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The halo breed episode 23


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The life of the son of Gus Kukah in the world of the spirits was a hard one.
Because he was so young, he found it hard to comprehend, at first, why he was no longer with his loving parents in his warm room.
He understood that he had been in a fight where he had gone through extreme pain, and finally he had become a sort of warrior, attacking and conquering those boys in the arena.
He had somehow known that what he was going through was orchestrated by that strange bald man they called the Sage, and he would have attacked that Sage had the burning hand not appeared and dragged him out of the arena.
Sena had been put in a land where the sun was a scorching infernal horror. His body had still been cracked and bleeding from the fight in the arena, and lying in that sizzling heat had been so horrible that the young prince had started bawling raucously and with great despair.
It had taken him a few minutes of crying endlessly whilst lying on those scorching rocks to know that he was no longer in the palace, and no longer the subject of affection and love.
It dawned on his young brain that situations had changed rather drastically, and out here, he was all alone, and no amount of bawling would bring his father’s wonderful face over his crib, or his mother’s adoring arms around him. He realized that his blissful days of sucking on three wonderful nipples for his milk were over.
Out here was a different ballgame.
Out here on those heated brown rocks, he could lie there and cry his intestines out and nobody would come and lift him up.
With this realization came the cold, sober thought that he better bust a move or he would be scorched to death.
And so Sena, the Halo breed, turned over and began to crawl.
He screamed when his hands touched the hot stones, and he knew he could not crawl like that over here. He needed to do something quite drastic otherwise his pain would continue for eternity.
So, he tore off his baby clothes and tied them around his feet, and then stood up and surveyed his surroundings.
He wiped the tears from his eyes and realized at that moment that tears were quite useless emotions involving silly emotional vexations and loss of water from his system.
And thus, on that hot, bleak, and absolutely fractious day, the prince learned his first lesson, and killed his emotional pains at that very moment.
He knew that standing on those rocks would not be good in the long run. The heat would seep quickly through the makeshift relief of the cloths around his feet, and burn him severely again.
First, he needed a solution to the heat.
His bleak eyes surveyed the terrain, and he saw that below the hill were darker shadows provided by jutting deep scarps in the terrain. Shadows meant less heat, and so he moved in that direction quickly with jumping lopes.
He was a few metres from the first deep shadow when the clothes around his feet finally burst into flames.
By this time, the young prince had already come to the realization that screaming and fuming and throwing tantrums were stupid, and only solutions to problems worked, so he flung himself into the air and pulled off the burning materials from his feet.
He landed under a jutting crevice, and felt the coldness of sparse grass right there. His feet and hands were badly singed from the fire, and the pain was quite excruciating, but he made no sound as he lay in the relative coolness provided by that crevice and the grass.
It took him a moment to realize that the pain on his back was considerably less than the scorched places on his face, stomach and thighs. He knew he was under the crevice, in the shade, and so his whole body should have experienced a uniform coldness. Apart from that, lying on his back should have made the pain on his back worse, but it was more tolerable, and so there was something out of the norm.
He rolled over and looked at the grass he was lying on, and saw that several of the blades had been broken by his fall, and there was a sort of purplish juice from them that had obviously spread along his back.
Again, Sena broke several of the flossy, spongy blades and spread the strange purple juice on his hands, and almost immediately he experienced relief from the burns on his hands.
He did not, however, spread more on his body because he reasoned that what had given him relief could turn out to be a worse form of remedy, and so he waited for several minutes to see if the after-effects of this strange balm would give him more pain, or the pain was lasting. He endured the flaming pains on his body as he waited, and soon enough, he noticed that the burns and scalded skin around his hands were actually less painful and seemed to have improved.
That was good.
He broke off several blades and squeezed out the juices, and then carefully spread them all over his body, at least where his young hands could reach. Eventually, the dizzying relief he experienced lulled his body, and he fell into a deep sleep.
He woke up suddenly when a sharp scream filled the air.
Sena looked around him but could not see anything for a moment. And then the hunger pangs hit him severely, and he knew he was facing another challenge.
In the palace, his hunger issues were always resolved by screaming his head off, and his loving mother would come and put those nipples in his mouth and squeeze out the milk, or she would prepare that sumptuous meal in a bowl and spoon-feed him whilst she sang lovely songs.
But out here, he knew the laws had changed.
He could scream himself to death, and no one would mind him.
Out here, he had to find his own food!
The purple juices had healed and cooled his body rather considerably, and so he stood up and surveyed his surroundings. The strange sun was still blazing relentlessly, and he wondered if this strange land had day and night as he was used to in Halo.
First, he saw a sheen of silver in the distance.
Was that water?
He had to find out because he could not remain here. The thirst alone would kill him.
Carefully, he moved out of the crevice, noticing that there were patches of heated stones between him and the small crevices spread along the land towards that silvery sheen he could see in the distance.
And that was how he moved!
He would run on his toes and jump into a crevice, wait for the pain to subside, and then move out onto the hot, scorching stones!
And, eventually, he came within range of the silvery sheen, and realized that it was indeed water. It was surrounded by a green vegetation and some tall plants that had huge oddly-shaped fruits. Some of the fruits were black, others a blazing red, some white, and some blue.
The little boy scowled, wondering if they were edible.
But first, some water to drink.
He ran out of the last crevice and then hurled himself into the air and landed on the green grass beside the river!
It was far cooler here and so comfortable.
He sighed with relief and moved towards the water…and then that hideous yowling scream that had woken him up came again, horrifyingly close to him, and when he spun around, his intestines quailed when he saw himself facing a catlike but monstrous creature that had two heads!
It was a hairless, sinewy beast with sharp claws and huge, serrated teeth that could rip him to pieces! It had a yellow eye on each head, and they fixed the prince with hatred as the beast pawed the ground in fury.
“I have no fight with you,” Sena said and held up his hand. “I just want some water, and some fruits, if they’re edible, because I’m hungry and thirsty. Let there be peace between us, beast.”
And then the animal leapt for him with a savage roar!

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