The hammingtons episode 18 – 19

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 18🍃

Dianna’s POV

I advanced angrily towards Aria and she quickly casted a spell and disappeared into the thin air
“Ahhh!!!” I growled angrily as I walked towards Eva and grabbed her throat with my burning hand

“Dianna please, let me explain, please” Eva pleaded as I my hand started burning her neck

“Dianna stop!!” Eric yelled as he made to stop me but Ivan stopped him m

“She deserves death!!” Ivan said

“She deserves to be given a chance to explain!” Eric said

“She deserves no chance! She betrayed us and she shall meet death!”

“She helped us save Dianna from the death slumber!”

“I blew up the city hall along with Aria, I saved Dianna not her!!!” Ivan yelled

“Enough!!!” Gia yelled
Her eyes changed to an icy blue and she came towards me and held my burning hand with her freezing hand

The freezing sensation calmed me down and slowly, the burning flame overshadowing me disappeared

“Let her explain Dianna, let’s hear her out” Gia said and I let Eva go, though her neck was already quite burnt

“Your explanation better be good else you shall still meet your death today” Ivan said

Eva winced and stood up
“I am the leader of the witches of this city! What did you expect me to do when the savage and beastly Hammington family arrived in my city?!!”

“Your city?! We were born here a thousand years ago and that’s long before your ancestors were even born, if there’s any true leader of this city then it is us!!” Ivan said

“You guys? The Cursed Hammingtons, ruler of the witches of Arcane County?! You can not even get a hold of your lives so how on Earth will you rule a whole city? You think ruling is easy? Sorry to burst your little bubble but it’s not, as a leader we have a responsibility of making difficult choices in the best interest of our people and sometimes, we have no choice but to be the bad guy just to save our people. When you arrived in Arcane County, I knew trouble wouldn’t be far away so I met with the only person that I knew would be able to handle you guys, the last descendant of the Guardian that cursed you all, Aria is a crazy witch, she has plans, she was already planning on ending you guys before I went to her and I only told her I do not care what she plans to do with you all, only she should be fast and there shouldn’t be any damages done to my city and all the while I stayed by your sides cause I knew I had be an ally to you all so I won’t be suspected” Eva said

“That wasn’t a good explanation” Ivan said

“You planned with Aria to end us!” Eric said

“I didn’t plan with her, I just supported her!” Eva said and I laughed

“I will let you live, continue protecting your city whichever way you see fit but keep yourself away from anything related to my family and I, if I ever see you together with Aria, that burn on your neck will be the least injury you will get from me” I said

“Dianna, you will spare her?!” Ivan asked

“It’s more like putting her on a leash, who knows, she might be useful to us in the future” I said and I grabbed Eva’s face “Consider this a reward for letting me know the gender of my baby but next time, I won’t be so merciful” I said and walked out

I went back to the Mansion and met the lady that was beside me at the hospital

“What are you doing here?” I asked

“You woke up at the hospital and after telling you your siblings went to save Ivan, you sprang up, cut the drip and went to off angrily, I am here because I am worried, you are supposed to be in the hospital with a drip on!” she said and I just stared at her not knowing if I should be happy that in a long time, someone apart from the family circle was showing a concern for the Hammingtons, or if I should be angry at her guts and audacity

The door suddenly flew open and Ivan walked in angrily as Eric and Gia followed him

“You should have let me burn that impudent witch alive Dianna!!” Ivan yelled but stopped immediately he saw Sophie

“I do not blame Eva, she had no choice, we are like parasites that caused harm to her City, she made a choice as a leader for the benefit of her people!” Eric said

“Oh please, you are only supporting Eva because you have garnered some kind of affection for her else you’ll have been the first one to rip out her throat!”

