The hammingtons episode 15 – 16

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 15🍃

Gia’s POV
***** Year 1874****

“Come on Dianna, is that what you are wearing for tonight’s royal gala?!” I asked as I walked into her room

“A black trouser and a wine-coloured blouse, any problem Gia?” Dianna asked

“To a royal gala Dianna this outfit could not be more wrong! Look at me” I whirl round for Dianna to see the floor skimming white blouse and tight bodice with high neck and buttoned front I was clothed in

“And what’s so special about your fancy floor sweeping gown?” Dianna asked

“This is the right outfit for a gala!”

“Let me be Gia, I am attending the gala with…… what are you doing?” she asked as I had already dived into her closet looking for a nice outfit for her

“Trying to select for you a proper outfit Dianna, the Hammingtons have a reputation in this city, am not about to let you ruin that with your ill sense of dressing” I said as I finally spotted a gala worthy gown “Wear that, it will soon be time to for the gala and since we are the host, we can’t afford to look anything less than alluring”

Dianna dressed up grumpily and soon Eric walked in

“The fancy bowtie, the coat, the styling of hair, you never fail to disappoint when it comes to dressing Eric, Dianna and Ivan should learn from you” I said and Eric smiled

“The pink bodice, flowing white blouse, glittering accessories, you look splendid Gia” Eric said and Dianna scoffed

“I get it, you guys are twins so you always support each other, so where is my lonely partner, where’s Ivan?” Dianna asked

“You know he doesn’t attend any of these events, he prefers being alone” Eric said

“Okay, since we are all ready, shall we grace our guests with our humble presence?” I smiled as I brought out my hand and Eric held it

“Yes we shall” Eric said and Dianna scoffed again and walked past us while we laughed

The hall was in silence as we walked down the stairs with everyone’s eyes looking in our direction

“Seems the handsome Eric Hammington got everyone’s attentions” I said

“You mean the beautiful Gia Hammington captured everyone’s gaze” Eric said and I laughed

I walked into the crowd with Eric and I almost tripped on my flowing gown, Eric held me on one hand to stop me from falling and a handsome fella also came to my aid, holding my other hand

“Seems like someone casted an evil eye on you” the handsome fella said


“A beautiful lady like you almost fell, seems like someone casted an evil eye” he said

“Excuse us” Eric said as he made to leave with me but the handsome fella held on to my hand still

“I was going to ask if you two are betrothed but you guys have an uncanny resemblance that clearly spells out the fact that you are definitely related by blood to the gentleman holding your hand, so if the gentleman holding your pretty hand won’t mind, I’ll like to request a dance with you for tonight’s gala your gracious” he said with a charming smile that could melt even the strongest of heart

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“She’s not interested in……”

“I’ll love to have a dance with you” I said as I left Eric’s hand and grabbed the handsome fella’s hand before me

A slow music started playing and we dance slowly to the tune of the music

“So how exactly are you related to Mr grumpy over there?” he asked

“That Mr grumpy is my twin brother” I said

“Oh apologies for calling him grumpy but he had a certain hard expression on his face that made me think I might be in trouble for being overly bold” he said

“So you know that you were overly bold?”

“Of course but it paid off didn’t it? I got myself a breathtaking lady to dance with tonight” he smiled

“What’s your name?” I asked

“Am called Micheal” he said

“Am Gia”

“Gia Hammington, there’s no one in this city that doesn’t know of the Hammingtons, it’s nice to finally meet one of them, am guessing you are the most beautiful in the family?” he asked and I laughed

“Am surprised, people who knows the Hammington legacy tends to maintain a distance from us but here you are, running directly into the fire and not scared of getting burnt”

“Not everything gets burnt in the fire, like the iron, some are made stronger by the fire perhaps, I have always been known to be fearless and full of surprises” he said and I smiled

I angrily threw a pebble into the lake
“Indeed, you really proved yourself to be fearless and full of surprises but what use did that serve? You ended up getting killed by my own twin brother, I shouldn’t have agreed to that first dance with you, if I had not agreed you’ll have lived a longer life” I said and I stood up “We Hammingtons really destroy anything or anyone we touch”

