The hammingtons episode 11 – 12

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapters 11🍃

Ivan’s POV
It was getting dark and I walked towards the city hall with the bag containing Harriet’s head

5 witches suddenly appeared in front of me and I chuckled

“This never gets old” I said as they all made to attack me
I grabbed one by the hand threw her far away
The others made to attack me but I grabbed one and made a nasty break on her arm and she let out a loud wail

“You all make me want to remove my glove and burn you all” I said as I forcefully dipped my hand into the last witch’s chest and ripped out her heart

I carried the witch’s heart on one hand and Harriet’s decapitated head on the other and I walked inside the city hall

“Enough of the games Aria Dixon!! Show yourself!!!” I yelled
“Aria!!!!” I yelled again

“Ivan Hammington, I didn’t know you to be the loud one” Aria said as she came into view

“And I didn’t know you to be the type to hide behind your underlings” I said as I splattered the witch’s heart on the floor

“You killed them all” she said

“Did you expect otherwise?” I asked

“Your reputation precedes you Ivan Hammington” she said

“So I’ve heard” I replied

“You came with my mother’s head” she said

“I heard you were infuriated by her death, she was a nice woman, too bad she got on my nerve and had to die” I said and she chuckled

“How is Dianna doing?” she asked

“Release my sister from the death slumber before I cut off your head like I did to your mother” I said

“Oh calm down Ivan, why are you getting so angry when we are just getting started, you should’ve expected this when killed my mother and cut off her head”

“Oh please, do not give me the pretence that you are doing all this to avenge Harriet’s death, we both know you do not care a tad about her, this is all in your stupid ego to prove to everyone that you are the all powerful Guardian of The Hell Gates” I said and she smiled

“Maybe you are right, I don’t care about my mother but at least I have the decency to avenge her death, no matter how bad you think I am Ivan, I still don’t match the Cursed Hammingtons”

“If you were able to kill all your siblings to become the Guardian of the Hell Gates, lock up your mother and tell the whole world she’s dead, send some witches to come fight me even when you know you are obviously sending them to their early grave, if you could do all that Aria then you are no less a monster than I am” I said

“Enough of all the talks, I thought you came to get my head” she said

“I’ve gotten enough heads” I said as I threw Harriet’s head to the ground “Am aiming for the heart now”

“My heart” she laughed “Am afraid you won’t be able to get that. You see, the thing with you Hammingtons is that you believe yourselves to be supreme and above all others, therefore you all act arrogantly and incautious, because you are all immortal you believe you cannot be harmed, but with the new curse of your demise, how immortal are you now?” she said as she flicked her hand and my bones began cracking

“You all think you are the most powerful so you do whatever you want, kill whoever you want but how powerful are you now Ivan Hammington?” she said as she curled her hand into a fist and the blood started pouring out my nose and eyes and I fell on my knees

She moved closer to me and held my face
“The mighty Ivan Hammington, the dreaded beast, on his knees before me, I will make sure you die Ivan and your siblings? Am aware that Gia has entered Dianna’s nightmare in a bid to try and save her but unfortunately, she will die along with Dianna in her death slumber and Eric? I have already sent my witches to go take care of him and before tomorrow, the Hammington line shall exist no more” she smiled

Gia’s POV
I walked aimlessly round the vast barren land not finding a soul
Everywhere was as quite as a graveyard and I saw no breathing being

Where could she be?
This is supposed to be her worst nightmare coming to reality, what could be Dianna’s worst nightmare?

“Dianna!!! Dianna!!!!” I called out loud continuously

“Dia……” I suddenly felt a bolt of pain on my head as an intruder smashed my forehead with a log of wood and I passed out…

Eric’s POV
“Look Eva, she’s bleeding!!” I exclaimed as Gia’s suddenly developed a nasty cut on her forehead

“Something went wrong, she must be in danger” Eva said

“Put me in there too” I said


“I said put me in there!!!” I yelled “I will not stand idle and do nothing while my family is in danger of certain extinction!”

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“Even if I want to put you into Dianna’s nightmare Eric Hammington I am not able to, the Death Slumber spell isn’t a simple spell especially when it’s cast by a very powerful witch like Aria Dixon, putting Gia into the nightmare already consumed my powers, I will need some time to recuperate!” she said


“I said I do not have the powers to….”

“Shhhh” I said as I quickly covered her mouth with my palm
“We are are not alone” I said as I brought out a dagger out of my pocket

A witch suddenly appeared out of the thin air and I slashed her throat with the dagger

“What the…..Do you carry a dagger along with you all the time?!!” Eva exclaimed

“Is that seriously what you are concerned about right now?!”

