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The halo breed episode 30


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The elderly, bearded man looked at the sleek boy standing in front of him.
“Who are you?” Sena asked calmly.
“You can call me Prosper Freeman,” the bearded man said gently. “I am the Point for the spirits.”
“What spirits?” Sena asked, puzzled.
“First, cover your nudity,” Prosper said and waved his long staff at Sena, and immediately the boy was clothed with a long, belted, grey gown. “Well, you have been chosen by the spirits of the Underworld to combat the Armageddon that is fast approaching Earth, and will consume the Halos too if not combated.”
“I do not understand,” Sena said grimly as he walked forward. “I did not ask to be here! Damn, I do not know why I’m here! I’ve lived a life of strife, pain, and horror on these lands! And now you’re telling me there’s something harder I would do in the future? Who gave you the right to mess up with my life?”
“Ah, wrath, as well expected,” Prosper said in a deep, pleasant voice. “As the POTS, I’m not supposed to grow soft and all that, but…”
“Pots?” Sena said.
“Point Of The Spirits,” Prosper exclaimed. “But I’m sorry for all that you’ve been through, and likely to go through. However, you don’t really have a say in it. Your destiny and path was created from many years before you were even conceived.”
“And I can refuse to do what the spirits want, can’t I?” Sena said coldly.
“No, you can’t do anything about it, my son,” Prosper said gently. “You’ll come to understand what is at stake gradually, not now. But, first, congratulations for the first ten years of your preparedness! From now, you won’t have to fend for a place to lay your head, or food to eat.”
“How so?” Sena asked grimly.
“Now we will teach you how to be a man,” Prosper said kindly. “And how to fit into society. For the next five years before the Armageddon, you will have special teachers to teach you. Come, let me show you something.”
He walked slowly towards the farther reaches of the lovely garden where a huge golden door was standing behind a wall of green shrubbery.
“You walk through the door, Senanu,” Prosper said softly. “You’ll meet a man, a warrior, who is going to teach you the fine arts of a warrior for a whole year. After that, I shall return.”
“You don’t command me, old man,” Sena said coldly. “I’m not walking through that door, and you’re not going to make me.”
“Aha, is that so?” Prosper asked softly.
“That is so, old man,” Sena replied.
“Hmm, suit yourself then, my son,” Prosper said, and then he became less visible and distinct until finally, he was gone.
Just then the ground Sena was standing on began to vibrate.
And then, far ahead of him, the ground began to collapse, falling in rapidly into a deep, dark abyss!
It was coming towards him, and he knew that in a minute he would topple into that dark abyss if he did not move.
He turned around and began to run towards the golden door.
The ground caved in behind him, and then to his horror, he found himself beginning to fall into the dark abyss!
With a herculean effort, he jumped and his hands barely grabbed the edge before it broke beneath his fingers, and began to fall again.
He was not afraid though.
He launched himself out of the hole again, and then hit the golden door and it opened inward, toppling him into the space beyond!
And it was empty sky!
He was falling freely down at terrifying speed, turning head over heels, out of control, and he wondered if there was hard ground beneath him that would break his bones if he hit!
Sena tried to control his fall, but that was quite impossible, and in the end he just allowed his body to topple through space.
And then his descent was halted by a soft material!
He lay on the material, winded, and realized that it was just a piece of square cloth hanging in the air, and a little bald-headed man was sitting cross-legged in the centre of this strange cloth.
He was wearing a white robe, and had no hair anywhere on his body as far as Sena could see.
Sena sat up groggily and stared at this man.
“They call me the Monk,” the man said in a voice that was surprisingly huge for a man his size. “Welcome, Chosen One. For a year, I’m going to teach you the art of fighting.”
And then the cloth began to move slowly through the air to a destination Sena did not know yet.
King Daniel Baffour-Koduah walked through the luxurious garden of the Densua palace with his incredibly-beautiful fifteen-year-old daughter.
Grace Klubi had maintained her amazingly ethereal looks into her teenage years, and if anything she had even become lovelier and glowed as if she had the power of the sun beneath her skin.
In all the lands, there was none as beautiful as her!
They came to the pool where, many years ago, he had murdered his father.
The king stopped and looked across the pool for a while.
“What is it, father?” Grace asked softly. “You look troubled.”
The king smiled sadly and sat down on one of the stone benches.
