came into full glare. He became, simply put, a tyrant and a dictator.
The House of Representatives existed in name only: the new king took decisions and made new laws as he wished, and his enemies were trodden underfoot mercilessly.
As her pregnancy progressed, and she was subjected to near-rapes by her own husband on several occasions, Sarai slowly and painfully came to the realization that she had thrown away her gold for the chaff, but it was now too late.
Her terror peaked by degrees when it dawned on her that King Daniel Baffour Koduah could really make her and her child suffer if she gave birth and that baby bore any resemblance to Gus Kukah.
That was why the first look at her child filled her with so much dread, but she had already made plans to try and escape should her worst fears come true. She would take her baby and escape to the only place she would be safe from the wrath of her husband: the Pale Lands.
There might be death waiting for them, but that was preferable to the unimaginable horrors the king was capable of.
But, when she held her child, she found herself looking into the clear, beautiful eyes of a daughter that resembled her in every way, and Sarai breathed with happiness and silent relief.
What followed was a period of sweet joy for Sarai as the midwives showed her how to make her daughter attach properly to her n!pole. The baby gurgled happily as her mother sang softly to her as she [email protected]
Sarai did not see the king for five days after giving birth because he had left Densua on a courtesy call of King Hassan of Dunia, a beautiful town several kilometres away.
He had said the visit as a way to foster trade relations between the two towns, but Queen Sarai knew it was only because her husband had heard there were very beautiful women in the court of King Hassan.
Everybody knew King Daniel’s lust for women was almost insatiable.
On the sixth day, whilst she was in the royal chamber with her daughter, the king returned.
He breezed into the room in all his finery.
His clothing was more elaborate nowadays, more colourful and expensive than his father’s had ever been. He had designed a new crown which was embedded with glittering jewels.
He paused and looked at the beautiful Sarai as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“Ah, my beautiful queen,” King Daniel said with open arms. “How glad I am to see you once again, and to witness the arrival of my heir. Guess what I brought you to celebrate with!”
Before Sarai could answer, the king bellowed, asking that the ‘mad people’ be brought in!
The mad people turned out to be seven people from two houses.
There were three brothers, the sons of the rich man who had bought Sarai and turned a blind eye when these men s£xually molested her!
These were men Sarai hated with her soul, but at the sight of them, she felt her stomach crawling with compassion.
Evidently, the three men had been beaten so severely that their faces were swollen and bloodied, barely recognizable. They lay on the floor, still bleeding, and making incoherent sounds.
“See, my beautiful wife, my queen, I always deliver, don’t I?” King Dan said with an expansive smile. “These are the coyotes that dared lay hands on you!”
He took out a sharp knife from his cloak and proffered it to Sarai.
“Come, my dear,” he said with a booming laugh. “You said you would castrate them personally! Come and cut off their offensive balls!”
Sarai shook her head with horror!
There was a time when her hatred had burned so fiercely that she believed herself capable of killing these men, but to see them so beaten, so horrendously tortured almost out of their minds, she felt only great pity for them.
“My Lord!” she said softly and shook her head. “Whatever has been done to them is enough, please. Let them go. I don’t think they will dare do this to another poor girl!”
“Ah, you’re a new mother, so you speak trash out of your heart!” the king said. “Guards, take them and lock them up in the dungeons! The Queen will decide what happens to them later when she’s saner! If she still gives them mercy, then perhaps we shall feed their wretched hides to the lions and the crocodiles!”
He then gestured to another group of four people who had been pushed into the royal chamber.
There was an old couple and their son. The woman in the room was the wife of their son.
They looked scared out of their wits as they looked at Sarai.
The old couple rushed forward and fell to their knees in front of her.
“Your Ladyship!” they cried. “Please, please, forgive us, for we have sinned!”
Their son, tall and lanky and well-groomed, looked at Sarai fearfully as he stumbled forward and joined his parents, and then he knelt too.
“Sarai, my daughter, please, forgive your poor father for the wrong he did your mother!”
Sarai began to weep softly.
These were the people who had hurt her most!
This man had raped and impregnated Sarai’s mother, and they had driven her out. Her poor mother had struggled to live whilst these people had indulged in their wealth.
After her mother died, Sarai had gone to their home to identify herself, and these people had let their servants whip her to the point of death, and thrown her out of the house whilst her own father walked away.
