The hammingtons episode 13 – 14

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 13🍃

Eric’s POV

“Eva!!” I called as a witch ran towards her and she quickly flicked her hand and the witch fell to the ground

“Not bad” I said as I stroke down a witch with my lightening

“You’re not that bad too” she smiled

There was a sudden explosive sound and all the witches suddenly disappeared

“What the hell was that?!” I asked and Eva went out to check

“Eric?” I heard Gia’s voice and I turned back to see her awake

“What….How are you awake? Is Dianna okay?” I asked

“I don’t know, I was speaking with Dianna and I think I was able to give her a bit of a morale but everywhere suddenly went blank and next thing I saw was you” Gia explained

“Dianna! Dianna!!” I called as I shook her vigorously
She suddenly sprang up inhaling deeply

“Dianna? Are you okay?” I asked

“I feel like I just awoke from the pit of bloody hell, what the fuck happened?!” she said and I nodded

“Yup, you are okay”

“What in the name of the Hammingtons happened here?” Gia asked pointing at the several dead bodies of the witches

“Aria sent them to attack us though it didn’t end up pretty well for them” I said and Eva suddenly barged in looking angry

“Eva they are awake!” I announced

“Obviously but do you know how they are awake? That’s because your crazy brother fucking blew up the city hall along with himself and Aria!!” Eva said angrily

“What?!” Dianna sprang up “Where is Ivan now?”

“Ivan? He blew up the city hall which is a definite breach of the contract I had with the head of the humans, this will definitely bring a lot of problems and you don’t seem to care a tad about it!” Eva said

“That is because I do not care a tad about it really, my brother comes first, your stupid contract with the humans might chip in later” Dianna said and walked out

“And to think I just fought so hard to save her fucking ass” Eva said and Gia grabbed her throat

“You might be the leader of the witches but you are nothing before the Hammingtons so choose your words carefully, do not cross your line” Gia said and walked out while Eva coughed


“Stop” she said putting her hand up “It was a mistake trying to save you guys in the first place, you all savages are beyond saving, broken beyond repair” she said and went off

Ivan’s POV
I woke up alone right in the center of the blown up city hall

“Dianna, I have to find out if she woke up” I said as I stood up and found my way out of the rubbles

I ran as fast as I could back the Hammington Mansion and I met Eric

“Where is she? Dianna, is she awake?!” I asked

“Yes, she just went out to look for you too” Eric said and I dashed out

“Dianna! Dianna!!” I called as I looked around

“Ivan” I heard her voice and turned to see her right in front of me

“You removed your glove just to blow up Aria, you shouldn’t have taken it so far Ivan, I know how much you detest…..” I pulled her into my embrace and took a deep breath

“Do not scare me like that again” I said

“Come on Ivan, it’s very unlike you to get so emotional” she said

“How’s little Hammington?” I asked ignoring her previous statement

“I think she still lives” she nodded touching her tummy

“No matter what happens Dianna, that child must be brought into this world, for a thousand years we’ve seek for happiness, your child is our chance at happiness Dianna, our hope and our salvation” I said as I patted her back and walked back inside

Gia’s POV
I laid on my bed staring at the blank space
The door to my room suddenly opened and Dianna walked in
I sat up and she sat beside me

“Thank you for coming inside my nightmare and trying to save me” she said

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“Am just glad you and your baby are alright” I said

“What you said in my nightmare, is it true? Am I really going to give birth to a baby girl?” she asked and I nodded

“Eva predicted it to be a girl”

Dianna kept silent for a minute

“In your nightmare, Eva told us it was supposed to be you living your worst fear, I expected to see you devasted or loosing your powers or loosing your unborn baby girl and becoming broken but I was wrong, your worst fear is loosing your family and really becoming the monster people think us to be” I said

“Do you remember life before we got cursed?” she asked and I shook my head

“Barely, it’s been a thousand years”

“I do remember a few things, we were free and happy but the curse took that away from us, it snatched away our innocence without our permission, we were a confused broken being yet we managed to stick together and we pulled through, you all give me strength Gia and yes my worst fear is loosing you all, we are family and family is power, I need you all to survive” she said “What is your worst fear Gia?” Dianna asked and I hesitated

She patted my back and stood up
“Sleep, it’s late” she said and walked out

“What is my worst fear?” I muttered as I laid back on the bed…..