“Affection?! I have no affection towards anyone! You also supported Eva, you stopped Dianna from burning her alive!” Eric said

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“Only because I wanted to hear her out, doesn’t mean I agree with the explanation she gave!” Gia said

“Oh enough both of you!! I just got of the hospital, do I really have to deal with your squabbles now?!!” I said and they became quiet

“What…. your hand” Sophie said pointing at one of Ivan’s flaming hand that was without his spelled glove

“What are you doing here?!!” Ivan asked

“I was….. I was worried about you” Sophie said

“Leave” he said


“I said leave!!!” he growled and Sophie sniffed and began to walk out then she stopped

“Am just glad you are fine” Sophie said

“I do not…..I do not…..” Ivan started coughing profusely and we all quickly went to meet him but even in pain, he still didn’t let Sophie touch him

“What’s wrong brother?!” I asked as I held him and he started coughing out blood

“What’s going on?” Eric said

“The witch, Martha” he said and collapsed in my arms

“Ivan!!!” Gia screamed as he went unconscious

“Look at his arm!” Eric said and I held Ivan’s hand
Black veins had started appearing on his hand

I stood up angrily and went to grab Sophie by the throat
“Who the bloody hell is Martha!!!” I yelled

“She…..a witch, the witch that help Ivan perform a locator spell on the Guardian, I told him, I swear I told him, I told him Martha is a very crazy witch but he insisted on meeting her, she must have done something to him” Sophie cried

“I want to meet this Martha” Gia said

“The black veins in his arm are increasing Dianna” Eric alerted

“Get Eva” I said


“She’s the only witch we know she’ll be able to tell us what’s wrong” I said

“You just burnt her throat and you want us to get help from her now?!” Eric asked

“What choice do we have?!!!” I yelled “I am not going to let anything happen to my brother”

“I’ll get Eva, I believe Eric is too soft for this kind of task” Gia said and walked out

“You stay with Ivan” I said to Eric “Meanwhile, you Sophie, you are going to show me where this Martha is” I said……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 19🍃
Gia’s POV
I slowly walked into Eva’s Mansion and met the corpses of all the witches we killed laid on the floor with Eva sitting in front of them and staring into the empty space

“Eva” I called and she looked up at me

“Did you guys change your mind, have you come back to kill me?” she asked “If yes then go ahead, am already dying silently from staring at the corpses of so many of my witches”


“Go ahead, kill me, I won’t fight back” she said

“Am not here to kill you Eva! Something happened to Ivan so we need your help” I said

“My help?” She laughed “Did you really come hear thinking I’ll help you? After all you’ve done? After all this?!!” she yelled pointing at the corpses

“I didn’t expect to agree voluntarily” I said

“So what? You plan on forcing me?”

“If I have to, my brother’s life is more important than any emotional sentiments” I said

“And what about them?!! Weren’t their lives important too!!” she yelled pointing at the corpses “They had a family too, brothers, sisters, husbands, children, they had a family too!!! But you do not care do you? Anyone who is not a Hammington is nothing to you lot!!” She yelled with a breaking voice

“Am sorry Eva” I said as I moved closer to her

“Your sorry will not bring my witches back!”

“I wasn’t apologizing for killing your witches, the apology is for this” I said as I punched her on the face with my freezing hand and she collapsed

“Am sorry but I have to save my brother and I cannot afford to be sentimental” I said as I lifted her up on my shoulder and walked off

Dianna’s POV
“Why the hell is it so dark and silent around here?” I asked as we walked down the alley

“This is the normal atmosphere of the witches asylum” Sophie said

“The witch’s asylum?” I asked

“Yeah, like a prison for mad and crazy witches that has the potential of harming humans, such witches are trapped here, unable to go out of the alley” Sophie explained

“Right, am sure if Eva have the chance, she’ll lock my siblings and I here too” I said

We got towards a door and Sophie stopped
“Here, Martha stays here but you have to be careful she is…..” I pushed door open and I heard Sophie sigh

“You all never listen” she muttered

We walked into the dark and eerie looking room

“What the bloody hell is going on here?” I said as I saw an old looking woman in the center of the room with her hands dipped in a bowl containing blood and chanting something inaudible
The blood in the bowl started moving inside her hand and soon, there was no more blood left in the bowl

“You must be Martha” I said and she opened her eyes

“Oh my, the second Hammington visiting my domain today, how lucky I am!” she said standing up

“What did you do to my brother?” I asked

“What did I do to him?” She shrugged

I sighed
“You know what Martha, few hours ago, I was unconscious in a hospital and immediately I woke up, I heard my siblings were in trouble and I had to go save them, I came back home thinking I could finally get some rest but Ivan collapsed and it was your name he mentioned before he went unconscious, from my explanation, am sure you can deduce that I had a really rough day and am in no good moods for jokes, so Martha, when I ask you a fucking question, you fucking answer me before I loose it!”