“Ah, this pool always brought sad memories, my dear,” he said softly. “But do not worry your beautiful head over it. Go on, the weather gets cold. Run inside now.”
“And you, father?” she asked with concern.
“Ah, just want to catch the cold air for a while, dear,” the king said. “Ran inside. I will be with you soon.”
“Alright, father,” the young girl said and kissed her father on the cheek, and then she ran inside with happy, skipping steps.
The king watched her go, and then his eyes went back to the pool of water. It was late evening, and the setting sun cast a lovely golden glow over the pool.
He sighed deeply and then scowled with sudden unease as the surface of the pool began to ripple with small bubbles shooting to the surface. Circular waves moved majestically from the centre of the pool towards the edge, and it was as if something was rising from the bottom of the pool.
The king growled as a sick feeling suddenly crept into the pit of his stomach. The waves were intensifying, and the bubbles were shooting up bigger now, and for one horrible moment he had felt the urge to flee indoors.
The unreasonable fear that was gripping him was something he hated, and so as he got to his feet, he forced himself to remain where he was, daring whatever it was approaching.
And then, the ghostly figure slowly emerged from the depths of the pool!
And it was his father, the murdered King Baffour Koduah.
He stood in the middle of the pool looking at his son.
Dan’s heart hammered with indescribable fear as he watched the spirit of his father slowly gliding towards the edge of the pool with that perpetual disdainful look on his face.
He was dressed in his golden robes and had his crown, but his figure was not solid. It was a shimmering, ghostly figure.
In spite of his terror, and in spite of the fact that he was sweating with fear, Daniel walked on trembling legs to the edge of the pool and looked at the spirit of his father.
“You refuse to sleep,” he said coldly. “Even now, from beyond the grave, you reach out to torment me!”
“You torment yourself, Dan,” the spirit said calmly. “Out of your folly and greed, you chased after the vexatious vanities of life, and now your day of reckoning has come.”
“So, what vile sorcery is this, father?” the king growled furiously. “What do you possibly want from me?”
“Just came to tell you that it has been fifteen years since you murdered your own father and took the throne,” the spirit of King Baffour Koduah said gently.
“And what has that got to do with you coming here?” Daniel asked. “You put your faith and your hopes in that Gus Kukah, seeing him more worthy of your throne than your own son! Now, where’s he? Dead! Dead, and dead! And me, the one you saw no future in, is reigning on this land!”
The spirit looked at him sadly.
“You’re a fool, son, and has always been a fool! So soon, you have forgotten the warning given you by the SLOD, the supreme leader of Densua!” the spirit said coldly. “He told you that after fifteen years, you would have to descend to the tenements under the palace and close the gates of Hades!”
King Daniel Baffour gasped with sudden horror!
Of course!
That had been one of the reasons why he had dissolved the House of Representatives!
They had warned him about this, yes!
Oh, dear, were the fifteen years up already?
“Yes,” the spirit of his father said, as if it had read Dan’s mind. “And, you need the Golden Elemental Totem to lock the gates of Hades, Dan. And you have just five days more to do that!”
“I don’t have any damn elemental totem, shit!” the king shouted. “And it is all your bloody fault, father! You gave it to that bastard, Gus Kukah, for sure, on my blindside, and he died with it! Even from the grave you still found a way to torture your only son, didn’t you?”
“So soon, your folly has ended, hasn’t it?” the spirit of the late king said in a voice that was cold and unfriendly. “Instead, if you had waited, Gus Kukah would have groomed you, and handed over the throne to you, and this could have been the beginning of your reign, till as long as you lived! But instead, your stint of irrelevance has ended, and you’ve brought great calamity not only on yourself, but on the whole of this land! And I wish you the best in the storm, son!”
King Daniel watched with horror as the spirit glided back into the pool of water, and then began to sink gently into its depths.
“Father, wait!” he cried as tried to wade into the pool after the spirit of his father. “The elemental totem, father! Help me with it! How can I get it? Father, don’t do this to me… please, please!”
And when his feet touched the pool of water, electric shocks blasted through his foot, causing him to shout with pain and move backwards with fear.
The spirit of his father did not look back; he sank slowly into the depths of the water… and was gone in no time!
Fifteen years were up?
So soon?
How had it come so fast?
The king was terrified as he suddenly whirled and raced towards the back porch of the palace.
He could already feel the evil in the air!
The king had never known such horror!

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