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The halo breed episode 22


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Sarai called her daughter Dawn.
It was the name of Gus Kukah’s mother, a name Gus loved very much, and always said he would christen his first daughter dawn.
“Ah, you name the wench after her whore of a grandmother,” King Dan said dourly as he looked at Sarai with belligerent wrath. “You do not surprise me, my queen.”
They were in the Holy Hall where the naming ceremony was taking place on an early morning. The hall was decorated with beautiful white and yellow lace, and the ceremony was being officiated by the seven Holy Men who were wearing red gowns and high hats.
The hall was filled with elders, king-makers, warriors, members of the defunct House of Representatives, and other important people.
The king and queen were sitting on two throne-like chairs on the golden platform in the hall.
“Your Majesty, please,” Sarai said softly and closed her eyes. “I owe it to the memory of Gus. After all, I’m vastly responsible for his demise, and naming our child after his mother should not cause you any bitterness.”
“I does not, that I can assure you, my dear Sarai,” King Dan with a sly smile. “And don’t ever in your life refer to that little brat as our child. Luckily for you, she bears your stamp and not that of her father, otherwise I would have slit both your throats before the dawn of day.”
Sarai gasped, and tears came to her eyes.
“Dan, please,” she whispered fiercely.
“Do not even dare, you witch!” he said tightly. “I know now that she is from the loins of your Gus. Do not, I warn you, stoke my ire and make me do something you would find unpleasant. Have the decency of a woman – even though you’re a cheap whore – to be honourable about this. After all, I made you an honourable woman.”
Sarai lifted her hands and crossed them across her face so that others would not see her tears. Her heart was beating with fear, but her heart was also glad that at least, where it mattered most, her conscience had finally been laid to rest.
“For what it is worth, my Lord, I never set out to get pregnant,” she murmured sadly. “It was supposed to be a final time with him because of what I was planning to do to him. And the spirits saw it worse to turn my bitter plans against him into a child, and bind me to him for eternity.”
“You whore!” King Dan grated out fiercely as his eyes tore into her bleakly. “You stained your throne, Sarai, but I’ll forgive you by dint of the fact that you remind me of the victory I had over Gus Kukah, my father’s chosen. But you must know that I shall not allow you to stain the royal blood of Densua.”
She looked at him with sudden fear.
“And what exactly does that mean, my Lord?” she asked softly.
“It means I shall still come between your thighs and take the pleasures that are mine for making you a wife,” he said bleakly. “But do be careful, Sarai, not to get pregnant. For I will not allow that baby to be born, or allow you to carry that baby! It will die in your womb, and you with it.”
Sarai looked into his cruel eyes, and accepted her death sentence as it was. She had no doubt whatsoever that this man would do it, and for the umpteenth time she died within as she asked herself why she had accepted to be a mate to a man such as this, and betrayed the only man she had ever loved!
“I’ll have my heir with another woman, and probably some bastards with a lot of women,” he continued quietly. “For bringing this abomination of a child into my palace, don’t expect fidelity from me. And you, if you so much as look at another man in a way that displeases me, I’ll have that daughter of yours beheaded. You will know s£xual gratification only when I decide to grant you one. Is that understood?”
Sarai nodded.
“Yes, my Lord, it is understood,” she whispered painfully.
She could live with that, for only Gus had been able to give her the s£xual bliss her soul needed. Let the king have as many women and children as he wanted.
She and Dawn would do just fine. They would just have to stay away from this man’s path as much as they could, for this king was not of sound mind.
Two months after Dawn was christened, King Daniel Baffour Koduah of Densua and twenty trusted warriors travelled deep into the Black Mountains.
They were aptly named because, from a distance, the group of folding mountains appeared as black as coal. A great forest separated the Black Mountains from the rest of Densua. After the forest, there was a river that was a deep crimson red, and stank so badly that it was difficult to breath around this place.
It was believed that no plant could grow in the Black Mountains, and that it was occupied by the vilest of evil entities.
The men, even Kobby Obeng, were visibly scared when they emerged from the forest and faced the blood-red river. The king smiled disdainfully as he looked at the terrified warriors. They thought, quite erroneously, that he would expect them to travel with him across the river.
“You wait here,” King Daniel said. “I’ll not take more than two hours.”
