The hammingtons episode 24 – 25

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 24🍃
Dianna’s POV
******A thousand years ago*******
“Mom, mom what’s going on?” Gia cried as she held my hand tightly while Eric held on to Ivan

“Stay back there and shut up!!” Dad said while Mom casted a spell
A strong wind started blowing and a large red gate appeared out of nowhere

“What are you doing mother?” I asked

“I said shut up!!” Dad yelled at us

“Go open the gates honey, then we can absorb all the powers trapped in there” Mom said

“And we’ll be the most powerful being in the universe, feared by all” Dad laughed as he went to open the gates

“Stop!!!” A lady screamed as she ran towards us

“You do not know what you are doing, that gate must never be opened!” the lady said

“Oh it’s you” Mom said “Guardian of the Hell Gates”

“Yes, and it’s called the Hell Gate for a reason, opening that gate will spell doom for the whole world!” she said

“It will give us power” Mom said

“It will consume you and you shall die from it, so will everyone around you!” she said

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“Enough, stay back” Mom said as she flicked her hand and the lady went flying to the ground
“Come on, open it!” Mom said to Dad and he quickly opened the large gate

“No!!!” The lady on the ground screamed

A black smoke suddenly came out from the door and entered my Dad and he fell down dead

“Dad!!!” we screamed

The lady on the ground quickly ran and stood in front of the Gate and started chanting some spell
The black smoke coming from the gate surrounded the lady

“What is going on?!” Mom screamed and the lady faced us

“I told you the Hell Gates is not something to mess with but your arrogant self didn’t listen to me! Now am the one sacrificing my life for the problem a power monger like you caused!!” she yelled then looked at us and shook her head
“A life! One filled with eternal misery! That is what shall befall your children! They will wander round the world till the end of time transforming into the very beast you wanted, oh yes they will be powerful, but they will become slaves to their own powers, your family’s name shall be feared just like you wanted but that fear shall grow so deep your children will roam the world alone damned to a life of solitude! They will wish for death but they shall not be granted such mercy, I curse the very Hammington name!!” she yelled

The thunder rumbled loudly and it suddenly started pouring heavily
The black smoke surrounding the lady pulled her inside the Gate, there was a loud shriek as the Gate closed and we all went unconscious….

I sprang up from the bed and sighed
The night we were cursed, it is a night to remember

I stood up from the bed, went to the bathroom and got a warm shower

I wore a comfy cloth and laid back on the bed rubbing the small baby bump that was slowly developing on my tummy

There was a sudden loud brawl downstairs and I sighed
This is becoming a frequent habit this days

I stood up angrily and walked downstairs
Eric and Gia were involved in a heated argument while Ivan stood still watching the show

“Hey guys, what’s with the noise?” I asked but I was paid no attention
“Come on guys, it’s just past 8 in the morning” I said but they continue arguing

“I know you all are basking in the fun of whatever it is you are doing right now but there’s a pregnant woman in the house so you should at least have a tad decency to allow her her morning sleep, you all are bloody grown ups, act like it!!!” I yelled and they looked at me surprised

“Yeah, that’s right I finally got your attention, I am going back to sleep but I promise you if I hear one more word from you all, I’ll gauge out your eyes, cut off your tongues, break your arms and legs and bask in laughter watching how long they take to grow back!! Be warned!” I said and I walked back up to my bedroom

I laid on the bed and heaved a sigh, enjoying the silence
“Yeah this is more like it” I muttered

Ivan’s POV
“That was weird” Eric said

“I think the pregnancy hormone is finally taking the troll on her” Gia said

“More reason why we shouldn’t tell her about the mission” I said

“But I feel very uncomfortable keeping anything from Dianna” Gia said

“Then go run your bloody mouth and fucking tell her we want to catch Aria Dixon, when she collapse from stress again or if something happens to her baby, your shall bear the brunt alone!” I said

“I just said am uncomfortable with it I never said I’ll go tell her anything so stop acting like am the bloody villian here!” Gia retorted

“Oh come on, if we continue this way, Dianna will really come down and cut off our tongues” Eric said

