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The halo breed episode 73



The palace of Densua was now in sight.

The noise in the sky was quite deafening, like a jamming party of thunder and lightning, and it made the ground shake quite horribly as if an earthquake was in the offing.

This rather frightening phenomenon made the people come out from their hiding and living places. The people who worked inside the palace rushed out, unwilling to stay in the huge palace and risk being buried under the rubble should the gigantic edifice collapse.

The gates of the prisons and dungeons split open from the horrible tremor blasting through the earth, and this made the trapped human beings who were waiting to serve as food for Lord Lastor rush out, and among them was Mama Janice, the mother of Kobby Obeng.

The people who had been hiding underground thought this was another form of diabolic attack, and they rushed out of hiding and poured out on the streets of Densua.

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The Hazies, human beings who had been changed into monsters, also poured out growling and shaking in frenzy. They could barely walk as they fell in their tens and twitched rather pathetically on the ground as if they were marionettes dancing to some macabre tone from a master’s strings.

The frightened people who had come out from underground where they had been hiding from the scourge on Densua looked at these helpless, jerking monsters with wrath. These Hazies had hunted down the people relentlessly, and killed them in hordes. Now they were lying on the ground twitching helplessly.

Those who were unlucky to fall among the emerging people had instant punishment when the people, fuelled by fear, hatred, and wrath, fell on these helpless monsters and either bashed in their skulls or set fire on them.

However, some saw the Hazies as humans who had been changed into monsters, and they left them alone to suffer whatever evil suffering they were going through.

And all of them stared into the sky with wide-open mouths at the spectacle that was unfolding in the air!

Now, because the spirit form of Lord Lastor was displacing air, and was being helped by the four evil spirits, his speed flight formed a whitish spectre in the air that looked exactly like him, and this was visible to the people that were looking into the sky.

They saw the huge, white-like, spectral form of Lord Lastor, the demon they feared the most, flashing across the sky with a huge ball of fire chasing him. Then they heard the booming voice of their chief tormentor screaming and begging for help.

They saw the remnants of Hadesians obviously fleeing from this ball of fire, and heading straight towards the palace. The people of Densua had been tormented, killed, tortured, and emotionally terrorized by Lord Lastor and his Hadesians for years, and they lived in abject terror of them.

For years they had been denied the sight of the sky, the joy of the vagaries of the weather, the calmness of breathing freely and most of all, the joy of meeting each other and smiling, the bliss of living, the camaraderie of friends, relations, strangers… simply, life!

And so, to witness this scene, was a death yoke lifted off their necks.

Feeling that redemption was in the future, they screamed like beasts and howled like wild animals! They picked stones and objects and threw them into the sky!

They were a horrible, wild bunch in their common resolve to hate a common enemy!

And, from all over the corners of Densua, they watched this spectacle, and made a noise louder than even the thunderclaps were making!

Sena’s ball of fire was bigger now, burning in an awesome, deadly, terrifying manner as he held his axe in both hands and began to twirl it.

“Don’t let him get me a third time!” Lord Lastor screamed as he headed straight for the palace. “Save me! Don’t let that blad get me again!”

“Stop shouting, stop talking!” one of the four aliens screamed. “Just get out of here! Get to the Tenements! Escape to Hades!”

Sena was spinning in the air, twirling the axe, giving it momentum, and then with a loud roar, he released it!

The burning axe scythed through the sky at Lord Lastor whose face was filled with grave fear as he moved with the speed of lightning through the gates of the palace!

The axe was swifter, bearing towards him with a horrible whistling sound in the air, trailing a whooshing ball of fire.

One of the evil spirits moved swiftly in front of the axe and held it tightly, slowing its progress for a bit, and then the axe shot through it, breaking up that evil being such that it fell apart in tiny pieces!

Sena had reached the axe by now, and he took hold of it, spun, and released it!

It sailed forward, and then another one of the beings held it up in midair, slowing it down until the axe cut it up again!

By the time Sena threw it again, Lord Lastor was already moving fast towards the Tenements of the Palace!

This time, Sena did not wait for the axe to slow down as it cut through the third entity. He grabbed it with a scream of rage and blasted through the palace gates and headed for the Tenements.

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Lord Lastor glanced back with horror and flashed quickly towards the narrow entrance to the Tenements!

The last spirit entity dashed forward with a ferocious wail but Sena swung his axe and struck it home, blasting that entity to smithereens, and then it was left with him and Lord Lastor!

Sena raised the axe and zoomed in, his face enraged with the rage of the Underworld, the wrath of the Spirits, and the force of Densua!

“You die, Lastor!” he hissed.

Lord Lastor’s face expressed his great fear, and his mouth opened in a great roar of terror.

“Nooooo! Noooo!”

He was through the narrow space between the broken pillars when Sena brought the axe swinging down, but suddenly he crashed into an invisible barrier that threw him back ferociously to slam heavily down on the cold concrete behind him… and Lord Lastor, still screaming, passed safely through to the Tenements!

Sena’s fire was almost gone!

Only his head, hands, and feet were burning. Smoke billowed out of his body as he grabbed the axe and leaped savagely at the entrance, and once more he smashed into an invisible barrier and was thrown back savagely!

The fire was completely out now, and he felt a drop of blood down his left nostril. He was very winded, and he felt a lot of pain in his body which was quite surprising.

With a grunt of pain, he grabbed his axe – which was not burning anymore – and he braced himself. He rushed at the invisible entrance, and just before he hit into it, a sudden force behind him grabbed his arms and pulled him back sharply, and suddenly the Sage of the Spirits, Prosper Freeman, hovered in front of him with an expression of horror.

“No, Sena, no!” Prosper cried. “You can’t hit it a third time! You will die!”

Sena tottered drunkenly on his feet, and his face was still harsh and torn with rage and disappointment as he lifted his great axe.

“Why?” he asked furiously. “Why did he escape? And why couldn’t I go through the doorway?”

“Because you are not the king, my boy!” Prosper said sadly. “You can only go through to the Doors of Hades if you are with the king of Densua!”

“But I have the Golden Elemental Totem in my forehead!” Sena growled. “It should make me go through!”

“Doesn’t work that way, son,” Prosper said sadly. “The king cannot go through without the GET, and neither can you go through without the king. That’s why the GET is always with the king. We need the two of you together to get through!”

“So, where’s the damn king?” Sena exploded. “Let me get him!”

“Alas, my son, the king has been turned into a statue!”


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