The hammingtons 2 episode 8 – 9

🍁The Hammingtons 2 🍁
A Cursed Family
🍃Chapter 8🍃

Gia’s POV
“Breakfast everyone!!!” I yelled as I set the dining table

Layla was the first to come out of her room, yawning

“Good morning Layla” I said with a smile

“It’s almost unbelievable to see that such a dark heart could muster up such a bright smile” she said and I shook my head

“You do not like me do you?” I asked

“Until I am able to figure out what it is you are hiding cause I am sure there is one, yes Gia, I do not like you and will continue to not like you till then” she said and I chuckled

“If you keep up with this attitude, you won’t last too long around here Layla”

“Are you threatening to kill me?” she asked

“Call it whatever you want” I shrugged

“Is there any problem?” Ivan asked as he walked into the living room

“Not at all Ivan, I made breakfast” I smiled

“She says it as if it’s such a big achievement” Layla uttered but I ignored her

“Where’s Ethan?” Ivan asked

“In his room, he doesn’t eat breakfast with anyone, he prefers eating alone so I already served him his food in his room” I said

“Poor child” Layla said but I ignored yet again

“You guys can carry on” Ivan said as he walked towards Ethan’s room then I faced Layla

“If the reason you opted to follow Ivan here is to torment my life then I’d suggest you go back to the jungle Layla, else things are gonna get pretty bloody for you” I said and I walked out of the dining

Ivan’s POV
I walked into Ethan’s room and he was seated on the floor, eating

“Is there any problem?” he asked looking at me

“Well not really but I didn’t get any food from Gia so I wanted to join you if you don’t mind” I said and he looked surprised for a moment

“You can take the rest, I am done anyway” he said standing up

“No I didn’t say I want to take your food, I said I want to eat with you”

“I heard what you said, but I don’t eat with anyone so just take it” he said

“But I remember having a meal with you and Sophie and it was a pretty happy meal filled with laughter” I said

“But Sophie is no longer here is she? She’s gone courtesy of your sister, you want to have a meal with me? Fine, we’ll have a meal, we’ll have a meal together on the day you present me with Dianna’s dead body but until then I suggest you just eat that alone for you’ll need your strength for what is to come” Ethan said and I nodded

“You finish your food, I’ll get something else to eat” I said and I walked out of his room

“Did you eat?” Layla asked as she walked towards me and then she stopped

“What the hell did that rude boy say to you?!” she asked but it was obvious that she had already read my mind

“He only said what needed to be said Layla, nothing more” I said

“Poor Ivan, you are going through so much yet you still feel bad and responsible for young Ethan” Layla said

“He is my responsibility, Sophie was the only family he had but he lost her because of me and while I was mourning and living a life solitude with you, he was here fighting his grief and having to become a grown up at such a young age, I admire Ethan, Layla he’s much stronger than I am, I only feel bad for him because children his age shouldn’t be dealing with what he’s dealing with right now” I said and Layla patted my shoulder

“Sophie really succeeded in changing your beastly heart, the Ivan I knew wouldn’t even bat an eye or feel bad for anyone no matter who it is as long he gets what he wants” Layla said

“Maybe I’ll need to switch back to that Ivan in order to get what I want without being overwhelmed by guilt and grief”

“Personality doesn’t come with a switch that you can just turn on and off Ivan but anyway, I’m sure you’ll find a way to sort everything out in the end, you always have, that is who you are” Layla said with a smile

Gia’s POV
Ivan and I drove out of the house into the City and we parked the car few blocks to Eva’s Mansion

“So what exactly are we supposed to do here?” I asked

“We are here to observe and to get seen” Ivan said as he got down from the car and I followed him

“Get seen? Wouldn’t that be bad for us?” I asked but I got no reply from him as he approached Eva’s Mansion

Even from afar, you could see dozens of witches surrounding the Mansion
“I told you the mansion is now we’ll protected” I said

“I am not concerned about the protections that we can see, I’m more worried about the protections that we can’t, if we ever need to break in then we’ll need to know all the spell protecting this Mansion” Ivan said

“If we ever need to break in?” I repeated his words “If we might not need to break in, why are we here checking the depth of the security?” I asked

“Just be quiet Gia” he said as we got to the house just before Eva’s Mansion
Ivan walked towards the house, broke the gate open and walked in

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked as I followed him in

A man and a lady who seemed to be couples resided in the house and they were obviously scared to see us intruding
What the bloody hell is Ivan thinking?!

