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The halo breed episode 28


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Princess Grace Klubi…
She blossomed!
She was brought to the palace a tot who needed to nurse at a mother’s [email protected] The king, however, did not want Sarai anywhere near this mysterious child.
She took no [email protected], but she was as healthy and radiant as the morning’s ray of sunlight. Dawn, Sarai’s daughter, liked to cry and throw tantrums, but Grace was every parent’s golden wish for a child.
She never cried, but always had a serene expression on her lovely face. And the more she grew, the more beautiful she became.
But not everyone loved the new girl.
Sarai was terrified of her.
Her fear began just a week after Grace was brought to the palace. King Dan no longer wanted Sarai to be in the main royal chamber, so Sarai had taken the adjoining room, and given her daughter a cot near her bed.
There was a heavy downpour that night accompanied by tender and lightning. Sarai [email protected] her baby and soon fell asleep. A particularly heavy thunder boomed, shaking the roof of the palace, and Sarai woke up.
The lamp had been turned low, but when she woke up, she saw the baby Grace standing across the room in the adjoining doorway.
She was [email protected], a baby of just a week old, standing freely and looking directly at her with eyes that glowed a bright green.
Sarai’s heart gave a great leap with terror as she bounded up in bed. Sarai had never felt so scared in her life as she sat up in her bed,
But that was not how it ended.
The baby girl moved!
She did not walk, no, but she seemed to glide a few feet off the floor, and the space under her feet and the floor was filled with a sizzling bluish energy! She came silently towards the bed with her hand pointed at Sarai.
Sarai was rooted to the spot with fear, and could not move a muscle as the baby girl hovered higher, and slowly approached Sarai!
And just then baby Dawn gave a high screech that seemed to break the evil spell, lending volume to Sarai’s lost voice, and she also screamed with terror!
Grace disappeared instantly and appeared in the adjoining doorway, her eyes still glowing, and then she disappeared.
King Dan came to the room and increased the brightness of the lamp.
“Shut up, Sarai!” he said harshly. “What ails you?”
Sarai pointed a trembling finger at the door.
“Grace!” she whispered. “The ba-ba-baby! She was here! With glowing eyes!”
“Shut up, you mad woman!” the king said with disdain. “Your jealousy is driving you mad! I can’t have you around my baby. In the morning, you will be taken to Gus Kukah’s house, and live there with your evil daughter! You will still be the Queen, but will come here only when you’re officially required. I’ll come to you when I need the pleasure of your body!”
The king stormed out of the room!
Sarai rushed to the adjoining door and locked it.
She left the palace the following morning with her daughter with relief.
And when she was ten years, Princess Grace’s beauty was already famous.
She was the king’s pride. Everybody in Densua loved her. Kings came from far and wide to witness her beauty, and to try to pledge her in marriage to their sons when she came of age.
She became so popular that the instituted an annual event in her honour, a fighting contest where the winner got bars of gold, a party at the palace where he got to sit beside the princess, and got a kiss on the cheek, and a ride through the main streets in a horse-drawn open-topped coach.
It happened on her tenth birthday. The winner was a twenty-year-old new warrior whose prowess with his bare hands had been unbelievable. He was called Kojo Somiah. Tall and straddling, his handsomeness appealed to the young princess.
He received his gold bars, they had the party, and the princess kissed him on the cheek. They took the ride through the town, and he kept up a string of amusing tales that made the little princess laugh so much that it took her a while to realize that they had come to a remote part of the town, somewhere she had never been before.
The driver of the coach was a warrior, and the other riders were all warriors.
Suddenly, Kojo Somiah was not smiling anymore.
His eyes had become cold and his face cruel as he leaned towards her.
“Your father is a bad man, Princess,” he said as he reached out and touched one of her tiny [email protected]
Grace screeched and looked around her with horror, expecting the warriors to come to her aid.
“Don’t worry, Princess,” Kojo said with a cruel snicker. “Your father’s cruelty has touched each and every one of the men here. Your father has passed a law that enables him to have any woman in this town, any time he feels like it! He raped my mother, and he had slept with sisters, girlfriends, mothers! We all joined the warriors with one agenda. We’re going to teach your damn father a fvcking lesson! By the time we’re done with you, he’ll never touch another woman forcibly again!”
Even though she was still quite young, the young princess looked around her, and saw the mean faces of these men numbering close to twenty, and she knew they were going to do bad things to her.
She could see it on their faces, and in their eyes!
“We’re all going to fvck you, princess, over and over until you bloody die!” Kojo hissed furiously. “When a king fools, the people revolt eventually!”
Princess Grace suddenly stood up and jumped from the coach!
“Get the fvcking bitch!” Kojo screamed.
She took off into the fields, screaming for help, and the warriors came after her!
Some rode the horses, and some ran on barefoot.
They screamed and waved cudgels, swords, and spears!
Princess Grace was screaming and running, falling in the marshes, entering the w€tter part of the fields. Now she could not run anymore, and her feet were stuck deeply in the black muck beneath the grass.
She turned slowly, dirty and cut, and tears streamed down her face!
Kojo Somiah began to unzip his trousers and pulled out his elongated and massive member.
Princess Grace screamed as more men began to unbutton and take out their er£ct members.
“Oh, you’re going to have a bad time, princess!” Kojo Somiah said nastily. “We’re going to tear up your hymen and open you up so fully that an army could march [email protected] through you!”
And the poor, beautiful little girl dropped to her knees in the green grass and marshes and clamped her hands together in supplication.
“Please, I beg you, don’t hurt me!” she wept.
“You would be shocked how many women begged your father just like this!” Kojo said and slapped her across the face viciously.
He fell between his legs as he viciously spread them open!
Kojo reached between her legs and tried to tear off her undergarments, and then one of the warriors suddenly took a step back.
“Kojo!” he screamed.
Kojo Somiah, even though filled with hatred and rage, suddenly realized that the little girl was no longer screaming.
And she was not crying.
Instead, her eyes were glowing a horrible white glare that shot out like fire, hit Kojo Somiah in the groin, and he began to burn up!
Kojo screamed and got to his feet as the horrible white fire consumed his groin and spread through his body, and by the time he was on his feet, he was just a skeleton that fell apart and became bones!
The rapists turned around and tried to flee!
The beautiful girl screamed with rage and turned in an arc, the fierce glow from her eyes hitting each one of them and setting them on fire, burning off their flesh and innards until their skeletons fell to the green marsh ground!
And when the last of them fell, the little girl stood with her hands balled up into fists beside her, and a most horrible expression on her face!
That was when she noticed three strange figures gliding towards her across the marshland. They were in long, hooded cloaks that hid their faces, leaving only green glowing eyes within the folds of the hoodie.
They stopped in front of her, and the one in the middle spoke in a rasping voice.
“You didn’t need help after all, my child,” he said. “We were concerned we would be too late. You grow and mature quickly. Soon, in five more years, you will usher in the Armageddon, Grace of the Skits!”

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