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The halo breed episode 69




Kobby Obeng moved rapidly towards Sena with a worried expression on his face.

“My prince, is something the matter?” he asked.

Sena raised the burning axe and pointed it at him.

“Stand aside,” he said grimly. “There’s an evil presence.”

“The princess is in the bathroom!” Kobby cried, agitated. “You can’t go in there!”

“There’s evil with her!” he said grimly. “I go where I want to go.”

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Kobby raised his hand to stop the furious young man.

“No, no, Sena of the Halos!” he said desperately. “It is not courteous to go into a bathroom occupied by a woman! Stop it, prince!”

Sena grunted, caught Kobby’s arm and flung him down the corridor. Even as he sailed through the air and smacked into a wall painfully, crashing to the floor dazed, Kobby once again was quite taken aback by the sheer strength of this young man.

Inside the bathroom, the ghostly figure of Lord Lastor spread his hands across Grace Klubi’s back, and the wings slid to the floor effortlessly together with her clothes and undergarments.

She gasped in her sudden nudity and put her arms across her amazing [email protected]

“Oh, spare me the vain demonstration of chastity!” Lord Lastor hissed. “Your fleshly beauty appeals to me only when the mood is in me. He cometh! Get into the tub! Stand up when he enters! Remember, I hover around you, within you! Disobey, and lose your life, and everything you hold dear! Into the tub! Now!”

Lord Lastor pointed at the tub and a tendril of red light shot from his ghostly finger and hit the tub, making it rock a little as it was suddenly filled with water and fragrant perfumes that bubbled rather appealingly.

And then the ghostly image of the Hadesian lord disappeared.

[email protected], and suddenly revelling in the pleasure of being free of her wings, Grace went to the wooden tub and saw it half-filled with water. She could not resist its allure, and she got into it slowly, expecting it to be very cold. However, it was surprisingly warm and pleasant, and she sank down slowly into its depths and used the long-handled wooden pan to scoop water on her body.

The door crashed open as Sena kicked it in, and there he stood in the doorway with his burning axe and the rage burning in his eyes, taking in the situation in the bathroom.

Grace Klubi gasped at the rude entrance of the Halo Breed, and involuntarily stood up with a cry of alarm. The water from the enchanted bathtub cascaded slowly down her amazing body.

Her luxurious hair was raised in a bunch above her head, and he saw the amazingly clear toned skin, the incredible curves of her body, the thrust of her [email protected], the water forming droplets on her flat tummy to those curved hips and the visually-stunning frame at the juncture of her rounded thighs.

She became aware of his scrutiny, and with a little cry, she crossed her arms across her body with one hand pressing against her groin to hide her essence, and then she quickly lowered herself into the tub again.

“Please, Sena, you’re invading my privacy!” Grace cried.

His eyes still burned with rage as he looked at her clothes and her wings on the floor.

“How did your wings come off?” he asked.

“I don’t know!” she almost shouted. “They fell off when I was taking off my clothes. Maybe, being near you has broken whatever spell might have been on me.”

Sena’s eyes scanned the room and he took a step forward.

“There was a presence here,” he said grimly. “An evil entity! What was it? Where is it now?”

Grace sank lower into the tub, suddenly scared by his stealth and the low menace in his voice, acutely aware that this young man had no soft spots for her, and could harm her in a blink of an eye.

“I do not know what you speak of, Sena!” she cried and held his gaze in a desperate effort to make him see her sincerity. “If, for a fact, there is an evil presence here, I do not know, for I possess no witchcraft!”

Sena moved into the bathroom almost crouched and the axe continued to blaze as he held it out in front of him. Suddenly, he whirled around in a full circle and Grace screamed when the fire billowed out from the axe in a great arc, lighting up the bathroom, and there, clearly against the wall, was the huge ghostly shadow of Lord Lastor!

“You filthy swine!” Sena hissed and raised the axe.

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Lord Lastor hissed, his eyes blazing a fiery red, and slammed forward into Sena! The ghostly figure wrapped itself around the boy, lifted him up, and rushed at the window!

The wooden slats of the windows splintered and broke as Lord Lastor carried Sena through it forcibly, and the axe fell and crashed on the floor of the bathroom!

Sena struggled as Lord Lastor bore him high into the dark skies, spinning and spinning as he soared higher and higher!

The Hadesian howled and held on tightly as Sena struggled with immense strength! Finally, fearing that Sena might break free, Lord Lastor spun over and came hurtling back to the ground with his tentacles around Sena, holding him upside down such that Sena’s head was descending first.

Maybe the Oracles were wrong, Lord Lastor thought. Maybe this breed was no different than any ordinary man, and the time to kill him and get it over with was now! The time to vanquish his greatest threat was here and now, and then he would be free to take on the rest of the world, and lay everything human to waste!

Lord Lastor crashed Sena’s head on the ground with such shattering brutality that the earth shook hard as if with the tremor of an earthquake! The ground crashed open and Sena’s body simply fell into what was now a wide crater in the ground!

Lord Lastor floated up with a contemptuous wail as he looked down at the limp body of Sena inside the hole.

“Puny human!” Lord Lastor growled. “Next time, give me a capable opponent, you damn Spirits!”

And then Sena’s eyes flew open… and they were burning with rage!

He shot out of the hole with the power of a cyclone, and he stretched out his hand! The axe flew off the floor of the bathroom and sailed fast out of the shattered window straight into Sena’s hand!

The other hand of the breed closed over the handle, and with a beastly roar, Sena swung the axe up!

It had all happened in a blur of speed so amazing that Lord Lastor had barely seen what was happening!

Surely, no human could be this strong, this fast, this devastating!

The burning axe smashed into the spirit form of Lord Lastor, and he screamed in agony as he felt the heat from the axe splintering his ghostly body into a million fragments!

Far away from the edge of the Pale Lands, inside the Palace, the physical body of Lord Lastor shook horribly on his bed, and sudden spouts of blood fell from his nostrils, ears, and mouth!

The pieces of his ghostly spirit were scattered far and wide as Sena continued to wail and soar gently back to the ground on his feet with the axe still in his hand.

Far and far into the sky, the shattered soul of Lord Lastor found it hard coming back together, and his body continued to shake horribly on his bed inside the palace!

Finally, all the millions of tiny parts came together far into the sky, and Lord Lastor breathed with sudden trepidation and horror.

“I would have died if I had been inside my body!” he groaned, and for the very first time in his life, the Lord of the Hades felt terror. “He is of a dangerous species! Do not fail me, Grace of the Skits! Do not dare fail me!”

Sena, still roaring like a savage beast, was staring into the black sky as he held his burning axe, his fiery eyes waiting for the faintest flicker that the vile demon was still up there somewhere.

Finally, when he saw no sign of Lord Lastor and felt no inkling of his presence, the fire in Sena’s eyes slowly ebbed out and was replaced with the diamond rings.

The fire around the blade of the axe went off, and the prince slowly walked around the house and turned towards the porch.

Grace was out on the porch with terrified Kobby Obeng.

But Sena’s eyes were fixed on Grace.

She had pulled a fluffy robe around her body, but it left her shoulders and parts of her legs bare.

“My prince, is everything okay?” Kobby asked fearfully. “I saw the fire; I saw the shattered window. And I was so scared!”

“It is as it should be,” Sena said grimly. “I famish.”

“Food will be ready soon, my Lord,” Kobby said.

And as Sena neared Grace, and looked down at her face, he saw how beautiful she was, how young and alluring. Without the wings, she looked every inch a princess, and he had a sudden strong urge to put his arms around her!


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