“Okay fine, apologies for the disrespect I’ve shown you, I mean how can I be so disrespectful to the sister of the one who’s going save my life and free me from this place” she said


“I can only tell you one thing, your brother? He’s mine” She smiled and suddenly disappeared

“Martha!!!” I yelled as I heard her loud cackle echoing through out the alley

There was a sudden thunderous sound and the alley became less darker and darker and soon, everywhere was all bright

“What the hell is going?!”

“She broke the boundary spell capturing the crazy witches here and preventing them from leaving, now all the witches in this asylum will escape and no one will be safe” Sophie said

The witches in the alley started coming one by one and when they realize the boundary keeping them prisoners had disappeared, they all ran out and escaped

“Why aren’t you stopping them?!” Sophie said

“What will I gain from that?” I said as I walked out and she quickly followed me

Eric’s POV
I paced round the room, then looked at Ivan’s unconscious body
I hate this
I hate being unable to do anything to save the people I care about

The suddenly flew open and Gia walked in with Eva on her shoulder

She dropped her on the ground and heaved a sigh
“Man, she was heavy!”

“What the bloody hell did you to her?!”

“She was proving stubborn and didn’t want to come with me so I just knocked her out that’s all” Gia shrugged

“You were asked to bring her here not knock her out!” I yelled

“Yes I was asked to bring her here and I did so mission complete!” she said


“Ahhh!!!” Eva suddenly screamed and sprang up
“The broke it, the boundary spell confining the witch’s asylum, they broke it” she said looking around at no one in particular

The door opened again and Dianna and Sophie walked in
Dianna went straight to Eva


“What did you do?! How were they able to escape from the asylum?! How did they break the boundary spell?!” Eva asked

“I don’t know but I believe it has something to do with Ivan and Martha and that’s what I need you to find out” Dianna said


“The crazy witch in the asylum” Sophie said

“How the hell did Ivan and Martha meet?!” Eva asked

“He was looking for a witch to run a locator spell for him, so I took him to Martha” Sophie explained

“You took him to Martha?! You took him to one of the craziest witch in this city?!” she yelled


“Martha was confined in the asylum for a reason, she was a power monger that sacrificed children to get more power, Martha doesn’t do anything for free, Martha doesn’t do favours, when she helps you, she’ll definitely get something greater from you in return, how could you be so careless to take Ivan to such a witch!!!” Eva yelled again

“Am….am sorry” Sophie stuttered

“What exactly is going on?” I asked

Eva went to where Ivan was and his hands that was already filled with black veins and she started chanting some spell

“When Ivan met Martha, did she ask him to do anything?” Eva asked

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“No, she just helped him with performing the locator spell” Sophie said

“And how exactly did she perform the locator spell?”

“She…umm….she asked for his blood, said Ivan’s blood was already tainted by the Guardian’s magic, so she could track the Guardian with Ivan’s blood” Sophie explained

“Sneaky Martha, no wonder she was able to break the boundary spell surrounding the asylum” Eva said and looked up at us “She did perform the locator spell with Ivan’s blood but then she used Ivan’s remaining blood to link him and herself together, it’s a very powerful blood spell, it’s like a parasitic relationship between Ivan and Martha, Ivan being the host and Martha the parasite, she’s slowly drawing all of Ivan’s powers into herself and that’s what accounts for the black veins on Ivan’s body, when those black veins extends throughout all of Ivan’s body, that means Martha have succeeded in taking all of Ivan’s powers including his immortality and Ivan will never wake up again”…….

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