She wept to see them on their knees now begging, and she derived great satisfaction from it. She had no pity for them whatsoever as she glared at them. But she knew they were only pretending to save their necks.
“I accept your apologies,” she said as her tears fell. “But, just as you ordered your servants to give me sixty lashes on my back, I want you to feel how it is, sir, to have your son treated the same way!”
“My daughter!” said Andrew Oppong, her father, and there was fear on her face. “You would let your father suffer such a fate?”
Sarai nodded bleakly.
“Just as you let your daughter suffer that fate, father!” she replied coldly.
“Guards, take them out!” the king ordered. “But keep Sir Andrew and his wife in the ante chamber till I see them!”
As the people were dragged away weeping and begging, Sarai wept, and felt at peace within herself.
“And now, to see my heir!” the king said and approached the crib where the baby was lying.
“A daughter, my Lord,” Sarai said quickly. “Our beautiful princess!”
The king stopped abruptly and the smile died from his face as he looked darkly at her with a scowl.
“What?” he whispered. “Surely, you jest, don’t you?”
Sarai, feeling terrified, forced a brilliant smile on her face.
“No, my Lord,” she said, and her voice trembled a bit. “We have a beautiful daughter!”
King Daniel marched to the crib and looked in, saw the girl, and then with a huge cry of rage he kicked the wooden crib savagely.
Sarai screamed as the crib smashed on its side, tumbling out the baby. Sarai ran to her daughter and scooped her up, and the baby began to bawl.
“You bitch!” the king screamed with rage. “You shame me, Sarai! Indeed, you have disappointed me again, haven’t you? All the kings of Densua give birth to sons first! All of them! It is a blessing from the gods! And you give birth to a girl in my time? You filthy whore! Whose daughter have you soiled my bed with?”
“She’s yours, my King, please!” Sarai cried desperately. “She’s yours! Do not do this, Dan, please, I beg of you!”
King Dan struck her savagely on the side of her head, sending her spinning to crash on the floor, but even though she was threatened with unconsciousness, she kept a tight hold on her daughter.
“Kings of Densua give birth to sons as their first children!” he screamed, mad with wrath. “What am I going to do with a damn daughter? You shame me, woman!”
“No, my Lord, do not blame me!” Sarai screamed. “We know it is you who give the gene for a boy! If I have a daughter, then maybe you did not give the right gene, and maybe it was because the gods are furious at us for what you did to your father!”
The king slapped her savagely in the mouth, and her mouth split, and drops of blood fell on her screaming baby’s forehead.
“Or, maybe, you were stained by Gus Kukah before you came to my bed, you harlot!” King Dan cried darkly. “You have not heard the last of this, woman!”
He marched furiously out of the royal chamber.
Sarai cradled her daughter, and [email protected] her to keep her silent.
And Sarai sobbed helplessly.
Her plans, her life and her existence were crumbling around her feet!
Oh, how Gus would have been delighted to hold such a beautiful daughter!
He had never had brother, or a sister, and he had always told Sarai that he wanted to have a daughter first, and then a son!
“You will give me a princess, my love,” he would say as he smiled lovingly at Sarai after they had made love. “A beautiful princess I will always spoil!”
“Oh, Gus!” Sarai wept bitterly. “You punish me still! Oh, my love! Come back and save me from this! My love, come and see your princess!”
The king marched furiously into his ante chamber where Lord Andrew and his wife, Lady Gifty, were waiting fearfully.
“Tie him up!” the king ordered furiously.
Sir Andrew wept and begged, but to no avail as the warriors tied him up tightly.
“Good,” the king said. “Now, leave us!”
When the guards left the room, the king pointed his royal sceptre at the trussed Lord Andrew.
“You raped the mother of my Queen!” he said harshly. “Now, you will experience the just payment for that by watching your wife raped too!”
“No!” Lady Gifty screamed and tried to flee from the room, but the king drew his sword and lay it at her throat.
“Perhaps, you will prefer your head cut off, huh, woman?”
The woman, trembling with great fear, dropped to her knees and clamped her hands to the king.
“Please, my Lord, I’m a mother who had nothing to do with this,” she whispered in a frightened voice. “I did not know anything about this until our arrest. Please, I beg of you, do not commit this great sin!”
King Daniel looked down at her without mercy.
“You will remove your clothes and lie on the couch with your buttocks facing outwards, or I shall decapitate you!”
