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The halo breed episode 71




Grace could feel his sudden fury, and the tears that suddenly flooded down her cheeks were genuine and filled with passion.

“I’m so sorry, Sena, please!” she cried. “Please forgive me! He was going to kill me!”

“Aye, of course, your precious neck is more valuable to you than the millions of innocent humans these vile creatures would lay asunder if they get their way!”

“Sena, it is not like that!” she said lamely, and then she gasped suddenly as she felt sudden extreme heat on her tender skin. “Sena! The water! It is getting hot… why?”

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“Better find a safe berth, you witch!” he growled. “You might not like the dawn of the Breed’s rage!”

His arms were on the edges of the wooden tub, and his fingers were hanging down, and the back of his head was pressing against her [email protected] Grace felt the water getting hotter still, and then with a cry of fear she stood up suddenly and stepped out of the tub because she could not take the heat any longer.

But she m0aned when she gained her feet because she saw that Sena’s hands were both on fire!

They were burning furiously!

She looked at his face; his eyes were on fire, and suddenly his forehead burst into flames!

“Sena!” Grace whispered with horror as the water in the tub began to boil furiously, and at that same time Sena’s hair burst into flames!

Grace picked up her dress with trembling hands and began to wear it with urgency, her eyes always straying to the strange spectacle in the tub. She was trying to fasten the hooks at the back of the dress when Sena’s head burst into flames!

The water in the tub was hissing furiously now, drying out because of the intense heat, and suddenly the tub also burst into flames and collapsed! Sena was now lying on his back, and with a horrible whooshing sound his legs burst into flames.

When he got to his feet, only his stomach and chest were not burning. He took slow steps towards Grace, his head fully in flames, his eyes mean orbs of gold that struck terror into her heart.

It was not a sight for ordinary eyes to behold.

For one horrible moment Grace was fixed to the spot, unable to move, her eyes glaring with horror, but when his chest and belly burst into flames, she whirled with a muted scream and threw open the door of the bathroom!

And then, she came to a stop when she saw that the axe was hovering in the air above the bed… and it was also burning furiously!

Grace Klubi began to scream then when Sena appeared in the doorway, a complete ball of fire, and she fled from him, throwing open the bedroom door and dashing blindly down the corridor.

Kobby Obeng’s door flew open and he came out fully dressed in his armour and holding his sword.

“The Hadesians are all over the place!” he screamed, and then he caught hold of Grace and held her tightly. “Princess, Princess! What ails you? It is alright, my dear, it is alright! We’ll protect you!”

Grace stopped struggling and pointed towards Sena’s room.

When Kobby turned his head, he saw through the open doorway that the Halo Breed was on fire, and the axe above the bed was also burning.

“Dear Spirits!” Kobby whispered. “It is the Dawn of Rage!”

“Dawn of Rage?” Grace whispered, fighting her terror. “He also… used almost similar words!”

“The Great Oracles spoke of such a spectacle,” Kobby whispered. “There was a time that old King Baffour let us read the scrolls about the Armageddon, and it said the first battle will occur on the Dawn of Rage, when the burning Breed will meet the Oppressors in the sky with burning wrath, and the dawn of the morning will see the end of the Red Mist, and the beginning of the Battle Of Hades!”

“And you believe this is what was being referred to?” she asked in an unsteady voice.

“I could not be surer!” Kobby Obeng said with wonder. “If it is true, then dear Spirits, tomorrow could see the end of the Red Mist over Densua, and the land could be restored again! Oh, Spirits of Densua, let it be so!”

And they watched with fearful, fascinated eyes as the burning ball of fire that was Sena moved towards the window of his room and kicked at it! The window and part of the wall collapsed outward, and Sena jumped through, soared in the air, and landed in the courtyard!

The night sky was filled with the host of Hadesians!

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Lord Lastor, about to crash down on the courtyard in his eery, spiritual form, suddenly stopped dead in the sky above the burning Sena, and it was evident that he was quite taken aback by what he was seeing!

“Noooo!” he cried in a booming voice that was filled with agony. “No, no, no! Silk cords from Hades should make you weak!”

“I am no earthling king to be weakened by cords of evil!” said the blazing figure of Sena Kukah. “I am the Halo Breed! My soul knows no weakness… only a manifestation of rage!”

“And you think your puny Dawn of Rage can face the wrath of the best warriors from Hades?” Lastor roared.

“Come find out!” Sena said. “Come to the party, Worms!”

“Attack him!” Lord Lastor roared.

And as Sena began to soar into the air, his burning axe shot out of the room and slammed into his burning hands!

Kobby Obeng stepped away from Grace and moved rapidly to the main door. He sheathed his sword long enough to remove the bracing metals at the back of the door, and then he threw it open and stepped onto the porch, quickly brandishing his sword again!

But he saw in a minute that this fight was not for humans because it was not being fought on the ground!

They were all in the air!

The Hadesians were red orbs of fury, a horde of them, a great multitude of evil…

Against one, a huge burning hulk of a man with a burning axe!

One party from the depths of hell known as Hades…

Against a young warrior trained in the Underground by the Spirits!

“May the Spirits grant you victory in your Dawn of Rage, my Halo Breed prince,” Kobby whispered as he looked at the war in the sky!


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