Dianna’s POV
I was walking back to the Mansion and I felt a sudden sharp pain in my stomach
The skin on my arm started tearing forming an inscription I couldn’t not understand

“What the fuck is going on?!” I exclaimed as the inscription kept forming on my hand with my blood dripping to the floor

“What’s going on?” Ivan asked as he tapped me from the back

“I have no idea” I said as I showed him the inscriptions on my hand

“Why the hell do you think am here, I got the same bloody thing” he said showing me the same inscriptions on his arms

“What….. How’s this happening?!”

“The inscriptions, they are written in an ancient language of the witches, only a powerful witch will be able to read or cast this spell” Ivan said

“We should meet Eva, she’s the head of the witches so she’ll be able to read this” I said and Ivan held me back

“And what if she’s the one that casted the spell in the first place?” Ivan asked

“She cannot do that” I said

“And when did you start having so much trust in people sister?”

“I obviously do not trust Eva but whether she’s behind this or not, she’s the only powerful witch we know and as such, our only chance at unraveling this misery” I said and Ivan sighed

“I do not like this”

“Neither do I, but we’ve got no choice, we’ll have to pay Eva a visit, again” I said….

“Has disturbing my peace turned into a normal Hammington routine?” Eva asked as we forced our way into her mansion

“What does this mean?” Ivan said showing her his arm

“And as your slave, am supposed to go wagging my tongue and tell you what I know right?” Eva asked

“You will tell us with this means Eva” I said and she shook her head

“Am not even surprised by this any more, this is what you Hammingtons know how to do best, order people around but am not the regular witch that gets scared at the mere mention of the Hammington name, I am Eva Jones, head of the witches of Arcane County and if you are soliciting for my help, you will do so with respect or you shall leave my residence!!!” She yelled and Ivan grabbed her throat
Eva flicked her hand and Ivan winced as blood started gushing out of his nose and he had to let Eva go

“You!!!” Ivan growled as he advanced angrily at Eva but I quickly stepped in between them

“Stop! Enough of all this” I said and turned to Ivan “You have no right to disrespect our host Ivan, especially when we are here to seek her help”


“You shall not say a word till we leave this place Ivan Hammington!!” I yelled and I heard Eva chuckle

“Indeed we are here to ask for your help Eva but that gives you no right to disrespect us so with your words, you said you are the head of all witches? Have you forgotten Eva or maybe you don’t know but our mother was a witch which makes us witches of Arcane County too but if you will discard your leadership responsibility because of certain altercations you harbour for my family then so shall it be, we shall disturb you no more, we’ve survived worse situations than this before and we survived it alone, no matter what you believe of the Hammingtons Eva, the fact is we are strong and we always conquer, with or without your help” I said as I walked out and Ivan followed me

“Wait!” Eva said and we stopped

“I am coming for you, that’s what the inscription on your arms says and it was sent by Aria Dixon, yes, she didn’t die in the city hall explosion, she still lives”…….

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 16🍃
Gia’s POV
“Dianna!!!” I yelled as I rushed into the mansion
“Dia…..” I stopped as I saw Eric

“Not who you wanted to see?” he asked

“Where is Dianna? I need the show her something” I said and he looked at the inscription on my bleeding arm

“Me too, I got the same thing as you” Eric said as he showed me his arm with the same inscription

“What kind of bloody witchcraft is this” I asked

“The kind only the Guardian is capable of” Ivan said as he walked in angrily with Dianna

“Yes, obviously our impudent guardian is not dead even after the city hall explosion, she’s warning us, the inscriptions on our arms, it means am coming for you” Dianna said

“Not if I get her first Dianna, I’ll hunt down that brazen-faced witch and this time around I’ll gauge out her eyes for the vulture to feed on and rip out her heart!!” Ivan said wildly