“Gifty!” Sir Andrew screamed. “Please, I beg of you, I do not want to lose you. Do as he says!”
“No!” Gifty screamed. “I can’t! I love you, Andrew! Always remember that!”
And then she watched as the King took out his er£cted organ from within the folds of his dress. It pointed at her dangerously.
“Out of your clothes and on the couch with your buttocks up, woman!” the king screamed.
With a cry of fear, Lady Gifty got to her feet and raced towards the outer doors.
“Gifty!” Sir Andrew screamed. “Noooo!”
The woman went through the door to the balcony, and then without pause, she jumped over the railing and fell six floors to the hard courtyard of the palace.
The king, dazed, walked to the balcony and looked down.
She was lying far below him in a pool of her own blood.
“Ye gods!” he whispered to himself. “Am I that disgusting to make her prefer suicide to my sweet rape?”
Lord Andrew was screaming shrilly, calling his wife’s name over and again.
“You shut up over there!” the king said fiercely as he tucked himself back into his clothing. “One word from you and I’ll throw you down too to join her!”
Sir Andrew stopped screaming, but he bowed his head helplessly and wept bitterly.
King Daniel Baffour Koduah walked out of the ante chamber, but he did not see that the mourning man had worked his hands free from the tight cords binding him, and that he was watching the king’s back with murderous eyes as he passed.
The king entered the royal chamber and looked at the swollen-faced Sarai as she sat near the window, crooning gently to her baby.
“Ah, woman!” the king said and began to take off his clothes. “My passion is sore awakened, but your foolish step-mother threw herself down into the courtyard before I can partake of the delights of her thighs!”
Sarai looked at her husband with horror.
“What did you say, Dan?” she whispered. “You were going to sleep with Sir Andrew’s wife? What’s wrong with you? Is she alright?”
“Stop asking foolish questions, milady!” he said harshly and faced her with his er£ction. “Nobody can survive a fall from up here. Now, put that demon of a baby away and come and satisfy your husband!”
Sarai gasped with sudden fear.
“No, Dan, that I cannot do!” she whispered. “I gave birth less than a week! I’m extremely sore down there and I’m stitched! You cannot do it! It will kill me!”
“Then die, and be fast about it!” he said grimly. “The beauty of having power does not lie in the ability to do anything one wants, but actually doing anything one wants! Right now, I desire you, and I’m going to have you. Damn your pain, for my pleasure is paramount!”
Sarai stood up with horror and clamped her baby to her chest. The mere thought of the horrible pain she would sustain from him made her stomach churn.
“I beg of you, my Lord!” she said desperately. “There are other women in the courtyard ready to please you. I pray thee, take one of them! I’m still bleeding down there! Passing urine is even abominable pain to me! Have mercy on me if I’m your queen!”
“I care not for your pain after giving birth to that useless girl!” the king thundered. “I am going to partake of the pleasures of your thighs, and the pain will serve as punishment for your evil deeds against me!”
Sarai screamed and rushed towards the door, but he blocked her and smiled evilly. she was weeping now, totally convinced that he was mad!
He advanced menacingly, and just as he reached out to touch her, the door flew open and Sir Andrews stood there with a sword in his hands and his eyes filled with diabolical intent.
The King whirled around and smiled, and then he clapped his hands with glee.
“Ah, see, the father-in-law comes to save his worthless daughter!” he said. “Well, isn’t that grand?”
Sir Andrews was weeping, and he screamed with fury and rushed at the king with the sword held low to cut through Dan’s belly. Sarai took the opportunity and fled from the room.
The king picked up a heavy metallic club with a round iron at its end, studded with sharp spikes, which was leaning against the door. He spun from Sir Andrews’ attack, and as the man’s momentum made him lose balance, the king swung the deadly weapon straight at the back of the grieving man’s head!
It shattered his skull and almost made his eyes pop out of his head.
Sir Andrews crashed to the floor and blood spurted from his shattered skull.
He was dead.
The king grinned evilly.
“Blimey, I have seen the brains of my father-in-law!”
He laughed in a high-pitched voice as he climbed into bed.
And so, the king of Densua slept with the corpse of his father-in-law on the floor as his blood congealed slowly.
And, in his death, the poor Sir Andrews saved his estranged daughter from one of the most heinous pains any woman could ever endure from a man!

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