Dianna’s POV

It’s morning and we all sat around the table for breakfast

“What do we do now?” Eric asked

“Since Ivan blew up the city hall with Aria inside, does it mean she is dead?” Gia asked

“Eva said the death slumber can only be broken if the one that cast the spell voluntarily decides to end it or if she dies, am sure the latter happened and that’s how you guys woke up” Eric said

“We have not confirmed Aria’s death and until we do we shall continue be on our toes, she has proven to be a formidable enemy, she came with the vision of our deaths, then she tried to kill us, this led me to think that she might just be playing with our heads” I said

“We need to confirm her vision from an equally powerful witch, we should arrange a meeting with Eva” Ivan said

“Again, you all never change do you?” Eric said “Even though we all have been nothing but rude to her, she was here yesterday to save your life and that of your baby Dianna, she fought with us against her own kind just to protect our little Hammington growing in Dianna’s tummy and what happened after you were saved Dianna? Did she even get a thank you? She got yelled at and her throat grabbed instead, you all remember someone only when you need them, I know we are cursed beings and freaks but this careless behavior of ours is exactly the reason why even after a thousand years, we are still left all alone, I hope this lonely Hammington legacy doesn’t follow your baby Dianna and I hope she doesn’t inherit it either” Eric said and walked out…..

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 14🍃

Ivan’s POV

“And breakfast has been successfully ruined” I muttered as Eric walked out

“He’s right though” Gia said

“Is he?” Dianna asked


“It is my child we are talking about here, I cannot afford to be nice to people when power is the language they understand, whatever happens Gia, my child will be protected, by whatever means necessary” Dianna said

“Because we do things by whatever means necessary, we’ve been alone for a thousand years, do you wish that for your daughter?” Gia asked

“My daughter will never be alone, when she’s birthed she will have the whole Hammington family to care for her!” Dianna replied and Gia nodded

“No doubt about that but is that all? Will we be the only people that she knows? And what exactly will she learn from our broken selves? How to kill people as therapy? Or how to cut off people’s head when they offend you? Will you cage her into the lonely Hammington legacy that has haunted us for a thousand years?! She will need friends Dianna, so you better start learning how to make them now else your baby will grow up to be the exact monster you are”

“Why the hell are you cautioning me when you were the one that grabbed Eva’s throat in the first place?” Dianna asked

“Unlike you Dianna, I acknowledge my mistake and I agree we need to make amends perhaps I didn’t grab her throat deliberately, it was an impulsive act” Gia said and I laughed

“Don’t we all act impulsively, isn’t that why we are called beasts? For having no control over our emotions and acting impulsively?” I said and Gia sighed

“I just want the best for your baby Dianna, that’s all” Gia said and walked away

Dianna sat back down and I stood up
“You all ruined breakfast, am going out to grab a drink” I said and walked out

I walked to the bar by the street and sat in front of the counter

“A bottle” I said to the bartender and she looked at me

“You still don’t recognize me?” she said as she gave me the bottle

“Of course I remember you, Sophie Griffith, the bartender I left a late night tip for” I said

“Then should I assume you have part-time amnesia or were you just being a jerk the last time we bumped into each other?” she asked and I remember

…………”Hey! It’s you! The crazy guy that wanted to drink the whole bar shop, Ivan right? Remember me? Of course you do, it’s not everytime a pretty bartender attends to you late at night” the lady smiled

“Get out of my way” I said

“Don’t tell me you really don’t remember me, am Sophie Griffith, I introduced myself that night remember?”

“I said out of my way before I make you!” I yelled and she flinched while the people passing around looked and murmured

“So… sorry” she stuttered and I walked past her ……………

“I did remember who you were, I was just in a hurry” I said

“Normal people still makes out a few seconds to say hi” she said

“Well am nothing close to being normal love”

“Obviously” she said and I chuckled

“So do you still think me harmless now?”

