The hammingtons episode 20 – 21

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 20🍃
Eric’s POV
“How do we save Ivan?” Dianna asked and Eva laughed

“Of course, that’s all what you care about, saving Ivan. You do not care about all those out of control witches on the streets and how every vulnerable person is in danger of being killed by them, you want me to tell you how the save Ivan? Apart from Martha, there are 19 witches that escaped from the asylum, capture all 19 witches and I’ll help you save Ivan”

“You want us to work for you and help you catch the escaped witches?!” I asked

“If Ivan hadn’t gone to meet Martha for a locator spell, all this would not have happened and the boundary spell would still be standing strong!” Eva said

“If you hadn’t connived with Aria to end us, Ivan would have needed to perform no locator spell!!” Gia yelled

“We’ll do it this way, Gia and I will go look for the 19 witches that escaped and you” Dianna said turning to Eva “You and Eric will go find Martha and break whatever blood spell linking her to my brother”

“Why the hell will I do that when I care nothing about Ivan” Eva said

“And why do you think Gia and I are going to find your 19 crazy witches when we care nothing about your city? It’s either you agree with what I’ve said or I find Martha myself and end her while your crazy witches go around wreaking havoc all over your city, either way works for me!” Dianna said

“Fine, find those 19 witches and Eric and I will find Martha” Eva said

“What do I do?” Sophie asked

“You stay with Ivan” Dianna said

“One question, are we allowed to kill the escaped witches?” Gia asked

“They are outlaws so yes, if killing is the only way to stop them, then kill them” Eva said

“Nice, shall we go then sister? It’s been long since we went hunting together” Gia said

“Let’s go” Dianna smiled and walked out

“Shall we?” I said to Eva

“Am only doing this because I have no choice” Eva said and walked out

“Do not let anything or anyone close to my brother” I said to Sophie and followed Eva out

Dianna’s POV
Gia and I walked down the silent but now bright alley

“I don’t think there’s anyone left here sister” Gia said

“Let’s be sure, let’s split up and check all the houses” I said and Gia nodded

I searched each house till I got to Martha’s house
She didn’t have much things, her house was filled with charms and weird artifacts
I searched each drawer of her cabinet but found nothing useful
I stood up and unintentionally hit the clock by the wall and it fell down
Then I noticed a hole on the wall with something inside
I punched the part of the wall and it came crashing down
A small box was hidden inside the wall and I broke it open
I small picture of a little boy was laying inside the box
I picked up the picture and stared it
It was a little boy holding a ball and there was some writings on the picture

“No. 4 Elms street, Arcane County” I read aloud
Seems like an address but an address of who? Who is this little boy?” I asked the empty room

“Dianna, look who I found!” Dianna said coming in with a young girl

“Who’s this?” I asked

“A witch, apparently her Mom and her cliques that escaped in a hurry sent her back here to get a few stuffs for them” Gia said

“I’ll handle the girl and the escaped witches, I need you to do something for me” I said

“What’s more important than catching the escaped witches and saving our brother?” Gia asked

“Martha, I think she has a son” I said as I gave her the picture

“An address is written on the picture, find the boy and we won’t even need to catch any escaped witches to save our brother” I said

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“And we won’t need Eva too as Martha will voluntarily break the spell when she knows her son is with us” Gia said

“You think sharp sister, so go”

“And where will I meet you up?” she asked and I moved towards the little witch

“Where is your Mom and her friends?” I asked and she refused to answer

“I do not want to hurt you little girl but believe me I will in order to get the information I need from you so talk!!!” I yelled and she flinched

“The….. the city bell tower of the old church” she stuttered shivering

“You heard her, that’s where you’ll meet me” I said to Gia and she nodded and left

Eric’s POV

Eva and I walked silent down the street
“Will it be offensive if I ask you where we are going?” I asked

“When did you start caring if your words are offensive Eric, you are a Hammington and you always say what you want” Eva said and I sighed

“You are never going to forgive us are you?” I asked

“For barging into my city without my permission? Or is it for blowing up the theater? And also blowing up the city hall thereby killing many civilians? Or maybe it’s for killing many of my witches and then burning my neck? Or for your sister knocking me out and bringing me into your mansion forcefully? Which exactly of your offenses do you want me to forgive Eric Hammington?” she asked and I sighed

“You are never going to forgive us” I said and she was silent

I stared at her then noticed her neck, she never applied anything to the burn on her neck

“Can you wait a minute for me? I need to branch somewhere” I said

“What? Where the hell are you going? I am not going to wait for you” she said

“Go ahead then” I shrugged

“You think I won’t be able to leave you and go?!!” she yelled and I walked off smiling

I went to a grocery store
“Do you have anything that can be applied to a burn?” I asked

“A burn?” the male attendant

“You heard me the first time” I replied and he shrugged

He brought an ointment for burns, I paid and left

I went back to meet Eva and she looked at me angrily

“If you were late for a minute more, you won’t have meet……” She went quite when I started applying the ointment on her neck

“You didn’t apply anything on it before did you?” I asked as I slowly rubbed the ointment round her neck

She winced as I touched I sore part of her neck burn and I chuckled

“Is something funny?” she asked

“No, am just realizing the irony of this, the mighty Eva Jones, head of the witches of Arcane County, getting defeated and in pain from a simple burn” I said and she pushed my hand off her neck

“Am in no pain” she said and walked off

“Come on, I was just joking, don’t take it to heart love” I said as I ran after her
She stopped and looked at me

“Do not call me love!”

