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The halo breed episode 57




“Oh!” Aya murmured as her body shook hard, wondering how she had lost all control as his lips descended on hers. He kissed her passionately and hungrily, drawing out the cravings of her body as she wound her arms around him and kissed him back. She m0aned, amazed at how excited she was by his mere touch, and at how her body responded so completely to him.

The princess m0aned as his hands cupped her buttocks, and his tongue blazed across her throat and fluttered behind her ears. His hands traced her sides and gently caressed her [email protected] through the material.

His touches were assured and confident, giving her a pleasure she had never felt before. He was not as hesitant as Sap Palo who always treated her as if he was worshipping her, and most times she had had to take charge of their meetings.

But this prince touched her as a woman wanted, driving her passion higher and higher as she squirmed in his arms. Deep down she knew it was not supposed to be like this, no! She was a woman, a princess, and he was supposed to court her, woo her, sweep her off her feet with his craving for her!

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But, as she was realizing rather quickly, this man was not like any he had ever met! She had no power in her when his hands raised her clothes and touched her skin, caressing her flesh, making her shiver with a wanton demand that was as alien as it was scary.

Suddenly, she shuddered when her hand moved down and encountered his hard mission in front of him. As she touched it, she revelled in how wonderful it felt, and a moment later he took it out of his shorts, turned her against the wall, raised her dress, and spread her legs.

“No, Sena, my Prince, not here!” she groaned with shock. “We’re in the corridor! Anybody can come out anytime! Please, let’s use your room or mine! Not outside like this, I beg of you!”

He did not even listen to her as the head of his need found the w€tness of her desire, and then he thrust into her firmly.

And that had taken her breath away!

What he had pierced her with had not been the three rope-like roundygats inside her jilanies, but this was something hard and long and big, filling her with such amazing pleasure that tears instantly came to her eyes!

Dear Spirits, what was that?

Aya could not stop him because the wave of instant pleasure that washed over her was indescribable! It was as if his lovepole was something different that touched all the nerves in her netherlips even though he was inside just one of her jilanies!

She m0aned and cried as the pleasure buffeted her as he thrust into her, his hands caressing her three n!poles and making them hard, his hard lower abdomen slamming into her three lumi-lumis. Aya threw back her head to kiss him passionately as tears of pleasure fell down her face.

“Oh, Sena, Sena, what is this?” she m0aned deeply as her body trembled. “Don’t stop… oh, please, do it, do it, Sena, Sena, Sena! What is that? What sweet roundygat you got! Oh, Spirits!”

Every tiny nerve end inside her was vibrating to his touches, his thrusts, his kisses. She felt the desire building in her, something that had never happened to her.

She would have screamed shrilly but she knew they could hear her downstairs, and servants would come running!

Aya vibrated against the wall, m0aning and groaning and straining, unable to take the pleasure as her body shook and discharged a bucketful of crescent gladness from the jilanie he had entered all over her thighs!

Princess Aya gushed for the first time in her life, and then as his pleasure joined hers and he exploded with great desire, she fell heavily on the floor because she could not take it any longer.

Some of his drops landed on her hair as she m0aned and shook violently. She wanted to see what it was that he had impaled her with, but as she reached up to touch him, Sena stepped away from her, tucked his business end into his shorts and moved to his door. He entered, locked it, and went straight to bed, leaving Princess Aya on the floor outside the door, still m0aning and trembling.

When she finally got up, weeping with extreme gratitude and just needing him to hold her, she realized he was gone.

She knocked on his door for several times, but he did not open it.

Finally, the humiliated Princess rushed to her room, fell on the bed, and bawled her eyes out.

A lot of emotions rolled around in Aya’s mind throughout the night, ranging from informing her parents, and informing the royal family, to going back to Sap Palo and forgetting what had happened.

Apparently, the prince had no respect for her, and she had allowed him to treat her like garbage! But then again, when she woke up in the early dawn, her body screamed for his touch again because he had made her feel what she had never felt before.