“Who….who are you?” the man stuttered holding his wife closely

“I have nothing personal against you two but regardless, I need to burn down your house” Ivan stated

“What?!!” I exclaimed along with the couple

“You live just beside the head of the witches house so I’m sure she’ll find a new place for you two to stay but if you decide to be irrational and stubborn, I’ll have no choice but to burn you along with this house” Ivan said

“No, no please spare us” the couple pleaded

“What the bloody hell are you doing Ivan?!” I asked but he ignored me

“I want you two run out and immediately the house starts burning, I want you to scream as loud as your tiny throat can fathom and ask for help, you understand?” Ivan asked and the couple nodded

“Oh and if you are asked who set your house on fire, let them know it is Ivan Hammington” Ivan said with a smile

The couples ran out from the house and Ivan looked at me
“Ready to get warmed up a little bit?” he asked

“Go on, it’s been a long time since I burnt myself up” I said and he removed one of his gloves revealing his flaming hand
He crouched down and placed his flaming hand the floor and the fire began, immediately spreading to all parts of the house

We could hear the voices of the couple, already screaming from outside and Ivan and I walked out of the burning house careful enough for no one to see us

We got out and the witches sorrounding Eva’s Mansion had all run to help the wailing couple leaving the gate with no security

“Oh so this is why you created that commotion, to create a distraction” I said

Ivan and I stood in front of Eva’s Mansion and I made to open the gate but he immediately stopped me

“Something is off” he said and crouched down to pick a stone, he threw the stone at the gate and the stone caught fire and disappeared

Ivan chuckled
“You can’t even touch the gate, not without Eva’s permission” he said

I looked around and I noticed the commotion was begining to die down
“The witches will return soon Ivan” I said

“Let’s go” he said and as he went in the opposite direction of the burning house and I walked right behind him

I heard Eva’s gate open and I looked back
It was Eric, he saw me too and for a moment, we just stood there, staring at each other……..

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🍁The Hammingtons 2 🍁
A Cursed Family
🍃Chapter 9 🍃

Eric’s POV
“Gia!” I mouthed as I saw Gia immediately I stepped out of the gate and our eyes locked for a moment

“What is going on?” I heard Eva say as she stepped out of the gate and I looked at her

“What’s the noises about?” she asked and then saw the burning building

“What the hell….” she said as she walked towards the burning house

I looked back to where Gia was and she was gone
I ran to the spot she stood and looked around yet I couldn’t see her anywhere

“Why did you suddenly show up here Gia? What are you up to?” I thought out loud

I walked back to meet Eva who was speaking with the couple that owned the burnt house

“…..and he just came in and asked us to leave else he’ll burn the house along with us inside” the couple was saying as I came to stand beside Eva

“Who is he? Did you recognize him? Do you know his name?” Eva asked

“He said his name is Ivan, Ivan Hammington” they said and Eva looked at me wide-eyed

Eva spoke with a witch to find accomodation for the couple somewhere else and she walked towards the Mansion and stopped at the gate
She muttered some spell and looked at me

“He tried to break in” she said as we walked into the house

“What is going on outside?” Dianna asked immediately we walked in holding Bella to her chest

“The house beside us was set ablaze, by Ivan” Eva said

“What?!” Dianna exclaimed

“While reinforcing the protection round this house, I had put a spell on the gate, if anyone whom I haven’t authorized tries to open the gate, they get burnt to ashes immediately and when I was coming I noticed something did touch the gate and was set ablaze and turned to ashes, Ivan wanted to break into the house so he burnt the house beside us to create a distraction and then tried to get in through the gate, though he obviously did not succeed” Eva said

“So he has began to make his moves already” Dianna said

“There is no need to worry Dianna, he didn’t succeed now and he won’t succeed even if he tries again” Eva said

