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The halo breed episode 72



Lord Lastor soared to one side and watched with glee as the Hadesians poured on the burning figure of the Halo Breed.

These Hadesians were forged in fire, lived in fire, and did not fear fire!

So they attacked relentlessly, each one wanting a piece of Sena, clawing through that fire with their knife-like claws and teeth, attacking with their uncanny strength.

For several minutes Sena did not move. He just hovered with his axe in his hands as the Hadesians besieged him, covering him until no inch of his fire could be seen from above, and then he began to move within that suffocating cluster of evil hosts, turning within them with the axe in his hand.

“No!” Grace Klubi whispered when she saw the night sky covered with the Hadesians with no sign of Sena from within. “They’ve killed him, oh no!”

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“That is unthinkable!” Kobby whispered with fear. “It would mean the end of Densua, the end of the world… and the end of us all! Dear… oh, wait… he lives! He lives!”

Kobby screamed because he had seen the great spread of fire emerging from within the horde of Hadesians!

It was a speck of fire, but it was growing larger, reaching out, burning… and then with a great roar Sena burst out, and all the Hadesians that had been on him fell towards the earth in an explosive, burning, volcanic eruption!

They were burning, and only blackened pieces of them rained on the ground!

“Shakat!” Lord Lastor whispered in a strange language as his minions fell in hundreds and Sena burst through in a rage of sizzling fire with his axe twirling in his hands.

Sena screamed in rage and spun around in circles with his axe, and great arcs of fire shot from the axe, spreading with blinding heat across the sky, cutting down the Hadesians even more!

As the terrible flame passed through Lord Lastor, he knew he could have been slain if he had been in his earthly body! This was terrible, and he began to soar higher as Sena flashed across the sky with his terrible burning axe!

The Hadesians screeched and attacked with relentless fury!

But, as strong as they were, as terrible as they were, as fearsome and destructive as they were, they could not match the level of Sena’s rage because he moved faster, struck stronger, and was tenfold devastating!

The fire that formed around him was a blur, spinning and slashing with the axe, untiring, his rage fuelled by the practice he had gone through since he was a child!

The hardships, the lack of empathy, the impartation of sheer hatred rendered him incapable of thought so that his actions were swift and relentless, solely focused on the destruction of that which was despicable and hated in his sight!

“He is not human!” Grace whispered as the charred pieces of Hadesians fell incessantly around him like rain.

“Indeed, my princess, there is nothing human-like in that,” Kobby whispered in awe as he watched the rage that was Sena moving through the Hadesians and cutting them down. “He is the striking hand of the Spirits!”

And just as the Hadesians had pursued Grace earlier had found it, the basic truth dawned on the Hadesians in the sky around Sena; this burning thing they were attacking was inhuman, and was absolutely indestructible!

And so, for the very first time that Lastor had witnessed, his murderous peons began to hesitate! Their screams were less vociferous, and their feral violence was deserting them!

He began to sense something alien in them!

It was – quite shocking – fear!

He saw that they were soaring higher too, coming nearer to his position, seeking redirection and leadership!

“Get to him!” Lord Lastor screamed. “Tear him up!”

But they did not surge at the sound of his command as they always did!

They were afraid!

They would follow him, but they would not take the lead!

Lord Lastor’s wrath was great as his red eyes bored into that fiery form of Sena which was slowly moving towards him. Lord Lastor bunched up his hands and raised them above his head.

“Element of hail, sleet, fire, thunder… rain!” he said and brought his hands down!

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The sky rumbled and turned a horrible yellow in the darkness">darkness, and then huge rocks, sheets of spiky snowy spears, horrible slashes of lightning, began to fall heavily, headed towards Sena!

“Boulders!” Kobby screamed as the rocks began to thud heavily into the ground. “Princess, inside!”

“But we could die!” Grace Klubi shouted. “They would break the house to smithereens and bury us!”

“Look!” Kobby shouted and pointed at the horrible elements striking the ground. “Not one is touching the house!”

They fled into the room and rushed to the windows, craning their necks to watch what was happening!

Sena swung his fiery axe, cutting through the gigantic boulders, hail, fire, and spears coming at him! He was fast and strong, but eventually the elements began to hold sway!

Sena hammered by boulders, pierced by hail and snow spears, and slowly he began to be driven towards the ground!

“He weakens!” Lord Lastor screamed. “Finish him off!”