“Are you guys in on keeping this from Dianna or should I go solo on this mission?” I asked

“In” Eric

“Aria has been quiet for some time now, maybe she finally gave up on the fight against us, she is no match for us after all so can’t we just leave things be as it is?” Gia asked

“Haven’t all your fight against Aria thought you something? She is relentless, she hasn’t given up, she has just been silent because she’s cooking up something big, so it’s either we stay like fools waiting for her to attack, or we strike first, and I am no fool and I also like to be the one with first attack” I said

“Okay, what’s the plan?” Gia asked

“Some days ago, I went in search of the witch that created my spelled gloves and shoes…”

“Layla? I thought she’s dead” Eric interrupted

“She’s just old Eric not dead, so you let me finish speaking before you chip in again” I said and continued “So I found Layla and I requested her to help me track down the Guardian, she said she could conjure a tracking map for me, one that constantly shows the Guardian’s location, but to perform a spell as strong as that, she’ll need the Guardian’s blood or anything she’s particularly attached to” I said

“We don’t know her location so I see no way we can get her blood” Gia said

“No one knows the Guardian more than Eva, though she’ll be very reluctant to help us, I could get her to tell me about the Guardian and find anything that she cherishes” Eric said

“Great, meanwhile Gia and I will go looking for the Guardian, see if we can find her and get her blood” I said

“If we find her, then there’s no point in conjuring the tracking map is there?” Gia asked

“If we find her, it will be out of chance but with the map, we can constantly know her whereabouts, what she’s up to and we’ll be able to come with a plan on how to best end her” I said

“Okay then, shall we?” Eric said standing up

“What about Dianna? She’ll be suspicious if she wakes up and find no one in the house” Gia said

“That’s why we have to be fast and be back before she finishes her morning sleep” I said and Gia nodded

Aria Dixon has had the upper hand since this fight started, it’s time she learns that no one mess with the Hammingtons and live to tell the bloody tale…..

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 25🍃
Eric’s POV
I walked into Eva’s Mansion and this time, her witches knew better than to fight me

“Eric Hammington” Eva called as she saw me

“Eva Jones”

“After the undue murder show you put up the last time, I didn’t expect your conscience to allow you the privilege of coming to see me, but then again, you Hammingtons have no conscience do you?” she said

“Come on Eva….”

“I gave your sisters a simple task, take care of the 19 witches that escaped from the witch’s asylum but what did they do? They brutally killed them all inside a church thereby desecrating a holy ground!!” Eva yelled

“Why are you putting it all in me, am not my sisters!”

“You are a Hammington and you are all the same!!” she yelled and sighed

“You all ruin my day each time I see you so please, I plan on having a good time today so you may take your leave”

“I can’t leave Eva, I really need your help” I said

“My help? My help?! And where has rendering you guys my help ever gotten me?!”

“So what? You plan on staying indoors for the rest of your life and not taking your responsibility as a leader?!”

“My responsibility as a leader doesn’t involve acting as a slave to the Hammingtons and you are absolutely wrong Eric, did you say I’ve been indoors?” she laughed silently “After your public display of murder by throwing Martha off the Bell Tower and your sibling’s desecration of a holy site, the head of the humans have been threatening us and preparing his soldier army for a fight against us and I have constantly being trying to persuade him so Eric I haven’t been indoors resting, I’ve been up and out cleaning after your fucking messes!!”


“Leave!!!” she yelled

I turned to leave but I stopped
“You said Aria Dixon is a rogue witch, she threatens your authority and we are trying to help you get rid of her Eva, we mean no harm, we just want to help”

“Help?” she scoffed “I do hate Aria Dixon but if I was able to team up with her just to get rid of you Hammingtons then you should be able to determine just how much I despise your lineage”

“Fine, since that’s what you desire, we shall disturb your peace no more” I said and walked out

Gia’s POV
“Where the bloody hell are we gonna find Aria?” I asked as I walked round the city with Ivan

“We should probably start from….”