“Yes, Your Majesty,” Kobby Obeng said as he tried hard not to breathe the foul smell. “We will wait.”
“When you see me removing my clothes, turn your backs,” the king said calmly. “Anyone that watches me will be turned to everlasting stone.”
They watched with terror as the king approached the edge of the red river. He stopped, and began to remove his clothes.
Kobby Obeng turned his back to the king instantly, but one man who was eager to know what was happening continued staring, and suddenly there was a humming sound, and the man’s feet turned to solid black stone!
“Oh, no, oh spirits, my feet, my feet!” he screamed with agony.
All the warriors turned their backs instantly.
The screaming warrior watched with horror as the black stone crept steadily up his calves, then thighs, and waist.
“Help me, Kobby, please!” the man screamed with terror and struggled fiercely.
He was Adom Sencherey, one of Kobby’s friends.
Kobby could not turn his head, but his heart beat with great pain.
The warrior continued to change into a pillar of black stone, and soon it reached his neck.
“Take care of my children, Kobby!” he screamed in a terrified voice. “Do not let them lack.”
“They’ll be treated in likewise manner as mine, my dear brother!” Kobby whispered as tears came to his eyes.
Dear spirits, what have we done? What have we brought on Densua? Oh, what have I done to Gus Kukah? I have cursed our village!
And soon after, Adom Sencherey became a pillar of black stone!
As it turned out, none of them saw the strange long canoe that shimmered on the red river and which the king stepped into. There was a deep blue haze on the stinking river now, like a thick veil of cloud, and the white canoe slowly disappeared into the mist.
It meandered through the dark mountains until it stopped suddenly.
Across from the canoe, nestled on a plateau near the river of blood, was a square hut that was very green. Stretching from the hut to the river was a sinuous creature that looked like a giant anaconda.
The king stepped from the canoe and stood on top of this creature. It hissed dangerously and began to retract towards the green hut. The door swung open, and a very old hag stepped out.
She was bent double with a huge hump on her back, and she was [email protected] Her sagging [email protected] were so long that they touched the floor. Her face was wrinkled, and her lips were folded within her toothless mouth. She glared at the king with rheumy eyes that had giant folds around them.
“You return,” she hissed darkly. “It was as I told you.”
“It was, Granny Oklomo,” the king said softly.
“And you found out the child is not yours, but that of the Fire Warrior!” the witch whispered.
“I did,” the King said. “Everything you said is true. And now, I need a heir, just as you promised.”
“Your loins are locked by the spirits for the murder of your father, and of the Fire Warrior, and no earthly maiden shall give you a son. Daughters abundance shall you have!”
“No!” King Dan cried with horror and dropped on his knees with sudden despair. “Ever since you appeared in my dreams, and directed me here, I have listened to you only, Granny Oklomo! Surely, there is a way to have an heir, my own son!”
“There is, but the woman who will carry her cannot be a normal human!” the old hag hissed dangerously. “If you want, and if you desire strongly, there is just one way.”
“And what is that way?” the king asked hoarsely.
“Me!” the ugly hag hissed fiercely and indicated her saggy buttocks with a finger. “You lie with me, King, and deposit thy royal seed in my womb. Only then shall you have a son!”
“Ahhhhh!” King Dan screamed with horror and despair. “Ahhhhh!”
The ugly witch glared at him fiercely.
“Then begone, you evil child, for we have no more dallying betwixt us! I gave you power, and you gave me the death of your detestable father and the Fire Man! Begone, you wicked soul!”
She hissed, and her mouth emitted horrible amber flames! Her ears and nostrils let out puffs of acrid smoke as if she were burning within. She turned and shambled back into her hut as her [email protected] trailed the floor.
King Baffour hesitated for some time, and then slowly he held his royal lance, closed his eyes, and imagine the first time he was with Sarai. As his mind dwelled on their lovemaking, he yanked his own rod and mauled it fiercely until he attained an er£ction, and then he rushed into the hut!
The ugly, stinking, hag was bent over some boiling pots in the room, and her back was turned. She looked absolutely horrendous, and the king almost vomited.
With a cry of horror, he felt his er£ction dwindling. He rushed at the old hag, shut his eyes, imagined Sarai, and dug into her horrendously acrid and putrid orifice!
“Kiniiiiiiw!” she wailed loudly as he kept his eyes closed and pounded into her.

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