“You think I’ll start being afraid of you just because you were rude to me once?” she laughed “Am used to being talked to rudely, it’s part of my job as a bartender, I have to take silently all the shits and emotional trauma you all bring in here” she said

“Why do I feel like that statement is directed at me?”

“You said it, I didn’t” she shrugged and walked off and I chuckled

Eric’s POV
I sat in front of the Mansion and Dianna came to sit beside me

“I admire you, you know” she said and I remained quiet
“Among all of the Hammingtons, you seem to be the only one that still has a little bit of humanity left” she said “Am sorry about what happened with Eva, you are right, we were in trouble and she came to our aid yet we disrespected her, we should meet her and apologize”

“What lead to the sudden change of heart?” I asked

“My baby” she said “I don’t want to her to grow alone like we did, without friends nor allies”

I smiled and I stood up
“Let’s go then, let’s go meet Eva” I said and she stood up…..

We walked towards the Mansion and the witches refused the allow us in, again

“Come on, let’s not go through this again, how many times do you all want to get beaten before you all learn your lesson, do not mess with the Hammingtons!” Dianna said and I held her back

“We are not here to fight love, we just want to see Eva” I said

“Sorry to say but she’s not in” one of the witches said and Dianna chuckled

“Have I mentioned I had a pretty rough night? I certainly do not have the privilege to play this game with you guys, either you let us in or I’ll direct all the anger in me now to you all, and I promise you all, it won’t be pretty” Dianna said

“Touch one of my witches and I will make you wish you had died in your death slumber” Eva said as she walked from behind and stood in front of us

“I was going to ask why you all are here but no, I want no part in the Hammington problem anymore so whatever the reason that brought you here, I do not want to hear it, you may leave” Eva said and began to walk inside

“Eva, we came to apologize” I said and Eva scoffed

“And what the hell does your insincere apology solve?!!” She yelled “Am just coming back from a meeting with the head of the humans over the city hall that mysteriously exploded last night, do you know how many civilian lives were lost over your brother’s impromptu explosion?!!”

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“Ivan did that to save me, he didn’t mean to hurt anyone” Dianna said

“Oh of course, a Hammington trying to save a fellow Hammington, that’s what you guys always do, regardless of who gets hurt in the process, you all do not care as long as the Hammingtons are fine in the end but life doesn’t work that way Dianna, in this life, we need each other to survive and unless you are ready to start caring about people outside your family circle, I have nothing to discuss with you” Eva said

“Eva please……”

“Do not put up the saint act with me Eric, we both know you are as unfeeling as the rest of your siblings, maybe even worse, your camouflage of the calm brother might deceive everyone else but not me” she said cutting me short

“Come on Eva I did nothing wrong here, we were together last night and we fought side by side against Aria’s witches, I am not your enemy Eva, I am trying to be decent here” I said

“Decent?” she laughed “If you were so decent you won’t have killed Gia’s human boyfriend just because you felt she was taking much of her attention!!”

“Eva Jones!!!!” I yelled

“Come on, drop the camouflage and show everyone the real Eric Hammington behind all the facade you’ve being putting up” Eva said

“Shut up Eva, else I will kill you” I said as I felt an anger rising within me

“Kill me?” she laughed again “Well you are welcomed to try Eric Hammington”

I advanced towards Eva and Dianna held me back

“Stop Eric” she said

“I am going to kill her!” I said and Dianna restrained me

“I said stop, get a hold of yourself”

“She deserves death for what she just uttered Dianna!!!” I yelled

“Eric Hammington!!” Dianna yelled as she slapped me “What bloody right do you have to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die?!! Was this how you made the decision to end the life of Gia’s boyfriend too?!”


“And here I thought you were the only one with a little bit of humanity left among us all but I was wrong, we are all broken and cursed, we are monsters no matter how we pretend not to be” Dianna said and walked away……

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