“You will calm down Ivan Hammington!” Dianna said

“Am done listening to you sister, your ideas never gets us anywhere, this time around I’ll do things my way!” he said and walked out

“lvan is right Dianna, if the Guardian is still alive we need to hunt her down before she does something again” Eric said

“I know, I….. I just……” Dianna suddenly began falling to the ground

“Dianna!!?” I yelled as Eric and I quickly caught her

“Get the car keys!!!” I yelled at Eric and he quickly ran to get the keys

We carried Dianna into the car and Eric drove at a high speed to the hospital

We got to the hospital and we rushed down with Eric carrying Dianna

The hospital seemed to be in commotion too as several ambulance arrived from what seemed like and accident scene so no doctor was stopping to attend to us

I saw a doctor passing us by and I grabbed him by the collar

“You will attend to my sister, now!!” I said coldly pushing him towards where Eric and Dianna was

“Come with me” the doctor said and we followed him

We dropped Dianna on a bed and the doctor started examining her

“Why is her blood pressure so low! Is there anything I need to know about her condition?” the doctor asked

“She’s pregnant” Gia said

“Pregnant?! Then why did you allow her blood pressure to drop so low! Get me a nurse now!!” the doctor said and Eric quickly dashed out and soon he was back grabbing a nurse by the arm and pushing her into the room


“I told him to bring you here, I need an IV fluid now!” the doctor said and the nurse quickly ran out to get it and soon she was back with the IV fluid

“I’ll need you two excuse us” the doctor said and Eric and I remained standing

“I need you two excuse us so we can proceed with the treatment!” the doctor repeated

“That’s my sister laying there doctor, now until she wakes up from that bed, I am certainly not leaving her side so let’s stop wasting the time we don’t have doctor and proceed with the treatment because if anything happens to my sister or my unborn niece as a result of your incompetency, I’ll make you wish you were never born!” I said and the doctor hesitated a bit, then started the treatment

Ivan’s POV
I went round the county and into the bayou in search of the Guardian

“Where the bloody hell are you?” I grumbled

On my way out of the bayou, I bumped into a lady


“You remember the pretty bartender today, I thought you only recognized me in the bar” she said

“Not now Sophie”


“I said not now!!!” I yelled

She was silent for a moment then she sighed
“Do you usually undergo all this mood swings or something?” she asked


“What is going on?” she asked

“I need to find someone”

“Then just perform a locator spell, isn’t that how things work in this city?” she said

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“How do you know that? Aren’t you human?” I asked

“Partly” she shrugged “Dad’s human and Mom is a witch, though she’s dead”

“So you know how to perform a locator spell?” I asked

“Since Mom died, I had no one to help me harness my witchcraft talent so I lived most of my life as a human but once in a while, I do dabble in….

“Do you know how to perform a locator spell Sophie?!” He asked looking impatient

“Am not sure but I can try” she said

“I need you to perform a locator spell for me”

“Follow me then” she said and I followed to her as she walked into the bayou

We got to an old looking place and she stopped

“What is this place?” I asked

“My granny’s home, thou she’s not breathing now” she said

She entered inside and I followed

“My granny was a witch too and so she has alot of spell ingredients” she said as she got somethings from the shelf and dropped them on the table

“What is the name of the one you want to find?” I asked

“Aria Dixon” I said

She made a circle with a white powder on a glass and began chanting some spells

The glass suddenly explodes and she flinched

“She cloaked herself, I will not be able to find her” Sophie said

“Damn you Guardian!!” I said furious

“Did you just say the Guardian? Is that who you are looking for? Aria Dixon, guardian of the Hell Gates?” Sophie asked

“How the hell do you know about the Guardian of The Hell Gates and you know nothing about the Hammingtons” I said

“I know Aria Dixon because she killed my mother, don’t ask me how or why, I don’t wanna talk about it” she said and I nodded


“So about the spell, you are coming to a novice like me to perform a locator spell on one of the powerful witches in this city?! It is obviously going to be a dead end” she said

