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The halo breed episode 62



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Grace Klubi’s wings fluttered gently as she stood in front of the strange statue that had appeared in the garden suddenly. She had seen it about a fortnight ago when she went out looking for her father.

The king was gone, and this statue had appeared beside the lake, quite out of nowhere. The first time Grace had seen it, she had been intrigued because it had been shrouded with hazy, swirling clouds, and had barely been discernible. However, a couple of days later, it had been revealed to be a block of white stone that looked just like a slab of rock, but there had been two holes up there that looked uncannily like eyes, and as Grace had stared at them, she had seen them shifting once, assuming a human-like quality that made her shriek.

However, after a second look, those eyes had been marbled again, and she had greatly wondered! For a brief moment, when the eyes changed, she had been convinced that she was looking at the eyes of her father!

The king was gone now, and even Lord Lastor did not seem to know where he was. Grace, however, was becoming ever more convinced that this strange statue had something to do with the disappearance of her father. Maybe, he was trapped in there somewhere.

So, she began coming to the garden often and sitting by the lake, watching the statue and hoping that he would speak to her. Her relationship with her father had not been the best; she had used him to achieve her unholy aim of getting the Hadesians here. It had been a destiny she had had no control over!

It had been an urge, the very essence of her breath, to open the door to the Hades and ushering in the Armageddon.

But now, more and more, her heart beat with pain and horror at the evil she had helped to bring to Densua. The screams of the people were constant nails in her heart, driving her almost crazy with guilt. The drops of blood she saw on Lord Lastor’s lips indicated that another person was dead; the head of somebody had been bitten off to feed Lord Lastor!

It was becoming more and more impossible to bear!

Each time a Hunter arrived with new humans for Lastor’s dungeons, something in Grace died a little. Each time she heard the triumphant howl of a Hazie, she shuddered with revulsion, knowing that another human somewhere had been bitten, and probably turning into a Hazie or lying dead!

To see her sister dawn sitting quietly with tears drowning her was a sight Grace was finding increasingly difficult to witness. Each day, when she saw the swirling red mist across the sky and she knew it was preventing people from leaving Densua, something inside her died a little.

She knew she was a part of this, brainwashed or not!

She had brought this to her people!

It was funny, but she had grown up feeling she was not a part of this, acutely aware that her destiny was with the Hadesians, with Lord Lastor, and that she would rule over the earth as his queen.

But now, she knew she wanted to be a part of the earthlings, and unconsciously she wished – above all else – that she had not gone down to the tenements to open that door!

Now, she lived in dread of the day Lord Lastor would decide to ravage her, and the thought made her skin crawl! There was no way she was ever going to be able to allow him to mount her.

And if she got pregnant, what sort of creature would she give birth to? Certainly not anything good! She had no friend no, no one! All the warriors were now either Hunters, Hazies or had fled into bunkers below the ground to escape this great destruction.

The only man she could get close to was also gone now!

Grace walked slowly to the statue and leaned her face against it as her wings fluttered sadly. Oh, how she had once adored those wings, those beautiful white wings that had soared so majestically behind her! She had loved flying into the air and watching the land spread out below her!

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But not anymore, no!

She wished, oh how she wished those wings would just shrivel and fall off from her back! Grace was beginning to hate them more than anything because they were a grim reminder of how different she was from her people, and how she had betrayed them.

“Are you in there, Papa?” she whispered painfully as she pushed her face against the statue. “I’m so sorry, my father! I have been so evil! Please, show me a way out! Please, if you’re there, I need you now! Will you help me, father?”

And as she began to weep with great turmoil in her heart, she suddenly felt a w€tness on her hand which was raised to the holes in the statue. Startled, she looked up at the statue and saw his eyes!

Her father!

He was in there!

“Oh, Papa, Papa!” she cried painfully. “What happened to you? Why are you trapped in there!”

And the beautiful girl hugged the statue of her father, and as she wept, his tears also fell gently down on her hands and face. But she found some strength in the macabre tears of her father. Even trapped in there, through a sort of curse she had no idea of, he could still hear her, and still feel the pain of her daughter.