“Ivan Hammington!” someone called and we turned
It was a young lad holding a small dagger

“Who are you?” Ivan enquired in his usual cold voice

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that you are dying today!” the boy said and threw the dagger straight to Ivan and it caught his arm

Immediately the dagger touched Ivan’s arm, deep cuts began appearing throughout his whole body and his body was bleeding profusely

I quickly removed the dagger, the bleeding slowed down and he slowly started healing

“Who the bloody hell are you?!” I asked the boy and he made to run

Ivan quickly caught him and lifted him up by grabbing his throat tightly
“Your name” Ivan asked

“Eth….. Ethan” the boy stuttered

“Who sent you?” Ivan asked and he coughed

“Who sent you?!!” Ivan yelled

“No… one” the boy stuttered, coughing and barely breathing

“Put him down Ivan” I said and Ivan ignored

“At this rate the boy won’t be able to speak at all so put him down if you want to hear what he has to say” I said
Ivan sighed and dropped the boy

“Now boy” Ivan said collecting the dagger “This seems to be some kind of magical dagger that gives a thousand cuts with one strike but luckily I am immortal but I can’t say the same for you can I? Unless you want me to return the favor of what you just did to me, you will answer truthfully each and every question I ask you, first, who sent you boy?” Ivan asked the boy who was starting to look terrified

“No one, I promise you no one sent me!” the boy uttered quickly

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“So did you just decide that you are tired of living and you want to die by my hands?” Ivan asked as he brought the dagger close to boy and he squinted

“Stop Ivan, he’s just a boy and you are scaring him!” I said

“He’s not just a boy, he tried to kill me!”

“Ethan!!!” a lady yelled running towards us


“Am so sorry guys, forgive Ethan, he’s….. he’s my younger brother” Sophie apologized as she quickly dragged Ethan from Ivan

“You sent your younger brother to kill me?” Ivan asked

“What?! No, that’s not what happened” Sophie denied

“Then what happened?” Ivan asked

“I….. I was…..I just……” Sophie stuttered

“Speak!” Ivan yelled “Else your presence here won’t stop me from striking your brother with this dagger just like he did to me!”

“He did it because of me!” Sophie yelled “I’ve been crying over you for the past few days so Ethan felt bad for me and saw you as the bad guy that hurt his sister!”

Ivan was quiet for a while

“Ummmm….. Ethan, should we go down the street and grab something to eat?” I asked Ethan and he shook his head vigorously

“I can’t leave Sophie with him, he’ll hurt my sister” Ethan said

“Oh I promise you he won’t, your sister will definitely be fine” I said as I held Ethan’s hand and we walked away from Ivan and Sophie giving them the privacy I felt they needed

Ivan’s POV
“You cried? Over me?” I asked in disbelief

“Yes I did, stupid of me right? Yeah I know” Sophie said

“Yes it was stupid of you, why the bloody hell will you be crying?!”

“Why will I be crying? Why will I be crying?!” She yelled repeatedly as tears formed in her eyes


“You made me feel useless and unwanted! You pushed me away and drove me out of your life like I was nothing!!” she yelled

“Because my life is fucked up!!” I yelled back “Why will you want to be part of a life as messed up as mine?”

“Because I’ve become attracted to you! I was by your side when you were dying Ivan, you don’t know how I felt watching the life slowly slip out of you” she said

“You should know I am not one to die that easily”

“Right” she said as she cleaned her tears “I should probably take my leave, am sure my mere sight disgust you, sorry about my brother, I’ll get him from Gia and leave” She said and made to leave

“A better man will apologize and promise not to hurt you again, but I am not that man, I am Ivan Hammington, a thousand year old cursed beast so I shall leave you with the burden of the truth, there’s every tendency that I might hurt you again in the future but I’ll try my best to prevent those tears from falling from your eyes again” I said and she suddenly engulfed me in an embrace, sobbing

I stood still, not moving even a muscle
This is wrong Ivan Hammington, do not let this girl in, you’ll only hurt her if you let her into your heart; I told myself repeatedly
But the foundation of the thousand year old wall I built round my heart was already shaking and threatening to collapse……..