“I shouldn’t worry? In case you do not know his aim is to kill me Eva, and he came for baby’s blood because that is the only thing he needs now to complete the immortal killing spell! There’s no way I’m letting him close to my baby girl Eva, no way!” Dianna said

“He was not alone” I said and they both looked at me

“What do you mean he was not alone?” Eva asked

“He didn’t come here alone, Gia was with him, I saw her” I stated and Dianna chuckled

“What the hell was I expecting? If Gia isn’t here with then she is sure to be with Ivan and against us” she said and then faced Eva

“I don’t care how you do it but I need Ivan’s location as soon as possible, whatever you have to do, whichever way you are going to do it, I need you to get Ivan’s location, by whatever means necessary, he threw all family sentiments away and I am going to do so too, I will get him before he is able to come for my baby’s blood” Dianna said

“I have been trying to find his location but it has all been futile” Eva said

“Well then try something else!!!” Dianna yelled and Bella began to cry

“Try something else, I need to know where he is in order to get him before he comes for us all” Dianna said and walked upstairs with her baby

Eva sighed and slumped from the chair
“Nothing good ever comes from associating with you Hammingtons” she said

“You could try and channel me” I said and she looked at me “Maybe the reason your spell isn’t working is because their power source is bigger than yours so you can channel this thousand years old immortal and use me as your power source”

Eva nodded and stood up
“That is actually not a bad idea” she said as she immediately went to get a large map and placed it on the table
“Ivan is your brother so I’ll be needing your blood” she said

I grabbed a dagger and made a cut on my hand, letting my blood drip on the map she had laid on the table

“You ready?” She asked and I nodded

“We’ve actually done this before so this shouldn’t be hard” I said and she smiled and held my hand

“Vénrätä Úlâs” she chanted

Ivan’s POV
Gia and I drove back and she was unusually silent through the ride back

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Of course, I’m fine” she nodded

We walked into the house and met Layla in the living room
“How did whatever it is you people went out to do go?” she asked

“We’ll know if our mission today was fruitful soon” I said and Ethan suddenly walked out of his room

“They are trying to track you and get your location!” Ethan said frantically

“Did you not put a caution spell around to make sure no one can cast a spell to find this place?” Layla asked

“I did but Eva seemed to have upgraded, this time her spell is stronger than before and she might be able to break my caution spell and find this place!” Ethan said

“I told you Ivan, I told you burning that house and causing so much commotion was a bad plan, look at the outcome now” Gia said

“This is part of the plan sister” I said and they all looked at me

“You want them to find our hideout?” Ethan asked

“No but I need you to direct their locator spell to another place, they are casting a locator spell to find where we are so can you make it look like I am at the Hammington Mansion? Can you do that Ethan?” I asked

“I…. I don’t know, I’ve never tried deflecting a locator spell to another place before, I don’t know how to go about it” Ethan said

“I guess being the Guardian of The Hell Gates doesn’t give you all the world’s knowledge” Layla said as he walked towards Ethan and grabbed his hand

“We are going to combine our powers and deflect their locator spell to the Hammington Mansion so you’ll have to repeat each word I say correctly” Layla said and Ethan nodded

“Àpnê én verátë” Layla chanted and Ethan repeated after her

“Blás tüén trá” they continued

Eric’s POV
Eva continued to chant her spell as I could feel my body grow weaker and weaker till she suddenly stopped and I fell on the floor

“Tell me you found them and that wasn’t all for nothing” I said as I stood back up

“I did found them and you won’t believe where they are” Eva said

“Where are they?”

“The Hammington Mansion” Eva said


“You heard me right, that’s where my locator spell led me to so go tell Dianna, we found Ivan so she better do whatever she wants to do fast before they move from the Mansion” Eva said and I nodded

The Mansion? Why will they go back to a place that is filled with the memories of all of us together when they hate Dianna and I now?

I climbed up the stairs as my thoughts wandered and I remembered the moment I saw Gia this morning, she looked different, she had cut her hair and the black top she was wearing clearly exposed the tattoo of a viper on her arm, she looked different yet her look was very much familiar cause she looked just exactly the same with the way she was in her death slumber when she was living her worst nightmare……