The Hadesians screamed and rushed towards the hapless form of Sena, but just then a ghostly figure loomed beneath Sena, and the white-clothed Sage of the Spirits became visible.

Prosper Freeman’s eyes glowed a horrible green as he held up his hands.

“Heavens, this is a fight for good, a stance against evil, a survival of earth and man!” he screamed as he soared in front of Sena. “If it is thy will, thy likeness, thy desire, hearken not to the wishes and commands of evil, but as ye art good, so be ye good to the ones opposed to evil, to the will of the Good Spirits! I bid ye, Elements, hold thy rage and ire! Peace, Elements, peace!”

The fevered colour of the sky receded, and the horrible elements stopped.

Sena’s fire blazed in full glory.

“Get out of my way, Spirit!” he roared.

“You ungrateful infidel!” Prosper said. “Earthlings use the words ‘thank you’!”

“I asked not for your help, nor your intrusion, but grateful I am,” Sena roared. “Now, get out of my way!”

Prosper disappeared and appeared behind Sena!

And the Halo Breed gave it to the Hadesian horde falling towards him!

His screamed, and his axe moved, sending out arcs of furious, sizzling fire that cut them down! There was no escape because they had come down in bulk!

They fell, and Lord Lastor watched with horror as Sena crept steadily towards him!

And then, suddenly, four alien figures in white hoods appeared behind Lord Lastor.

“If he kills you, Hades will cease to exist!” they said in one voice. “It is time to flee, Lord Lastor!”

“Flee where?” Lastor roared in a rage. “He cannot usurp our will, our destiny, our mission!”

“Alas, as long as he has the Golden Elemental Totem in his forehead, he cannot be vanquished!”

“But the silk cords were supposed to render the GET powerless and him weak!” Lord Lastor screamed. “That was what I was made to believe! That was what the Scrolls said!”

“Alas, it was misread, for the Silk Cords of Hades can render only an Earthly King weak, but not the Breed of the Halos! Retreat, my Lord, or we all perish!”

“Retreat to where?” Lord Lastor screamed. “Why retreat when we’re so near?”

“Retreat into Hades, for he will come after you there, and there you can make a stance and vanquish him! Retreat now, for you are no match for him here on earth!”
“I can decimate him!” Lord Lastor cried with fury. “He is of no match for me! Lord Lastor runs from no human!”

“Retreat!” the four hooded aliens screamed. “Retreat now!”

But Lord Lastor rushed at Sena with fury…

And Sena screamed and struck the spirit of Lord Lastor with such fierceness that he was hurled across the sky, divided into four pieces!

And, finally, Lord Lastor knew fear as it applied to him!

Luckily, he was in his spirit form, and the four hooded spirits caught his pieces, and swifly came together to merge him.

“It is your folly!” they cried with horror. “If he divides you three times, you shall not join again! Retreat, flee!”

And when Lord Lastor looked, Sena was coming fast at him again through the sky, his axe raised with fury. Lord Lastor needed no bidding again. He soared through the sky, and Sena went after him.

Their speed defied the eye!

The four Hadesian spirits stayed behind Lord Lastor and held hands as they blew red mists at Sena to slow him down.

It worked to a point until the Sage of the Spirits suddenly appeared in front of Sena.

“I do need your help!” Sena shouted. “These four… they slow me down!”

Prosper Freeman opened his arms wide and brought them together in a shattering clap that sent arching wave of energy at the four hooded aliens! It separated them and they flailed with fear, leaving the way clear for Sena!

“Thank you, you ugly Sage!” Sena screamed.

“Foolhead!” Prosper Freeman said, but the Sage was smiling!

Sena bore down on Lord Lastor, and then he threw his axe!

The fiery axe spun through the air like boomerang, struck the spirit of Lord Lastor, and splintered him into four!

The axe swung round and headed for Sena’s hand!

“No!” the four white-hooded aliens screamed. “He got him a second time!”

They sailed through the air and caught the flailing parts of Lord Lastor, and then they came together and put the spirits together!

“If he strikes me again that’s the end!” Lord Lastor screamed with fear. “What do I do?”

“Don’t go for your body!” the Hadesian spirits screamed. “Go straight to the Tenements!”

“But he comes!” Lord Lastor screamed with terror, watching as the burning axe slammed into Sena’s hands again. “Spirits, he comes! Help me! Help me!”


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