As she lay in bed fretting and tossing and getting both angry and strangely frustrated, she decided the best way to deal with her predicament was to go to him and give him a piece of her mind, tell him he could not treat girls like trash, especially girls he had been with.

In a way, it was quite poetic because no one had ever treated men like nonentities more than Princess Aya. She knew she was beautiful, and men fancied her. Ever since she lost her virginity, she had craved for male attention, and had not wanted to settle down with one, at least not yet.

She wanted to enjoy life as it was for a little bit longer before committing, and that was exactly what she had been doing. The roundygats of the male species felt different with each of them, and she enjoyed it!

But that prince!

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He did not have roundygats!

She had something quite different!

Aya had heard rumours that their earthly king did not have roundygats but a sweet stick that had turned the queen into a nymphomaniac, desiring her man constantly. She heard that the royal son, Gussy, also had one of the sticks.

Aya had not wholly believed them because she just could not imagine what it all was about… until last night when the prince had pierced one of her jilanies with that awesome stick!

She was in a fevered frenzy now as she thought about it, and she got up from the bed and marched outside, intending to pound on his door until he opened it.

When she tried the handle, however, the door opened, and she passed into his quarters with wonder on her face. Aya marched straight into his bedroom and found him in bed, lying on his back and apparently asleep, but the moment she got near the bed he opened his eyes, and once again she was enthralled and charmed by the diamond rings in his eyes.

She looked down at him, admiring his amazing physique, and then she gasped when she saw that thing between his thighs.

It was lying down, soft-like, but huge-like, and she wondered how it had pierced her so sweetly.

“The way you treated me last night is not how gentle-halowans treat a lady!” she said as she lowered herself down on the edge of the huge bed. “You made me sad.”

“You enjoyed it,” he said calmly.

She gasped and bit her lower lip.

“Yes, yes, I enjoyed it.”

“So what else do you want?”

“It’s not only about enjoying it, Sena!” she cried desperately. “You needed to hold me afterwards, talk sweetly to me.”

“When I was feeling sleepy?” he asked calmly.

She sighed and looked at him for a long time, and then she looked at his stick.

“Can I?” she whispered with a slight scowl. “Can I touch it? I just don’t understand how it is… and how it worked.”

“Touch it,” he said.

Aya reached out slowly, carefully, almost fearfully, and touched him. Bent low, turning it this way and that way, shaking it, running her hand on it, marvelling at how it seemed to be gaining weight and length the more she held it. It seemed to have a head of sorts, a bit softer than the rest which was like a young branch with what looked like veins along it, and bigger softer line beneath.

And what were those ridiculous-looking round things at the base of that pole? She held the stick in one hand and held the balls, and then squeezed them until she felt the two rolling things inside the balls, and gave them a tighter squeeze.

“Stop that!” he said sharply. “It is painful!”

She dropped them immediately.

“Oh!” she whispered; her voice thick. “It is painful?”

“The balls you were squeezing,” Sena said. “Don’t squeeze them.”

“Oh, okay, so that gave you pain?”

“It did.”

She looked again and then she screamed and got to her feet suddenly because that flabby thing was quite longer, bigger and hard, stretched and standing now.

“Is it coming out?” she asked with horror.

“Don’t be silly,” he said calmly. “It is just ready for you!”

He touched her thighs, and now it was his turn to bolt upright and stare at the junction of her thighs.

“You have three of the holes?” he asked.

“Jilanies, yes, we all have three,” she said.

“The ladies I saw had one each, and two each of the appendages on your chest and the one behind you! But you have three of everything!”

Aya was feeling so weak now, and suddenly she pushed him down and kissed him desperately, passionately. And as her body swayed on top of his, and his stick floated around her jilanies, she realized with shock that she could actually use the stick in that position, and so she selected the excited jilanie on the left and filled it with his stick.

She screamed with a pleasure that had been multiplied a hundred times and over!


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