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The halo breed episode 33



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Grace paused in front of the gigantic, golden door.

It creaked alarmingly as if shying from her, and warning her to keep off. It actually moved a bit inward, and now the fire around its edges blazed alarmingly, covering a wider surface of the door.

Grace took a deep breath, and her wings fluttered behind her again as she tentatively reached out for the door. Again it shuddered, and the fire blazed outward fiercely causing her to utter a little cry of fear and moving backward!

The sky above her rumbled ominously and flashes of lighting zigzagged alarmingly around her, making her whimper and take another step back.

The door was now fully ablaze, the angry fire covering its entire face as if an invisible being was trying to keep it locked.

And, as her fear mounted, and she wondered what to do next, she heard her name being called gently from behind the door.


It was a masculine voice that was both soothing, pleasant, and calm, arresting her attention immediately as she stood shivering on the metallic walkway.

“Who are you?” she asked in a voice that was filled with fear.

And at that very moment the sky above her burst into flames, and began to descend slowly downwards. It was quite terrifying, and she turned to flee from the Tenements!

“Stop, Gracie!” the voice said sharply. “If you flee, you will die before you make the exit!”

“What do I do?” she asked. “Who are you?”

“I am Lastor, Gracie,” the calm, pleasant voice said. “Lord of the Underworld. This is our destiny, Gracie. You and me. Don’t be afraid, my darling. Just open the door!”

Grace shook her head with horror.

“It is burning!” she said anxiously. “The sky… it is on fire! It is coming down to crush me!”

“Do not panic!” the voice said gently. “If you panic, it will indeed burn you to ashes, for so says the scrolls. But, if you’re brave, and you touch this door, it will open!”

“It has no handle!” Grace screamed in anguish.

“So you perceived, Gracie, but the Door of the Hades needs no handle,” the calm voice continued. “It is strengthened by a special ring, but the Earthlings no longer have the ring! We cannot open it from here, my love. But you, who has been destined from birth, can open it!”

“Destined from birth?” she cried, and now she was quivering with horror as the burning sky lowered further so that she could now feel the indescribable heat on her body. “How do you know of these?”

All around her embers of fire were falling, and she could feel some on her skin, burning her sharply.

“You have the blood of an Earthling royal, and the enchanted blood of the Skits, the witches of your mother’s lineage! I know you’re in terror, but do trust me, darling. Just approach the door and lay both hands on its surface.”

“It burns!” she screamed with terror. “I burn, please, Lord Lastor!”

“And you shall die, painfully and in great agony if you do not muster courage now!” the voice said, and it was now a little harsh. “There is no turning back for you now, because you breached the Tenements! But, great rewards await you if only you lay hands on these burning doors. Trust me, my darling. Do not shiver with terror!”

Grace screamed with agony when a large, molten, lava-like substance fell on her from the burning sky, and burned her to her very soul! She had never felt such terror and such raw pain!

She glanced up and saw that the sky was almost on her, burning with such fearsome rage that she trembled!

The lava was setting her on fire, burning her hair, burning holes in her!

She screamed over and again as her terror intensified.

“Lay your hands on the door, Gracie!” the voice bellowed from behind the door. “Do not stumble now!”

With screams bursting out of her lungs, she rushed forward blindly!

The fire from the Door of Hades billowed outward in a rage and covered her! It was a fierce fire that burned through the remaining fabric and melted her skin!

Her throat was gone, and as the skin peeled off her body she knew she would soon be a skeleton!

She could barely see now because her face was on fire, and her eyes were burning right out of her face.

Grace reached out blindly and put both hands on the door with her palms flat!

The groaning stopped immediately, and the raging fire turned blue and suddenly fizzled out!

The great door shuddered alarmingly, and then it slowly slid to the side!

Gracie saw only a great, red, smoke-like blast coming out of the door and engulfing her, and then billowing out of the door in great waves!

This red mist was cool on her skin, and as it billowed out in fantastic clouds, the burning sky slowly began to ascend again, the fire went out slowly until it was once more a magnificent, blue sky filled with those five strange planets.

But something amazing was happening too!

Grace could see that the flesh had been burned completely off her face, body, and limbs, living a horrifying skeleton that made her wish she were dead.

But, as the red mist moved sensuously across her, the tenderest skin formed once again across her skeletal frame, giving her a new kind of skin so pure and tender than she had previously had.

She held out her hands, amazed at how beautiful she had become, her skin just as she had always dreamed to have! She was [email protected], yes, but she felt no shame or shyness! This was a beauty touch she had never expected!

“You’re beautiful, Gracie, my darling,” the calm, wonderful voice said, and she looked up with wonder as he came through the door of Hades.

He was tall and muscular, dressed in a golden robe and holding a long, white staff in his hand. The top of the staff had a globule that looked like a crystal ball, but it was filled with the same red mist that was billowing so wonderfully around them.

And he was handsome!

It did not matter to Gracie that he had two horns that curved off the sides of his forehead and down his long ears that were pointed at the tips. His eyes were a brilliant green, but he looked so regal, so wonderful, so princely.

She looked at him with her lips open.

“Who are you?” she whispered breathlessly.

He reached out then.

His hands had three fingers and a huge, stubbly, thumb-like one.

But they were soft, and smooth, and so tender as he brushed those fingers across her tender [email protected] and slowly moved up to her neck and finally caressed her cheeks.

“I’m your honour, my love,” he said calmly and then a great smile broke out across his face. “For centuries we were trapped! But, finally, we’re here! The Earth is ours once more! Go, my love, and wait for the moro!”

Grace shook her head desperately.

“Are you coming?” she asked breathlessly. “I do not want to be apart from you!”

He smiled charmingly.

“This is Armageddon, my love,” he said gently. “I must wait for my brothers to arrive! But first, the Red Mist shall do its work and prepare the earth for our occupation! Alas, we cannot come fully before this is done!”

“And how long shall it take?” she asked desperately. “Oh, Lord Lastor! I just wish to be with you!”

“It shall take two earthly days, my love,” he said gently. “On the third day, you shall see me, and be with me.”

He reached out suddenly and curled his arm around her, and then he held her close and kissed her sweet, tender lips.

She gasped with desire as his tongue prowled sweetly into her mouth, raising her desire in a way she had never known and causing her knees to wobble.

His hand roamed her tender back, and then he gently kneaded her pliant buttocks, causing her to buck against him.

Finally, he stepped back.

He touched her shoulder with the globule on top of his staff, and Grace gasped when her full white dress suddenly appeared on her body, and cascaded down gently to her ankles.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“Oh, my Lord,” she whispered. “If this feeling I have is the love they speak so fondly of, then I do love you fiercely!”

He laughed gently.

“And I do love you, my glorious Gracie,” he said. “Now, go. I shall join you soon!”

“I can’t wait, my Lord!” she whispered, and then she turned around and moved swiftly down the metallic bridge of the tenements!

The guards were still in a deep slumber as she raced into the upper part of the palace and slipped into bed excitedly!

And as the people of Densua slumbered, the sinister red cloud moved slowly along the borders of the great city and encompassed it.

By the time the people finally began to stir into full wakefulness, the red mist had started to climb along the borders, forming a gigantic dome-like enclosure around the great city of Densua!

Evil had come to roost!

Things were going to change!



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