“There are more of them” She said and I suddenly felt slash on my shoulder

“They are here, and they are using an invisibility spell, I can try to disrupt their spell and make them visible but I won’t be able to join you in the fight, you’ll have to fight them alone” Eva said

“Fighting them alone won’t be a problem, just make those scrawny witches visible for me to kill” I said

“I can’t believe am aiding in the killing of my own kind” she muttered as she began the spell and the witches slowly came into view
There was a whole lot of them

“This should be fun” I said as I grabbed my dagger and they all ran towards me

Gia’s POV
I woke up to find myself in an old looking dungeon

“What is this place?” I muttered as I stood up
My head was still aching from the hit but I ignored the pain

“Hey!! Anyone out there?!!!” I yelled as I banged the locked door

A man soon came and unlatched the door

“Who are you? Why am I here” I asked

“You disobeyed the order of our leader so you must be punished according to the law” the man said

“Punished? What order did I disobey?”

“Our leader had ordered that no one must be seen out during the daytime, you disobeyed that law and our leader shall decide your punishment” he said

“Okay, am new here and I had no idea of such law, am just in search of someone by the name Dianna Hammington, she’s probably in one of your prisons too please let me see her, please” I pleaded and he grabbed me tightly by my arm

“The leader will decide your punishment” he said as he dragged me out

“Thank your luck that I do not have my powers in this world” I muttered

I was dragged into a large room and thrown to the floor

“I swear I’ll rip out that hand of yours!!!” I yelled angrily at the man

“You dare speak in front of me” I heard a very familiar voice and I turned to see Dianna right in front of me

“Dianna!!” I exclaimed as I made to touch her but the men behind her quickly held me back

“No one touches our leader” they said

“What?! Your leader?!!”…..

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 12🍃
Gia’s POV

“No one touches our leader”

“What?! Your leader?!!” I exclaimed “You’ve got to be kidding me”

“You disobeyed my order and trespassed during the daytime yet you show no sign remorse, I do not need disrespectful ones like you among my people, take her to the dungeon, she shall be sentenced to tbe fiery flame tomorrow morning” Dianna commanded and her guards grabbed me

“What?!! Come on Dianna, I know you don’t recognize me but if you know who I am, you wouldn’t want to do this to me!” I said and she turned back and look at me

“And who might you be?” she asked

“I…. I……”
“Am going take you to Dianna’s nightmare, now there are few things you need to know, you will have no power in Dianna’s nightmare since it is not a world of your creation, you must not tell her what she’s passing through on that world isn’t real, if you spoil the legibility of that world then along with Dianna, you all will die in there, in her nightmare world, you will appear to Dianna as a stranger and you must not tell her you are her sister, those are the rules for this spell to work”……..

I remembered Eva’s word and I sighed, I cannot tell Dianna who I am

“Has the cat suddenly got your tongue?” she asked and I remained silent

“Get her away from my sight” she said and her guards took me away, back to the dungeon and locked me in

What the hell is going on?
How is Dianna their leader?
And what the bloody hell am I supposed to do now?

Eric’s POV
“Urggghh” I grunted as I stroke one of the witches with my lightening and slashed the other’s throat with my dagger

“What are we going to do, they keep increasing?!” Eva said

“Just keep the spell up so I can be able to see them” I said as I continued fighting the witches

I grabbed one witch by the throat but I got hit by the spell of the other witch and I fell to the ground
The witch made to stab me but she was suddenly thrown far away from me, I looked back to see Eva standing behind me

“You seemed like you needed a hand” she said

“I thought you said you were too weak to make them visible and fight them the same time?” I asked

“I’ve recuperated” she said

“So fast?”

“Am the head of the witches for a reason Eric Hammington, now get your ass up and let’s get rid of this annoying witches” she said and I stood up

“I’ll address your rudeness later” I said as we both made to attack the witches….

Gia’s POV
The door to the dungeon suddenly flew open and an old, scrawny looking man was thrown inside and the guards locked back the door

The old man backed to a dark corner of the dungeon looking scared and terrified

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked as I moved closer to him

“What’s wrong?” I tapped him and he flinched

“Hey, am not here to hurt you” I said and he looked at me
“What’s happened?” I asked again

“My….my son developed a fever since morning, I know we are not supposed to go out during the daytime but the fever was so bad he looked like he was dying, he’s my only son and I couldn’t just sit and do nothing so I went out in search of any medicine or herbs that could be of help to him, then the leader’s men caught me before I got any herbs and now am being condemned to the fiery flame tomorrow” the old man explained

“I was also given the punishment of the fiery flame” I said and he looked at me

“Well I hope you have no one left behind to suffer your absence” he said

“Absence? What is this fiery flame all about?”

“You don’t know what the fiery flame means?” he asked with a surprised look

“Am new here” I said and he nodded

“The leader is a supernatural beast, we can her the dark Phoenix, she has the ability to control fire and every morning, those that disobeys her or those she doesn’t want among her people anymore are tied together in the center of the street and she burns them for all to see” the man explained

“So my sister is going to kill me in her own darn nightmare?!”

