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The halo breed episode 70




Sena was quite surprised at how delicious the earthly cooked food tasted. His food in the Underground had been mostly raw and mainly vegetarian.

In Halo, food had been strangely tolerable and pleasant, just like in the Root of Densua where it had been basically fruity.

But this food, cooked and fried, tasted so good that he soon had his mouth smeared with oily greasy stew.

“What are those brown things?” he asked, pointing to his stew.

“That’s dried and tender deer,” Kobby said with a smile. “Sarai must have brought them. Tasty, right?”

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“Delicious,” Sena said. “Really delicious. You cook well, warrior.”

“Taught by a mother who felt a boy should also know his way around the kitchen,” Kobby said sadly.

“is she one of the survivors?”

A pained look flashed across Kobby’s face.

“Alas, no,” he said, his voice sadder. “I was a fool and an imbecile, and did not pay heed to her admonition of a dangerous period. The last time I saw her, she moved out of my house in fury. Now, I shudder what would have happened to her.”

Sena looked at him for a moment.

“If there’s a way to rescue her, she’ll be rescued,” he said finally. “Perhaps, on the moro, we can take a journey and search for her.”

Kobby looked at him hopefully.

“That would gladden a guilty silly old man’s heart,” Kobby replied.

Grace, sitting to Sena’s right and eating slowly and with a troubled expression, tried to smile.

“I hear most of the survivors are now underground,” she said. “It would be hard locating them.”

“Underground because you helped these vile entities to leave their wretched abode and take seed here,” Sena said and fixed her with a cold stare.

Grace refused to baulk as she looked back at him.

“You’re right,” she said simply. “The vexatious folly of a girl who believed herself in love. And I’m ready to do anything to set the hands of time back, Sena.”

Sena simply lowered his head and continued to eat.

He stood up eventually after eating a lot of meat, and looked down at Kobby Obeng.

“That’s the most delicious meal I ever had,” he said gently. “And that makes my resolve to find your mother real. When these evil demons have been chased out of the land, your mother would surely return.”

“Thank you, my Prince,” Kobby said softly.

“I’m tired,” Sena said and stifled a yawn. “And very full. I will turn in now. See you both on a new day.”

After the meals, Grace helped Kobby to clear the table. She took the dirty dishes to the kitchen, washed, and stacked them neatly. She then sat with Kobby in the living area and chatted until Kobby started dozing. Grace suggested that it was time to sleep, and Kobby agreed with a guilty smile.

“Aye, Princess, indeed the time to crawl under the sheets is now,” he said. “I was waiting for you to leave first.”

Grace Klubi smiled gently.

“Perhaps, we both should go and sleep.”

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“Indeed, my princess, indeed,” Kobby agreed.

They left the living room area and walked along the corridors which were lighted with paraffin lanterns.

Kobby stopped in front of one of the rooms.

“I will occupy this room,” he said gently. “You occupy the one in the middle, and the master is occupying the master room at the end of the corridor.”

“An agreeable arrangement, Warrior Kobby,” Grace said with a smile. “Good night then, and may the Spirits grant you a blissful night.”

“And may that wish be amplified tenfold for you, dear Princess.”

Kobby went into the room and shut it.

Grace hesitated for a moment and then walked towards her door. She knew Lord Lastor expected her to go to Sena’s room, but suddenly she was scared again. What the hour held for her was scary. Suddenly, she felt so reluctant to betray Sena.

His hostility still baffled her, and she was beginning to experience strange feelings that were as exciting as they were scary. Suddenly, she knew it was not in her to betray him.

She pushed down the handle of the door and opened it.

She took a step into the room and stopped with a cry of fear.

The scary ghostly figure of Lord Lastor was hovering in the middle of the room, and his eyes blazed a horrible red! He hissed, and instantly Grace clutched her throat as it closed over!

She could not breathe!

She crashed to her knees with a strangled cry of pain as she wheezed painfully for breath, thrashing uncontrollably as her lungs screamed for release.

“Please!” she groaned in agony.

“If you remain here, you will die here!” Lord Lastor hissed furiously.

Grace had to crawl painfully towards the door as she wheezed and gasped for breath. Her vision began to cloud over for lack of oxygen. Tears of anguish came to her eyes as she crawled, certain that she was going to die.

She had to struggle upwards to hold the handle and pull the door open again, and then she crashed into the corridor beyond, and immediately her throat cleared, and she drew in lungful of precious air.

The door opened, and Lord Lastor’s horrible eyes glared at her as he pointed ominously.

“Go, now!” he hissed. “Tie his hair!”