“I didn’t come to you, we just happened to meet” I said and she shook her head

“What you need to do Ivan is cut a diamond with a diamond, I know a very powerful witch down the street that might be able to help you, only problem is she isn’t that cooperative” Sophie said

“Don’t worry Sophie, I can be very persuasive if I want to be” I smirked

We walked out of the cottage together to an alley down the street

“What is this place?” I asked as we walked down a dark alley

“They call it the witches asylum, it’s a place where powerful crazy witches with no control are kept, far away from the humans to avoid them hurting the humans” Sophie explained

We reached a small tiny house down the alley and Sophie stopped

“Ready?” she asked

“Always” I said as I opened the door

A black eagle suddenly flew out immediately I opened the door and Sophie cringed, holding my arm tightly

“It’s just an eagle, do you get scared so easily?” I asked

“Am not….scared….who….who said I was scared?” she stuttered still clutching to my arm tightly

“This is why I always go solo on a mission” I shook my head and walked inside

An old looking woman with long unkept hair was seated in the center of the living room with a python round her neck

She suddenly sprang up and walked towards me rubbing her python all over me
Sophie squealed and quickly moved back

“The bloody aura that surrounds you is one like no other, in the history of mankind there’s only one beastly enough to have this kind of killer aura and it excites me that such a killer found me worthy enough for a visit, it’s a pleasure to meet you Ivan Hammington, I am called Martha” the old woman said

“I need you to do something for me Martha” I said

“Straight to the point, your reputation precedes you” Martha said “What do you need me to do?”

“I need you too perform a locator spell on the Guardian of The Hell Gates” I said

“The Guardian of the hell Gates? That will take a lot of my power, what do I get in return?”

“What do you want?” I asked

“I cannot request anything much from you Ivan Hammington, just the fact that someone as great as you are is seeking for my help is enough payment. Did the Guardian perform a spell on you recently?” she asked

“Yes, she casted a bloody inscription spell on our arms”

“Then I shall need your blood”

“My blood?” I asked

“The inscription spell is a magic that affects your blood and such a powerful magic always leaves a signature, with your blood, I can try to trace her spell back to her and get her location for you” She said and I brought out a dagger from my pocket

“Where do you want the blood?” I asked and she quickly brought a bowl

“Here” She brought forward a bowl and I made a cut on my hand with the dagger and my blood flowed into the bowl

“This won’t take long” she said as quickly got a large map, spread some of my blood over the map and started chanting some spells

The blood on the map slowly started to drift and slowly, the droplets of blood all flowed to a particular location

“Here” she said pointing at where the blood had converge “The one you are looking for is downtown, in the house of the head of the witches”

“Head of the witches?!” I asked surprised

“Eva Jones, yes” Martha said

“I am going to kill her” I said and walked out angrily

“Ivan!!” Sophie called as she ran after me

“Go back home Sophie” I said without stopping

“Where are you going?” she asked

“To brutally murder two certain witches that attempted to deceive my family and I” I said

“I don’t understand” she said

“I don’t expect you to”


“I said go home!!!” I yelled and she flinched, staring at me like I had suddenly transformed into some kind of monster

“Go home Sophie” I said trying not to shout anymore

“No, am going with you”


“I am going with you Ivan” she said adamantly

“Aria and Eva connived and deceived my family when the were actually working together, I am going to make her suffer and you wouldn’t want to witness that, you don’t know who I am or….”

“I know who you are, Ivan Hammington, the second sibling of the evil and immortal Hammington family, I know exactly who you are Ivan Hammington” she said

“You told me you didn’t know!”

“I lied” She said


“I didn’t realize you were really Ivan Hammington at first, I thought you are one of those people that scared people pretending to be a Hammington but I realized you were really a Hammington on our second meeting, I continued with the lie because I thought that would be the safest thing to do, I…..”

“You thought I will kill you if you told me you knew my true identity, like everyone else, you thought of me as a beast”


“Keep your deceitful self away from me, the next time you come in front of me, I will really kill you” I said and walked out leaving Sophie alone in the dark alley…..

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