“What did you say?” the old man asked

“Nothing nothing, the umm…..the leader’s name is Dianna Hammington right?” I asked

“Yes but no one calls her that, she’s known as our leader now” the man said and I nodded

“What happened to her siblings?” I asked

“You mean the legendary Cursed Hammingtons? History has it that they are all beasts in that family but at least the world was liveable when they were in control of their powers, according to what I’ve heard, our leaders powers were the strongest of them all and rumors has it that she lost control one day and killed all her siblings and that’s how her killing spree started, she killed all her siblings and then everyone around her till she was feared so much no one could even dare whisper her name. She prohibited people from going out in the daytime because she fancies going for a walk during the day and she finds it annoying bumping into the lesser people so she made herself the leader and brought this crazy rule, why? she just wants to enjoy her day’s walk in peace and silence” the man said looking bittered

Dianna’s nightmare, this is supposed to be her worst fears coming to reality, is this her worst fear then? Becoming consumed by her own beast and left utterly alone without the support of her family

“I need to speak with Dia…. I mean the leader” I said and he laughed

“Nice joke dear, you made an old man close to his death laugh” he said and I kept a straight face
“Oh you are being serious?” he asked

“Of course I am”

“You are a death row inmate, you cannot see the leader and even if you haven’t been condemned to the fiery flame, the leader doesn’t grant private audience to lesser men” the old man said

“Oh trust me I am no lesser man and I will see the leader. You said the leader will set us on fire herself tomorrow right?” I asked and he nodded

“Since she seems to fancy public execution, I shall prepare a public speech for her too tomorrow”

“Whatever it is you are planning on doing, don’t, the leader isn’t the type anyone can mess with neither is she worth it” the old man said

“The leader is an important person to me and now she’s in danger, I need the save her from herself and perhaps, I’ve already been condemned to death so what is there to be afraid of?” I said and the old man sighed

“You are right, we are all going to die anyway” he said

I looked up into the dark ceiling of the dungeon and I let out a sigh
Let’s see how tomorrow goes….

I was woken up by a sudden cold shower and the banging sound of the bucket as the guard dropped it on the floor
The old man and I was dragged out along with some other prisoners to a street filled what seemed like forced spectators
We were pushed to the ground and the guards tied us all together

There was a sudden silence as people created a way and Dianna walked majestically upfront

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“Once again, we have a set of people that erred and has to be punished to serve as a deterrent to you all, today this people shall be condemned to the fury of the dark Phoenix!!” She said

She moved closer to us and her eyes began glowing red as a fiery shadow came over her

“Oh no” I muttered
“Dianna!!” I yelled but she didn’t seem to pay any attention to me

“What are you doing?” the old man beside me asked and I ignored him

I struggled to break free of the rope I was tied with and I continued yelling her name
“Dianna Hammington!!!!” I yelled and she stopped and looked in my direction, then she started advancing towards me

“Dianna you do not want to hurt me” I said as she grabbed me by the throat and pulled me up

“Dianna this is not you, I know you lost your whole family and you think it’s your fault but it’s not Dianna it’s not your fault” I said and she tightened her grip on my threat

“I knew…..I knew your brother Ivan” I said and her eyes brightened up and she loosened her grip
“Your brother, Ivan Hammington, he once told me something, he told me that the Hammingtons were freaks, they are the worst type of freaks you’ll find walking on Earth, they are freaks yes but people won’t know what these freaks have been through nor will they ever know what they are still passing through,

Ivan’s POV
I slowly opened my eyes and I managed to stand up
I had passed out from all the bone breaking and bleeding courtesy of our dear Guardian
I tried to move from where I was but I was unable to

“Ariaa!!!!” I yelled

“Am still here” she said and I turned to see her performing some kind of spell

“A boundary spell to contain me? Is the Guardian of the Hell Gates that scared of me” I said

“Oh do not overrate yourself Ivan Hammington, the boundary spell is just a precaution, as you can see I have a spell to carry out so I can’t let you disrupt me” she said

“What spell is that?” I asked

“You think I will tell you?” she said

“Is Dianna still stuck in her death slumber?”

“Obviously” she said “But not for much longer though, soon, she will die of her own accord in her nightmare”

“Set my sister free Aria” I said

“Words don’t work on me” she shrugged

“When am able to break free of this boundary spell, I swear Aria I will condemn you to a fate so cruel even the devil shall weep” I said and she laughed

“I am a powerful seer Ivan Hammington” she said “Before carrying out this plan I already knew the outcome, I know you Ivan Hammington, you can do nothing”

“So your prediction is based on what you think about me?” I asked

“Not what I think about you Ivan but what I know about you” she said

“And how well do you think you know me Aria Dixon?”

“There’s nothing I do not know about you, the mighty and dangerous Ivan Hammington who’s actually a broken being, scared of his own powers and hiding behind his beastly camouflage” she said

“Am I really afraid of my powers Aria?” I said I slowly tried to remove one of my gloves

“What….. Ivan don’t! If you remove that glove Ivan, your uncontrollable powers will blow us up!!” she exclaimed

“Well I do have a knack for blowing things up, goodbye Aria Dixon” I said as I removed my glove and the city hall blew up…….