“I call everyone love!” I said

“Even your sisters?” she asked

“Come on, that’s…. that’s gross” I said and she smiled

“Will you tell me where we are going to now?” I asked

“Martha’s home before she was taken to the witch’s asylum” she said

“Great, let’s fasten the pace now shall we?”……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 21🍃
Eric’s POV
We walked into Martha’s house and Eva quickly held me back

“Wait!” she said and chanted some spells

“She casted an alarming spell on this place, a spell that will let her know when an intruder comes into this place” Eva said

“Did we trigger the alarming spell then?” I asked

“No, I was able to deactivate it, we can go in now” Eva said and we walked in

The house looked old and dusty but arranged and decent, it was obvious no one has being here in a long time

“I don’t think we’ll be able to find anything here” I said

“Just look around, we might get a clue to where she is from here” Eva said and we began searching through her stuffs

Eva searched the sitting room while I went to the inner room
I searched the drawers and I found a framed picture of a boy and I also found a note underneath it

🗒️Caleb Baker
No 4 Elms street, Arcane county

“Did you find anything?” Eva asked as she walked and I quickly closed the drawer

“Nope found nothing” I said

“Neither did I, since we couldn’t find any clues here, maybe we should check down the bayou” Eva said

“Or maybe we should split up, we’ll cover more grounds separately” I suggested

“Split up?” Eva asked

“Yup, you don’t want to?”

“I just don’t trust you going off alone” Eva said

“This is about my brother’s life so even if you do not trust me, trust the legendary Hammington dedication to each other, I am not going to ever let anything happen to my brother and in order to do that, we’ll have to find Martha as soon as possible” I explained

“Fine, we’ll meet in front of the bayou in an hour” she said and I nodded

“And Eric, be careful” she said and I smiled

“I should be telling you that, am immortal, you are not”

“The Hammington’s immortality has being becoming a little frail as of late Eric Hammington so be careful, your siblings will kill me if something happens to you on my watch” she said and I chuckled

“Are you aware that am a thousand years older than you?” I asked

“Yet I remain the wiser, go, we’ll meet back in an hour” she said and walked out

Gia’s POV
I stood outside the apartment Dianna described for me
It was a closed bungalow so I had to climb up the wall to get inside
I met a kid playing football out in the courtyard

“Hey” I said silently as I waved at him

“Who are you?” he asked as he walked towards me with his ball and I was able to get a clearer look of his face

It is him, the boy in the picture Dianna showed me

“I am a friend” I said

“A friend?” he asked

“Yes, where are your parents?” I asked

“They are inside, probably asleep” he shrugged

“Are they your real parents?”

“People say am adopted” he said sadly

“You know what?” I asked


“Am a friend of your Mom, your real Mom” I said and his face brightened up

“My real Mom?” he asked and I nodded

“She told me to come get you, do you want to go see her with me?” I asked and he nodded

“Yes, yes I want to go see my real Mom!” he jumped up excitedly

“Shhhh! Don’t wake up your parents sleeping inside” I said and he nodded

“So shall we?” I asked

“Yes” he whispered and I laughed

“Smart boy” I said as I held his hand and we walked towards the gate
I opened it and we walked out

“How’s my real Mom like? I’ve heard some people saying my real Mom is a real bad witch” the boy said

“No, your Mom….”

“Gia” I heard Eric’s familiar voice

“Aren’t you supposed to be on a search with Eva for Martha, what are you doing here?” I asked

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“My search led me here, and pray tell, what are you doing here too?” Eric asked

“Dianna sent me to get the boy”

“Martha’s son right?” Eric asked

“How did you know?”

Eric bent down to meet the boy
“You are Caleb Baker right?” Eric asked and the boy nodded

“Are you also a friend of my real Mom?” he asked and Eric nodded

“Yes I am Caleb, should we go meet your Mom” Eric asked and I pulled him up

“Caleb can you continue playing your ball, lemme have a word with this friend over here?” I said to Caleb and he nodded

I grabbed Eric’s hand and moved a bit away from Caleb

“What the bloody hell do you think you are doing?!”

“Getting the boy, what else?” he said

“I got him first!”

“And what do you plan on doing with him?” I asked

“Use him to get Martha to break the spell she casted on Ivan, what else?” I said

“And the escaped witches?”

“If Ivan gets better, that won’t be a problem” I replied

“You……how can you still remain the same after all that has been happening?! How many more people do you want dead courtesy of the Hammingtons?! If you guys don’t catch those witches, they’ll keep rampaging round the whole city” Eric said

“And when did you start to care about the whole city?!”

“Since the time Dianna got pregnant! These will be the home of that little Hammington and I won’t have her look like the daughter of a monstrous family to anyone” Eric said and I scoffed

“So you want me to give you the boy and trust you with Ivan’s life?”

“Yes” he nodded

“But the problem is I don’t trust you Eric, I can never trust you again, not after what you did to Michael”

“I’ve told you countless times Gia, I apologize for what happened with Michael but….”

“Your apology doesn’t bring him back!!!” I yelled

“Fine, I killed Micheal and hell am not even sorry about it!!” he yelled back


“Yeah you heard me right Gia, now if you decide that arguing about your dead boyfriend is more important than saving Ivan’s life then sure, we can do this all day but come on Gia, you are a Hammington! We’ve had our altercations but this is about our brother and nothing is more important than our brother! You give me that boy Gia and I promise Eva and I will find Martha and save Ivan, you should go meet Dianna and give her a hand in fighting the witches” he said


“Nothing will go wrong, I promise, just this once, trust me again” he said and I sighed

“Take the boy” I said and he muttered a thank you but I held him back
“If you are unable to save Ivan in the end, I will find a way to end your life, I promise”

“I guess I better do things right since I do not want to die yet” he said and went to meet Caleb

“Shall we go meet your Mom?” Eric asked and he nodded

“Is the other friend not coming?” he asked referring to me

“No dear, the other friend has something to do, this friend will be the one to help you see your real Mom” Eric said and he walked off with Caleb ……

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