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The halo breed episode 21


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The Sage raised his rod and pointed it up!
A deafening roar split the air as the Halowans celebrated the victory of this strange prince. There were cries, shouts, screams, and the banging of musical instruments. They could really make noise, and King Kukah had to steel himself tightly against the ear-splitting cacophony.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the Sage slowly lowered his staff, and the din finally died down.
Gus held his wife gently as she wiped tears from his face, and then he looked at the Sage.
“Can I have my son back now?” he asked coldly.
Sage Simpson made a gesture towards six black-clad Halowans who had entered the arena, and they began to lift the wounded Horde members and take them out of the arena.
“I asked you a question, Sage!” Gus Kukah said coldly. “And maybe it is not a question. I want my son back now!”
The Sage turned his head slowly and looked at the king, and then he bowed low to him.
“Forgive me, Your Majesty, for my insolence,” he said softly. “But, if indeed your son is the one we have been waiting for – and I have no doubts whatsoever that he is the one – then we have not finished. There is more to come!”
“What are you talking about?” the king and the queen spoke at the same time.
Whilst there were fear and anguish on Queen Derbie’s face, there was cold fury on the King’s face.
Gus Kukah gently pushed Queen Derbie aside and approached the Sage, causing a look of alarm to cross Derbie’s face.
“Gussy?” she whispered, but he paid no heed to her as he put a hand on the Sage’s shoulder.
“What are you saying?” he asked fiercely. “My son is wounded, he is still bleeding, and he has lost a lot of blood. Bring him to me so that we can attend to him, or I’ll go down there and take him myself, and woe be any Halowan that tries to stop me!”
The Sage gently touched Gus Kukah’s head with the globe on the end of his staff. There was an explosion of light, and Gus tottered backwards with a m0an of pain as he clamped his hands to his temples.
He shook his head dazedly as his knees wobbled. He would have fallen, but Derbie held him up and put her arms around him.
“What have you done, Honourable Sage?” she cried fearfully.
“It is time for him to remember!” the Sage said coldly.
“Remember what?” Queen Derbie asked, and her heart was terrified. “His past?”
“Yes,” the sage replied. “The need for the deception is over. It is time he became the man he was meant to be, and know the truth about his son, who is not his son!”
“You speak in riddles, Honourable Sage!” Queen Derbie cried. “If he remembers from where he came from, his wish to return will be great, and Halo will lose a great king!”
“His destiny is not his own!” the Sage said calmly. “His life is a calling, a part of the great future of his Earth, and our Halo!”
Gus Kukah opened his eyes slowly, and he looked at them with horror.
“Densua!” he murmured. “Sarai…she betrayed me! Heavens…King Baffour died…Prince Dan! What the hell happened to me?”
The Sage came close to Gus Kukah and spoke earnestly.
“Forgive me, my Lord, but it was necessary for you to forget your lineage for a spell of time, and so the spirits made you forget your past, but now they want you to remember!”
“Damn the spirits!” Gus Kukah cried painfully. “You deceived me!”
The Sage turned and waved his hands at the people gathered on the Royal Corridor.
“Leave here, everybody!” he said grimly. “Leave me alone with the king and queen!”
He waited as the corridor slowly emptied of gawking Halowans, and then he carefully laid his staff down and put both of his hands on King Gus Kukah’s shoulders.
“Let me show you something, my Lord, please!” he said softly and pointed to the table beyond Gus Kukah.
On it was a huge, golden book.
The Sage approached the table and made a gesture in the air without touching the book, and slowly the book opened with a soft sigh, and Gus Kukah found himself looking at a tent, and in the tent was himself and the late King Baffour.
As he watched, the picture suddenly began to move on the paper, and became a live video, and he saw King Baffour drawing a ring from his forehead, and slapping it on Gus Kukah’s forehead.
“This is the sacred scrolls of the Great Armageddon that will befall Earth and the Halos, my Lord,” The Sage said softly. “The Oracles proclaimed it, and it is slowly coming to pass, and it will be recorded as it happens in this great book. What you’re seeing now is the night the Golden Elemental Totem came to you.”
“Heavens!” Gus Kukah whispered alarmed, as he watched the live images flitting through the great book. A page flipped open, and again he saw live images of Prince Daniel Baffour Koduah slitting his own father’s throat.
“The bastard!” Gus Kukah screamed loudly as his heart became filled with pain. “He murdered the king, oh no!”
Another page turned, showing how Gus Kukah was hunted down, and how he was betrayed by Sarai.
“Is that the woman you loved?” Queen Derbie asked with shock.
“She is,” Gus Kukah said quietly.
“And she betrayed your love for iniquity?” she whispered. “Surely, I will not do such a thing! Surely, I deserve you more than she does.”
Gus Kukah looked up at her gently and then touched her cheek.
“Even if I could go back, I will never leave your side,” he said gently. “My heart beats for only you now.”
Tears came to her eyes as her fears dissipated by his assurance, and she came into his arms and kissed him gently.
The Book of Tatafu kept turning, relaying events, until it stopped at Sena fighting in the arena, and black clad Halowans removing the fallen Horde members as had just happened.
“Something bad is going to happen, my Lord,” Sage Simpson said softly. “I don’t know how bad, but if it is not stopped, the Humans above us would perish, and then the Halowans here would perish next! The only thing that can stop that from happening is that prince, Sena, the breed! Now, look!”
The page turned, and showed the little Sena standing all alone in the arena. Suddenly, the floor of the arena broke, and a giant hand snapped up the baby, and dragged him under!
“Oh, no!” Gus cried with horror.
“No!” Derbie screamed. “Not my son, not my baby!”
“What’s the meaning of this?” Gus Kukah asked in agony.
“It means the prince will be taken by the spirits, and they are going to prepare him for what will be coming, for a long time! Your coming here was to fulfil the Oracles, my Lord, and you hold the totem for his sake! So, I beg of you, this is beyond any of you! It is a case and a cause for the spirits, so please, don’t make it difficult.”
“The spirits will take him?” Gus asked painfully. “For how long?”
“For as long as it takes, my Lord, and even I do not know that, but it had been rumoured, by my master, that it would take about five thousand half-winks!”
“Fifteen years?” Gus exploded with horror. “Oh, no, please, don’t do this to me!”
Suddenly, he m0aned as he felt a great pain in his head.
He clamped his hands to his temples again.
“My love!” Derbie cried. “What’s happening now? Sage! What’s happening to him?”
“It has started!” the Sage said as he looked into the arena. “The spirits are coming for the Chosen One!”
Suddenly, the golden ring smashed out of Gus Kukah’s forehead and travelled swiftly down into the arena.
The baby Sena looked up with sudden confusion as the weather became dark suddenly! The ring seemed to be on fire as it smashed into Sena’s forehead, and at the same time the ground shook alarmingly, as if there was an earthquake!
The ground shattered around the boy, and a huge, golden hand that was surrounded with fire shot out, grabbed the boy, and pulled him down into the earth!
The dark weather cleared, and the ground appeared smooth as if it had not broken!
“No!” Queen Derbie cried and broke into tears. “Sena! My baby! Woe unto you, Sage! I curse the day you were born!”
“Enough, enough, my dear,” Gus Kukah said as he held his wife. “If it is for a purpose as great as the Sage says, and our son is needed, so be it.”
“Wise decision, my Lord,” the Sage said sadly. “Please, know your wife, and give birth to more, for the spirits have blessed you with more children for the one you have sacrificed. For now, Sena is the son of the spirits, and he is going to be their spear!”

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