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The halo breed episode 38



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Dan Baffour Koduah was growling as he slammed himself against the front door again and again. It was locked and bolted from inside, and this seemed to infuriate the hunter, and he turned a thunderous look at Kobby Obeng and gestured wildly to him to help.

Kobby, in that fuddled up brain of his, eyes twinkling and mark blazing on his forehead, felt deep down that something was terribly wrong, and for a moment he almost turned away, but then he saw the huge, muscular Haze lumbering in the yard with his head tilted slightly to the side, smelling the air and growling through his long, snort!

The Hazies had better olfactory receptions, and he picked up the scent of the trapped people better, and knew they were not in the house but headed down the path around the house which led to the fish ponds, and beyond that was the vast green fields.

The Hazie suddenly growled and dashed to the left of the house with great grunting sounds! Kobby Obeng drew his sword and dashed after the zombie-like gargoyle, and after a moment’s hesitation, King Dan also followed.

They came around the building and at the far end of the beautiful garden, they saw a flash of cloth vanishing through the small gate in the wall. The Hazie screamed shrilly and increased his pace with the hunters following.

The Hazie dashed through the gateway and a moment later Kobby followed, and then he saw them!

They were running frantically through the narrow paths between the sectioned fish ponds, a middle-aged woman and her two children, Obed and Kharisa, and far ahead of them was Sunsum, Kobby’s huge dog!

The Hazie raised his head to the sky and wailed horrifically, and then he continued the chasing, opening a gap between him and the two hunters behind.

Kharisa was behind the dog, and Obed was behind her. They were crying with the terror ravaging them. Their terrified mother was way behind them because she kept glancing back to see how far the danger was, and she lost ground quickly.

“Run, Nyantie!” she kept screaming as her tears fell. “Go, Obed, get to the marshes!”

The Hazie was howling nonstop now, and the distance between him and Araba was now cut to a few paces. It began to salivate as it neared its prey!

Araba took a frantic look back again, and when she saw the Hazie that close up, she panicked instantly.

“Dear ancestors, help us!” she screamed, lost her footing, and went crashing into the fish pond on her left!

The Hazie stopped, raised his head, and howled ominously, his poisonous teeth grinding in anticipation as great drools washed down his face. He raised his hands with his claws extended, and crouched for the dive into the pond!

But he had not reckoned with Sunsum!

The dog had noticed his mater’s wife falling into the pond, and he turned around, laid its tail straight with the hair on its back standing like hackles, and tore down the path.

It zoomed past Obed and then Kharisa, closing the gap with great leaping bounds, and when the Hazie dove for Araba, the huge dog leapt with growling sound and met the Hazie in mid-air!

Araba was screaming with terror when the dog clashed with the Hazie, and they came down hard on her head. She felt the muddied water pushing into her mouth, and her ears were filled with the frantic growls and wails of the dog and the Hazie.

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The Hazie was a frantic evil with thrashing hands, his sharp nails digging cruelly into the ferocious dog. The pond was suddenly red with blood, and Araba struggled frantically out of the pond and gained her feet, and then she watched with agony and tears as the Hazie’s claws tore into Sunsum’s belly savagely, causing the dog to wail with pain.

The mighty dog reared out of the water and fastened its jaws on the neck of the Hazie, biting deeply, and the two crashed into the pond again as blood poured from both of them. The Hazie struggled, inflicting more wounds on the dog, but Sunsum held on tenaciously, biting and munching deeply into the throat of the human-beast until the Hazie became still, and his hands fell feebly.

But it was Sunsum’s last ebb of strength. He looked at his master’s wife once and blinked, as if saying goodbye, and then his body went limp in the pond.

Araba fell to her knees and wept bitterly as she gazed at the dog.

She could not flee again because the dirty, sinister Hunters had reached her side. She looked up slowly and gasped with terror.

“K.O!” she whispered. “Is that you? What happened to you, my husband?”

Kobby looked at his wife and growled ominously as, deep in his mind, he made the connection that this woman was important to him. He saw the images of a past life, and he whimpered suddenly with horror.

King Dan raised his foot and crashed it with deadly cruelty into Araba’s head, and she fell down unconscious!

Kobby m0aned as Dan removed one of the restraining ropes from his pocket, went on one knee, and effectively tied up Araba’s feet and laced it around her hands, bending her into a ‘C’ form so that she would not be able to escape.

He growled ominously at Kobby, obviously angered that he was standing and not helping, and then he stood up and raced after Kharisa and Obed.

Kobby Obeng stood like an automaton. He looked at his trussed up wife, and then at his dead dog in the pool, and then he looked up and saw that Kharisa and Obed had now reached the grassland, and were wading through with difficulty because the ground below was thick with mud… but Dan was almost on top of them.

Deep down, Kobby wailed!

His heart was touched, and with a groan he started running forward at great speed!