Somehow, it made her stronger, and took a bit of the pain away. Somehow, it strengthened her resolve not to give up, but to be wise, and play it close to the heart. Maybe, just maybe, there could be a way of reversing all this.

Maybe, just maybe, if that devil of a man, that beastly fine man who had almost killed her, was still alive, and could make it, there might be a way.

That breed of the Halos!

She shuddered, seeing the smouldering coldness of his gaze again, that intense hatred that had made him attack her with fury. She wondered if she would ever see him again, and if he would go ahead and kill her as he had intended.

But, as much as the prospect of seeing him again terrified her exceedingly, her young heart also throbbed – in a rather subtle way, of course – at the chance to maybe meet him and explain… and then, well, she could not think of anything that might happen after that except for the fact that it gave her something to concentrate on; something that was not painful, but pleasant!

The doorway into the Hades was still burning ferociously!

The fire was terrifying, blazing out with crackling heat that licked voraciously in an amber spread with blue tips.

Lord Lastor’s horns were standing up on his forehead as he moved without pause into the blazing inferno. He hissed with intense joy as the fiery fire buffeted him. Yes, he had missed the intensity of the Hades inferno. He floated majestically through the fire for a long time, and then he saw the figure in front of him and slowed down.

It was a female Hadesian.

She was dressed in a long, flowing white gown. Her horns were three, curling off her highbrow. Her blue eyes lit up with intense joy when she saw Lastor, and they floated towards each other with renewed fervour.

They clashed and held on to each other!

Their long, forked tongues merged and twisted around each other as they held on tightly in a long kiss!

“I missed you, Diden!” Lord Lastor groaned.

“Not more than I have craved you, my Lord!” she groaned as her many fingers roamed over the intense and huge bulge in front of him. “When do we share bonding again? I cannot take it any longer!”

“Soon, my love, soon!” Lord Lastor said huskily. “What did the Destiny say?”

Diden’s face clouded a bit as she stepped back from Lord Lastor.

“The One, the Halo Breed, has crossed over, and is in the Evil Forests now! He comes, my Lord, he comes!”

Lastor’s face clouded as he nodded grimly.

“His demise will mark the ascendancy of the Hadesians on Earth!” he growled. “We will have enough to feed on!”

Diden put her hands across his shoulders.

“The Sword of Hades, the only weapon that can destroy him, was lost when you gave it to that whore to stand against the Breed! The Destiny says the Breed left the Sword in the Underworld!”

A look of sudden dread passed across Lord Lastor’s face.

“I did it because the Destiny prophesied the Breed could be killed in the Underworld!” he growled fiercely and fire erupted from his mouth. “Is the Destiny saying that without the Sword of Hades this Breed cannot be vanquished?”

“The Destiny says he cannot be defeated above the ground because the totem passed from his father to him! The only way to destroy him would be to lure him here, to the Tenements, inside the entrance of Hades!”

“But how do I lure him here?” Lastor cried with fury. “The moment the Halo Breed gets here, it will be war!”

“Send the whore to meet him inside his father’s dwelling, so says the Destiny!” Diden said and suddenly held up a piece of white thread. “She should let him partake of her flesh, and then she is to tie this thread in his hair. It will make him weak and helpless, and then he will be transported here to Hades and killed, together with the wench!”

“What?” Lord Lastor whispered with sudden grimness. “The princess also dies?”

“Do not incur my ire!” Diden almost screamed, and fire erupted from her mouth. “Do not tell me you have plans for her too! You’re for me only, and that has been the plan! She is just a vessel through which Hadesians gain the earth! Remember that!”

Lord Lastor took the thread and pulled Diden into his arms.

“I have no plans for her, my queen,” he said and kissed her fiercely. “She is nothing of import! Yes, the Destiny will be fulfilled! Both the Breed and the princess will die inside here!”

“And I will rule earth beside you!”

“Beside me, yes, always beside me!” Lord Lastor groaned. “Now, come here, my beautiful Diden! Show me love!”

They reached desperately for each other…


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