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The halo breed episode 24


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Sena felt a stab of fear as he rolled away from the beast, but its flailing paw caught him savagely in the back, opening up deep gouges that made him cry out with pain as he was flung off the green patch on to the scorching brown rocks.
He was scared now and raced desperately away, but the beast leapt high and cut him off, landed gracefully in front of him and screamed shrilly again!
That was when Sena knew that he could not outrun this beast, or make peace with it.
He had two options; either stay still and be mauled to death, or fight for survival!
And so, the prince breathed deeply even as his feet burned on the scorching stones, and accepted his destiny. He did not scream, and when he realized that it was either kill or be killed, his fear slowly vanished.
So, when the beast leapt high, Sena Kukah also leapt high, and they clashed in the air! The claws of the beast tore into him as he threw a hard punch into one of its head!
They landed on the scorching stones, and battled fiercely, but Sena was no match for the fury and brutal strength of this beast! It tore into the young boy’s body with fury, opening up hideous wounds on his body.
Coldly, Sena analysed the situation!
This beast was stronger, healthier and meaner! There was no way he was going to be able to fight it with his bare hands, and yet he had no weapons! How then could he survive?
Should he simply give up and be torn to shreds?
No, he could not do that.
As long as he drew breath, there was hope, and he would continue fighting!
There were only two weak spots on this beast that he could see, and he had to go for them!
The hideous beast came bounding towards him again, and Sena allowed it to come, and when it began to land, Sena raced forward and leapt into the air, allowing the sharp claws of the beast to sink into his body, and then he jabbed a finger with all his strength into one of the eyes of the beast, and felt it shuddering with great pain! The eye smashed, and without wasting time Sena jabbed two fingers into the other eye!
The beast bellowed with rage and crashed down hard, releasing Sena!
It thrashed around, bellowing with pain and blinded by Sena’s attack.
Sena, bleeding profusely and almost passing out, defied the pain and the heat of the stones and shambled to the green plains around the little pool of water. He could hear the agonized screams of the beast behind him, but he paid no heed.
He fell on his stomach and put his hands into the water, scooping up handfuls and gulping down the sweet water.
And then he saw a patch of the strange grass to one side of the pool, and he headed for that. He broke off several and squeezed the juices on his body, and soon enough he stopped bleeding and felt the coolness of the balm.
He knew he could not spend too much time here. If another of these horrible creatures attacked, he would have no strength left to fight it. If this was the only water body, and there were creatures on this land, more would be drawn here, and so he had to move.
Sena moved to the fruits, which were low enough, and he plucked one each with their stems. He lashed the stems together and them put the bunch across his shoulders.
As he moved away from the pool of water, he saw something strange.
The beast was dead on the hot rocks, and the rocks had roasted its body, and the scent was both strong and appetizing.
He dropped his fruits and approached the beast.
He pulled out four of its huge teeth, and used them as knives to cut chunks of its body…and tasted it!
And that was when Sena discovered the delights of grilled meat!
He ate the chunk and licked his fingers!
So good, so damn goooooooood!
But then he heard another scream, far away, and quickly got to his feet. He was not afraid, but he knew he had no strength left righ now for another battle.
Quickly, he cut some more chunks and wrapped them in the huge leaves of the fruit stems, picked up his fruits, and headed into one of the nearest crevices that looked like a little cave.
There, he put the meat aside and cut some of the fruits.
The black fruit had a sweet interior that was thick and refreshing. The red fruit was filled with juicy water. The white fruit tasted oddly repugnant but bitterly alluring. The more he drank, the dizzier he became, and so little Sena discovered the crazy effects of an alcoholic beverage.
The blue fruit was tender and tasted oddly like milk.
And so, the prince of Halo ate his fill of grilled meat and juice, and drank a lot of the red fruit as water, and a little bit more of the crazy alcoholic effect of the white juice.
And then, he slept.
Yes, he slept.
He did not notice, as he slept, that a strange, mist-like and shadowy figure came to the entrance of the crevice and looked at him. He had the shape of a man, but it was huge and blurry, like a movement of smoke, and his blue eyes stared at the young infant as he slept.
“Well done, Chosen One, well done!” the figure murmured, and then it suddenly disappeared.

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