“Obed, go!” Kharisa screamed at her brother in anguish when she saw the slobbering, huffing, monster behind her.

Her brother was on a firmer ground, but Kharisa was bogged down and could barely lift her legs from the mud.

“No!” Obed said sharply. “I’m not leaving you!”

“Go, you fool, go!” Kharisa screamed. “They have Mom! They’ll have me soon! If you don’t go we’ll all perish!”

“So be it!” Obed cried as he reached out for his sister’s hand. “You’re my little sister, and I’ll never leave you behind! Never!”

And so, as they wept and tried to make a way, King Dan reached them.

He was hungry though, very hungry.

He saw that they were not really going anywhere now, and so his dark side took over. looking at them ominously, he pulled out several blades of grass with their mud-encrusted roots and proceeded to chew them with grunting, pig-like noises!

“Goodness!” Kharisa whispered with great horror. “Is that… not the king? What happened to him?”

Dan scooped some mud and gulped it down, his mean eyes pinning them with evil intent.

“Pap?” Obed whispered with horror and tears came to his eyes immediately when Kobby Obeng got to their side. “Oh, no! Pap? Pap!”

Kharisa turned her head, and she wailed with horror.

“Oh, no, Father, not you, not you too!” she cried.

King Dan, with green juice and mud smearing his mouth and face, looked at Kobby wildly.

“Git thim!” he said thickly.

Kobby Obeng raised his sword towards his beloved daughter.

“Father!” Kharisa screamed with horror. “Wake up! Wake up! It is me!”

Kobby Obeng flinched as if he had been hit!

He felt a painful pull to his heart, and he gasped with pain.

“Git thim, fool!” Hunter Dan screamed, stepped forward, and smacked Kharisa across the face, breaking her lips!

The truth was, blood would always be thicker than water!

Smashing Kharisa across the face woke up the paternal instinct of Kobby who loved that girl to death! Once, an attacker had smacked his daughter like that, and Kobby had nearly killed the poor boy.

He never allowed his own son to bully that daughter of his, and so when Dan struck her, and blood fell down her nose and lips, that beast within Kobby rose up, and with a roar of fury he fell on Dan!

He rained massive blows on the man!

Dan was like a wild tiger, and fought back ferociously!

Both now had the poisoned bloods of the Hadesians running through them, and so they were extremely strong and ferocious!

They fought like wild animals, and Kobby’s children watched with horror!

They fell into the thick sludge, and a final blow from Kobby Obeng made Dan crash heavily, winded, and lay in the mud breathing thickly with animosity, too tired now to protect himself!

And then the beast that was Kobby Obeng moved towards his stuck daughter.

“Father!” Kharisa cried in anguish, expecting this beast that used to be her beloved father to hurt her.

Kobby held her upper arms and lifted her from the bog, and then he set her down gently on the firm ground.

“Pap!” Obed whispered lamely as his tears fell. “Oh, Pap! What’s wrong with you? What happened to you?”

Kobby Obeng raised his head and looked at the red mist overhead, and then he said one word.


It was said in the voice of a monster, but briefly, the terrible green of his eyes vanished, and the eyes that looked at them was the kind, hurt, and terrified eyes of their father!

“Father!” Khrisa said and took a step towards him.

“Ga!” he shouted, his eyes beginning to change again!

Obed held his sister’s arm and drew her back.

“He’s gone, sister,” he said lamely. “Pap is gone! But he’s given us a bit of freedom! Let’s go!”

And so they began to flee from the monster that was their father, and Dan growled ominously as they went, but he was too weakened by the fight to give chase.

Finally, the two young people were out of the grassland and into the woods where they suddenly came across a small group of frightened men, women and children!

The woman in front was elderly, and she was holding a sword which she pointed at the two siblings. The men also drew their weapons. They were all shaking and they had terror in their eyes.

“Please, please, we come in peace!” Obed said quickly. “We just lost our parents, please!”

The elderly woman lowered her sword and nodded sadly.

“Yes, I know your father,” she said in a dead voice. “The Warrior Kobby Obeng. Yes, I know him well, and he deserves everything he is going through because I warned him!”

“Oh, please, do not speak ill of my father!” Kharisa said as tears fell down her cheeks.

“Shush, lady!” the elderly woman said grimly. “My name is Mavis Tease, former House of Representatives member. I know some of the ancient Scrolls. It says the Red Blanket cannot cover the Pale Lands! That is the only safe place now! We march there!”

“The Pale Lands?” Obed screamed with horror. “But… that is a place of death!”

“It is preferable to this hellhole!” Mavis screamed. “You can remain here and face whatever is happening, or you can come with us! The choice is yours!”

Kharisa and her brother stood still for a moment as the small group began to move again.

“Obed?” Kharisa whispered fiercely.

Obed sighed and shrugged.

He took his sister’s hand, and they joined the group.


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