Grace got to her feet and almost fled down the corridor to Sena’s door. Trembling with horror, she hesitated as she held the door, and then she gave a muted scream when the horrible figure of Lord Lastor glided out of the room and hovered on the corridor.

Grace opened Sena’s door and went it.

She closed the door quickly and turned around, gulping for air.

But Sena was not in the room!

His axe was lying at the foot of the bed, but he was not in the room.

For a moment Grace was confused, wondering if perhaps he had gone out again, and then she heard the sound of rippling water from within another opened door to the side of the bed, and she gasped with shock and relief.

This room had a bathroom attached, of course.

Grace walked quickly to the opened door and looked inside.

Sena’s clothes were hanging on the door, and he himself was lying in the wooden tub [email protected] His head was on the soft padding at the head of the tub, and he appeared to be asleep.

She gasped at his perfect body as he lay in the tub, and then he opened his eyes slowly and fixed them on her.

“And here comes the witch,” he said softly.

Grace gasped, and for a moment her heart thudded with pain. She almost left the room in a huff, but she knew Lord Lastor was waiting out there, and if she failed, he would kill her.

“Why do you hate me so?” Grace asked, her voice unsteady. “You argued my wings were a source of displeasure to you, but now they are no more. Why then do you still have a hard heart for me?”
“And what do you want from me, Grace of the Skits?” he asked softly.

“Friendship, Prince Sena,” she murmured softly. “Patience. A hand of kindness is all I ask.”

“Are you my friend, Grace?”

“I can be, if you choose to have me as one, Sena,” she said quickly because his question troubled her.

“Show me, Grace,” he said softly. “Show me you have peace and friendship in your heart.”

“And how do you want me to show you that?” she asked, her voice trembling now.

“I leave that to you, Grace,” he replied calmly.

Grace took a deep shuddering breath because she knew this was her cue, the opening she had been waiting for, the certainty Lord Lastor had in mind.

She walked slowly towards the tub, and then she reached behind her and gently unfastened the hooks at the back of her dress. She allowed it to fall on the floor.

And then she stood nude in front of him except for the fine, silky cords tied around her waist. He looked at her for a long time, and then he held out his right hand.

“A fairer, lovelier woman my eyes are yet to behold,” he said thickly. “You’re indeed precious. Come to me, Grace of the Skits!”

Trembling, but filled with an excitement she had never felt in her life, she climbed into the tub and moved gently around him. His arms went around her as he drew her to him. she exhaled with a sudden explosion of pleasure as his hands moved sensuously across her body, gently massaging her [email protected], elongating her n!poles, and then he kissed her deeply as his hands moved to the gentle swell of her hips.

Grace kissed him, desperately, hungrily, in a way she had never kissed before because, suddenly, she wanted him to make her a woman! Her whole body craved for him, and she moved her hands feverishly on his body.

“Wait a spell, Grace,” he said gently. “I tire. Let me rest a bit. Let me rest my head against you!”

She nodded, her hunger unsated, and turned her back against the tub.

Sena turned against her with the back of his head resting just above the soft pearls of her [email protected]

She wound her arms around him and put her lips against his ears.

Grace rocked him gently, seductively, running her hands across his broad chest… and soon he melted in her arms as he breathed gently, and she knew he was asleep.

Tears came to her eyes when the ghostly image of Lord Lastor suddenly hovered above the tub, his fierce, red eyes digging into her.

“Do it, now, before he senses my presence!” he hissed dangerously.

Weeping, heart-broken, Grace pulled the silk chords from around her waist and tied them into Sena’s hair!

Lord Lastor grunted with satisfaction as he blasted into the air, up and up and up, and then he hovered gently because grouped deep in the dark skies was an army of huffing and puffing Hadesians!

There were a multitude of them filling the sky!

“It is done!” Lord Lastor cried. “We have the Breed of the Halo, weak and meek!”

The sky lit up with the frightening red glow of the Hadesians as they roared with demonic fury.

“Let’s get him now!” Lord Lastor screamed and fell from the sky at great speed.

In the bath, Sena opened his eyes slowly.

“You asked me why I hated you,” he said softly as he still lay in Grace’s arms. “I will tell you.”

“No, Sena, no!” Grace cried in anguish as her tears fell. “I’m so sorry! There’s something I must tell you!”

“I know you were the Chosen Vessel to tie the silk cords of evil in my hair,” Sena said softly. “That’s why I came here, to meet you, and to have the cords from Hades in my hair.”

Grace stiffened with shock as her eyes widened with horror.

“You knew?” she whispered with terror.

“I’m no ordinary man,” Sena said in a voice that was filled with sudden steel. “The silk cords don’t weaken me, you evil witch! It brings out the raging demon in my soul!”


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