The hammingtons episode 2

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 2🍃
Dianna’s POV
I drove us to the Circus and we alighted from the car

“Seems our dear guardian is pretty popular” Eric said as we pushed through the crowd at the entrance

“If any of these bloody fools bump into me again, I will burn them alive!” Ivan said

“Why can’t we just kill our way through the crowd and get to the darn guardian?” Gia asked

“You think I haven’t thought of such an easy-as-pie solution? This is a city and there are humans around, and with humans comes the cops and government, now unless you want to kill everyone in the city, shut it and push through the crowd quietly, we are almost in” I said

“I wouldn’t mind killing everyone in the city instead” Ivan said

“Perhaps, it won’t be first time we’ll be annihilating a city completely” Eric said
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“For the first time since we met today Eric, you are finally uttering something sensible” Gia said

“Anyone among you know what being civilised mean? No, don’t think so” I shook my head in discontentment

We finally got through the crowd
“Finally” I sighed

We made to go the front seat but the security stopped us
“Do you have a golden ticket?” he asked


“You need to have a golden ticket to be at the first row of seats ma’am, do you all have one?” he asked again

There was a sudden lightening and the crowd outside screamed

“Wait here” The security said and ran out

“Excellent job Eric” I said “I was almost going to rip out his throat”

“Ummm….. Who just spoke about being civilised?” Gia asked

“Killing is therapy for me sister so never emulate me” I replied as we sat in the front seat

“The show should begin anytime soon” I said

“Are we here to watch this inane circus show or to carry out an execution?” Ivan asked

“We have to watch this INANE show if we want to get an audience with The Guardian and we are not here to execute anyone, this is to be a little confrontation, one in which we simply request our dear Guardian to break her curse so I won’t have to continue the lifetime torture of listening to you three rant about how you crave to kill someone each day”

“Oh continue the charade of being the decent elder sister but we all know you are the worst of us when you loose control” Eric said and I smiled at him

“Silence Eric, the show is almost starting” I said

The theater became silent and the curtain opened upstage
Lots of people suddenly ran into the stage performing all sorts of acrobats
Two people wearing archaic clothes that seemed to be posing as a couple came into view, they danced around, did some stunts and tried to open a door they had placed on the stage

“If they don’t end this darn show soon, I will transform this theater into a massacre house” Ivan uttered

The couples finally succeeded in opening the door but a lady suddenly emerged upstage and the couples went flying to the floor

“That’s not some ordinary circus trick, that’s real magic” Gia said

Some people dressed in a monster-like attire tried to escape from the door but the lady stopped them and with a wave of hand, they flew back into the door
As the monster-like people were forced back into the door, one grabbed the lady and together, they all went behind the door and it closed

The audience wowed and clapped
“What the heck?! There was not even a tad of creativity in that show” Eric said

“Are you here to enjoy a dumb circus show Eric?” Gia said

“Did you guys not see that?” I asked

“See what?”

“The show, didn’t you realize? What was just showcased shares some certain similarities with what happened centuries ago, our parents were looking for more powers so…. ”

“They tried to open the Hell gates which in the case of this darn show, was represented by a door!” Eric added

“The Guardian is the lady, she stopped them and got the door closed, loosing herself in the process” Ivan said

“And she knows we are here” I said as I stood up

“Where are you going?” Eric asked

“Well do you plan on sitting around here all day? We have an impending murder to carry out” I said

“Thought you said we aren’t killing anyone” Gia said

“Well if she doesn’t cooperate, she will meet death and I will make sure of it”

“I absolutely love this side of you sister” Ivan said as we walked backstage

We trailed the performers and they all went into a room

“Ready?” I asked as we stood in front of the door

“I was born ready” Eric said and Ivan smirked

I pushed the door open and The Guardian was seated surrounded by her performers

“The Cursed Hammingtons, I was expecting your arrival” she smiled

“Oh how we’ve searched for you for centuries, we thought the one who cursed us was dead but here you are, right before us, in flesh and blood” I said

“Not for long!” Gia said as she charged towards her but her underlings blocked the way

“Oh please” Gia laughed “You think they can stop me? You think they can stop us?”

“They are all very powerful witches and to get to me, you need to go through them” the guardian said

“Have it your way then” Eric said as he joined Gia

I made to join them but Ivan held me back
“I think the kids can handle this” he said

“Come on pretty witches” Eric smiled

“Your end is calling” Gia said

The witches ran to attack Eric and Gia all at once
Eric threw the witches that came at him away with some lightening and Gia froze a whole lot of them

But they still remained more standing
“They are too many for them Ivan, remove one of your gloves and help them” I said

“What? Do you remember what happened the last time I removed it? You want me to burn the whole city up?” he said and I sighed

“Fine coward, since you are so afraid of your powers I will help them”

I made to join them but one of the witches spell hit me, throwing me back to the floor

“Oh oh, bad move I tell ya, you all gonna die now” Ivan said

I felt an anger growing inside me like a burning flame and as I stood up the flame transformed into a fiery phoenix that overshadowed me

Gia and Eric quickly ran back as I walked forward
I waved my hand and all the witches in front of me caught fire
I went on, breathing out fire to anything and everything
I wanted to stop myself but I couldn’t

Eric’s POV
“We have to stop her else she’ll burn down the whole theater house!” Gia said

“Where is the guardian?” I asked as I couldn’t see her in the rampage Dianna was causing

“I’ll go find her, if she slipped out and then she mustn’t have gone far” Ivan said

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“And what do we do?” Gia asked

“Well…. try to stop your out of control sister from burning down the theater and ummm….. I know you guys hate each other but stay off each others throat” Ivan said and ran out

“So how do we stop her, sister?” I asked

“I am not your sister!” Gia said as she ran towards Dianna

“Dianna!! Stop! You are burning down the whole place!” she yelled

Dianna turned towards her
“This is bad” I muttered

Dianna opened her mouth and I leaped pushing Gia off the way as where she stood seconds ago, caught fire

“Get off me!” she pushed me aside

“You are welcome” I said

“It’s not like I was gonna die anyway” she said

We stood up and the whole room had already caught fire and Dianna moved out to other part of the theater

“She’s going to burn everyone” Gia said as we ran after her

“And to think she was the one lecturing us about not causing trouble” I said

The people in the theater saw Dianna and they all screamed as they tried to run and Dianna turned towards the crowd

“Protect the people, I’ll stop her” I said to Gia and she nodded

Gia stood in front of the crowd and with her eyes emanating an icy blue light, a wall of ice formed between Dianna and the crowd

Dianna threw balls of flames at it, trying to destroy the ice wall

“Hey! Sister! Look at me! Over here!” I said as I tried to get her attention

“Hey!” I said as I stroke her with a little lightening and she faced me, looking more fierce and angry than she was a minute ago

“Oh boy” I muttered as I ran and she came after me as everywhere caught fire in her wake

“Fine, if talking won’t bring you back, maybe some lightening will” I stopped and faced her

I clenched my hand in a fist as my eyes turned white
She threw balls of flames at me and it set me on fire
My body was burning yet I felt no pain, only anger
The thunder rumbled outside and as the intensity of my white eyes increased
Bolts of lightening emanated from my body and stroke everywhere in the building

Dianna was out of control and I could feel my control slipping away too
I tried to focused my lightening only on her but she was setting everywhere on fire

I grunted as I intensified my lightening strokes on her
She stopped throwing fire everywhere but the flames around her increased and before I could say Jack Robinson, the whole theater exploded….
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