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The halo breed episode 36



“Ah, a sinful soul!” Lord Lastor said when he was about to chomp down on Kobby Obeng’s head. “Betrayed a man of good heart! Ah, that is indeed good, indeed good. You sinful ones will serve Lastor!”

Kobby Obeng gaped at the monstrous face in front of him, barely comprehending what was happening when the demonic entity held him in one hand with one long, crooked finger extended.

Kobby felt a sharp pain on his forehead as Lord Lastor broke his skin and etched two letters on Kobby’s forehead. First, he drew a crude spherical figure on Kobby’s head, and within that sphere he put two letters: LL!

“Receive the mark of your Lord,” Lastor said and dropped Kobby Obeng!

Kobby screamed as he felt his forehead burning!

The marks etched on his forehead literally burst into flames as Kobby clamped his hands on his forehead to stop the fire! He felt a searing pain suffusing his whole being, washing into his soul, bursting his heart, and screams ripped through his tortured throat until he crashed to the ground and began to writhe and thrash in agony!

He felt a horrible movement on each side of his neck, and suddenly the sides of his neck exploded out and formed crude structures that looked like gills.

Suddenly, the pain stopped, and he could breathe freely again!

He got on one knee slowly, and when he looked up, his eyes had changed to glittering orbs of green!

And, on his forehead, was the mark of the demon, LL inside a charred sphere!

“Welcome, servant!” Lord Lastor said gently. “Feed your master!”

Kobby Obeng got to his feet growling as his eyes surveyed the screaming, confused people in the courtyard of the palace. He picked up his sword from the floor and, bristling with lethal cruelty, he bore down on one of the young warriors called Twum.

“Commander!” the warrior cried with horror and took frantic steps backwards. “Why are your eyes green, Commander? Commander!”

Kobby screamed, pivoted around, and slashed cruelly into the young man’s neck, severing his throat! He grabbed the boy and pulled him towards Lord Lastor.

The demonic being’s circular mouth with the wicked-looking teeth fastened on Twum’s throat and chowed down viciously, drinking the boys blood in a nauseating, gurgling, slurping manner!

“Well done, servant!” Lord Lastor growled ominously as blood poured down his chin. “Now, take me to thy former master!”

Kobby Obeng, eyes smouldering with hatred, screamed and charged towards the entrance to the main quarters of the palace as the evil entities continued to mow down the citizens of Densua! Only the wicked ones were saved, each receiving the mark of Lord Lastor and the gill-like addition to the sides of their necks to enable them breathe easily!

Lord Lastor marched after Kobby as they entered the main hall of the palace where King Dan, dressed now, was holding the arm of his daughter. The king’s face was torn with terror as he hurried towards the back door, evidently trying to escape through the secret exit door in the garden.

Kobby pointed his sword at the king’s back.

“Halt, you pig!” he screamed.

King Dan gasped and came to a halt.

Grace wrenched her arm from her father’s grasp and looked at Lord Lastor.

There was adoration on her incredibly beautiful face as she took faltering steps towards him. She was still wearing her white dress, and she was as beautiful as the morning dew on rose petal.

“You’re here!” she whispered tremulously.

Lord Lastor, lips smeared with blood, held out his arms with his staff held outward.

“Come, my Angel,” he said warmly as his green eyes fixed on Grace. “We will make the world our own! We will rule, and feed, and thrive in bliss!”

Grace began to move towards the grand entity, and then she felt the tingle on her back, and her white wings suddenly bloomed outward into full glory!

“Gracie, my Gem, what evil incarnate is this?” King Daniel Baffour Koduah groaned with acute shock and distress.

Kobby Obeng huffed and puffed as he walked towards the king with great destruction in his eyes.

“Kobby?” the king m0aned with fear as he looked at his commander. “What happened to your eyes… your neck… Kobby! Your forehead!”

Kobby grabbed the king of Densua by the scruff of the neck, and slammed a blow into his guts repeatedly, causing the king to gasp and m0an with pain.

“Lord Lastor,” Grace said tremulously as the entity wrapped his arms around her and smiled with great tenderness into her eyes.

“Ah, my queen, my princess, my gem,” Lord Lastor said as he kissed the gentle girl slowly, and though his mouth was smeared with blood, and his breath was awfully foul, she kissed him back tenderly and with tears in her eyes, overwhelmed by the crushing physical and emotional passion engulfing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her wings fluttered gently behind her.

He put her away from her slowly and her eyes remained closed.

“My Lord, my darling,” she whispered sweetly. “Make me yours!”

“Ah, my enchanted queen!” he said tenderly. “Alas, you hold the key that will end our reign should we copulate! The breaking of your hymen shall surely mark the beginning of our demise!”

“No!” Grace cried, her face filled with great trepidation, and as she shook her head, tears filled up her beautiful eyes. “That cannot be! I want to be yours in every foreseeable way!”

“I know, darling,” Lord Lastor said. “But this is just the beginning, dear. There is a shadow, as foretold by the scrolls, of a man raised by spirits, a man known simply as the Breed of the Halo.”

Kobby Obeng lifted the screaming king and threw him to the ground in a most sickening manner. He put his foot against the throat of the terrified king and then he drew his sword and raised it.

“No!” Lord Lastor cried sharply. “Do not slay that accursed being! His presence is still needed, alas, in my battle against the breed!”

“This Breed of the Halo!” Grace said crossly. “Who is he? Surely if he stands in the way of our happiness he needs to be slayed!”

“Indeed, my dear,” Lord Lastor said. “Unfortunately, that is all the scrolls in Hades say about him, a shadow, a man with no fear, a man who can be of bother to me! But, your chastity is the key to his defeat. Maybe, the scrolls here, and your history, shall give me more insight of his identity.”

“And after he is vanquished?” Grace asked eagerly.

“Than shall the doors to Hades be sealed forever, and Earth shall forever be our throne… and yes, then shall we copulate, and fill this earth with our spawns to rule for eternity!”

“Then, quickly, let us find his identity, for I desire your love in full!” Grace said warmly.

Lord Lastor smiled as he gently put her aside and approached the terrified King Dan who was still lying on the floor.

“Ah, the follies of the foolish does fill me with wonder,” he said in that deep, echoing voice. “You were warned, even when you were an infant, of the ills of greed, human. And yet, in the labour of your infinite evil, you did murder your own father, didn’t you? You turned deaf ears to good counsel, and indeed did usher in the Armageddon. You will live, yes, you will live, and witness the destruction of your people, and experience a pain you’ve never experienced before! My dear Daniel, your fifteen years of folly and iniquity are up. Now, you will know terror!”

His eyes blazed, and great fury filled his countenance suddenly.

“Hold him up!” Lord Lastor growled. “He will receive the mark of Lastor, and then he will know the real meaning of evil!”

Kobby Obeng lifted up King Dan.

“Please, I beg of you, kill me!” King Dan implored pathetically. “Put me out of my misery, please, I beg of you!”

Lord Lastor smiled mirthlessly.

“It does not work that way, pig,” he said coldly. “No, it does not work that day. You have found Hades, and we do things a little differently over there, Dan.”

And then he carved his mark on the forehead of the king, and because his soul was filled with years of his wickedness, the pain the king felt from this act was magnified a thousand times, and he wailed and gnashed his teeth in unbearable agony as Lord Lastor’s fingernails dug deep into his forehead… and gave him the mark!

LL inside a burning sphere!



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